Liverpool Fans: You've Been Pronouncing Emre Can Wrong

Kan? Chan? Turns out it's neither.
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Kan? Chan? Turns out it's neither.

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Mispronouncing foreign names is one of the things that made the British game brilliant. It doesn't happen so much in this age of YouTube and access to global information, but back in the 90s when the first wave of foreign players made their way to the Premiership, fans would tie themselves in knots getting their head around silent letters and umlauts. For years Ruud Gullit was known as 'Rudd Gull-it' in parts of London.

It turns out we haven't lost the classic tradition yet, however, as Turkish football fans have pointed out that we've all been pronouncing Emre Can wrong.

Over at, they've produced a handy guide for us Brits, revealing it's actually pronounced more like 'Emre Jun'.

Apparently C sounds more like a J in Turkish. There you go, learn something new every day.

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