An Open Letter To Iain Duncan Smith: You Can't Be Serious?

An appeal to the Work and Pensions Secretary, from workfare participant/unemployed social worker/fellow human being.
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An appeal to the Work and Pensions Secretary, from workfare participant/unemployed social worker/fellow human being.


Dear Mr Iain Duncan Smith,

You can't be serious?
I'm sorry, but I really don't understand your vibe.

What is the point in having a justice system, when if they rule against you, you get out your time machine and go back to before the ruling and make a law that says you were in the right, thus voiding the three senior judges' ruling against you?

What is that about?
Quite apart from the fact that you are refusing to pay back the most vulnerable members of society for work you made them do for free. Which is obviously appalling in itself.

That money is food.
That money is shelter and warmth. That is what you are directly depriving people of.

Can I do that?
Can I go round to my frail elderly neighbour's house, take all her money in some sort of polite roundabout way, then when I get caught and ordered to pay back the money,
can I whip out my DeLorean, go back to just before I committed the crime, and push a new law through saying that my neighbour is a lazy scrounger, bleeding the country dry with her relentless pension payments, (after all, 42% of the welfare bill is pension payments) and that I was completely in the right to take her money, thus voiding the charge against me?


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Can I? Because if I can, thats cool, I've probably got an old lady somewhere in the area who could spare a bit of jewellery. Or rather, might not notice it was gone.
And, being as I am on the work program myself, I am pretty damn skint.

But wait, that doesn't sound quite right does it?

Because even though I'd be in the clear (and my metaphor's equivalent of £130million better off),
that old lady is still missing her money and jewellery. She still might be struggling to eat or keep warm, because of me.
Does she deserve it though?
After all, she should just get up off her arse and get a job, right?

Take a tip from Ian Mearns, who bravely resigned over the pressure
put on the Labour party to abstain from voting against you. Make decisions with compassion and common sense, not greed and hate.

Take a minute alone, sit down, close your eyes and think about what the little boy Iain would have done (or, if he was a horrible little boy) what your mother would've done.
Or someone decent, you must know someone, you're related to George Bernard Shaw for god's sake!

You are hurting people. But you have the power to help. To massively change people's lives for the better. And you're clever enough to know how.
At some point in your life, you must have wanted to do something positive with your life.

This is your chance.