Liverpool Need To Sign Mascherano Mark 2 To Stop Disasters Like Oldham

I don't believe in the magic of the cup - Oldham were simply better than us. There is still hard work to be done on and off the pitch, as witnessed in Liverpool's defeat at Boundary Park.
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I don't believe in the magic of the cup - Oldham were simply better than us. There is still hard work to be done on and off the pitch, as witnessed in Liverpool's defeat at Boundary Park.


So, what do we take from Liverpool's latest magical encounter with 'The Romance of the Cup' (copyright every national sub editor since the dawn of time)?


1. I don't believe in the magic of the cup, I don't believe that 'form goes out the window', I don't believe that 'cup ties are a great leveller'. I believe that if you are playing a team from two divisions below your own, then any side you select from your highly paid, highly privileged first team squad should be more than capable of beating the opposition that is put in front of it. Anything else is an excuse for not performing to an acceptable standard. Anything else is hiding the fact that on the day you were just not good enough.

2. Raheem Sterling has huge potential, but as yet that's all it is; we have yet to see him have any real effect on the team's performance. He is only 18, he is still learning but necessity has forced us to make him a star far too early.

3. Suarez' world class abilities are only of use to your side if the rest of the side is on the same wavelength as him and are able to provide the service he requires. He spent the majority of the game isolated. As did Daniel Sturridge.

4. I still have no real idea what Fabio Borini actually does. When the subject was raised on twitter earlier, timelines were suddenly ablaze with the theory that his run made the space for Suarez' goal. Another way of looking at this could be that he made the wrong run and Suarez was forced to go it alone. The second half started with him glaringly spooning a gifted chance. Within two minutes we were 3-1 down.

5. Oldham do love a good elbow don't they? To describe the first twenty minutes as 'aggressive' is kindness of the highest level. In fairness to them, as a gameplan it worked perfectly, Liverpool were terrified, lacking any kind of heart for a fight.


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6. Joe Allen is far too easily outmuscled in midfield. Every team in the country has realised this and is happily exploiting the fact. I am 49, asthmatic, underweight and have dodgy knees; I am currently fairly certain that I could force Joe off the ball.

7. If Sebastian Coates is the answer, it's a truly terrifying question. The question that needs to be asked is whether this performance was the result of a lack of game time (or, indeed, even time on the bench) this season or if his lack of game time has been dictated by the potential for this level of performance. The same could be asked of Jack Robinson whose early potential is fading with each appearance.

8. Television commentators have no idea what constitutes a good surface, describing the Boundary Park pitch as such when in reality it consisted of divots connected by threadbare grass and corners constructed entirely of sand.

9. We still, STILL, need Steven Gerrard to rescue us on a frighteningly regular basis. There appear to be no leaders in the squad other than Gerrard and Carragher, nobody that is either willing or able to take responsibility for influencing a game, nobody that will dominate and create. There is a desperate need for somebody in the squad that can add a bit of bite to the midfield, a Mascherano-esque (Sissoko-esque would suffice) figure, somebody that can add some 'presence'

10. Chelsea's draw at Brentford and Spurs' dismissal by Leeds are nowhere near as amusing as they were at 4 o'clock.

And finally, something taken from the crowd;

Anybody that ever, and I mean EVER turns up at a football match at any level wearing a 'onesie' in the image of a duck, a penguin or any other 'wacky' likeness should receive a lifetime ban. Immediately.

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