Our Ultimate Crystal Palace Five-A-Side Team - What's Yours?

Would these Eagles soar?
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Would these Eagles soar?

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Goalkeeper: John Burridge

A great shot stopper who combined boundless enthusiasm with incredible agility. But Budgie’s place is secured by his proving the ‘you have to be mad to be a keeper’ cliché in spades, hearts, clubs and diamonds. Amazingly dedicated and he would undoubtedly train harder than anyone else in the team.

Defender: Gareth Southgate (captain)

Southgate’s cool, calm authority would be the perfect counter-balance to the madness of Burridge. As he was equally comfortable in midfield or in defence, his versatility would be an asset to any 5-a-side team and if his tackling didn’t intimidate the opposition then his teeth would do the trick.

Midfielder: Andy Gray

Tough tackling does not really cover it; Gray once had a dust-up with Dennis Wise that made the crowd wince at the consequences. He was hard but also an amazingly powerful runner with an explosive shot that you would not want to face in the confines of a small pitch.

Attacking Midfielder: Vince Hilaire

In direct contrast to Gray, Hilaire was a will o’ the wisp character but had a jinking run that bamboozled opposition and left them trailing in his wake. In a tight situation Hilaire would somehow wriggle through and leave bemused defenders clutching at straws. He always seemed to find space, which is the sign of a class player.

Striker: Ian Wright

Wright remains the most natural goal scorer I have ever seen at Palace. He had that happy knack of being in the right place at the right time (no pun intended) and nearly always took advantage. Can imagine him chasing back with the same gusto as going forward so a real asset to a 5-a-side outfit.


Julian Speroni – Club legend who deserves his place because he has stuck with us through a turbulent ten years.

Kenny Sansom – As the cornerstone of the team of the Eighties he proved to me that defending is the key.

Peter Nicholas – Combative midfield player who returned to the club later in life; in his second spell he proved that firstly age is no barrier but secondly how much we had declined.

Dougie Freedman – Another goal scorer of repute and one of the more skilful Palace players. Our debt of gratitude for scoring at Stockport in 2001 was not diminished by his defection to Bolton as manager.

Wilf Zaha – I would love to see how Wilf would perform, he could be incredible or terrible but worth a look.

That's our greatest every Crystal Palace five-a-side team, what's yours?


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