Tottenham Hotspur End Of Season Report: 3-5-2 Is The Future

Tottenham fans have gone through the mill this season, but despite finishing fourth there's a lot to be proud of. But to really kick on, 'Arry needs to play Bale and Walker as wing backs...
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Tottenham fans have gone through the mill this season, but despite finishing fourth there's a lot to be proud of. But to really kick on, 'Arry needs to play Bale and Walker as wing backs...


It's been a tumultuous season for Tottenham Hotspur, with more than a sense of what might have been. From the disaster of the opening thrashings against Manchster City and United, to the run until February where they lost only 2 league games and had Spurs fans (behind our hands and only amongst trusted friends) speculating about half-a-tilt for the title. Then the Redknapp speculation started, they capitulated 5-2 against Arsenal after leading 2-0, and suddenly the relentless self-belief that run through the team during the glorious Autumn and Winter months evaporated.  Losses against Norwich, Everton and QPR gave the power back to their North London rivals, and a late rally was not quite enough to get the 3rd place that, thanks to Chelsea's place in the Champion's League final against Bayern. does not yet guarantee Champion's League football at the Lane next year.

Still, at the start of the season all talk was of us being lucky to finish fifth, what with the spending of Liverpool and Chelsea newly under the tutelage of Bobby Robsons's favourite, AVB. Although there is a enduring sense that, with a player or two more, we could have at the very least solidified our Champion's League status and possibly taken home the FA Cup,  no Spurs fan can ever claim it's not been a pretty vintage year.

The ‘I f*cking love this game’ highlight of the season?

Easy: The Kyle Walker winner against Arsenal.

The season ticket shredding moment?

Any of the 5 goal reverses:

5-1 against Man City because it  was a savage reality check
5-2 against Arsenal because it kicked off their season and put the skids on ours.
5-1 against Chelsea because it made me wish I hadn't bothered going to Wembley

Moment that just about summed it all up?

Defoe’s open-goal miss in the 91st minute against Manchester City after we came back brilliantly from 2-0 down.  Balotelli went and scored a penalty 3 minutes later.  Hindsight is a wonderful thing, and the ball was actually in front of him so he can be (just) excused for missing it, but if he’d have scored that we would be in the Champions League and United would be champions.

Got the right manager?

We love Harry and I’m certainly not going to complain that he’s stayed, but the England manager will-he-won’t-he carousel went on for so long and I became so convinced he was going that a part of was quite looking forward to a new era with someone else, especially as there is such a rich pool of young, attacking coaches at the moment.

Player of the season?

For his play up until April when he tired out, it has to be Parker.  Already a legend. Great hair.

What would you change next term if you were the gaffer?

We should look at changing the system, utilising Walker and Bale as wing backs alongside 3 centre backs, pack a midfield with Sandro, Parker and Modric (assuming he stays), and a front two of VDV and Adebayor/other.  Look at Dani Alves at Barca- he’s a defender, midfielder and attacker all in one.  Walker and Bale both love getting forward and have both showed this season that they can score- this will give them more license and space to use their pace to run into. In Sandro and Parker you’ve got two top-class defensive mids to provide cover when they are upfield.

It’s time to cut loose of King and look at getting in a top (to use the Redknapp vernacular) defender.

Which player would you like to sign?

In Dreamland- Hazard, Llorente or Vertonghen.  In Realityland- Remy, Hangeland and Hoillet.

Best goal?

Modric's efforts against Bolton and Liverpool are in the frame, as are Walker's winner against Arsenal and his free-kick against Blackburn. Bale’s dink at Norwich was pretty special- summed up everything that is great about him-pace, power and style.  But best is surely his sidefoot from outside the area against City that inspired the (nearly) comeback of the season.

Biggest t*sser?

I’m not one for inter-team bashing and it was only a minority, but the Chelsea fans who chanted through the minutes silence for Hillsborough at Wembley should be spayed.

Best pie?

I learnt a long time ago to eat before going to White Hart Lane.

Best chant?

I heard this for the first time the other day:

My name is Nicola Berti
I’m aged about thirty
I come from a team in Milan, INTER!

And when I walk down the street
All the girls that I meet
Shout HEY GORGEOUS, What’s ya name?

The worst, without any doubt, is the Luka Modric chant:

Na na na na, na na na, na, hey hey, Luka Modric.

It doesn't fit. At all.

Player’s tweet of the season?

Pretty dull all round: for much more interesting, funny and rude Spurs tweets follow @SpursDrum

Best laugh you had all season?

This video of Sandro dancing is more than joy.  I'd have the man at my wedding.

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