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An Englishman In Scotland

by Trevor Ward
26 March 2013 170 Comments

The English and the Scots have always had a bit of a turbulent relationship but Sabotage Times discovers that what was once refered to as "friendly banter" has now boiled over into full blown racism.

Her eyes were filled with venom.

“Why don’t you fuck off back to where you came from?” she spat out at me.

I was frozen to the spot.  The two hulking Rottweilers she’d just let off their leashes were suddenly taking an interest in me.

All I’d done was ask if she wouldn’t mind clearing up her dogs’ shit.  They’d both just taken very big dumps on the grass verge in front of where I was sitting having a quick Kit Kat before finishing off my postal delivery round.

“You come here taking our fucking jobs,” she continued.  “Fuck off back home.”

With that, she slapped the Kit Kat out of my hand and kicked out at my bike.  A cascade of gas bills and thermal underwear catalogues spilled to the floor while the Rottweilers pounced on my half-eaten chocolate bar.  Then she turned and walked away, calling her dogs after her.  Their freshly expelled turds were left behind like territorial trophies.

Just another day in the life of an Englishman in Scotland….

I really wish I could say the above was an isolated incident. But it wasn’t. In the six years I’ve lived in east Scotland, I’ve experienced regular and varying degrees of anti-Englishness. Or, to give it its proper name, racism. The most recent incident ended up in court. But more of that later….

Last week, a consignment of 1,000 fake Algerian football shirts was intercepted by customs at East Midlands Airport.  It was headed for Glasgow, where a kilt-wearing, Saltire-waving, deep fried Mars Bar-scoffing entrepreneur was (probably) poised to cash in on his country’s fondness for a bit of English-bashing.  Yes, the World Cup has started…

On Saturday, many pubs were decked out in the Stars and Stripes and assorted other American paraphernalia. And my local morning paper, the Dundee Courier, devoted half of its (broadsheet) front page to the earth-shattering tale of a Kirkcaldy resident who, on buying the new Scotland kit from on-line retailer Sports Direct, received a free England mug and flag with his order. According to the paper, he “donated both to charity”.

All of which would be quite funny if it wasn’t such a sad reflection on an otherwise half-decent country.

During the World Cup, it all largely remains “friendly banter”. But stripped of its sporting context, it is nothing less than shameful bigotry.

Part of the problem is that many Scots genuinely believe that being anti-English is not the same as being racist.  This attitude extends all the way to the top.  The Scottish Government’s own anti-racism website lists all the ethnic groups that are represented in Scotland – making up about 10 per cent of the population – but repeatedly fails to refer to the biggest of the lot – the English.  It genuinely seems to believe that it’s only racism if the person abused is non-white.

The Scottish Government’s current incumbent, incidentally, is the Scottish National Party. Nothing about that name says “welcome to our inclusive, friendly country”. Like the British National Party, it has traces of, “if you’re not one of us, fuck off” about it.

By the way, in case anyone is any doubt about the term “racism” being applied to anti-English sentiments, may I refer you to the Scottish Court of Session which, in 2001, ruled in a case involving an English commentator employed by BBC Scotland that the term “race” also covered feelings of “national identity or origin.”

Now, here comes the science bit…

In April this year, a report by three academics at Edinburgh University found that English graduates at Scottish universities were being driven back south because of anti-English attitudes. The report, published in the Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, concluded that Scotland was an “unwelcoming country” for the English.

She hammered on my front door to call me, amongst other choice phrases, “a fucking Englishman”.

Meanwhile, the number of racist crimes committed in Scotland for 2008-09 was 6,590.  (The ethnic background of victims is not recorded) Per head of population, this is significantly larger than the figures for England and Wales (which I only mention because I’m fed up with Scots telling me how they were practically tarred and feathered when they last travelled south of Carlisle).

For the part of Scotland I live in – the north-east – the number of racist incidents increased by 58 per cent on the previous year, from 391 to 616.

I was one of those crime statistics.  My new neighbor took exception to me asking her to turn her music down at 1.30 in the morning.  The next day, she hammered on my front door to call me, amongst other choice phrases, “a fucking Englishman”. Fortunately, my (Scottish) wife was a witness. I reported her to the police and she was subsequently charged with a racially-aggravated breach of the peace.

After 300 years of hurt, Scotland has a major chip on its shoulder.  The natives don’t like hearing that from a Sassenach, but that’s the most charitable way of explaining the anti-Englishness which permeates all levels of society.  It’s perpetrated in subtle – and not so subtle – ways, from the blinkered, parochial attitude of its media to the obsession with its history.  The average Scot would rather bang on about the exploits of William Wallace, Alexander Fleming and Kenny Dalglish than confront the reality of his country’s crumbling infrastructure, violent crime(Scotland’s Violence Reduction Unit acknowledges that knife crime is endemic) and appalling lifestyle(97.5 per cent of the population lives unhealthily, according to a report from Glasgow University last week).

But don’t just take my word for it.  Here’s Scottish football columnist and TV pundit Jim Traynor writing in his Daily Record blog this week:

“Petty and narrow-minded doesn’t begin to describe the mentality of Scotland when it comes to England…..Maybe one day, if we ever grow up and become a proper country that stops blaming all its ills on its larger, wealthier neighbour, we might gain the credibility we crave in the wider world.”

Switch on a Scottish-produced TV or radio programme up here, and you will hardly ever see a non-Scottish face or hear a non-Scottish accent.  Scottishness, it often seems, counts for more than intelligence, articulacy or the ability to read autocue convincingly.  (If you don’t believe me, check out STV’s nightly magazine show, The Hour.) The situation has improved slightly in recent years, but non-Scots still barely register on the airwaves (and especially not in an anchor-type role).  Compare that with English-produced TV and radio news shows, where a rainbow of skin hues and accents reflects the diversity of the viewing and listening public.

Meanwhile, the highlights of STV’s primetime schedule last year were Made in Scotland – featuring golf, whisky, haggis and Dundee – Scots at War, Scotland From The Air, The Greatest Scot and Scotland’s Greatest Football Team. For tourists watching in their Edinburgh and Glasgow hotel rooms, this is probably great TV.  For Scotland’s immigrants – including me – it’s distinctly marginalising. It’s as if the words multi-cultural, diversity and inclusive never quite made it past Gretna services.

In short, the place stinks of nationalism, “a silly cock crowing on its own dunghill”, as the poet Richard Aldington defined it.

No wonder people like my neighbor – and there are many of them according to those crime stats  – have some warped sense of their own superiority over non-Scots in general, and the English in particular.  No wonder she thought she was within her rights to call me a fucking Englishman. No wonder that skank with the Rottweilers thought it was perfectly acceptable to point out my error in taking a job in Scotland and tell me to fuck off back home.

Here’s the punchline to my tale as a victim of racism in 21-st century Scotland.  When it reached court, none of the local newspapers deemed it worthy of coverage, not even the aforementioned Dundee Courier (despite me tipping them off). So no-one was there to witness Sheriff (Magistrate) Norrie Stein as he almost apologetically found the accused guilty and told her:

“I’m afraid you now have a criminal record. Several years ago you would probably have been found not guilty, but these days people are more sensitive to these issues.”

It didn’t end there. Sheriff Stein had one last surprise for me, when he told the newly-convicted racist in a distinctly sympathetic tone: “As you have no previous convictions and are clearly not one of the criminal classes, I am admonishing you.”

According to my legal dictionary, an admonishment is given when “an offence is considered trifling”.

But maybe I shouldn’t have been too surprised with the court’s decision.  Scotland’s judicial system is, after all, the only one in the world which offers juries the option of a third verdict – not proven, loved by defense lawyers but condemned elsewhere as “illogical”, “anachronistic” and “indefensible”.

A bit like racism, in fact.

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Ellen Arnison 12:01 pm, 16-Jun-2010

Interesting stuff. I am an Englishwoman living in Scotland and have written on the same stubject. I would take small issue with your view of the Scottish media, an industry in which I work. Behind the scenes you are as likely to come across someone from outside Scotland than a native, the Scottish content is largely a response to demand.

austin Compson-Bradford 1:32 pm, 16-Jun-2010

Great stuff, but I as a Scotsman, with an english accent have not come across to much racism, I have though come across quite a bit of classism in the rest of the UK as I have a slightly better accent. what ever happened to the term Great Britian one which all parts of the UK can be proud of

softmutt 2:14 pm, 16-Jun-2010

Bloody well said! It's one reason I'd never live in SCOTLAND. Although in fairness the city dwellers are the worst. As to not clearing up after your dogs, that's disgusting. Funny thing...Despite all the "Troubles" between UK & Ireland...We get on far better than with the Scots...Go figure :\

Ashamed Scot... 2:37 pm, 16-Jun-2010

I am ashamed to be Scottish; all this talk of Scotland being "The Greatest Small Country" is absolute tosh and will be until the Scots get that ruddy big chip off their shoulder, stop looking blaming England for their problems. Actually, many of these folk who go on about how wonderful Scotland is, haven't even been as far as Edinburgh, let alone anywhere else.

kenneth mackenzie 4:45 pm, 16-Jun-2010

total sensationalist fact the English are one of the most racist nations in the world

Stainless 6:42 pm, 16-Jun-2010

My first reaction was Dundee (or therebouts) - what do you expect but then i read on. "Meanwhile, the highlights of STV’s primetime schedule last year were Made in Scotland... Scots at War, Scotland From The Air, The Greatest Scot and Scotland’s Greatest Football Team... [For Scotland’s immigrants] it’s distinctly marginalising"!!. Imagine a Scottish TV station showing programmes about Scots and Scotland!! They should, of course, be contacting Dundee's favourite postie to ask what he wants to watch. Maybe the antihero of your woe-is-me tale took offence at your jaw-dropping arrogance rather than your nationality. I've got to say that i'm disappointed to read such utter banality. I thought Sabotage Times was shaping up to be better than that.

Elaine Campbell 7:51 pm, 16-Jun-2010

This is a poorly written diatribe, I complained about it on Facebook only to be told that I eat food from a bin, charming! Thanks so much , James Brown for your lack of intelligence and general ignorance.

MrsW 8:09 pm, 16-Jun-2010

Your assertation that the BNP contains mere TRACES of "fuck off you're not one of us" at least made me laugh. To even utter the BNP and SNP in the same sentence does your credibility no favours and shows a reckless lack of understanding of the SNP.

James 10:43 pm, 16-Jun-2010

Elaine you didn't complain. A complaint normally sets out what a person feels is wrong with a situation, or in this case an article. You just said it was only fit for a bin. That is a judgement not a complaint. You implied the author had no right to express his feelings about the threat he felt from the person who was confronting him. Whilst i fully understand that other points of view in this article are provocative to some Scots who take pride in their country, political system and media output. I can also recognise that these opinions have clearly been fuelled by the initial experience of being shat next to, threatened and hit out at. The legal system clearly understood Trevor's position as the second incident he documented resulted in his neighbour being "charged with a racially-aggravated breach of the peace"

Elaine Campbell 10:57 pm, 16-Jun-2010

Thanks for a decent and intelligent reply, took you long enough.

Junius 3:20 am, 17-Jun-2010

@Elaine - 10.57 - what a delightful and charming reply - do I take it from that you are Scottish?

colin cameron 9:49 am, 17-Jun-2010

An Englishman, eavesdropping on a conversation about chickens, told me at the weekend to go home and toss my caber. Another sale for the ABE T-shirt business, then

Callum 10:29 am, 17-Jun-2010

My Father is from Liverpool and my mother is Scottish, my older brother is Scottish (lives in Dundee.) I was born and raised in England and even though genetically speaking I'm more than half Scottish (my dads parents were both Scottish), this is not enough to escape the unbelieveable bigotry spewed towards me by the ignorant Scottish prats i'm forced to deal with every time i visit family up there.Every word written in this article rings true. up until very recently, everyone in England was happy to wish the other UK teams all the best in sporting competitions but after my brother sent me pirctures of his mates burning the English flag after our draw with the USA, i understand why more and more English people are sick of Scottish bigots. They may not like it being pointed out, prattle on about their history and accuse every Englishman of being twice as racist as they are but the truth is, they are incredibly bigoted and need to sort it out soon or risk having the massive English crutch that supports the Scottish nation pulled swiftly out from under them.

Neil Summers 2:43 pm, 17-Jun-2010

As an Englishman I really don't mind all the piss-taking and bitterness we get from the Scots, in all my dealings with Scottish people, 99% of them have been clued up, open-minded and self-depreciating people. I don't think you can generalise about one country just because of a bad experience in a one horse town. However, I do think Lulu is a bit of a twat.

Mr Patrick 5:25 pm, 17-Jun-2010

Ah, it wouldn't be the world cup unless we have a "scots are racist" story. This is brought to light every four years. Besides, you can't condemn the whole of Scotland on the strength of what happens in Arbroath.

Stainless 5:27 pm, 17-Jun-2010

Callum - I'm assuming that we'll get to keep the massive UK crutch that is North Sea oil? Neil Summers - Good reply. And spot on about Lulu.

gadgie 8:20 pm, 17-Jun-2010

A friend of mine once asked a Scottish neighbour to turn his music down and he was told he did not take orders from the English. This was in England. The English are to blame for all this, we've been telling them how wonderful they are and how we love all things scottish and now they believe it

IMarcher 8:59 pm, 17-Jun-2010

kenneth mackenzie said "the English are one of the most racist nations in the world", and is totally wrong. The English are one of the least racist nations in the world.

Fiale 9:01 pm, 17-Jun-2010

@Stainless Presumably most of the UK North Sea oil and gas would be owned by the Shetlands. With their new found wealth they could then throw of the yoke of Scottish colonisation and oppression.

Bill Hanlon 9:26 am, 18-Jun-2010

As a Scot, I've found the comments from some of my fellow countrymen above more shocking than the content of the article. Maybe you bigots need to read this, from yesterday's Press & Journal:

James Brown 9:04 pm, 18-Jun-2010

As the editor of this site I've only just realised the picture that's been used for this story is actually of a Scot abroad.

Andy 11:34 am, 29-Jun-2010

Whilst I sympathise with your plight, I found it totally hilarious that you played the racism card, then proceeded to call one Scot a "kilt-wearing, Saltire-waving, deep fried Mars Bar-scoffing entrepreneur". Oh, the irony.

Will 11:42 am, 29-Jun-2010

Not just the east Coast, out here in Sunny Glasgow I have also, on several occasions, been told to fuck off home to my "ain country". The most depressing thing is the well spun line of "it's not you, it's the commentators". About as sincere and well thought out as the most unoriginal break up line in the world; the one it seems to want to emulate.

Iain 12:45 pm, 29-Jun-2010

@Kenneth Mackenzie - Even if that were true, which I doubt, that has nothing to do with whether the Scots are racist or not. You need to address the points in the article if you want to be taken seriously. @Andy 11.34 - Do you think, just maybe, that the irony was intended? Just maybe? Perhaps? Der. I'm an Englishman who lived in Scotland for two years, near Dundee, and never had a problem with any anti-English sentiment during that time, although there were a few places which didn't feel quite as safe as others - mainly pubs. From my experience, the majority of Scots are reasonable, broad-minded and have a great line in dry self-deprecating humour. That isn't to say that there isn't anti-English sentiment in Scotland, or that it's reprehensible when it does happen. The nationalists do seem to have a whacking great chip on their shoulder about lots of genuinely dreadful stuff from hundreds of years ago (although a good deal of that was in fact carried out by Scottish landowners, not just the English) that they should really just let go of. They'd be happier for it. Having to listen to nationalist drivel while living in Scotland was really annoying, and made me feel like saying "Fine, take your f**king country back and let's see how you do." The SNP's coherent vision for Scotland was beautifully exemplified by Alex Salmond's hope that an independent Scotland would form an "arc of prosperity" with, amongst other small countries, Iceland. My guess is that if Scotland gains independence, the parochial vision of the nationalists will doom it to irrelevance and poverty very quickly.

Chay 2:26 pm, 29-Jun-2010

Interesting article. I'm Scottish, and I'll be the first to admit that this wee country, like anywhere else, does have its fair share of arseholes. No apologies. I don't actually understand why some Scottish people hate English people. Maybe it's because I live near the border and have no fear of going to Carlisle because it's actually a nice place where nobody gets tarred and feathered unless there's some closed doors that should remain closed. But this, for some, is a deeply confused nation. Just look at the Braveheart problem. To a lot of people, it's almost a documentary or a way of life, a badly drawn tattoo to show off down the pub. Sugar tits and all. As for the world cup, I watched England in sympathy because I knew with the end of the first game looming, the hype couldn't be contained and levelled until it turned to misery. England's own press were going to have their story regardless. One Scottish trait is to support the underdog. I wouldn't support England. Why? Because its the boring thing to do. England have very rarely been the underdog in the rest of the nations eyes - it's difficult given how much the England football team's rammed down our throats. How many times did we hear 'echoes of 66' during each game, each bit of commentary, and Gary Linker would you please just shut up and take Hansen with you? How weird would it have been for a bloke from Glasgow just trying to buy a Mars bar with the England flag on it? It's only a Mars bar after all. Tasty, not as big as they used to be, but draped in a flag? Media & commerce. Next it'll be Glee again. Also, I can't ever recall anybody English wearing a Scotland shirt. Wouldn't expect them to, but, when it comes to a particular portion of this nation, maybe Russ Abbot, of all people, got it partially right. I can also recall the Arsenal vs Carlisle game back in 2001. Carlisle, in a sense, is almost home turf for me in the same way they that Dumfries is. I'm bang in the middle. Seem to remember I wrote it up for a (cough) well known magazine read by men who should know better. Brunton Park, January, freezing cold, families galore and the majority of Arsenal fans taunting the locals, calling them 'skirt-wearing c*nts'. I was in the away end too. Arseholes Trevor, they're everywhere, home and away. I don't like being called 'Jock' when I'm in England but then again, if that's the best they can come up with, they're either not trying hard enough, or, they're worried that if they go too far, I'll whip out my claymore and get a bit 'Rob Roy' on them because we all pack huge swords. Under our kilts. Look for an argument Trevor and you'll find it, just don't tar and feather us all by waving the racist/naive flag. We might've invented golf, but we'll only take the blame for Runrig.

Kevin Hennessy 2:40 am, 24-Aug-2010

I've only been to Scotland once, to watch Chelsea play at Ibrox in a pre-season game. We'd flown up on the Friday and enjoyed our first drink in an Irish pub next door to Central Station, no problems. From there, after being picked up by my mate's cousing, we sat in the front garden of a house in Possil Park witn a mixed buncn of both Celtic and Rangers fans, no problems. Next stop, and this is still on our first night up there, the city centre until the early hours, drinking, singing, dancing and kebabing, no problems. Day of the match, drinking all morning in the Argyll Bar underneath the railway back at Central Station before moving on to one of the red, white and blue bedecked boozers near the ground, Chelsea lost, no problems. Can you see the picture emerging here, we were also invited to a family wedding reception on the Saturday night in the posh, Crown?, hotel by the exhibition centre where there were an awful lot of figures from the not so squeaky clean business community, allegedly. On Sunday, before flying home, another session in the town centre, and for me my customary go and get lost walk when in a new town or city, for the whole 3 day stay we never came across one instance of anti Englishness apart from banter, maybe it's a different story for the chap who lives up there, but as many have already pointed out in response to the article, there are arseholes wherever you go, but the vast majority of people any and everywhere are decent enough.

paul 7:19 am, 26-Aug-2010

Diddums. Supporting your national football team's greaterst rivals is racist!! Is the writer of the original article for real? Anyone would think that where it exists Anglo-Scottish racism was all one way, given the blinkers worn by the English. Get real you English. You too are racist - against the Scots. Is it an English trait to see the faults in others but never in yourselves? English anti-Scottish racism is rampant - from Baroness Deech on Any Questions last week to Kelvin Mackenzie to Melanie Philips The tip of the English anti-Scottish racism iceberg Scottish soldier beaten with brick for being Scottish. Little girl shot in face for having a Scottish accent. School girls attacked in Cumbria for being Scottish. English football fan banned for life for shouting "Kill all the Jocks" before attacking Scottish football fans. Student nurse convicted of anti-Scottish abuse & assault on policeman. Second Englishwoman convicted of anti Scottish abuse & attack on Policeman. Mother ran out of England for being Scottish

Etc 1:06 pm, 3-Sep-2010

Or, to give it it's proper name 'xenophobia'. Calling this racism demeans not only your argument but centuries worth of suffering of millions of people.

Adam 1:32 pm, 3-Sep-2010

I remember going to Fife when I was about 13 to visit some relatives/knuckle draggers. As we stopped at a local retailer to get some much needed sustinance which included Irn Bru, Scotch Pies, Golf Tees and some tartan napkins I attempted to leave the store. Unfortunately my black and blue Adidas bench jacket caused a bit of a stir due to the Glasgow Rangers connection. I must have stood there for 5 minutes being verbally abused by brave grown men all because of the colours of the jacket. Anyway, I explained I was a Leeds fan which didn't help until my 6ft 5in tank of a dad piled into the shop to ask if there was a problem. It seems there wasn't an issue in the end.

Llywarch 3:04 pm, 3-Sep-2010

Is this article a joke? Is the author really Richard Littlejohn? Seriously, think about the English attitude towards other countries. Even the English media's attitude towards the French, the Germans, even the Polish. It makes me embarrassed to call myself British when abroad. I'm from Wales, so can you imagine the amount of sheep shagging jokes I've heard? Can you imagine the amount of times I've been told that Wales isn't really a country, it's part of England. Can you imagine the amount of times I've been told that my mother-tongue is a joke, is a waste of time and it shouldn't be taught or be allowed to use it? I remember, as a child, English families moving in to our area. They'd refused to have their children taught any Welsh in school, complained if they heard any of us kids speaking Welsh. Most would then complained to the local media that they weren't made welcome by the locals! Oddly enough, this never happened with the Vietnamese families that came over in the 70's, or the Chinese families, the Indian, Afghani, Pakistani or Japanese families that lived in our area. Regardless of all that I've experienced, it doesn't stop me liking you lot :) As to : " After 300 years of hurt, Scotland has a major chip on its shoulder." - It's probably more than 300 years. Didn't the Anglo-Saxons first invaded and begin the ethnic cleansing in the 7th or 8th century?

Anglo-Saxon 7:08 am, 24-Sep-2010

Don’t get me started on the Scottish! I’m very tolerant with people generally, no matter what background, race etc. (hell I’m English born and brought up in 3 different countries) but if there’s anyone on this planet I go out of my way to avoid, it’s the Scottish! They are the most obnoxious, racist, drunken, detestable people I’ve ever had the misfortune to meet! Not long ago, Glasgow Rangers played in Manchester (where I was living at the time), aside from trashing and pissing everywhere, on the last night they caused a riot ‘cos one of the big screens broke down. They left the place looking like a shit heap! And what did the manager of GR have to say? He didn’t blame it on the faulty screen – instead he said “The people of Manchester should have known Scottish people like to drink a lot and therefore the supermarkets should have been adequately stocked up” I have never read such an idiotic statement in my life! Further back, still in Manchester, two Scotsmen were arrested for trying to poison the drinking supply there! What’s more, in my hometown, the biggest trouble makers we have are the Scottish (and we have a lot!) They go around the town centre with knives in their pockets. Plus there was a time when people in my town who didn’t dare put up the English flag just ‘cos the Scots would complain to the local authorities….only the Scots flag could be seen….that’s changed now thankfully! I hate how they always blame the English for misdemeanors that they themselves are guilty of, for instance, they scoff with other nationalties that the English are ignorant and can’t speak any other languages – how hypocritical! When I lived in France, who helped some Scots customers out with the local lingo – me, an Englander! I don’t know why since they had already given me lots of racist abuse a few days before that. I could go on and on and on….. And of course it’s always the fault of the English ‘cos we shat on their country (yawn yawn)…I’m originally from Cumbria and the Scots have been raping and pilliging in that place since before it was even a county. Whenever I cross paths with a Scottish person now I keep myself to myself and I try not to even speak to them. I won’t even give them the time of day!!

Mark Mewell 11:25 pm, 31-Jan-2011

I refer everyone to this

Cal 11:37 am, 1-Mar-2011

"where a kilt-wearing, Saltire-waving, deep fried Mars Bar-scoffing entrepreneur was (probably) poised to cash in on his country’s fondness for a bit of English-bashing" and that's not racist, I suppose? "Switch on a Scottish-produced TV or radio programme up here, and you will hardly ever see a non-Scottish face or hear a non-Scottish accent" Strange that, what with it being Scotland and all. What you're saying is there should be more media jobs for bitching twats like you? Have to say, it might be a good idea for you to fuck off home. Not because you're English, just because you're a total cock...

Megan 12:24 pm, 1-Mar-2011

I'm sorry you've come across this attitude in Scotland - I go to Glasgow Uni and get on perfectly well with my English friends, so maybe it is down to environment. The comparison of the SNP with the BNP is egregious, I feel.

paul 2:13 pm, 1-Mar-2011

"I'm sorry you've come across this attitude in Scotland - I go to Glasgow Uni and get on perfectly well with my English friends, so maybe it is down to environment." I think there's even more to it than that. I'm English and came to university in Scotland over 40 years ago ... and have stayed in Scotland. I love it. I've never encountered any abuse regarding my nationality. Jokes yes. On the other hand there are other English people (often of the southern variety) who bring their arrogant, patronising attitudes with them to Scotland. That doesn't go down well here. There are also those sensitive souls who have hissy-fits because Scots often support the opponents of their biggest footballing rivals - England. They tend to be the ones who understand nothing about football rivalry and equate this with hatred of England. You only have to look at the abuse received by Andy Murray from such people when he joked about supporting England's opponents in the World Cup.

paul 2:16 pm, 1-Mar-2011

"Have to say, it might be a good idea for you to fuck off home. Not because you're English, just because you're a total cock... " Speaking as an English person I think that is absolutely spot on. There are English people who would be twats wherever they lived. The English person who started this blog is clearly one of them. I think Scots are a little less tolerant of twats than the English are .. and that's no bad think.

Davide 2:58 pm, 1-Mar-2011

“a silly cock crowing on its own dunghill”, as the poet Richard Aldington defined it. Funny that. This is the perfect description for this pious article and its budding CP Scott of an author. Well done on comparing the SNP with the BNP though. They must sound similar huh? If nothing else, it just goes to show that you do not have a clue what you are talking about and are indulging in the kind of bilge that should see you employed by the Daily Star very soon.

Ellen Arnison 3:04 pm, 1-Mar-2011

Davide, As a former employee of the Daily Star of Scotland, I take exception to your comment.

paul 3:21 pm, 1-Mar-2011

If that's Ward's photo it's no wonder Scots regarded him as a bit of an arse. Sloane Square poseurs don't transfer to Govan very well. Best stick to going no further than Tunbridge Wells, Trevor.

Chris D 4:59 pm, 1-Mar-2011

Cant take the moral high ground when you write 'a kilt-wearing, Saltire-waving, deep fried Mars Bar-scoffing entrepreneur' The only anti-english stuff ive ever noticed was towards people who are total cunts, if youre a sound person, you dont get anything, maybe have a look at yourself and wonder why treated that way

Martin 5:33 pm, 1-Mar-2011

See, the thing is - there's a difference between actual fact-based journalism and someone getting access to the internet and playing the journo when in reality all they're doing is having a wee moan about something that's affected them. And this is a perfect example. An Englishman meets a racist Scot. And jumps to the conclusion that this is proof that all Scots, the Scottish government, Scottish media and Scottish legal system are all racist. Either this is a little bit of flawed logic because this guy's taken the hump. Or is downright stupidity. A bit like assuming the SNP are racist because two letters are the same as BNP. I tell you what, I'll be dodging those scamps at BNP Paribas bank from now on - they must be right scumbags, I mean just look at the letters, they prove everything! I can't quite believe that you're upset at the Scottish media using...wait for it...Scottish people. I mean really! The French, Germans, Americans, maybe even the dashed English will be started to do this next eh! Protectionism gone mad, isn't it! Let me guess, BBC Scotland knocked you back didn't they? Ironically, Scotland and its media, public sector and private sector are absolutely full of really smart English people doing a great job, enjoying their lives here and generally doing their country proud. So much so that I generally think they're a great bunch. Of course I've been called a 'Jock' etc many times in England, by people who seem to think I'm some country bumpkin retard. Does that make all English people racist? Thankfully no. Sometimes people are just mean to you because you're a bit of a tit. Sometimes judges recognise the complainant as a bit of a tit. Admonishments seem perfect in these circumstances. So m'lud, is the author, in this instance, a bit of a tit? Thanfully, there's no need for the not proven verdict on this occasion.

paul 6:59 pm, 1-Mar-2011

BBC Scotland knocked you back didn't they? Ironically, Scotland and its media, public sector and private sector are absolutely full of really smart English people doing a great job, enjoying their lives here and generally doing their country proud. I wonder how many Scottish voices our Trevor hears on English regional radio. Trevor seems to think that the likes of BBC 1, 2 etc and BBC Radios 1, 2 etc are English stations where Scots are tolerated. It's a common misconception amongst little Englanders like our Trevor. Trevor - BBC 1 etc are British stations not English ones. Comparing BBC Scotland with British radio and TV is hardly fair and hardly intelligent. What a pity you have to portray your utter ignorance of Scotland and your utter bile towards all things Scottish for all to see here. There are several English people who express in the media racism towards Scots. Kelvin McKenzie, Melanie Philips, Lady Deech spring to mind. I'll add you to the list. Fortunately you and they are just a loudmouthed, empty-headed ill-informed minority.

Stu 7:20 pm, 1-Mar-2011

The writer is a bigot. And he's the worse type of bigot - one who doesn't know what he is. You can't move in Scotland for English people. Recent stats showed that 1 in 6 people in Scotland is English born. If the same ratio applied for Scots in England that would mean there would be nearly 10 million Scots in England. And how do you think the English would take that? Contrary to this article, English people are made to feel very welcome in Scotland. That's why there are so many of them living there.

Pollok 6:17 pm, 3-Mar-2011

Oh good I see the cybernats have turned up ...oh the witty banter.

Liam 10:46 am, 4-Mar-2011

"The Scottish Government’s current incumbent, incidentally, is the Scottish National Party. Nothing about that name says “welcome to our inclusive, friendly country”. Like the British National Party, it has traces of, “if you’re not one of us, fuck off” about it." This extract just proves that you are an ignorant, idiotic waste of skin. To even compare the two parties and say they are similar, simply because the names sound the same, is totally moronic. i live in england. both my parents are scottish and i have an english accent. i frewuently travel to scotland to visit my family and have never been subjected to 'anti-english' abuse in my whole life.

Will 11:36 am, 4-Mar-2011

Why the sudden rash of comments?

Leighton 5:52 pm, 4-Mar-2011

A link to this got post on a Guardian blog at the start of the week hence I Imagine the new comments, that what brought me here. I haven’t read through the comments yet but have to ask is this satire? If not the author is a rather dim witted individual, “Where a Kilt wearing Saltire waving deep fried Mars scoffing entrepreneur was(probably) poised”. Surely that sentence has robbed you on any moral high ground if you’re trying to seriously make a point? Also I fear the author has displayed his bias and or ignorance when comparing the SNP to the BNP, the SNP a progressive left centre party that does very well in the Scottish election. whereas the BNP which has never contested a Scottish election despite them be conducted under a PR system as it wouldn’t make any head. I could write at length about the differences between the 2 parties but I’ll put it simply the SNP defines anyone resident in Scotland as Scottish the BNP on the other hand wants to remove anyone the deem not “ethnically British” from these shores. Also as I stated despite having PR in Scotland no members of the BNP have ever been successful in an election at any level by MEP MSP or councillor, sadly the same isn’t true about England. Finally STV showing TV programmes about Scotland, Scottish people, Scottish culture and sport hold on let me inform the UN!

Brendan 12:57 pm, 30-Mar-2011

Really poorly written article. Totally sensationalist. Given the content of the article one can't help but me amused by his description of the Glaswegian as a deep fried mars bar scoffer. Surely that is the same ignorance and prejudice that the author himself complains about. Anyone who has actually been to Glasgow knows that yes you can in a very small amount of places buy a deep fried mars bar but in actual fact it is just as common in English seaside towns as in Scotland. Also the whole section on the Scottish media is fairly hilarious. I don't disagree with the poor quality of STV's output but it has to be said in Scotland you have British wide coverage then it switches to local or to Scottish news. This is in evidence when you move to England as a Scotsmen and particularly as a Glaswegian. I had an Englishman ask me had I ever stabbed anyone and about where I lived etc. as though I had lived in 3rd world conditions. Also given that showing programs about your own history etc is racist should the bbc end all documentaries based on British history as the bbc showing British documentaries is equivalent to Scottish television showing shows about Scotland. Also, when English people say Scots are racist against them it can only be from someone who has a poor sample size or is an idiot. Rangers, the second and possibly best supported team in Scotland, proudly display England flags and celebrate their British heritage.

Brendan 1:45 pm, 30-Mar-2011 random article i just happened to be reading after. Look at the sloppy journalism Scots have to put up with. English counties brnded as cities and neither Edinburgh or Glasgow on that list. Glasgow is definitely one of the top venues in the UK its just that this survey despite being branded as UK wide never made it to Scotland. Its similar with most English based academic articles claiming to represent the UK but in actual fact only covering England and Wales.

Reay 3:03 pm, 2-Jun-2011

Definitly one of the worst collection of words vomited onto the internet. I cannot believe Sabotage Times actually agreed to publish this.

sweaty sock 2:47 pm, 29-Jul-2011

i reckon most people who ask young women with two rottweilers to pick up dog shit would be met with a similar volley of abuse regardless of where in the uk it was. im sure sean connery himself would have been told 'get tae fuck ya old paedo' had he asked. same with the music. the fact that your english is neither here nor there. im regularly called a sweaty sock upon my frequent visits to england along with many other far worse names. it doesnt bother me in the slightest as im comfortable with my national identity and also a proud scot. england most definately has at least as much xenophobia as scotland. in fact i would say more....

alex 2:23 am, 11-Sep-2011

The Scots are a bunch of obnoxious, over bearing, pie eating, heroin abusing, tennents swigging Cretins.

amancalledbuck 11:20 am, 11-Sep-2011

Anybody south of Stonehaven is a cunt.

Atan Stead 4:52 pm, 11-Sep-2011

Amancalledbuck..Surely you refer to anyone east of Shotts?

Jimmy 9:44 pm, 11-Sep-2011

If all this anti-Englishness were so visceral why is it that the SNP lead amongst UK voters born outside Scotland? Doesn't exactly support the argument that it has traces of, “if you’re not one of us, fuck off” about it, does it?

james sinclair 2:29 am, 16-Sep-2011

i am half english an scottish,and being brought up in england most of my life.after living in glasgow and london there is good and bad in both but i have always loved glasgow and impressed by the peoples warmth.if you want to see real racism go to north wales,the ignorance is incredible.

Stevo 1:08 pm, 20-Sep-2011

Alex, you are an arrogant, shepards pie eating, morris dancing, wife beating, carling drinking, skinhead, homophobic tosser :) good day to you !

John Scott 10:16 pm, 29-Sep-2011

Please give it a rest you sad English gits. I've lived in England for 20 of my 50yrs. I've also travelled around the World and I'm well educated enough to know that the English are without exception the most racist Nation on it. Worse still they are the most arrogant. That's why many Scots detest the English. If your abroad peoples attitudes change when you tell them your Scottish and not English. They suddenly become more open and friendly towards you. Can the entire world be wrong about we Scots. Or have they the wrong impression of the English. To end on a positive note I now live in a great part of England. North Derbyshire. If I hated it I'd be back up the road in a shot. Oh and I've been called a Scottish so and so many a time so if the donkey who wrote this original text hates it so much up in Scotland he should piss off back down here. Not because he's English but purely down to the fact he's an out-and-out idiot. Oh and why have you got a British Bulldog in front of a British flag. Bit idiotic given your trying to get over the point your a downtrodden Englishman in nasty old Scotland. Typical English though, slag off Scottish history given you can't tell tell the difference between being English and British. You see that's where the problems Started. English ignorance comes over as English arrogance to Scots. In the meantime keep wrapping yourself in a flag designed by a Scottish King and sing your British anthem while telling the world your so proud to be English.

paul 12:20 am, 30-Sep-2011

"Oh and I've been called a Scottish so and so many a time so if the donkey who wrote this original text hates it so much up in Scotland he should piss off back down here. Not because he's English but purely down to the fact he's an out-and-out idiot." It's true. The ones who get a bit of grief in Scotland tend to be racist right wing English arseholes.

Anglo-Saxon 11:45 am, 30-Sep-2011

@ John Scott The English are the most racist and arrogant? You should meet the Scots I met whilst I living in Hong Kong ...they were beyond a doubt some of the most arrogant and racist people I've ever come across. My other work colleagues (of different nationalities) so learnt to stay clear of them whilst on nights out. Even grown Scottish men who should know better behaved like complete and utter idiots. They're also some of the most violent...I knew of one Scot in HK who got so drunk one night he beat up a taxi driver and smashed the wing mirror...and he was a high school teacher!!! While it's true that the English (and I'm English)can be downright rude, horrible and nasty, the Scots are certainly NO better and their reputation abroad (as I've observed not just in HK)is's just all too easy to scapegoat the English. I try to keep well away from Scottish people in general but on the unfortunate occasion when I'm forced to hear them berating the English, I always like to tell them three words...."pot" "kettle" "black"

Dan 4:22 pm, 30-Sep-2011

Come on! Everyone knows the english are a bunch of arrogant, racist, smarmy cunts and guess what? Im English!! We dont have to venture into the frozen north so i dont take issue with the jocks. Most of them in Nottingham where im from seem a decent bunch if a little drink sodden.

paul 5:04 pm, 30-Sep-2011

I'm English too (living in Scotland) it's arrogant racist arseholes like Ward who give the English a bad name.

Sam 3:05 pm, 2-Oct-2011

@ John Scott Im Scottish,ive been abroad many times and ive been told that Scottish people are the most foul mouthed,idiotic racist pillocks ever to live. In Italy there were bars where Scots were banned after Celtic fans trashed it,in Australia i was called 'a racist jock knob' and 'your from the modt loathed small country on the planet' and in Ireland i was spat on. And to be fair,i agree with them. We are idiots,we live in a shell of bigotry and over patriotism. Doesnt it make you proud when you see a little girl being told ' i hope someone shoves a gun up your little c**t you English cow' in Aberdeen. God,i wish i was English,Scotland really is a hole!!!

Craig Wood 8:46 pm, 2-Oct-2011

The anecdotes in the story and in the comments just show there are arseholes everywhere, there are also lots of decent people, I've got English freinds who live in Scotland and love it whilst I'm Scottish and live in England and love it too...

Blake Carrington 9:29 pm, 2-Oct-2011

Knobbers are knobbers, wherever they come from. All countries got their fair share of 'em, no point turning into a straight slanging match on here between England and Scotland. Too many under educated, narrow minded cock bongos believing the drivel they're spoon fed in the right wing tabloids. Vive la difference, innit.

Michael 3:26 am, 3-Oct-2011

It's almost as if abusing and destroying the routs of a country for hundreds of years leaves the people with a bit of a chip on their shoulder. Get a fucking grip.

Michael 3:27 am, 3-Oct-2011

Excuse the beer - roots*

Michael 3:38 am, 3-Oct-2011

PS. What a complete fucking retard you are. Anyone I've ever met who is English has got on just fine if they are nice enough people. I not live in England and, much like in Scotland, I stick around the cool ones. You honestly come across as a stuck up idiot who's been rejected or abused once too many times for being just that - a stuck up idiot. Next time do some study or investigate whatever it is you're writing about before spouting a load of complete nonsense - can't believe ST actually published this tripe.

LoneWolf 8:11 am, 3-Oct-2011

I lived in Scotland (Edinburgh), for four years and had lots of Scottish friends, great people. As soon as sport comes around my mates nearly all turned into bile spewing, racist twats "arrogant English bastards", "I hate - insert players name - he's so arrogant" or just simply "fucking English". As soon as the sport tournament was over, generally six nations or football tournament this would all stop and my mates would return to be my mates. Frankly I found it all to be a bit pathetic. I never really cared about what Scotland did before that in fact I'd probably support them as my grandfather was from Stonie, however after my experiences in Scotland I want them to lose at everything and lose heavily. Unfortunately I think its more often the parents that are the route cause of the racism. One of my mates when he was young, 8 I think, cheered in the car one day when England scored a goal in a qualifier. His Dad pulled the car over and shouted at him for 15 minutes, telling him the English were to be hated, never to support them in anything or he'd disown him etc. A country where some bloke thinks attacking a 7 year old just because he's wearing the wrong football shirt has some serious issues - Unfortunately we have some nasty racist bastards in England too but it doesn't seem to be in-built in us to hate our neighbours like it is in England and Wales - my Grandma lives there and I've got similar stories of being an Englishman there. All a bit sad really.

Seán Flynn 1:23 pm, 3-Oct-2011

Scotland, the land of my birth, does appear to have a real problem with sectarianism. The Scots perhaps need to admit as a nation that they can't stand the English and that they're none too fond of the Irish either, leastways not the Catholic variety. This is a problem to a greater or a lesser extent across all sections of Scottish society. It's easy to dismiss 'the Braveheart effect' as ignorant and misguided but that hokey piece of Hollywood (largely shot in Ireland, using Irish actors and extras) was for many their first contact with an interpretation of Scottish history that allowed them to remember that their country wasn't merely some adjunct of the British Empire. The troubled and ambivalent relationship of the Scots and the Irish is another story for another day. On the other hand however, it might just as reasonably be said that the English seem to be blithely unaware of their effect on their smaller and historically subjugated neighbours. England's nomenclature as 'the Auld Enemy' isn't just some good-natured piece of sporting banter and English people perhaps need to be more aware of that. England's cultural history is taught as a pageant of worldly monarchs, with imperial and industrial expansion as the rightful reward for their virtues. It's Celtic neighbours' cultural histories however have been defined by centuries of struggle against the ever-encroaching hegemony of their ambitious and sometimes ruthless neighbour. Yes, it is terrible that these preposterous presumptions from history should rest on the shoulders of every poor Sassenach who ventures North. Perfectly nice English people are the victims of this vitriol on a daily basis. But sadly, I suspect that it was ever thus. Don't believe for a minute that excising the line about crushing Rebellious Scots from God Save the Queen has taken the sting out of a relationship about which neither English nor Scot can ever be completely rational.

John Scott 8:31 pm, 4-Oct-2011

@AngloSaxon. Not for one moment did I feel any resentment towards myself or my English wife whilst in Hong Kong. Probably given the place was full of Chinese/Hong Kong citizens and not marauding murdering Scots. Same experience in Australia, New Zealand, Pacific Islands, 18 American States, Germany, Austria, Belgium, France and a year living in Spain. Was in Edinburgh at the weekend with my English friends walking up the Royal Mile mingling with THOUSANDS of foreign tourists. Everyone happily enjoying the sights and not worrying about meeting "foul-mouthed, abusive, sweaty-socks". Good try Anglo. @sam Nice try but frankly you must be a right nob given youve been spat at and abused everywhere youve been. I can only guess your really an Englishman trying to tar the Scots by pretending your one of us. Could be funny if it weren't so sad. @ Everyone Else. Look guys I came on here on night as I stumbled on the original posters drivel. And it is drivel. You just have to look at the picture at the top of the page to see that. As I said originally I've lived in England 20yrs. If for one moment I felt uncomfortable living down here I'd be back up the road. That's why I have no time for those English living in Scotland who claim they are racially abused. Didn't you holiday in the area before you moved there. What about the vast majority of English who live happily in Scotland. Why are their experiences so different from the donkey who wrote the original piece. Could it be he's just an arrogant knob? I'm a strong believer in the Union. The English need to realise though that Scotland is not part of the Union. It IS the Union. The British Flag is made up of the English, Scottish and Irish patron saints crosses. Wales is part of England and has been since 1294 and as such is not represented in the Union Flag. The Irish don't want to be part of our Union but the protestant Northern Irish take pride in the flag as they are of English and Scottish descent. So little Scotland is the Union. Scottish blue not only adorns the Union Flag but also makes up part of many commonwealth countries flags worldwide including NZ and Australia. For a country our size that's something to be proud of. Every major country in the "new-world" had Scots and English to thank for the birth of those countries. The United States has an estimated 20 million people of Scots descent. Canada's founding fathers were mainly Scots. Along with the English we built and set up the free world. Yes the Americans like to tell us they fought for it but many Scots and English fought on both sides. Our countries have a lot to be ashamed of but by God it is far outweighed by the good. We Scots would be nothing without the English. After all, Scotland as a country was broke when we formed our Union in 1707. However there's no doubt England would be poorer without Scotland. In fact she'd be an insignificant small part of an island sitting between Ireland and Europe. If you can't stand the Scots? Get it right up ye! If you do like us? Come away in and have a bevvy.

Zaza 8:52 pm, 5-Oct-2011

Gah enough with the 'racist'! Are the English a race??? No! Racism and zenophobia are two different issues and to use one as a substitute for the other out of either plain laziness to type the word,or ignorance of it, is ridiculous. That's like calling homophobic abuse 'sexist' cos it's 'sort of similar,they're both those 'ism's' about discrimination'. Except no, no they're not, they refer to completely different things. Zenophobia.Zenophobic. It's not that hard,add them to your vocabulary today.

amancalledbuck 11:04 pm, 5-Oct-2011

I'm a proud zenophobe. I can't stand those Buddhist cunts.

paul 12:13 am, 6-Oct-2011

"Gah enough with the 'racist'! Are the English a race??? No! " Yes. In terms of the race relations act they are a race. There are many English anti-Scottish racists.

John Scott 9:28 am, 6-Oct-2011

@Zaza I'm with a Mancalledbuck. I Just can't stand those Buddhist twats either. No offence to all Buddhists by the way just having a laugh at Zazas expense. Its xenophobia!

Mc_Kell 2:09 pm, 6-Oct-2011

I guess this isn't anti-Scottish or to give it is proper title, a racist sterotype It was headed for Glasgow, where a kilt-wearing, Saltire-waving, deep fried Mars Bar-scoffing entrepreneur. Son't write an article about racism while being racist about teh country you live in. You can in no way tar every single Scottish person with the same brush. Of course there will be rivalry in the World Cup... However you don't see Scottish football fans tearing apart cities in foreign countries because they lose a game.

Mc_Kell 2:15 pm, 6-Oct-2011

this article has really angered me AND should have never been published. The average Scot would rather bang on about the exploits of William Wallace, Alexander Fleming and Kenny Dalglish than confront the reality of his country’s crumbling infrastructure, violent crime(Scotland’s Violence Reduction Unit acknowledges that knife crime is endemic) and appalling lifestyle(97.5 per cent of the population lives unhealthily, according to a report from Glasgow University last week). How can an Englishman bleat on about the above when only a few weeks ago the whole world watched the English tear apart their own cities for no good reasons at all. There is more to Scotland than the Central Belt. Yes knife crime may be endemic in Glasgow but the rest of Scotland can not and should not be measured by this. I would like to see a side by side comparison of crime in Scotland and England then we could have a real debate about Social Decay. What a pompous idiot - I really hope you are never published again.

Britisher 11:01 am, 12-Oct-2011

I have just stumbled across this deeply unpleasant site while researching the background to a story on the radio today about a black Englishman. This man and his family had been racially abused while living in a small North East of Scotland fishing village, with about 3 interelated miscegenated inhabitants. I too live in the Northeast of Scotland (Aberdeen), and as a Britisher, my origins are a matter for my own pride and bear no relevance whatseover to my place in the world, nor to where I choose to live. Some of the comments and attitudes here bear no scrutiny by anyone with even one brain cell, let alone by anyone of reasonable education and reflective ability. Tacism and prejudice are racism and prejudice, whether based on skin colour or cultural origins. It isn't about where we came from; it is only about how we live now. Thassorl.

European 1:54 pm, 17-Oct-2011

What a lot of adolescent nonsense on this blog! Anyone loathing anyone else because of their race or nationality should be condemned to the same fiery hell as A Hitler Esq. Unfortunately there are now a lot of self-interested parties stirring up this disgusting hatred for selfish reasons.

2NDCLASSCITIZEN 1:46 pm, 24-Oct-2011


paul 4:11 pm, 26-Oct-2011

Curiously, I am English and have lived in Scotland for 40+ years and recognise nothing of the nonsesnse posted in CAPITAL LETTERS (always a dead give away!). If any of it were true, which I seriously doubt, I would suggest the problem lies with the poster and not with Scots.

2NDCLASSCITIZEN 11:41 am, 27-Oct-2011


colin whelbourn 7:05 pm, 26-Nov-2011

don"t close the army or air bases or the scots will really upset, and we would n"t want that would we? ex navy Lossimouth

paul 7:17 pm, 26-Nov-2011

Is Colin Whelbourn's post meant to mean something? Sounds like an English numpty with an axe to grind. I'm trying to think why he would think Scotland wouldn't want its fair share of military bases. Perhaps he will explain himself a little better.

paul 11:27 pm, 26-Nov-2011

No I haven't been lucky. 2nd class citizen/ I've experienced what the vast majority of English people experience in Scotland - hospitality and warmth. I used to have fun discussing football with Scots but I now support the Scottish team - it comes from listening to the nonsense spouted by the English commentators. Rather than telling other 'victims" they are not alone I think you and they should take a good look at yourselfs and wonder what it was about you that turned you into victims when the vast majority of English people get along perfectly well in Scotland.

paul 7:10 pm, 1-Dec-2011

The English at home.

Caroline 1:20 am, 10-Dec-2011

I can really relate to this. I moved 8 months ago to Stirling. I'm English and my husbands Scottish. My twin boys have been bullied, hit, his new ball taken off him,new bike kicked in, hat torn in half and called English C-words!!! My husband spoke to the bullies and they jumped him, breaking his nose and kicking his car in!!! And who gets arrested??? My husband!!! Because the boys got interviewed together by one police officer and told a lot of lies. And as for me....I've been arrested because the same family lied to the police saying I offered her money to not go to court!!! Not only was it hard for my boys to move and leave their friends but I had no idea how terrible the anti english situation is. My boys are bullied on a daily basis!! The police said they can't do anything about the comments because they are not deemed as racist!!!! For the first time in our lives my husband and I may face criminal convictions due to the spiteful and ignorant actions of yet another anti English family. My two best friends in England are Scottish so I have to say I really had no idea how bad it was up here :-(

paul 10:02 am, 10-Dec-2011

Yes Caroline. The same happens to Scottish children in England.

Caroline 10:31 am, 10-Dec-2011

Its cruel and hateful. I couldn't imagine my boys discriminating against anyone. My Scottish friends in the south of England have had no trouble and particularly the children. Where in Scotland do you recommend is less anti English? I love the country, it's so beautiful and I just feel perhaps I've picked a bad area. My husband is from here but says he would move as he's been shocked at what's been happening. Even the friends who I've made up here are upset at what's been going on. My husband was in a doctors surgery the other day and overheard two people talking making reference to how her holiday in England was lovely apart from the English being there" Her young daughter sat listening to her and agreed when asked

Caroline 11:10 am, 10-Dec-2011

That's terrible about the Cumbria incident. Makes you ashamed to be English.

2NDCLASSCITIZEN 1:35 pm, 18-Dec-2011


Richard 4:16 pm, 19-Jan-2012

I’m sick of the Scottish. Why can’t the English have a referendum vote to kick them out of the UK?

amancalledbuck 5:58 pm, 19-Jan-2012

A bitter Englishman? Well, I never.

paul 8:24 pm, 19-Jan-2012

"I’m sick of the Scottish. Why can’t the English have a referendum vote to kick them out of the UK? " Diddums! Does any nation get near the English for pettiness, whinging and whining?

Caroline 11:44 pm, 19-Jan-2012

Hi 2ndclasscitizen, Thank you for your kind words. In the end it got to me so much particularly when it affected the children that we are off to Spain to live!!! So a happy ending but sad in a way. Scotland is beautiful and some of the loveliest people I've met but the constant battle against the minority is enough for me to leave. I couldn't bare the thought that oneday the bullies will go just a bit further. My boys learnt not to mention football, they learnt to stand up for themselves but I watched them both change within the few months I have lived here and it wasn't for the better. So sunshine here we come :-) :-)

2NDCLASSCITIZEN 4:47 pm, 21-Jan-2012


Matt Geffen 12:30 pm, 28-Jan-2012

I dunno. I find the writer a bit whiney and bitter and I think if I ever lived in Scotland (I'm English) I'd probably not come across anti-English hatred as much. I think (perhaps arrogantly) that I'm typical of most English people. I can;t really be bothered with Scotland. I live considerably nearer Paris than Edinburgh, and although I'm sure Scotland's great, it's not a priority that I go and find out. I have a few Scottish friends who live here and they are all good people. Looking at the news and stuff like this, I would say Scots in Scotland seem to be a bit tribal? I'm not sure how inclusive they are really, to any outsiders. Nationalists anywhere, God knows including here, are often not over-endowed with intelligence, compassion or real interest in the world. For that reason, maybe, the most anti-Scottish person I ever met was Dutch - he'd lived there for five years and had become seriously bored with th constant desire to talk about Scottish history and identity. I hope Scots get independence because Scotland clearly is a nation and I have no particular need for it to be part of mine. After that I hope they do well. I just think the approach taken by some Scots is a bit - yeah, tribal. It's not very 21st Century. London, or Manchester, could never survive if their over-riding pre-occupation was their Englishness. I think that's the crux of it, really. It's the 21st Century and your driving force is something to do with your genes and ancestors from 600 years ago? Bloody hell - get with it! :-)

fuckoffscotland 8:25 pm, 1-Feb-2012

The UK should cast Scotland adrift and let it sink in its tennents super lager fried mars, bars knives and chip shops

amancalledbuck 8:49 pm, 1-Feb-2012

Can we keep punctuation?

Pete 12:47 am, 9-Feb-2012

I can also relate to this as I have lived in both England and Scotland and it certainly helps when you experience life on both sides. I have lived in several rural areas and major cities in Scotland and have had my fair share of anti-English comments and experiences (worst being the local police & justice system!). However the majority of my time has been good and have had a great time since moving up here and starting a family. My take on it is that it will effect you if you let it and I have learnt to keep my head down and go with the flow but you WILL run into the minority trouble makers (this increases the more rural you go or closer towards Glasgow) that WILL make your life hell if you confront the issue and believe me from my experience it is a one way thing that does NOT exist in England as most Scots dont treat it as a racist but a common normal attitude. Having this issue at your place of work can be a pain up here but I found that working in a larger more professional firm helped a great deal and you do start to forget that this goes on (until you drive home :-)) If you are prepared to ignore the small talk & jokes and you like listening to the Proclaimers all the time :-) with the word Scot in front of every program and company name (Scot Sport, Scot News, Scot Weather, Scott Gardens Services etc then its a fine and dandy place to live just think about it before re-locating your family up here.

Stephen 1:21 am, 8-Sep-2012

Well, I'm an Englishman... born in Kent and in 2007 we took a deep breath and moved to South Ayrshire, Scotland. Five years later and I found myself greeting a gas engineer who had come to service our central heating boiler. The gas man said "Hello" to me and I returned the greeting. I must have sounded nervous or maybe looked a little wary because the Scotsman said to me "don't worry, I'm not one of the English haters." Now over the last 5 years I know that I've been subject to racism even if it was in a subtle way. And I've seen it for myself when out shopping. The first year we lived here, my car, with it's Lincolnshire number plate, was vandalised. I had the wing mirror kicked off by local youths from the village. I was told by a neighbour that it was almost certainly because my car was English. To be honest, we have been stunned by how obsessed the Scottish are about being Scottish even down to the car they drive being more than often royal blue and sometimes with white trim. In England this was never the case... I never saw people choosing a white car with red trim just because they were English. And then there are the oh so many people wearing hats, t-shirts, scarves or tattoos or ruck sacks that have Scottish flags or are just blue and white. You do not see the same thing with white and red down in England because there just isn't the same degree of mainstream nationalism as there so clearly is up here. In fact we have come to the conclusion that many of the Scottish people who hate the English in this part of Scotland have never actually been to England to see just how "normal" England is. In England, the attitude to Scottish people has been and is still in my experience totally transparent but then I do not follow football or rugby. I have never before thought twice about conversing normally with a Scottish person down in England and did not realise just how different being a (nervous) minority is now we live in South Ayrshire. In my time up here I've stood in a coffee shop and asked for a Cappuccino and had to repeat simple request 4 or 5 times before the obviously irritated person I'm asking finally admits understanding me. And I've attempted to ask for something in another shop and been blanked by the person behind the till even though they had just spent several minutes laughing and joking with a fellow Scot. To experience this you really have to be an Englishman or Englishwoman trying to get on in this ultra nationalistic Scottish society obsessed with itself. I think that it is a great shame that we've found what we have found since we moved up here. And frankly, next year if we can sell the house, we will be moving back to England and back to a genuinely normal life where we do not feel afraid to open our mouths when talking to folk we do not know for fear that we might be subject to some more uniquely "blue and white" Scottish hospitality.

Richard 2:29 pm, 9-Sep-2012

Roll on 2014 and Viva la Scotland. Repatriate all Scotish out of England and rebuild Hadrians wall. Good ridance and good luck.

MJ 4:05 pm, 10-Sep-2012

Stephen et al, what you are essentially describing is the experience of being a foreigner abroad. It is not a typically 'Scottish' thing, although Ayrshire is a fairly insular area which has not been buffeted by incoming waves much (with the possible exception of Ireland). I think it's quite naive to assume that a Scot in England wouldn't feel exactly the same way as you do. Indeed, my experience of England could easily be described in exactly the terms you use, with ulta-nationalist white men wrapped up in red and white, waving flags and behaving in an aggressive manner. And please don't be under the illusion that we're treated as 'normal' when we come south of the border, I've been looked at as if I've landed on a different planet, repeated things ad nauseum with no luck whatsover in being understood, called 'Jock' more times than I care to remember. To paraphrase your good self, to experience this you really to need to be a Scottish man or woman trying to get on in what can come across as a stunningly arrogant English nation which thinks everything not like them is abnormal. Obsessed with itself? Hmmm, probably learned that from our 'big brother'.

Stephen 6:07 pm, 10-Sep-2012

Hello there MJ, My submission to this thread was prompted by reading the article attached to these comments and also because of the conversation I had had recently with a Scottish man - a gas engineer who was friendly but also frank about his fellow Scotsmen. He said to me - "Don't worry, I'm not one of the English haters" after he was interested in where my accent was from. He said to me that his brother lived down in Kent.... he didn't refer to Kent as "down south" he actually referred to the County. So, I realised during that conversation that there are "English Haters" in this area... something I had suspected because of what had happened to me since I moved here to South Ayrshire. Now I know that I'm not being harsh or making things up... there really are people in this country who actively hate the English. Now I am 47 years old and until 2007 when we moved here, I had never, never experienced racism either personally or as a third party witness. I have lived in many parts of England, the last being Lincolnshire and I can honestly say that if I have ever met anyone from Scotland during my life the last thing that has crossed my mind is any thoughts of "nationalism". Yes there is the BNP in England and yes there is the EDL but neither of these small groups represent mainstream opinion of those who do not come from England be they white or non-white. Up here in Scotland, I have a neighbour who is from Belgium. He and I get along as neighbours without problems.... mutual repsect for our respective countries. But when we first met we had a conversation about the people who are local to us. My Belgian neighbour told me that he had asked local tradesmen to come and work on his house over the 5 years since he moved here. MOre than one of those tradesman said to him that he was OK because he was from Belgium but that they expressly did not like the English. My neighbour was telling me this because he knew I was English and had previously lived and worked in England without previously experiencing any sort of racism. Where we live here, we simply do not see or rarely if ever see any people who have afro-Caribbean herritage. This area is quite conspicuous for it's 99% white population. During Euro 2012, I was driving home from town when I got to the centre of our village and at the junction a massive roar went up from the pub opposite. I had no idea which match was playing but when I got in I put the TV on to find.... yes the country who was playing England had just scored a goal against England. On TV during the Olympics we watched local TV from the South - South Today and from Glasgow - Reporting Scotland. There was a womane's rowing race that comprised a Scottish and English women pair but when the gold medal winners were featured on REporting Scotland - the Scotswoman who wone might as well have been a solo winner because there was not one mention at all of her English team mate who shared the boat to win that gold. Contrast this with South Today who covered the sailing pair events from Weymouth. When they profiled the Scotsman and the Englishman who also won a medal, both were given equal time in VT to describe each of them and their backgrounds both north and south of the border. And then, both the Scot and the Englishman were interviewed live on South Today because they were a team, good friends and won their medals together. And finally, we still find it quite stunning that this country of Scotland still has a Catholics v Protestants culture most vividly displayed by Celtic v Rangers football. We look at it - and all the violence that goes with it and ask ourselves "what's that all about then?" I have no interests in football but I thank goodness that Rangers have been relegated to make football in Scotland a safer sport to be a supporter of. In closing, I have never had any problems with any other nationality be they Scottish, Belgian, French, Welsh, Irish or otherwise. Up here in Ayrshire there most certainly is a problem with racism that nobody likes to talk about. When I went into Specsavers recently to get a small repair to my glasses, the shop assistant said to her colleague "this gentleman is on holiday and needs a wee repair to his glasses." I said that I did live here and wasn't on holiday. And then something happened which has happened many times before when I've had similar conversations. The shop assistant looked at me concerned and said "do you like living up here?" I said that "yes I did" but did not want to tell the actual truth because nobody around here would want to know the truth or believe the actual truth so I don't tell the truth. I just keep my mouth closed and move on. This is the first time in my life that I've ever had to live this way and next year will be the last year if we can possibly get back to lives without racism in a capital letters NATIONALIST Scottish society.

MJ 12:56 pm, 12-Sep-2012

Stephen, I aappreciate what you are saying and don't doubt that you may have experienced some very low level hints of racism (although some of it does sound anecdotal rather than experienced). What you don't appear to be recognising is that you are able to experience and view this country with a foreigner's eye, which is entirely relevant, but appear to dismiss Scots' experience in England which can be hugely negative too. Trust me, we are made to stand out! As for your story about the Scottish news - you will of course know that we have 30 minutes of British/English news followed by 30 minutes of Scottish news: it is the job of the Scottish news to find a Scottish angle, just as English regional news does with its area. Indeed, just how many stories did we have to listen to about how well Yorkshire was doing and where it would have stood had it been a country. Parochial? Very much so - Scots are not the only ones inflicted with self absorption. Your assumption that racism exists in Scotland but not England is patently absurd - in fact we don't have the race riots which so often marr English society in places like Leeds, Bradford and London. And while you cast aspertions on our football fans' behaviour I'd suggest that the behaviour of England fans abroad has been deplorable in the very near past - generally with a bent for targetting foreigners who are 'different'. I don't doubt you've experienced some things which aren't great but you are taking a rather black and white view. Trust me, England is as guilty, it just happens to be in different ways, and I guarantee that many Scots and other nationalities have had the very same experiences in England as you describe.

Graham 12:58 am, 17-Sep-2012

I was in the army for 13 and a half years and came across thousands of Scottish people in my time. Every single one of them was overtly anti-English. Going to the NAAFI shop in camp to get a pint of milk became a daily chore trying to avoid drunken Scotsmen who would think nothing of attacking an Englishman purely for being English! The welsh weren't much better, once got shouted at in a pub by a Welshman for the killing of the welsh royal family by the English?!? Apparently it happened 700yrs ago, go figure.

Mina 5:34 pm, 11-Nov-2012

Well first of all Paul I doubt your English,because the rubbish your coming out with is so hilariously wrong it just shouts 'cybernat at me' and John Scott,well what can I say? You really are a disgusting human being. I'm glad the majority of scots will vote against Independence and keep morons like you shut away. Reading this makes me realise just arrogant,rude and homophobic some scots can be!

David 7:01 pm, 9-Dec-2012

This really poviitse news and let us all work to ensure we get across the need for puplic records legislation. The SCA will be lobbying hard to ensure the bill is successful and help meetin the worries of those with doubts. Everone needs to be doing their bit locally, as well.

Phil 2:42 am, 14-Dec-2012

This is sensationalist rubbish. It's writers like this who cause the problems, by highlighting the small amount of idiots, and suggesting that their behavior is typical of the majority of Scots. It's not. The SNP/BNP comparison is laughable, and smacks of ignorance. If the writer seriously believes that the similarity of two separate anagrams (belonging to organisations with drastically different political cultures)makes him feel unwelcome in Scotland, I would question his understanding of basic politics and his respect for others intelligence. The amount of Scottish nationalist trolls and English people who have never been to Scotland, but still feel qualified to criticise it for being racist and bigoted is ridiculous. I see many of you people have commented above. How embarrassing it must be to come out with stuff like that and expect to be taken seriously. Admittedly, nationalism and parochialism is present in Scotland. The writer seems however to think that those displaying this must also hate the English. The two are NOT mutually exclusive. Do all Catalonians hate the Spanish? Do all Texans hate the Americans? Indeed, does everyone from Yorkshire hate the English? I do agree that a lot of Scottish TV is rather "twee", but hardly the basis for an attack on the state of the country. This article can only go on to deepen the myth that Scottish people are racist, and that they hate the English. The ignorant will take this sensationalist nonsense as the truth, and use it to create division between the two countries. It creates hate and anger, the very thing the writer states he despises. This is a shameful, unbalanced and, ironically, bigoted piece of writing.

David Smith 4:52 pm, 3-Jan-2013

Imagine actually phoning the police because someone called you a "fucking Englishman" . Get a fucking grip you wanker.

Keith 1:42 pm, 3-Feb-2013

I've visited Scotland many times and never had a problem, I daresay I would ram the teeth down the throat of anyone who would try in any case, that would be my approach to international relations. History is just that folks, history. 700 years ago we were all down trodden by the "ruling classes", the average Englishman had it no better than the average Scot or Welshman, our ancestors were all treated like dogs and slaves. This division is good for the wannabe ruling classes, in this case the SNP. wake up! I do find it amazing that, in the 21st Centuary, people still bang on about events orchestrated by the rich snd powerful 700+ years ago, who cares? they are all dead and gone and thats a good thing. As a nation we all need to get a grip and grow up. It will be interesting to see the results of the referendum, I wonder if Scotland takes the £176 billion national debt it has with it, even if all the North sea is Scottish (it isnt) the oil raises £12 Billion top estimate per year, do the maths. You will probably get your independant nation, by god though, I fear you will pay dear for it unless you persuade Westminister to cough up that £176 Billion, that will in turn fuel English nationalism and before you know it we will all be back in 1300. Me, I dont care, the Scots have a right to vote, the English should too, I will continue to go to this beautiful country on holidays and experience the hospitality that I'm used to, I daresay that will change when one set of codheads or the other decide to rebuild the wall.

Kieran 11:35 pm, 8-Feb-2013

As somebody who is half-Welsh and half-English with an English accent but living in Wales then I would say that Wales is easier to read. Basically I stick to places such as Cardiff, Newport and Port Talbot where the people are sound. If you to North Wales and West Wales then you can expect the odd Chip On The Shoulder. Other places such as Swansea are more difficult to read. It seems to me that in Scotland there are no safe bets and you take your chances.

Harry Paterson 9:44 am, 15-Feb-2013

Pic of a Union flag at the top of the article? And this has what, exactly, to do with the grievances of an Englishman? Very revealing and something we Scots are long used to enduring ;-) After all England is Britain and Britain is England, right?

Owain 3:10 pm, 15-Feb-2013

"kilt-wearing, Saltire-waving, deep fried Mars Bar-scoffing entrepreneur" You're not helping yourself there, mate.

geordieperk 1:50 am, 6-Mar-2013

The only bigotry in my area is sectarian, and it is not as bad as it used to be. I stay on the West-Coast, but i stayed in Edinburgh for a few years, in my experience it was far worse for anti-English bigotry. It went beyond just sport, like here in the West. The English are the largest minority in Scotland, they basically own Arran, so i don't think the anti-English racism is as endemic as some seem to think. It does happen, but i have also experienced anti-Scottish bigotry in London, so swings on round- abouts.

geordieperk 6:28 pm, 6-Mar-2013

I don't think British people as a whole always travel well, i have met a lot of arseholes on my travels, both English and Scottish. It is unfortunate AngloSaxon that you judge a whole nation of people on your negative experiences, i hope you will get cause to revise your opinion, but not if you shut yourself off to people based on where they come from. As for the original article, i think that you were English was incidental, if i told her to pick up her dog-shit she would have probably told me 'fuck off ya weedgie bastard' as i was often told to do in Edinburgh. I am not even from Glasgow. So, i think perhaps she was just a ned. I have English neighbours on either side of me, it isn't even an issue, i also work with loads of English, again, not an issue. Only when it comes to sport and the reason for that is, if England win, we never hear the feckin end of it, wee are the wee nation, so it is understandable.haha

Mr Braw 12:30 am, 27-Mar-2013

This guy is just a troll with an online paper trail of harrassment, racist, anti-Scottish rants and a history of time-wasting, failed speculative law suits. Check out his blog for the evidence Generally, his scams backfire on him An arsehole will always be treated like an arsehole regardless of where he lives, Trevor. It may come as a surprise to you, but Scotland isn't a prison and nobody is forcing you to stay here. You'll find a reasonable choice of services to a number of English destinations leaving daily from Dundee bus station. I invite you to acquaint yourself with their timetables. Who knows, maybe you might find yourself a bit more employable among your own kind.

Louise 10:32 am, 27-Mar-2013

I think this article is just a polite way of showing bitterness towards Scots. I am 18 years of age and Scottish. I have been living in London for 2 years now and have had grown women screaming at me telling me to "Fuck off to my own country" simply because she heard my accent. It happens everywhere, almost ever UK Citizen is silently unhappy and maybe even racist towards cultures they arent used to. After two years, I am now leaving England to move back to Scotland mostly because I cannot stand the way people treat others here, they do not have an ounce of respect for each other. At least in Scotland we show warmth and respect.. Even if it is only to our own (Scots). I havent witnessed that down here. But as @Mr Braw said. You decided where you reside. Instead of researching silly statistics to write an article showing how awful Scots are, move back to England. Its simple. As the woman who was screaming racist abuse at me said "You're in East London now love" ... You're in Scotland now... through your choice. Dont like the people, culture or country as a whole. Leave.

English Winner 1:04 am, 30-Mar-2013

I accept that the English beat the Celtics and still do to this day as the larger nation with a better economy. These Celtics are little people with no money living in hovels and dump places with little or no education or prospect in their native areas. The only economic issues the Celtics are vocal on is state walfare LOL

Steve 1:50 pm, 1-Apr-2013

So I know Norrie Stein and I know he retired some time ago. Over a year ago I think. Anyway, in short, if someone looks to be offended, they will be. All the time. I've seen it all over, from poeple from the west coast shouting at people from the east. Generally, your attitude probably provokes ill-feeling towards you. I've lived all over the country and if you're nice to people, generally, they are nice back. You should try it sometime.

realist 1:27 am, 2-Apr-2013

Wake up people this is divide and rule we've had in britain since that wankin wall was built. The romans loved playing the 'great game' and all this nonsense is about playing one supposed group against the other so the rulers stay in control. Abolish scotland and bloody england thats what i say, but will it happen? No. It suits the establishment to have us hate amongst ourselves whist the land owning aristocracy laugh all the way to the bank.

David1985 11:11 am, 9-Apr-2013

The comments left by the Scots who disagree with this article are extremely hostile to say the least, and really it completely proves the article's point. Instead of swearing and abusing the author, throwing tantrums like a petulant child, why don't you go away and think about a more level-headed response? It's clear from many of the posts that the Scottish do have a serious anti-English problem judging by the sheer venom and hostility from the responses. Ever since the SNP have come to power, the country has been filled with an intoxicating, suffocating and poisonous nationalism. No doubt I expect a response with more personal attacks and abuse, calling me a 'whinging Englishman' (I'm actually of Scottish descent) or something to that effect.

David 8:28 pm, 15-Apr-2013

I fear the rise of anti English sentiment will increase as the day of the vote gets nearer.

Juan 9:58 pm, 17-Apr-2013

I'm an ethnic; born, raised and living, in England and i've had more anti-English bile spat at me in Scotland that the more 'old-fashioned' type of racism anywhere else in the UK. Weirdly, the Scots i've known and worked with in England have been very nice people

Steve 1:02 pm, 22-Apr-2013

Being the recipient of any type of attack physical or verbal is not nice, and I pity you for being on the receiving end. However I am not sure I agree with the use of the term racist, using racism as a factor in assault by claiming it makes it worse or is different to any other attack is silly. Assault is assault regardless of the context or motive. It’s a schoolyard tactic of attempting to hurt someone by using something about them in offensive way. Perhaps they struck a chord with your sensitivity about your nationality; someone else may not have even picked up on this point. In essence the article is pish, it really is total nonsense. Had they called used your hair, body type, skin colour or clothes as the subject for their abuse would you have written an article? Do you think everything should be sub categorised to give a catchy sounding title to your assault? Where does it end? Ginger hate crimes, fat people hate crimes, are mancunians a race persecuted by the liverpudlians?, are Londoners a race persecuted by well the entire rest of the UK?. The basic reality is that pricks exist, regardless of why or for what reason assaults take place. They should hold no special weight because of the subject matter; all should be dealt with in the same way. The real tragedy of this piece is that you use the term racist, reducing the plight of people who are victims of normal assault and tarnishing the plight of those who are really subject to racism, like the Jews during second world war, the Hispanics in the US and the Muslims across the western world. Also I’m pretty sure that there is currently a well-funded campaign with prominent politicians currently telling us that Scotland is not a nation but a part of the UK, we are all British, we are all in it together.

scott 3:57 am, 25-Apr-2013

This is bullshit, nice try on downgrading the scottish though

Scot 6:25 am, 14-May-2013

English prick! (There, is that what you wanted me to say to)

Neil 8:51 am, 16-May-2013

Well. Its not right is it? Calling you names. To be honest I think you just encountered some scumbags who would have blurted out paki, chink or some other dumb slurs when they are taken to task over their scumbaggery. Also, you seem like a bit of a fanny which probably does not help.

Drew 5:12 pm, 18-May-2013

"a kilt-wearing, Saltire-waving, deep fried Mars Bar-scoffing entrepreneur" Not a one-way street then.

THE REALIST 8:54 pm, 18-May-2013

Well well well guess what im a londoner and british lol, well truth is i went out with a scotish girl her SCUM of a family hated it they was from corby ex heroin addicts some in good jobs some still in scotland etc, im a good bloke good job treated her nice etc we broke up because of the presure and jelousy and racist stupid comments etc, they never admited being in the wrong and always had a chip on there soulder not just with english, look at the state of england alone all been run by JOCKS, they want to be independent bloody let the damn idiots the country will be worse if it can be, and kick the toosseerrs out of parliment aswell i feel for the lot of them....... SCOTLAND more like a load of kilt wearing LADYBOYSSSSS ha ha ha ha ha ha.

THE REALIST 8:59 pm, 18-May-2013

SCOTLAND MORE LIKE A LOAD OF KILT WEARING LADYBOYS, look at the state of the country united kindom, completely fooookd because of self biggot scots, brown scott, blair scott both fooked this uk right up and aparently cameron has major jock in him, lol.

alex clayton 3:33 pm, 2-Jun-2013

I was only in Scotland for one hour before I was the victim of racism - a Scottish fellow traveller knowingly tried to encourage me off at the wrong train stop. His actions bewildered me at the time, and I only later realised what the motivation must have been: the only thing he knew about me was my English accent and my destination. That was my first and last holiday in Scotland. I dread to think what the more racist chefs and/or waiters put in the English tourists' food....

Lee Gilray 5:00 pm, 3-Jun-2013

Sad story to hear, it wouldnt be Aberdeen City you reside is it? I'm by far that of the 'ashamed scot' who previously wrote of their 'dislike' for their country but I am a patriot and believe a countries best export is its people. If we truly loved our country we'd want everyone else to love it, we have to be ambassador's to our countries. Unfortunately there are people who are like the people you have come across but lets not isolate this to Scotland, it happens EVERYWHERE. I've had it myself in England, the patronising failure to accept our sterling and 'playful banter'. If you give as good as you get but don't let it, visually, bother you, you win and walk away while they are rattled. Thats how I handle it. Hope it gets better for you mate.

Lee Gilray 5:05 pm, 3-Jun-2013

And for 'the realist' We may kilt wearing ladyboys but lets not forget morris dancing.... Yes lets not forget that!!! ;-) Ps... Thatcher wasnt Scottish and look what she done to the country. Plus the Scottish majority vote havent had the party they voted for in power, EVER! Maybe next time you should research your 'qualms' before looking like...... A racist.... Pot-Kettle-Black

Anglo 2:20 am, 13-Jun-2013

I wouldn't wipe my arse on a saltire. Fuck the Scots.

Jack 11:27 pm, 13-Jun-2013

I agree. I am an Englishman in Scotland and experience appalling racism from the voice of Scottish people as close to me as my own girlfriend. They seem to find it funny, and I agree, seem to forget that is is RACISM. It is wrong.

Anna 3:09 pm, 25-Jun-2013

lee.. You had the English Thatcher bending you over a barrel and giving you a good porking from behind ...we had your evil countrymen Bliar and Brown taking us into unjustifiable wars.To be honest, I think you had the better deal.Good luck with your vote too. Look forward to seeing the good Alex as Lord High First Premier Minister or whatever.

boxcarr 7:42 pm, 8-Jul-2013

As a proud Irishman thoroughly educated on Irish History, who despite history still pertains admiration and like for the English I share pity and understanding of the hard feelings for his received abuse. I lived in England during he height of the troubles in Northern Ireland and received my fair share of physical and racila abuse by the general english public and police in that time. But I did meet a fair share of intelligent english people who pitied my plight and rejected the ignorance of some of their fellow countrymen. You need to remember that ignorant sectarian and racist savages are of a lower life form and you are better than them to overcome the mental trauma

madina 10:37 pm, 5-Aug-2013

It doesn´t matter if you call it racismn or Anti-Englishness - what is wrong with you "politically correct" fanatics? If you could have your way no one would be allowed to voice an honest opinion. If a Scot doesn´t like English people then so be it. Get over it. One cannot like every single person in this world and that´s absolutely fine. Get some self confidence and stop whining.

Alex Campbell 7:39 am, 7-Aug-2013

Hey! Being a rude asshole should be frowned on no matter where you're from. I can tell you that as a Canadian (aye, I'm a ginger, but so fucking what?) Scotland and it's people were the most friendly people I've met. "Gee the Nation of 5 mil is bullying me" C'mon man, suck it the fuck up!

Alex Campbell 8:18 am, 7-Aug-2013

C'mon people! The mere idea of England being annoyed at being "run by the Jocks" *cough* is pretty bloody ironic. Don'cha think?

Geoff 11:24 pm, 19-Aug-2013

All I can say is my experiences as an Englishman living in Scotland have been different to yours. Been here for 7 years and not once have I experienced a single word of genuine anti-englishness. Oh I've had the piss taken out of me loads but it's all good natured and I find that as hilarious as the Scots do! In both cases genuine cases of anti-English abuse you mentioned it was someone reacting to what they saw as you being confrontational. I mean good on you for telling someone to clear up their dog mess and turn their music down but you have to be aware that someone who lets their dogs crap anywhere and blares their music out at 130am is a bit of a twat anyway. If you confront them they'll lash out in whatever way they can. If you'd been Glaswegian or black, ginger or overweight they'd use that. And, as an Englishman, I really don't know how I could ever get offended by seeing Scottish stuff on TV! Whenever I go on holiday to a foreign country I love seeing stuff celebrating the country on TV! Also, one thing English people in Scotland take a bit of getting used to is that Scots have a raw, anything goes, sense of humour. Stuff that could only be an insult back home really is genuinely meant as a joke up here. And yeah I know I'm writing this 3 years late. Oh well.

Pete 12:04 pm, 21-Aug-2013

I served in Scotland in the RAF at Leuchars and Lossiemouth,and also on other bases both U.K. And NATO etc.I was always suprised at how well we all could cooperate,banter as usual,but no more barbed than any other. Post RAF I moved down to Cornwall,there for the first time I discovered what. It was like to be an 'Up country' Alien! This was due to pure local 'tribalism' as can be found anywhere on earth! Perhaps we should all just go back to Africa where 'we' all came from! P.S. I was born in England,have dual Nationality (UK./U.S.) and found living in Florida far more disorientating than living in Corfu,in both cases with relatives on 'shall we live here ' trials. In all cases. There were times when I found myself 'biting my tongue' but usually this was due to my own acquired prejudices as much as a need to collaborate!

aj 1:02 am, 28-Sep-2013

I didn't read all the article because I got bored and it became clear the author has missed a vital point in Scottish peoples defence. Scots don't like anyone, not even ourselves. East coasters hate west coasters, edinbugers hate weegies, Hamilton accies hate motherwell, we hate tourists with caravans, bad drivers, people with glasses, people wearing shell suits, schoolchildren that take over greggs at lunch time, old folk driving mobility scooters on the road, any football teams supporters that arent our own, people at different schools, civil servants, people that work for private companies, religious people, people of different religions, people who move here and claim their part of our mongrel nationality, people who live in the next town, people who live in schemes, people who live in the other scheme, people that live in estates, those ba##•rds next door, people who go on about being Scottish, people that go on about anything. But most of all we hate people that pick on anyone else we hate and obviously the torries. We are a beligerant sarcastic nationality who celebrate socialism sustainability and equality without actually knowing what it means. we have a strange sarcastic dark sense of humour that mostly involves insulting anybody or anything else to the point we named a storm hurricane bawbag. Ahhh...but if carlsberg made nations! Dont take our insults too much to heart, it flies of our tounge without much thought. It speaks volumes that the term cu#t can be a highly offensive insult aswell as a familiar term of endearment. We dont hate England we hate torries, we hate longshanks, we hate Thatcher, we hate being political guinea pigs, we hate privitisation, we hate jeremy clarkston, we hate a stupid class system, we hate getting the short straw but happily giv two fingers to the long one. All that said, it makes life much more exhilirating not knowing wen the next verbal battle will come and if ur wit will carry you out of it alive. We take freedom of speach to a whole new level. Embrace it and give as good as you get, our barks much worse than our bite. And the dogwalker was definately a twat. Ps i worked in various parts of England and dealt with stupid scottish jokes and insults every day, they werent even worthy of response, i didnt run hame greetin about it and demand a legal investigation. Working in england i was once asked, by a drunk Mr England who had never been outside london, what Scots had ever done for Britain! He obviously had never had a deep fried mars bar....Bawbag. ;-) pps the unknown outside our comfort zone may be scary and hard but greatness has never been achieved easily.

aj 1:41 am, 28-Sep-2013

In response to the crazies who think the best way to defend their fellow Englishman is to make random sweeping statements about Scottish attitudes...dont the English hate the Germans, the French, poles, fact dont they hate anyone that's not English. Maybe theyre just super pissd off their once mighty empire is reduced to a pitiful and tenuous political tie between three and a bit countries that's ignored by the big boys in Europe, isn't that why we dangle of the Americans coat-tails. Statement about Rangers is a bit odd considering theyre a union flying royalty loving mob that team up with english chealsea lunatics to wreak havoc where ever they play in England or anywhere else. In fact, English chelsea fans came up to join ayr fans and started a full scale riot with hibs fans in Glasgow central station. England fans have riots everywhere, iv even seen English yobs have riots in the streets of Ibiza with the locals, when they demanded the Scottish boys fight alongside them they were promptly told to feck off and the Irish and scots watched them get a kickn off the spanish. Human nature is the same no matter what country your in, if U don't like where U are leave, I did, it brought me all the way home, now I don't need to listen to those English twats......hahaha kidding, lightn up people. and for the idiot that said scotlands the one country he'd avoid, good, ur not fkn invited, go to Syria on holiday.

Sion Conlin 1:39 pm, 15-Oct-2013

We have quite a few Scots living here in mid Wales. They really are great people and I love them all. We also have lots of english people here who just grate.

Tiny 9:40 pm, 20-Oct-2013

The sooner Scotland gets it's independence, the better. I can't wait for the smack riddled idiots to go bankrupt and beg the English to be apart of Britain again. Say goodbye to your free University Educations and get used to being on the dole!

tammy ash 7:41 pm, 4-Nov-2013

It sounds to me like your all angry people. What about you Scotts with English last names that have been there for hundreds of years what are you English or Scotish? Lets face it your ancestors probable rape The Scotish maybe you should be kicked out of Scotland.

Henry Hill 2:43 pm, 21-Dec-2013

An insightful and accurate account. Top marks. Much of this I too experienced. I feel rather sorry for the Scottish people. I hope they attain independence. I look forward to their budget reports - though I believe they're holding onto some of our financial support. There is a surprise. Perhaps they will all [cough] grow up and expand their horizons. I will be long in the ground.

Jim 9:56 pm, 10-Jan-2014

If Scotland is such a bad country, why do so many English people live here? Going to the Highlands especially, you would be forgiven for thinking you're actually in Cheshire or Essex.

Emma 12:25 am, 14-Feb-2014

The Courier, a broadsheet? Don't think so somehow. A child with the reading skills of a donkey could understand the Courier

sarah 3:25 am, 19-Feb-2014

It is much the same for a Scottish person who lives in England and if its that bad why did you stay for six years??? Also don't you think putting forth a one-sided view of the relationship between England and Scotland is propaganda against one side. Wouldn't it have been more wise and fair to write about the relationship as a whole rather than provoke English people to post racist comments here and Scottish people to become quite rightly defensive as their country was good enough for you to live and work in for so long?

Edward 12:44 am, 20-Feb-2014

I have a good friend who lives up here, he is English. He told me something that made me think. He told me that when his parents told him he was moving up here (he is from London) he was freaking out. He said because every Scottish person he met down south was usually a dick, I said that's funny, coz I have met more English people up here who have always managed to annoy me than I've met in England in total. Make of this as you will, my thoughts where that its a stinger personality tha moves to another country and start a new life... When I watch anything which invilves Scotland v England, I mean in sport, a huge sense of competitiveness comes over me, I don't hate them, please know this, though I want want to turn them over, this rivalry is great, My cousin (who is like a brother) supports the other half of the old firm than me, you should see us go at it when these games cone around. But it's banter, no one can argue otherwise because I love this man like a brother. As for racism, or any other form of prejudice you have come across... It's a disease that infects he whole of humanity. As for Scotland and Scottish peolple if you get us you'll love us. If you don't, then tell us to back off, you'll be surprised the response you'll get to that. You'll probably actually get us after all!

Adam Kirby 1:45 pm, 31-Mar-2014

That's fucking scum-dee for you! Move.

bitter Scot 12:51 pm, 1-Apr-2014

I live in the far north of Scotland, I like the English, the Irish and Welsh, I am also well travelled and would probably have had enough racial/national slurs aginst me to eclipse the original commentor, I have been informed on numerous occasions how much the english hate you F@#kers, your all small and ginger, job stealing cu&ts, border jumping wa#$ er, been told to f@$k off back to Scotland you white spade!!! Whilst being threatned, too many to mention! That said, I have only heard and been involved in friendly anglo-Scot banter, never have I observed the same treatment of an englishman where it wad offensive....... like I have endured. I believe the person who commenced this thread maybe encouraged the treatment given the terrible viewd within the statement, I would say I have actually been swayed towards the Yes vote in September as a result. Yhanks for makimg up my.mind!

Despaired "Halfie" 7:56 am, 6-Apr-2014

I'm half-English and have lived on both sides of the border (20 years in Scotland, Five in England) with my mum. She had quite a few instances where she was treated like a "lesser class" of person simply for being from Liverpool. To those wondering why the English even move up there and stay? A lot of them are sold on this idea of Scotland being a wonderful place with beautiful views and warm, welcoming people. They give up all they've known (mostly once they find a partner) and try to settle down there only to be rejected again and again. Yet they keep on trying because they don't want to lose what they've spent years trying to build. Being half of both is a very different fishy kettle on both sides, too. I've met a few people that have Scottish parentage since moving to Liverpool and they've all been really happy and proud about it, but my whole life I was conditioned to think that I wasn't supposed to exist because Scots and English were supposed to hate each other. I knew only two other "outed" half-English my whole life. One was the son of another Scouse woman my mum met when I was getting my first injections and another was a friend of my sister. His house was bricked because of what his mother sounded like. Just because it doesn't happen to you or you've never seen it, doesn't mean it's not there. My dad had ONE incident of discrimination based on him being Scottish. It was a comment made over the phone to him by a disgruntled customer. That's all. I'm not saying worse doesn't happen but I've personally not met enough Scots living in England to know what their lives have been like. So far the worst I get down here is people frequently asking me to say "There's been a murder." or being shocked that I DON'T support the SNP because they thought all Scottish people did. Lol. Yeah, I'm obviously no fan of the referendum. I'm dreading September since I feel completely helpless and everybody I've spoken about it to in Scotland is either pro or won't talk about it because they're afraid of being targeted. The SNP won't answer any "difficult" questions or stay quiet and things get suspicious. I don't trust them to run Scotland by itself. I think it could go really bad. It could go well, but if nobody is even open to discussing what could go wrong how can they even prepare for it if it happens?

NB 8:48 pm, 16-May-2014

Your not alone I've found the Scots to be amongst the most unfriendly people I've ever come a cross. I have only a few Scottish friends but the majority of them are non-scottish mainly English. The other day I had a gentleman shove a threshold under my nose expecting me to scan it. I hesitated for a while then gave in all I wanted was a please. Thats not much to ask, I've also had the joy of experiancing Scots on a Friday/Saturday night but then every night is a drinking night to the Scottish. All this is coming from an Ulster man with Scottish ancestory. Who has also had the joy of being called a "terrorist" purely because he comes from Ulster. Loely people the Scottish...Really they are!

Proud Jock 12:56 am, 9-Jun-2014

Tammy, showing your retardation on a grand scale there, thanks for that. A lot of Scots who can trace their "English names" back centuries have Anglo Saxon lineage. Their ancestors weren't 'raped' though, that's just retarded English logic. The first Anglo Saxon settlers in Scotland were welcomed. There was no border for a while yet, the whole island was full of disparate tribes. Until the Anglo Saxons arrived en masse. The Anglo Saxons in Scotland (Pictland back then) settled in the southern Lowlands. They were allowed to though, they brought farming techniques and were happy to share the knowledge, they were on the Pictish/Scottish side by the wars with the Anglo Saxons happened though. They also brought porridge with them funnily enough, so next time an Englishman calls a Scot a 'porridge wog' remember it was Anglo Saxon settlers who gave it to the Scots. You saying "your ancestors were raped if you have an English name in Scotland" just proves the English educational system is ridiculous. Why is it that Scots have the reputation for being anti English but not the other way aswell? How come it's totally ignored when the Scots are being bashed on English tv or media? Kelvin Mackenzie, Simon Heffer, Katy Hopkins, Julia Hartley Brewer, famous, z list or otherwise celebs get away with it no problem, even papers like the Daily Mail are inherently anti Scottish yet no one bothers. Look at the sneering done by a lot of Englishman towards Scots, it's ridiculous. A superiority complex that's been going on for centuries yet it's the Scots who have the chip on their shoulder apparently. We're all apparently deep fried mars bar eaters (only people that eat them are English people thinking their stereotype is true, a stereotype that's been out since 1992 when a chippy in Scotland served them for a month or two to schoolkids, English patter is shite) we're smackheads ( as if England doesn't have any, infact all in it has 400 000 crack and smackheads as opposed to Scotlands 50 000 ) women beaters ( England had over 1 million cases of domestic abuse last year as opposed to Scotlands 60 000 ) ginger (6% of Scotland is ginger, England 4%) Scots are apparently dour too, never heard so much bollocks in my life, but then again, if I met a nauseating Englishman indulging in these lazy unoriginal nonsensicsl stereotypes that aren't even used for banter but for more of an ignorant look down your nose kinda thing, maybe I would be dour. What the English need to remember is up here in Scotland, we hear everything you lot say about us, whereas our 5 million voices don't travel down south. Now I'm leaving, I'm arguing with an English nationalist on a youtube video of Andy Murray, apparently Andy cracking a joke at Englands expense about the world cup when at the same time had the piss taken out him over Scotlands chances, warrants this comment "God bless Thommas Hamilton, only wish he put a bullet in that dirty Scottish cunts head" but don't let me anyone tell you differently, it's only the Scots who hate the English and the English just love the Scots. What a wonderful position the English have engineered themselves into, where anti Scottish bigotry is ignored but any anti English bigotry is highlighted. Anyway, I'll leave these links, they're quite interesting.. In the meantime, this pathetic blogger, you can tell, is another one of those anti Scottish Englishman jumping on the 'All Scots hate the English bandwagon'. You can tell it was created so people can justify their own anti Scottish bigotry. Scottish soldier beaten with brick for being Scottish. Little girl shot in face for having a Scottish accent. School girls attacked in Cumbria for being Scottish. English football fan banned for life for shouting "Kill all the Jocks" before attacking Scottish football fans. Student nurse convicted of anti-Scottish abuse & assault on policeman. Second Englishwoman convicted of anti Scottish abuse & attack on Policeman. Mother ran out of England for being Scottish

Valerie Mackinnon 9:21 am, 8-Jul-2014

I am the neighbour in concern here. I DID NOT call Trevor Ward a " fucking Englishman". This man(and his wife) are liars and perjurers, and by the way Mr Ward, I was not found guilty of racism. You are a LIAR and a CREEP.

nev 12:05 am, 26-Aug-2014

Everybody needs to calm down a bit of friendly banter is fine, but the anti english ting has been going on for years...Im English and dont care if the scots dont like us,I quite like scotland and the scots

antiscot 1:07 am, 5-Sep-2014

I agree totally with this article, and am not surprised with the authors experiences living in that total toilet Dundee! Mind you if I'm honest most towns in Scotland are toilets! I was born in England and unfortunately was forced to live in this country by selfish parents! I find the Scots to be insular, and mostly uneducated bigoted arseholes, who have the biggest chip on their shoulders! Their only interest is 'fitba' which they are totally crap at! They are only happy when they are fighting with someone, whether its Catholics or the English! A truly horrible excuse for a country inhabited by fat thick chip eating racist thugs!

Mick (one might call me a little Englander) 6:49 pm, 7-Sep-2014

The Scots are the biggest racists in the world. But they are allowed to hide behind it using their alcoholism. Vote YES you bunch of brain dead sloths and leave the rest of the UK to enjoy the future.

Mick (one might call me a little Englander) 6:57 pm, 7-Sep-2014

Proud Jock - can't be arsed reading all that. But I'm guessing you want independence. Good for you. You can have it for me. But leaving the Union means leaving the GREAT BRITISH POUND - so join the EU and the euro or is that Union which the Scots don't want? I guess you don't really klnow what you want. A nation of drunks led into oblivion by a moron

Richy 2:31 pm, 10-Sep-2014

Trevor's experiences are similar to mine,a nation of small minded bigots who are obsessed with hating the English because of what French kings of England did 700 years ago,Scotland's greatest enemies are themselves,I hope they get independence and I'll sit back in my chair and watch the unfolding tragedy.therell be a devaluation of the pound, inflation economic turmoil, and hopefully the sleeping giant of English natiolism will awake and take back my country.

Richy 3:33 pm, 10-Sep-2014

By he way my all time historical hero Lord Thomas Cochrane is Scottish and being a scouse Reds fan kenny is venerated around here,so I'am not anti scottish,it's a shame the way things are going.

Paul Connolly 9:32 pm, 14-Sep-2014

As an Englishman (of Irish parentage), my experience of having lived in Scotland, now over 20 years ago was exactly the same. They've swapped their hatred of the Irish for hatred of the English. That's all. I shan't be sorry to see them go. England is a more tolerant and inclusive country, always has been and always will be.

faceofdeath 7:51 pm, 13-Oct-2014

Should set fire to every scotch egg in England and then shovel their ashes back to their wasteland shitehole kick everyone of them out of the UK government while your at it

IAN Gill 4:09 pm, 7-Feb-2015

I am Scottish and proud to be an ugly Cunt!

wannabeyorky 11:21 pm, 12-Feb-2015

AngloSaxon is right! I hate 99.9% of Scottish people - and I am Scottish! I wish I were English though!

Wish I were English 6:52 pm, 13-Feb-2015

Anglo-Saxon is right!

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