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A Vision Of The Future From 1910

by Sabotage
8 January 2014 3 Comments

In 1910 they imagined we might have flying firefighters and boats with wings. Here are some illustrations of their vision of 2013...

With the recent advancements of robots that help disabled people to move again, we took a look at these incredible illustrations drawn in 1910, of what people over a hundred years ago imagined the year 2000 might look like. Sadly we don’t have flying fire-fighters or boats with wings but we do have rapid fire war machines and roller-skates.

We found these at Retronaut, go over and have a look.

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Liz727 5:33 pm, 27-Sep-2013

"Error. Slideshow data not found..." Is it just me?

Liz727 5:34 pm, 27-Sep-2013

Oops sorry, just took a while!

Liz727 5:36 pm, 27-Sep-2013

Fascinating! Wouldn't mind a pair of those wings. And is that an early version of Skype I see there? ;-)

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