PSG vs Marseille - Barton vs Beckham: Who Is The Best Englishman Abroad?

On Sunday the Englishmen clash when PSG take on Marseille. Cue tackles, handbags and hair wax at dawn…
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On Sunday the Englishmen clash when PSG take on Marseille. Cue tackles, handbags and hair wax at dawn…


In January, after the furore surrounding the news that David Beckham was donating his wages to charity had died down, all eyes moved to the calendar to see when his Paris St. Germain team would be pitted against the Marseille of Joey Barton. ‘THREE WEEKS?’ came the collective high-pitched wail of sports editors, fashion bloggers and people with too much time on their hands.


In defence you can’t blame them. On one hand you’ve got Sir David Goldenballs Beckham, international style icon, all-round nice bloke and the face of more successful advertising campaigns than Brad Pitt could ever dream of. On the other you’ve got Joseph ‘Joey’ Barton, the Nietschze quoting, prison-going, life-hating Pitbull. Seconds out, ding ding…

Beckham He’s had some shockers but seems to have hit gold with the current quiff. Show me a man who wouldn’t want hair like that and I’ll show you a man who has given up on life. 9

Barton You want another reason why Barton is a plank? Then check his barnet out. He used to have the full-Morrissey quiff, only to scalp it to endear himself to Marseille’s notoriously feisty fans as some sort of footballing assassin. 6


Beckham Police, H&M, Armani, the list is endless. If Beckham even sniffs a product it sells quicker than smelling salts at a One Direction concert. 10

Barton In another world Barton could’ve had niche brands dripping off him, however his prison sentence made him persona non grata. 1

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