The Best T-Shirts To Wear During Euro 2012

Looking for the best gear to wear at Euro 2012? Look no further than this gallery of ace T-shirts.
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Looking for the best gear to wear at Euro 2012? Look no further than this gallery of ace T-shirts.

. - France Capitaine

1984 saw the best solo performance by a player at any European Championship. Michel Platini was astounding, scoring nine goals in five games and, as France’s captain, he lifted the Henri Delaunay trophy on home soil. The Frenchman is now head honcho at UEFA and whilst he may ruffle a few feathers, it should never be forgotten what a glorious footballer he was and this effort from Copa Football pays due respect to his quality. – England Lions

Three Lions on a shirt, just as Brodie, Baddiel and Skinner once sang in a glorious Summer in 1996 when England were well... actually quite good. Another Copa Football design, simple but effective – Remember ‘88

Copa Football, a Dutch company, obviously have a shirt or two remembering their nations footballing history. Everyone may remember the 1974 World Cup side with Johan Cruyff,  but it was the likes of Gullit, Rijkaard and Van Basten and the rest of the 1988 European Championships side that won the Netherlands their only international trophy. Managed by the genius that was Rinus Michels, the Dutch players deserved a sit down after the tournament and this iconic moment is replicated in a t-shirt in the obligatory oranje. – Ray Houghton Stuttgart 88 ROI

It’s been 20 years since the Republic of Ireland made their European Championship debut, and the Green Army are back.  Their first venture on the international stage was to beat the old enemy England 1-0, thanks to a goal in the 6th minute from Ray Houghton. They’ve talked about it ever since, and whatever happens under Giovanni Trapattoni this Summer this moment is etched in history, and a nicely designed t-shirt from – Boban Cause and Affect

Croatia is a country born of the ashes of the Balkan War that decimated the region in the early nineties. The conflict that tore Yugoslavia apart was as complex as it was violent, but one of the flashpoints for civil war was a match between Dinamo Zagreb and Red Star Belgrade. The events of that day demand an article in itself, but the Croatian and Serbian fans and the police had a what can only be described as a ‘tear up’. Even the players got involved, and one of them was a youthful Zvonomir Boban who shot to fame by kicking out at a policeman. The midfielder, who would go on to win a European Cup, will forever be remembered just as much for his action off the pitch as on it. again immortalising again an iconic moment. – Summer 2012

The guys behind the best football magazine have come up with a simple twist on their traditional logo, replacing the text WHEN SATURDAY COMES into the language of the two host nations and put it on a shirt that is just over £15. – Zoran x Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Just because he hasn’t played to his very best in games against English clubs in the Champions League, Zlatan is not treated with the respect his undoubted talent and record deserves. This is for wearing down the pub, when he’s run rings around John Terry and nets a hat-trick in Sweden’s match against England. The modern game doesn’t have many true characters these days so, like the guys at with this excellent shirt, we should make the most of those we do have. – England Heroes

1966 and all that, an Englishman can’t escape it.  We had some great players then, we’ve also had some pretty decent ones since. This Casual Connoisseur design puts them all onto one t-shirt so you can remember them all. The traditionalist will no doubt favour the red version, but for those who like to be ‘on trend’ there is also a fresh design in a navy and sky blue colourway in homage to the current Three Lions away shirt. – Bexy v Yeti

The days of Hooligans running amok on the continent are long gone. Such antics have been documented repeatedly and often poorly ever since, mostly starring Danny Dyer and Tamer Hassan. The Alan Clarke film ‘The Firm’ (the 1989 version – not the Nik Love 90 minute long Fila advert) was the original and the best football culture movie. Acclaimed artist Matt Craven has taken time out from doing bits for the New York Times and the like and put together this new design for Casual Connoisseur. The superb shirt pays tribute to the cult film and its two main stars Bexy (Gary Oldman) and Yeti (Phil Davis). - AMF

When a Malaysian businessman decided to discard a hundred years of history just to sell a few more shirts in the far east another nail was slammed into the modern football coffin. If the monster that football has become, and EURO 2012 just isn’t for you then this is the perfect t-shirt. A second ‘Against Modern Football’ design by the excellent 80s Casuals label.

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