Tottenham Hotspur: Everton's David Moyes And Three Other Choices To Replace Harry

It's soon to be all change at Tottenham, but who is going to be following Harry into the hot-seat?
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It's soon to be all change at Tottenham, but who is going to be following Harry into the hot-seat?

It's probably not going to be this guy, but one of the following could be the next Tottenham Hotspur  manager...


Harry hasn't gone yet but he will, with the current chat suggesting he's going to take over the England job at the end of the season. Assuming this is the case and he doesn’t leave before May here are four possible options for the top job at White Hart Line.

David Moyes


Will make it 10 years at Everton this March, but there is a feeling that he might be coming to an end of his time there with the club struggling too often for a man of his status.  Persistently linked with the Manchester United job whenever Fergie goes, though that is a while yet.  Must be looking to step up a level now.

On-Field Success

The term ‘works wonders’ was seemingly invented for the Premier League manager you would least like to get into a back-alley scrap with.  With a tight (read: non-existent) budget has kept Everton in the top eight in all but 2 of his nine seasons, as well as getting them to an FA Cup Final and to the qualifying rounds of the Champions League.

Off-Field Success

Has managed to keep Phil Jagielka and Marouana Felliani happy, and Arteta stayed at the club for far longer than was decent.  Bill Kenwright (quite rightly) never has a bad word to say about him.

What Would The Fans Think?

They’d be pleased, though there would be some concerns as to the style of football he plays (though, to be honest, he’s done the best with the resources available at Goodison).  Wouldn’t be quite the glamour signing we seek to take us into the land of dreams, then keeping expectations steady might not be such a bad thing.

Klinsmann can be considered the Grandfather (or at least the Great-Uncle) of the current German team

Jurgen Klinsmann


Currently less than a year into a contract with the US national team.  Has come out and said he is currently ‘very happy’ in his current role.

On- Field Success  (as a manger)

Klinsmann can be considered the Grandfather (or at least the Great-Uncle) of the current German team that is probably going to win the Euros this summer.  Surprisingly sacked by Bayern less than a year into the job, with them just 3 points off the top in the 2008-2009 season.  Results since taking over USA have been pretty average- played 9, won 4, drawn 1, lost 4.   Dedicated to attractive football.

Off-Field Success

Achieved the unimaginable in 2006 by concocting a team that made the average rational England fan admit to liking Germany. Renowned forward thinker, revolutionised methods behind the scenes at Germany and Bayern (though questions remain whether this was part of the reason for his removal at the latter).

What Would The Fans Think?

They'd be doing cartwheels down Edmonton High Street if he was announced.   Until recently, his season with us in 1994 was my favourite ever time as a Spurs fan; chasing his VW Beetle out of Chigwell training ground is the rosiest of rose-tinted memories.  Commitment to attacking football ensures he ticks all the boxes.

Brendan Rogers


Unknown as to whether he would be conducive to a move to Spurs.  Seems very content at Swansea though an approach would probably interest him.

On-Field Success

Had limited success (and time) at Watford and Reading but has taken Swansea to 11th place in the Premier League in less than 20 months, when everyone (myself included) predicted a dignified but definite return from whence they came.  Long way to go and we all know what happens to teams that come up from the Championship and continue playing pretty football, but look to be in better shape than most of the teams beneath them.

Off-Field Success

Lauded by everyone for their style of football.  Was youth team and reserve team manager at Chelsea under Jose Mourinho (he also worked with AVB) so has experience of  egos and methods at a higher level than he has managed at.

What Would The Fans Think?

A couple years ago they would have been delighted, but his relative lack of experience would be a concern.  Probably a bit too soon.

Jose Mourinho


Currently entrenched in the task of (probably) winning the title at Real and still has the second half of ther Champions League still to come, but has spoken openly of his desire to move back to England soon.   Tends to shift on from clubs once he’s left his mark, thus leaving an unsullied legacy.

On Field Success

You’ll need all the fingers on several hands to count them off  Multiple league titles with Porto, Chelsea and Inter.  Champions League with Porto and Inter.  10 points ahead in La Liga with Real.

Off Field Success

Channels the spirit of Henry V through the body of George Clooney.   The ultimate football psychologist; fosters us-against-them mentality that means players would quite happily hand over their wives to him if he said it would help the team.  Owners normally get the hump with him.  Loved by English press, tolerated by the Italian, disliked by the Spanish.

What Would The Fans Think?

They’d be worried about his fondness for pragmatic rather than attractive football, but his record and allure for top players would mean they’d forget all that very quickly.    It’s Jose Mourinho, for God’s sake.

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