WATCH: Francis Coquelin's Arsenal Story - 2014/2015

Step aside Flamini.
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Step aside Flamini.

It's becoming quite the breakthrough season for Arsenal midfielder Francis Coquelin.

He has worked his way back into the Gunners' first-team frame, now acting a key player in Wenger's side. Until the summer the Frenchman appeared to have no future at the north London club, but after a string of games due to injuries elsewhere, his fortunes have changed.

Indeed, the Arsenal boss has admitted Coquelin could be a long-term solution to their defensive midfielder problem.

"He knows it’s an opportunity for him. Sometimes when you wait for such a long time to get your chance and you get it, the more you have suffered before, the more you enjoy it. On that front I think he has gone through a lot of doubt questioning himself, certainly at many times being discouraged that he doesn’t get a chance. I think he analysed well what he is good at. Defending in midfield."

On that note, here's his best moments from the season so far.