Wayne Rooney: Not Only World Class, But United's Best All Round Player

As rumours of Rooney's departure from Manchester United circulate, tabloids and broadsheets alike are whipping football fans into a frenzy
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As rumours of Rooney's departure from Manchester United circulate, tabloids and broadsheets alike are whipping football fans into a frenzy


As most people who care about football have heard by now, the football world was absolutely shaken by the rumour that Wayne Rooney will leave Manchester United, who have reportedly been dumb enough to drop him. Newspapers were left stunned by this, previously (and rationally) assuming that he would leave for £20 million at the end of the season.

If you haven’t picked up on the fact I am hyping up the story, well: I am, as are the newspapers. This is one of the emptiest, most baseless, fact-less stories I have ever read. This is the opposite of what journalism is supposed to be; instead of being honest and talking about relevant things, 'journalists' fabricate garbage in order to sell papers. Here is an excerpt from an article on the Daily Mail website. Bear in mind, this is two days after the match, and Sir Alex Ferguson hasn’t said anything about the game or his tactics:

‘Wayne Rooney is facing a desperate fight to save his Manchester United career as manager Sir Alex Ferguson continues to harbour grave doubts about his fitness and attitude. Ferguson stunned football by dropping the Englandf orward to the bench for Tuesday night's Champions League defeat against Real Madrid at Old Trafford... As it stands, the Scot will not rule out selling him at the end of the season if the club can attract a bid of more than £20million.’

So, after reading this I was thinking; ‘this is a load of rubbish, Ferguson left him out for tactical reasons, and if he really didn’t like his attitude or fitness, he wouldn’t have come on at all; and if he did go, it would way over £20 million.’ But, I also thought, ‘It’s the Daily Mail, no one cares, and they are a fairly bad newspaper.


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Then, I saw that this ‘story’ had been picked up by The Daily Mirror, The Sun, The Daily Star (who are equally as rubbish as the Daily Mail), the Daily Express, The Daily Telegraph, The Guardian and The Times, and my first thought was, ‘Really?’ My second thought was, ‘Is there really nothing with more substance to talk about.’ This entire story is fabricated because of one thing. He was on the bench. This huge commotion was caused by this one thing.

And what makes it an even stupider story, is if you look at the team sheet, where can he go? Carrick in midfield is a definite first teamer. Cleverley is better defensively.  Nani has pace and skills to get past a player, and he played well, until a Turkish idiot decides he was to reckless because he had the audacity to try and control the ball. Welbeck has a huge amount of stamina, and he can outlast most players. Giggs was playing his 1000th game, and Van Persie is Manchester United’s best striker. There is no one he could have replaced in the starting eleven, apart from Giggs, but that was never going to happen on his 1000th game. Usually, Rooney is a starting player, which he proved as he ran the show alongside Kagawa against Norwich. If Rooney had started, I think the game would have been different, but given the situation, the team that they put out was the only one that could be played.

Rooney is, in my opinion, Manchester United’s best attacking midfielder, and also Manchester United’s best all round player by far. If he went for £20 million to any club, he would be more of a steal than Michu. Bear in mind, Torres, who is considered a complete failure could leave Chelsea for £20 million or less, and Andy Carroll cost £35 million, in what is possibly the worst transfer in the history of the Premier League. £20 million for a proven, solid, world class (in my opinion) player, who can create and score is criminally low, it would be like giving away Ronaldo to Madrid for £40 million back when Manchester United had him, it would be insane.

If you take away anything from this story, take this. Most newspapers are only around to sell newspapers; most websites don’t have to worry about spouting crap to get attention, and proper internet news shows don’t either. Newspapers are dying, so they need to grasp at straws to get attention before it’s too late. Don’t believe everything you read. Rooney is absolutely, 100% not going to leave because of being ‘dropped’ for one game. End of.