Why Would Suarez Join Arsenal When He Could Be A Liverpool Legend?

Arsenal are a fine club with a good history, but surely Suarez stay and achieve legendary status?
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Arsenal are a fine club with a good history, but surely Suarez stay and achieve legendary status?


"I know it's out of fashion and a trifle uncool but I can't help it, I'm a romantic fool."

Romance. The default setting of the Liverpudlian, the glory that was Rome, the miracle of Istanbul, the still idolised six years after his departure Luis Garcia's Mourinho baiting 'ghost goal', a supersub turning the tide against St Etienne, comeback after comeback after comeback, the same left back scoring the European Cup winning goal twice, Gerrard, Rush, Dalglish. A forward so good we named him God. The Kop in full voice. An anthem that actually means something. A song of true support.

I'm 100 pages into David Peace's quite possibly brilliant new book on Bill Shankly, 'Red or Dead'. The syntax felt odd at first. Broken. Strangulated. Strains of repetition. Passages recurring. Then I realised. Peace is approaching the rhythm of Shankly's speech. The rhythms of a man who understood Liverpool more than any other. Understood the principles. Understood the people. Made the people happy.

Which, in a very roundabout way, brings us to Luis Suarez. Luis Suarez and this fiasco that refuses to go away. I'd hoped that Gareth Bale's new position as flavour of the summer, as potentially the most expensive player In. The. History. Of. The. World. Ever. would have taken the focus away from Suarez a little but then the papers found a few quotes from Pepe Reina to twist and turn to their own ends and suddenly Suarez is leaving again.

The thing is, Suarez was extremely vocal with his reasons for leaving. Almost within minutes of the season ending (well, Liverpool Football Club's season ending, Luis clearly finished a while before the rest of the team) Luis was pointing out that he needed to leave Liverpool because of the way he was treated by the English media. He needed to move to Real Madrid because of the way he was treated by the English media.


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Unfortunately Real Madrid don't seem overly interested at the moment, their full focus being on The £100m rated Gareth Bale (Gareth Bale? Seriously? I mean, he's a good player, he was exceptional last season - although Suarez was better - but really?)

The only interest appears to be from Arsenal and they don't seem interested enough to offer a decent stab at market value. £30m. £35m. £40m and a pound to activate a clause whereby Liverpool Football Club had to inform Luis Suarez that another club were interested in him. Because he may have missed it in the Daily Mirror and on Sky. 'Luis, Arsenal are interested.' Job done. The clause didn't say we had to SELL him. We knew that. We all knew that. Arsene Wenger apparently didn't know that.

So we wait. We wait for the £55m bid that we've intimated will be a starting point for conversation since Napoli sold Cavani for that price.

And in the meantime Luis Suarez appears at Melbourne Cricket Ground, Australia in front of 95,000 singing a version of 'You'll Never Walk Alone' that showed that THEY understood Liverpool Football Club. 10,000 miles away from Anfield, they understood Liverpool Football club.

And Brendan Rodgers pointed out that the idea of Luis Suarez wanting to move to Arsenal was ridiculous because Arsenal don't have nights like that.

And Luis Suarez came on toward the end of Steven Gerrard's testimonial to a standing ovation that showed that despite everything the Liverpool fans still adore him. Still want him to stay.

And he played alongside a player who was so good that we called him God. A player who was so desperate for one last game in the shirt he loved.

And he played alongside a player who was approached by Bayern Munich last summer and turned them down because the Champions League with Liverpool would always mean more. Putting Liverpool back where they belong would mean more.

And Luis Suarez isn't Steven Gerrard, he's not a local lad with hometown allegiances and the pull of history in his soul but....

But rather than join a team that finishes top four and sometimes hits a semi final wouldn't you rather be the man who puts a giant back where it's meant to be. Rather than being a footballer wouldn't you want to be a hero.

Obviously people will point to Liverpool's pained decline since finishing second to Manchester United under Rafael Benitez and ask why Luis Suarez would want to play for a team in seventh place.

In return I would lean on legacy and history and tradition and ask how many Champions League trophies Arsenal have acquired since we gained our fifth. No, that's right.

And I would ask Luis Suarez where Arsenal's equivalent of Rome, Istanbul, Paris, Rome, Wembley 78 is? Where Arsenal's equivalents of Anfield's European nights are?

And I would sit Luis Suarez down with a copy of David Peace's possibly stunning new book on Bill Shankly and ask him if he understands romance?