New Balance Unveil First Ever Football Boots

Arsenal and Man Utd players line up to talk about the two new styles.
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Arsenal and Man Utd players line up to talk about the two new styles.

*This post is sponsored by New Balance*

Liverpool's new kit sponsor New Balance have unveiled their latest foray into the boot market this week, with two gorgeous styles designed with attacking players in mind. 

The Visaro an Furon are both designed for quick, game-changing players. The Visaro is for people who make chances, the Furon for those who take them. 

With vision, flair and creativity key to the Visaro ethos, Arsenal's Aaron Ramsey was chosen as the perfect player to represent the boot. 

“These boots are multifunctional, helping me in all the most important areas which allows me to play to my full potential" said the England man. "They work with my instinctual movements during games and give me the confidence to supply the players around me who take chances.”  

Furon players need to be in the right place at the right time to take those chances, with speed and acceleration paramount to their game, so the ultralight Fantom Fit cage gives added strength and support from the boot. Furon players show no mercy. They react first to define the match outcome. They score from nowhere and everywhere with deadly accuracy; striking cleanly and quickly. 

With this in mind, it's Man Utd winger Adnan Januzaj who has been testing the Furon boot for some time, saying: “What has been clear right from the start is that New Balance set out to design a boot to help attacking payers – I have worked closely with them from the original prototype to ensure they achieve this. This boot feels like it’s been made especially for me and I know others will feel the same way.” 

Have a watch of the promo video here...

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