Man Utd Aren't The Best Team Over Last 20 Games But It's Close

Someone buy LVG a calculator for his birthday.
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Someone buy LVG a calculator for his birthday.

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Louis van Gaal today claimed that over the last 20 games, his Manchester United side are the best team in the Premier League.

This isn't actually true but neither is it completely wide of the mark. If the season only counted the last 20 games then United would be right in there and fighting for the title.

Chelsea would still be top with 46 points and Manchester City would remain second on 44. United would be third on 42, just four points off the top and with a clear six point lead over the likes of Arsenal, Southampton, Liverpool and Spurs - who have all claimed 36 points.

It all points to the fact that United are moving in the right direction, even if Van Gaal's grasp of maths isn't quite what it should be.



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