The Got, Not Got Football Galleries #2

Back by popular demand, the ace GNG galleries. Featuring Manchester United's finest, terrible haircuts, spotty shirts and more...
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Back by popular demand, the ace GNG galleries. Featuring Manchester United's finest, terrible haircuts, spotty shirts and more...

The Got, Not Got Football Galleries #2: All Smiles At Manchester United

1 – All Smiles in the Red Half of Manchester

Brian McClair, ProSet 1992; Denis Law, Nabisco 1970; Mike Phelan, Panini Football 90; Norman Whiteside, Panini Football 86; Martin Buchan, FKS 77-78; David Herd, FKS 68-69; Bobby Charlton, A&BC 1969-70

The ref goes and gifts Manchester United the most anticipated match of the season after 12 minutes, and that grumpy old Fergie still can’t crack his face, even after getting away with playing his pet octogenarian sub for a bet, wibbling on about the danger inherent in an average tackle, how good Spurs are, and how Manchester United would’ve won anyway.

Oh no, he somehow forgot to say that, didn’t he?

2 – Bizarre Club Colours

Wills Scissors Football Club Colurs cigarette cards, 1907; Bizarre Club Shirts,

Ah, go on then. Have a guess which clubs used to play in these colours. Answers at the bottom.

3 – Ay Up, Flower

Charlie Williams (Skegness Town) Charles Buchan Famous Footballers 1961

Cheers to Si Kent for sending in this football card featuring stopper-comedian Charlie Williams. He tells us that when he moved into his new house in Dulwich, he had little idea of the hidden treasure that came along with the bricks and mortar.

"It was when we knocked out a built-in wardrobe to put in a new shower. Down behind the woodwork we found this football card!”

The card dates back to 1961, published by Buchan Publications, who were responsible for Charles Buchan's Football Monthly. It tells the sad tale of Doncaster's slide down the leagues, which precipitated Charlie's arrival with a bump as player-boss at non-League Skegness.

Of course, the jolly Yorkshireman (and no-nonsense centre-half) went on to star in ITV's The Comedians in the '70s – and doubtless many times on the end of Skegness pier.

4 – So Very Wrong

Manchester Evening News Pink Final 1975

Here’s a trio of rare cards issued by the MEN Pink Final in 1975. Somewhat scandalously, they came in sheets of six, forcing three Blues into the company of Manchester United players. Adding insult to injury, the goalies Corrigan and Stepney were weirdly pictured wearing outfield kit. It’s all just so very wrong.

And the cards still eave a bitter taste in the mouth: because all the sheets were instantly cut up into individual cards by fans from both sides of the tracks, it makes the original, mixed sheets worth a small fortune. With thanks, where these and 25,000 more stickers and cards are on offer online.

5 – More Felt Pen Art

Liam Brady (Ireland), Cyrille Regis (WBA), Peter Noble (Burnley) Sun Soccercards 1979-80

Back by popular demand, here’s an object lesson in how not to treat your heroes – three more of the 1,000 Sun Soccercards produced during 1978 and 1979, all featuring approximate likenesses banged out in one long night by the newspaper’s ‘court scene’ artist.

Swindon and Burnley legend Noble scored every one of the 28 penalties he took in his career spanning 1964-83. In the ‘80s, Arsenal giant Brady went on to play for Juventus, Sampdoria, Inter, Ascoli and West Ham. And the inspirational Big Cyrille, capped five times for England, was awarded an MBE in 2008.

Club colours answers: It was Burnley who used to play in green, cunningly disguising themselves as a team of goalies; Bolton played in white with red polka dots; and Norwich once sported blue-and-white halves. Though only half of the kit had the blue halves on the right!

There’s loads more memories of proper football, mudbaths and cloggers, comic-book heroes and carpet-level games in GOT, NOT GOT, newly nominated for Sports Book of the Year. Check out the press and punter feedback on Amazon, where it’s reduced by 40% to just 12 quid.

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