Mourinho, Shankly, Mancini & Footballer's Coolest Managers

Doff your caps to the gaffers who can cross sartorial swords with the best of them...
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Doff your caps to the gaffers who can cross sartorial swords with the best of them...


Chelsea legend Mourinho, Liverpool's Shankly, Manchester City's Mancini and Football's Coolest Managers

10. Andre Villas Boas

The Tottenham and ex-Chelsea gaffer might still be a pup in managerial terms, but with his perfectly maintained beard, fabulous crop of hair and penchant for razor-tailoring he’s streets ahead of more established managers. A dash of colour would have seen him place higher on the list.

9. Rinus Michels

For inventing Dutch ‘Total Football’ in the 60s and 70s, Rinus Michels is rightly lauded as one of football’s trailblazers, yet it is for his devotion to the belted mac in all conditions that he takes his place here.

8. Bill Shankly

Might have spent a lot of his career in a tracksuit, but when the Liverpool hero did couple a suit with his legendary rhetoric the effect was such that he could’ve been leader of the free world had he not had a better job.

7. Roberto Mancini

If this was written a year ago ‘Bobby Manc’ would’ve undoubtedly placed higher. Yet, just like his Manchester City team, he’s stagnated somewhat in the style stakes, relying on his tried and trusted scarf and dark suit combo. At they very least we’d have expected some brogues by now.

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