New FA Rules Would See Arsenal & Spurs Forced To Sell FOUR Players Each

Is it fair? Let us know.
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Is it fair? Let us know.

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Greg Dyke's had his thinking cap on lately and has come up with a set of new rules he wants implemented in 2016. The FA chairman's plan is to encourage the growth of home grown talent by limiting the number of foreign players in each Premiership squad, but his plans would mean Arsenal and Spurs having to sell four foreign players each, based on their current squads.

According to Sky Sports, Dyke's proposal states that a player will have to have been with the club from the age of 15 to be considered 'home-grown', regardless of nationality. The number of non-home grown players would be reduced from 17 to 13, and at least two home-grown players would have to be club trained.

This would leave Arsenal, Spurs, Newcastle, Chelsea, Man City and Southampton up the swanny and having to offload some of their squad.

What do you think Arsenal / Spurs fans? Is this fair? Would you sacrifice the freedom of transfers for an improved England team? Let us know in the comments.