Bret Easton Ellis Vs. Reddit

The cult author took whatever Reddit could throw at him. Here is the best of it...
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The cult author took whatever Reddit could throw at him. Here is the best of it...


How did you write such disgusting scenes in American Psycho. How did they even get in you? Where did you find such inspiration? Especially for the rat, that was EXTREMELY FUCKED UP.  Also, huge fan here. American Psycho is my favorite book of yours.

I waited to write those scenes until the book was finished. Since I didn't really know how to approach them. I did a little bit of research with some kind of FBI textbook that went into super-gruesome detail about serial killers. Then just being in PBs brain for three years--it all came together. Very upsetting scenes to write.

What's Kip Pardue's dick taste like?

Like, um, ice-cream. Vanilla ice-cream.

Why are you always so cranky?

Because I'm alive. Not always cranky. But the absurdity of the world either makes me cranky or laugh.

Given the kind of reaction the Canyons elicited from the press, would you go back and change your mind about casting Lindsay Lohan? Would you cast her in something in the future, say, as Alison Poole in Glamorama (god forbid)?

No. Lindsay is good in The Canyons. She gives her first full-fledged adult performance. It's going to surprise a lot of people especially after all of the bad press. Yes, I would cast her again depending on the role. Despite all of her troubles: she's a good actress.


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Say your female characters were real, and you were that way inclined, who would you fuck?

Actually I like most of my female characters--a helluva lot more than I like my male characters. I find them much more sympathetic and likable. But would I want to even think about fucking a literary character, especially one that I've created. Um. Not that drunk yet.

You said how you were familiar with Deen's work through a number of porn sites, which porn site is your favorite?

I actually don't have a favorite porn site. There are a number I follow--I liked looking at James Deen's porn before I became a friend of his (now it's a little, um, too weird.) Usually pretty vanilla sites. But the porn watching has ebbed a bit...

Favorite author? Besides yourself, of course.

Gustave Flaubert.

I read in a german magazine you once were so drunk (or stoned) you confused texting and tweeting and asked for drugs on Twitter. Is that a true story? Anyway, thank you for doing this AMA, I much enjoyed your books.

Yeah. That's a true story. I still left the drunken tweet on my Twitter feed, hoping one day it becomes a catch phrase.

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