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The Chronicles of an Acid House Raver

by Sabotage
23 August 2013 2 Comments

The hazy days of acid house have never been so well recorded as they are in this diary of newspaper clippings, photos and drug fuelled paintings...

Acid house, an infamous sub-genre of house music that booms a repetitive, hypnotic and trance-like style through the sub-woofer, often with samples or spoken lines instead of lyrics. Acid house’s core electronic “squelch” sounds were developed around the mid-1980s, particularly by DJs from Chicago who experimented with electronic synthesizer-sequencers. Acid house spread to the United Kingdom and continental Europe, where it was played by DJs in the acid house and later rave scenes. By the late 1980s, copycat tracks and acid house remixes brought the style into the mainstream, where it had some influence on pop and dance styles.

Of course we can’t forget one of the key components to this great genre… ecstasy! Above are some great memories from the days of acid house, kept in a diary of drug fuelled dancing and happier days.

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myleftboot 6:16 am, 2-Aug-2012

Er, if you liked gibbering in a corner, you could taker acid, sure. Most people popped E. Are you a police officer mate?

Parsley 8:09 am, 2-Aug-2012

ha ha

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