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iPhone 5: The Future's Calling

by Sabotage
6 March 2012 7 Comments

New concept designs of what the next Apple offering may look like revealed...

Although pictures of the iPhone 5 have not yet been released it hasn’t stopped designers putting together their own ideas of what it will look like.  These four pictures come from Italian designer Federico Ciccarese, and if they are true to life Apple geeks across the planet will be rejoicing in the corridors.

We spotted these cool pics on mashable

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Jamie Roche (@jamieroche) 2:50 am, 9-Mar-2012

Absolutely disgusting.

s brooks 2:31 pm, 9-Mar-2012

i love it i want one now!!!

Dan 2:57 pm, 11-Mar-2012

non story

Andrew J 1:59 pm, 15-Mar-2012

Last time I checked, speculation was not the same thing as news.

ad 5:11 pm, 15-Mar-2012

when was the last time you checked, andrew j? do you check these differences at regular intervals or is it more of a 'on the moment' thing?

ad 5:22 pm, 15-Mar-2012

you can definitely see the trajectory of iphone design will culminate, i anticipate iphone 10, in a penis with veiny shaft that fits perfectly inside apple users mouths.

Si Richardson 5:39 pm, 15-Mar-2012

The new iphone 5 has been launched with a high definition screen, offering an even clearer picture..... of how gullible some people are.

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