QPR Fans Relax, The Future Is Still Bright & We Won't Do A Pompey

New training ground, youth academy, getting our old badge back and more reasons to be cheerful...
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New training ground, youth academy, getting our old badge back and more reasons to be cheerful...


QPR’s Premier League adventure has come to an end. I’d like to say that the journey has been fun but it’s been a bit like what I imagine driving through Syria must feel like. it all ended on TV, at the Madjeski Stadium in front of 2 sets of fans that had resigned to the almost inevitable. It was like a stadium full of kidnap victims. It was a dire game, messy and lacking passion; summed up by the humourous chant of “if you’re all going to Bournemouth clap your hands..” sung by all. You can say what you like about the club but the QPR fans are a loyal bunch, they have to be. I couldn’t personally stomach the end of the match and chose to turn over and listen to John Virgo talk about how difficult this particular long red into the bottom corner was going to be.

So, where do we go from here? You can sit there and blame Mark Hughes for the truly terrible job that he did, or blame Tony Fernandes for getting rid of Neil Warnock too hastily, or even blame Jose Bosingwa for just being rubbish but the fact remains that the hard work starts again now. The bigger names will go, that’s what everyone’s expecting, the Remys, the Sambas and the Graneros of this world won’t settle for second tier football; even though Harry Redknapp thinks that if you were part of a squad that gets relegated then you have a responsibility to redeem yourself to the fans. You have to feel sorry for the players like Mackie, Derry and Hill who give their all every time they put that that hooped shirt on and I’m sure they’ll make themselves available to do it all again for Harry next season. The future is still bright for QPR though, don’t forget that. They’ve been given the go ahead for new training facilities and the youth academy is due to get a boost, they’re even getting their old badge back the season after next (hallelujah).


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QPR are not going to ‘do a Portsmouth’ contrary to what naysayers are spouting, Tony Fernandes and the board are continuing to be transparent and are willing and able to staying backing the club. One step backwards two step forwards I’m predicting, keep your chins up. With Harry at the helm and what will still be a very talented squad I’m actually looking forward to winning a few games next season. Oh, and wrap up next season, Huddersfield gets really cold in the winter.