Andrew Weatherall's Beard Is For Sale On eBay

One of the best uses of eBay we've seen in a while
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One of the best uses of eBay we've seen in a while


Beards are rubbish again. Now most likely to be found clinging desperately to the face of Callum Best, the era of having a hairy mask to hide the black hole where a personality should be has even been disowned by those who helped create it. We learnt this week that the mighty Andrew Weatherall, pioneer of the Edwardian workman's revival and one of the best dressed blokes the UK's music scene can boast, has shaved his beard off.

To blokes into dressing like melancholic mill workers from the 1840s, this is the equivalent of Britney shaving her head.

Gossip was rife all weekend (we actually heard three different people discuss 'the shave' at doos on Saturday) but the ex-beard has now found its way onto eBay, accompanied by a photo to prove it. The description reads...

Andrew Weatherall's beard needs no introduction...

Here is a very rare oportunity to own an equisite collectors item and a true iconic peice of bonafiedy >120bpm 'trappin's' associated with the artist and music.

as seen on Vice Tv

 Not only is this a chance to own the beard, but it is also expected to have a steady revenue stream from appearances worldwide, obviously this is not going to be a stake in the artist, however the agent for the artist has insisted they are keeping the 'beard' on the books for events. Direct quote taken from facebook...

 "The beard is available for weddings and bar mitzvahs through"

We are starting with a low price - Please be aware you are bidding for the cuttings of a used beard. We ship worldwide.

Get your bids in to own a piece of history.

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