Winston Reid Denies Arsenal Rumours On Twitter, Gives Spurs Hope

Reid all about it!
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Reid all about it!

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It’s tough being a football journalist these days. Once upon a time they could make up transfer rumours and by the time people realised they were rubbish they were safely thrown away, having been used as last month’s fish and chip papers.

Now things are different. Every transfer rumour is stored for posterity on the web and the players are on social media pouring scorn on your efforts before the next day’s press.

That’s exactly what happened to The Mirror’s Darren Lewis today after he reported that Winston Reid wanted to join Arsenal should they make a bid for him this month. Before Arsenal fans had the time to get excited, Reid was on Twitter denying that the story was true, giving hope to Spurs’ hope of signing him and West Ham’s efforts to retain the player.

Better luck tomorrow Darren…


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