Romelu Lukaku Wants To Join A Top Club Like Chelsea - Twitter Reacts

Probably need to become a top player first mate.
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Probably need to become a top player first mate.

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Romelu Lukaku has hardly set the world alight since joining Everton, yet he’s still got his mind on a move to a ‘bigger’ club.

Lukaku impressed on loan at Everton last season but has struggled for goals since making a full transfer from Chelsea. The Belgian was back at Stamford Bridge this week as his Everton side lost to Chelsea and after the match Lukaku made some controversial comments.

“It was brilliant to play at Chelsea and I had a good reception. They know I’m a good player but that I want to develop so I can eventually get back to playing for a club like Chelsea.

“I don’t have a secret ambition to rejoin - there are other clubs in the world. I just want to grow as a player and eventually arrive at a top club again.”

We’re not sure that Lukaku’s seven goals are going to have Real Madrid and Barcelona exactly wetting their knickers in anticipation of signing Lukaku. Here’s what Twitter thinks of his ambitions.


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