Luis Suarez Claims That Chelsea Defender To Blame For Bite

Why never me?
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Why never me?

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Luis Suarez has blamed two of the victims of his biting attacks for provoking him into sinking his teeth into them.

The Uruguayan has bit three opponents - PSV's Otman Bakkal during his Ajax days, Chelsea's Branislav Ivanovic and Giorgio Chiellini of Italy in the World Cup. In a recent interview he claimed that the latter two had to take some of the responsibility.

"Some of the blame in the past was mine, some of it must go to the defenders who provoked me.

"Chiellini and Ivanovic, for example, are two that wind you up again, and again, and again.

"They are irritating, but now what happens is that I provoke the defenders. Before I'd engage in a battle with them, now I walk away."

Yeah, of course you will Luis. Until the next time...


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