Behind Every Successful Man Is A Woman Rolling Her Eyes

It's about time we dismissed some myths about the forever changing lifestyle of the modern woman...
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It's about time we dismissed some myths about the forever changing lifestyle of the modern woman...


Chores to CEO, babies to bosses and marriage to managers. The forever changing lifestyle of the modern woman. Who says you can’t cook the Sunday roast, with a baby on your hip, whilst emailing your work to the boss? Well surprisingly, quite a few. But not from the other species we call men, but from our own kind. The middle aged women. The middle aged woman has taken it upon herself to tell us young, naive but brilliant women that our dreams of family and a career can not co-exist side by side. That it is impossible to have it all. I refuse to believe this is an option.

Looking back in time 50 years ago, women were still washing clothes by hand in the gas boiler and spent 6 hours a day doing house work. Comparing their life to ours is hard to get your head around. Everyone has experienced the lecture from their grandma or an elderly family member about the ‘olden days’ and that our generation rely on gadgets too much and soon technology will take over the world. But why is that always such a bad thing? Why make things harder for yourself? These appliances such as dish washers and washing machines, have opened doors to hundreds of new opportunities for women such as, starting a career by going to University or applying for full time work. We should be thanking these electrical companies for creating such wonderful devices that have given us the future our grandmas could never have imagined. It is amazing to see how technology has progressed and have become our most loyal companion - until they break.


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I found an online article by Anne Marie Slaughter, the first woman director of policy planning at the State Department in Washington, on ‘The Atlantic’ website, explaining why she thinks “Women still can’t have it all.” I tried to read it, but frankly I got bored and angered by her whinging and whining about her life, by telling the world she was the reason her son was failing school and her husband couldn’t work because he needed to do the house work. I know mums feel the need to take the blame on everything, but this is an over reaction. How is this setting a role model for young women? If all we’ve got is Rihanna and Katie Price, then we’ve got no hope. We need more inspiring and powerful women, to prove that with enough hard work and dedication, you can be successful.

The middle aged woman can find herself being stuck between a rock and a hard place. Why does it have to be all or nothing? They feel guilty if they work, they feel guilty if they don’t. What ever decisions that those women made in their past, shouldn’t affect the next generation of women ready to conquer the world. What society is still trying to accept, is for men and older generations to realise that it’s ok for women to not want to get married and focus on a career instead. I admire the women that don’t want a family; but I have been brought up by Disney, and have been planning my wedding from five years of age.

I’ve got A Levels and am at University because I want to work hard and earn my own income as well. I hate the idea of having to always rely on someone. Money and careers give you independence, yet marriage and children give you love and comfort. I’m not saying it’s easy being able to have it all, but as a young woman, I am expecting to have it all because I believe that it is possible. It is all down to planning and passion. If you want something enough, you will not rest until you get it. So if I have to miss a meeting for sports day or vice versa, then I would be ok with that. It’s all about choosing your battles and deciding what YOU want, no matter what other people may think. What ever happened to compromise? I fail to believe that feminists have sold young women a fiction. If technology and social class improve as much as they have in the past, then young women will be ruling the world in the next ten years, because lets face it, how hard can it be?