Calling Someone A C**t On Twitter Is Now Officially A Crime

To hand out a custodial sentence for insulting someone on twitter borders on the ridiculous. What the hell is going on?
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To hand out a custodial sentence for insulting someone on twitter borders on the ridiculous. What the hell is going on?


I’ll repeat that shall I … if only to try and convince myself that I’m not dreaming … calling someone the C word is a terrible crime that will see you in court, prosecuted, found guilty and facing a custodial sentence. That’s official because the blogger and tweeter, Olly Cromwell, has today been found guilty under Section 127 of the Telecommunications Act 2003 of making a grossly offensive and menacing comment on Twitter.

Apparently, Olly called a Bexleyheath councillor a cunt, on Twitter, and a District Judge has now referred Olly To Bromley Court for sentencing. The prosecution are asking for a custodial sentence equal to 45 days for each letter.

What. The. Actual. Fuck.

I share the same feeling as the guy over on the Bexley is Bonkers website … you’d expect Twitter to be alive with this story … but it isn’t. Check out the hastag #FreeTheBexleyOne … it’s hardly wall-to-wall outrage and fury. Why is that? No. Seriously. Why is that? Am I missing something here? Everyone must be crapping themselves about using a four letter word on Twitter. Is it because everyone is becoming increasingly wary about what they say on Twitter these days?

Perhaps someone could enlighten me.

Where on earth is all this nonsense leading? Is the government and TPTB finally beginning to tighten the noose of the free speaking internet. Is thought … now officially a crime?

You can  check out the full story about Olly Cromwell, the Bexleyheath councillors and the latest updates on #c*ntgate HERE. And, if you should be reading this Olly, I’m stunned at the outcome so you must be feeling like you’re leaving in an absolute nightmare.

My thoughts are with you [there but for the grace of god and all that] and I just hope that someone comes to their senses and you don’t have to serve a custodial sentence and if this humble blog might be of any use to you, in any way, just ask.

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