Red Bull 'In Advanced Talks' To Buy Leeds United For £60M

Can Red Bull give Leeds wings?
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Can Red Bull give Leeds wings?

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Red Bull 'In Advanced Talks' To Buy Leeds United For £60M

Leeds United's decline has been one of English football's great tragedies. The club that once held it's own at the top end of the top tier is now being destroyed from the inside by controversial owner Massimo Cellino. The club has come into the spotlight again this week after Neil Redfearn's assistant manager, Steve Thompson, was suspended by Cellino for no apparent reason.

However, there may be a saving grace for Leeds. The Mirror report that energy drink company Red Bull, who already own two clubs in Europe, are 'in advanced talks' to buy the club for £60million.

Red Bull are thought to have been sniffing around the club for over a year, but are now looking to act quickly before the unpredictable Cellino makes the club into an unworthy investment. The Italian may provide a stumbling block in terms of negotiations.

Another concern for Red Bull is UEFA regulations regarding club ownership. The company want to know they are in the clear to take on a third European club. The good news, however, is that if Red Bull were to take over, Leeds would be their priority and flagship in Europe. The club has a good academy and fan base to build upon and Red Bull want to tap into that.

Red Bull could offer Leeds consistent investment and serious commercial growth, which is something that, like it or not, is necessary in the modern game.


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