Spurs Through The Music Of The 90's

With Kelly now chilling alongside other great rappers such as 2Pac, Biggie and Scatman John, perhaps its time to reflect how the music from the 90’s related to the Spurs of that time?
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With Kelly now chilling alongside other great rappers such as 2Pac, Biggie and Scatman John, perhaps its time to reflect how the music from the 90’s related to the Spurs of that time?

It may not be a “where were you when you heard” moment, but the death of Chris Kelly, one half of Kris Kross still resonates. When I look back to my youth, I remember fondly attempting to dance and rap to “Jump” at my first year 7 disco, it was a song perfect for that time. Unfortunately, most of the 90′s wasn’t that great for the Spurs.

With Kelly now chilling alongside other great rappers such as 2Pac, Biggie and Scatman John, perhaps its time to reflect how the music from the 90’s related to the Spurs of that time?

2 Unlimited – No Limit – January 1993

The glory years of the mid 80’s early 90’s may have gone, but the signing of Teddy Sheringham and the emergence of Nick Barmby offered some hope to Spurs. Perhaps we were building something great, this hope though was crushed when we lost a FA Cup semi to Arsenal at Wembley.

The Spurs squad at the time when this Dutch duo were blazing a trial across the European disco scene were full of journey men who should have known their own limits.

Thankfully at the end of the season we bid adieu to such luminaries such as Pat Van Den Hauwe and Gordon Durie, and began rebuilding by signing midfield supremo Jason Dozell.

No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No…there’s No limit. Techno.

Whigfield – Saturday Night – January 1994

Ibiza, booze, sun, sea and sex where things all beyond my reach as a 12 year old when this song burst on to the scene. Instead I had Spurs.

Faithful, depressing, not as pretty as the others but mine nevertheless. At least Ossie Ardiles returned to the club, as someone who had never seen him play and in the days without Youtube, I was informed this was a good thing.

It was to prove not to be, it was also personally defining as I learned not to equate wisdom with age. Ossie the saviour? Really?

Thankfully we had Teddy scoring goals, when fit and miraculously we even managed to win a penalty shoot-out. Most of my Saturday nights that season though were spent watching MOTD depressed.

Did Whigfield know what it was like to support Spurs? If she did she wouldn’t have been so excited about the weekend.

Boombastic – Shaggy- July 1995

The advert, the song, the jeans and even the man Shaggy himself were pretty cool. On the back of this Spurs had had a good season. It had started badly, we were threatened by point deductions and initially chucked out of the FA Cup, but boy did we have an exciting team.

I was taken to the Lane that year, by a friend and his dad, for our game against Sheffield Wednesday. I arrived at the stadium with a small crush on Jurgen Klinsmann and emerged totally besotted.

He was great on TV, but in real life he was extraordinary. That goal he scored remains one of the best goals I have seen live. That summer though as Boombastic played everywhere and my friends and I tried to decipher what Shaggy was talking about, our Beetle driving German was off.

It was a sad end to what had been a great season; well at least we now had Shaggy in the team/treatment room and one in the charts.

The Outhere Brothers- Boom Boom Boom – July 1995

Boom Boom Boom, let me here you say……..Mistake!!! Mistake!!!

Its amazing the snow ball effect one error of judgement can have on a club. The 1994-95 season had seen Spurs finish above Arsenal, the 1995-96 season should have seen us streak away from them with some astute signings. Dennis Bergkamp was lined up, but incredibly we opted to spend £4.5 million on Chris “Got the Munchies” Armstrong.

The Dutchman who refused B.A Baracus style not to fly went to Arsenal, where unfortunately he enjoyed a successful career, despite being a Spurs fan.

Armstrong meanwhile spent another seven years at Spurs doing very little, but he did manage to score a winner in a North London derby, so perhaps I am being harsh on our ganja smoking former striker.


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Run DMC vs Jason Nevins – Its Like That – March 1998

Sometimes Spurs are like that and that’s the way it is.

The season 1997-98 wasn’t a good one, yes Gerry Francis’ reign of terror finally came to an end, but waiting in line was TFL ticket wielding Christian Gross. The omens weren’t great as we were stuffed back to back by Chelsea and the mighty Coventry in two of his first three games, but things did change, slightly.

When Run DMC hit number one, Spurs finally started to move away from the relegation zone, thanks largely down to the return of Klinsmann. My former hero along with current hero David Ginola added some much needed skill to the below average squad we had assembled.

Let us not forget either this was the period where Spurs actually became a good looking team by signing, Nicola “I look good in denim” Berti. Gorgeous.

Shanks and Bigfoot – Sweet Like Chocolate – May 1999

The season ended with Man United sweeping all aside bar the mighty Spurs. We were the only team to knock them out of a cup competition that year. We went on to win the Worthington Cup in a dull affair against Leicester, but who cares, a cup is a cup.

We may have had George Graham in charge, but after the dross of Gross and the Francis reign of dull, we had actually won something. As the Garage scene swept through my school and everyone claimed to either DJ or MC, us Spurs fans were happy to rank ourselves alongside all conquering Man United.

With the new millennium approaching Spurs fans were once again proclaiming the dawn of a new era. The following year we would be in Europe, we were about to sign Sergei Rebrov, the McCarntey to Shevchenko’s Lennon and most importantly we were finally getting rid of Pony and Hewlett-Packard.  Spurs would be wearing Adidas and Holsten come the new millenia.

A new dawn was on the horizon, the 2000’s we would reign North London