Stat: Spurs Lead The Way In Development Of English Talent Whilst Chelsea Offer Nothing

But does it really matter?
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But does it really matter?

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Stat: Spurs Lead The Way In Development Of English Talent Whilst Chelsea Offer Nothing

The FA Recently proposed a change to squad regulations in the Premier League, a change that would see the minimum number of homegrown players increase. This is an attempt to encourage giving young homegrown talent the chances they need to develop. However, it is flawed in that clubs know how best to develop players and shouldn't be forced into simply giving more a go for the sake of it.

Spurs have given players like Harry Kane and Ryan Mason plenty of game time this season and those two are prime examples of the promise young English talent is showing, but also the unnecessary and over-the-top hype and pressure that goes with it. Spurs lead the way (by some distance) in giving starts to young English players, and even if it's not necessarily a positive for the club, it sure looks good.

Chelsea, on the other hand, are pretty awful at giving young English talent starts. In fact, they haven't at all this season. It's not necessary for them to give under-23 English players starts, but they do have a reputation for ignoring the fact that they have a very good youth academy that produces very good players. It seems if you learn your trade at Chelsea, you're very unlikely to play there at senior level. Although, Jose Mourinho has pledged to utilise youngsters more…

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Starts by Under-23 English players per-club.


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