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Watch Double Hard C**t Shia LaBeouf Headbut A Bloke In Saaf London Boozer

by Sabotage
11 June 2014 3 Comments

Step aside Elijah Wood in Green Street, there's a new kid in town...


Hollywood A-Lister Shia LaBeouf showed he’s proper handy this week, planting a nut on a bloke in New Cross after a row over baseball or something. In fact, we say planted a nut, it was more like a big sloppy eskimo kiss on a bloke who obviously didn’t want to know. Good luck to him throwing his weight around South London hipster haunts like that, Millwall are at home tomorrow, let’s hope he stumbles into the wrong pub.

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nipper 11:08 pm, 17-Jan-2014

poor headbutt

Doesn't matter 12:09 am, 18-Jan-2014

Seems like the poor bloke has poor or failing hearing. London is welcome to him, if he tried that in anyother part of the country, barring maybe a dozen security staff, he'd have been Bitchslapped, rolled in a carpet off cut and been given to a wagon driver called Sutcliffe. Let's hope London sees sense.

Stan Dalglish 6:49 pm, 6-Mar-2014

Did I miss something? He woke the bald lad up? Well double hard and pwoper nawty. Given this useless acting waste of space has a tattoo on his wrist as well, I am putting him up there with Tommy Smith, Mick Hartford and Billy Bremner. He'd last ten seconds on Slater street.

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