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Notorious Dictators As Young Men

by Sabotage
13 February 2014 8 Comments

They all wreaked varying degrees of havoc as some of the worst human beings in memory, but once upon a time they were innocent looking young men...

Ever fancied a notorious dictator?¬†Us neither, but what we thought was the latest face of Loreal for Men was infact Russia’s own Joseph Stalin, so we decided to scour the net for other early pictures of infamous historical baddies. Here they are looking they’ve just stepped out of Dalston’s finest barber…

1. Osama Bin Laden

2. Nicolae Ceausescu

3. Fidel Alejandro

4. Muammar al- Gaddafi

5. Mengistu Haile Mariam

6. Vladmir Putin

7. Joseph Stalin

8. Tsar Nicolas ll

9. Vladmir Lenin

10. Saddam Hussein

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Huw 10:04 pm, 5-Sep-2013

I'm pretty sure that's not Lenin.

Huw 10:06 pm, 5-Sep-2013

Oh, he's in Saddam Hussein's slot.

Liz727 6:15 pm, 13-Feb-2014

Wow, very interesting, thank you.

Mack Hall, HSG 9:34 pm, 13-Feb-2014

Nicholas II was a Czar, not a dictator. The distinction is important.

average Joe 11:35 pm, 13-Feb-2014

It is Lenin, he's off to a fancy dress party.

Dickiedust 10:41 am, 15-Feb-2014

Isn't that Rowan Chernin ?

Nikola 6:39 pm, 9-Mar-2014

I have not seen on list Bill Klinton, Obama also and a rest of the worst dictators that a World ever seen ?

Katee 5:37 am, 18-Jun-2014

Lenin is in there. The photos are not in the same order as the names.

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