ISIS Member Forgets To Turn Off Geotags On Twitter. Reveals Secret Location.

Sometimes you really couldn't make it up.
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Sometimes you really couldn't make it up.


A member of ISIS has become involved in the biggest social media fail in recent memory after forgetting to turn off the geotag option on Twitter, revealing the location of his Jihadi "safe house" to the world with a string of tweets.

Mark Taylor, aka Abdul-Rahman, left his native New Zealand in 2012 to join the militant group, who we're guessing aren't very happy with him at the mo, after burning his passport and vowing never to return to NZ.

It's unclear what's happened to Taylor since, but it's understood he's been pinpointed to a specific house in the Syrian town of al-Taqbah. His Twitter account has been suspended. Probably for his own good.


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