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Celebrity Watch USA: Cheryl's In, Osama's Out, Megan Fox Shakes It All About

by Tom Greaney
10 May 2011 6 Comments

What a week it's been for our pals across the pond. Not only have they toppled an evil dictator but they're about to embrace our Geordie jewel as their own. You win some you lose some...

The Rock Knows


Osama Bin Laden has dominated the news this week. On Sunday night news filtered out that President Obama was to address the nation. Speculation was rife.

One of the first people on earth to know the truth was, of course, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. He tweeted before everyone saying:

“Just got word that will shock the world – Land of the free…home of the brave DAMN PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN!”

Amazing stuff from The Rock, especially when you consider Colin Powel, 65th Secretary of State of the United States, only found out after getting a phone call from his wife, hours after this tweet, telling him to put the news on.

The Huck


Mike Huckabee, GOP Presidential candidate and Fox News Anchor is a creationist who denies evolution. Fair enough Huck, but it was odd that in his official reaction to Bin Laden’s death he said: “Welcome to Hell, Osama.”

I didn’t know Huckabee acted as the maitre’d of Hell. Worth knowing for next year I suppose.

It’s probably ok though, I mean, only gets about 14 million hits a day. Maybe no one noticed.


Back in the non-real world, Star, one of them gossip magazines ran a front cover of Katie Holmes a while ago. Have a look below.

“Katie DRUG SHOCKER!” Now, what does that infer? She looks a mess. It’s labeled with words such as “Drug” and “Addiction.” I’m going to guess that Holmes is a drug addict or is undergoing treatment for a drug addiction. I mean what else could it be?

In the actual article it alleged the drug she was addicted to was in fact religion of the stars ‘Scientology’. Bit different. Holmes sued, won and received this brilliant apology which reads:

Star says it “did not intend to suggest that Ms. Holmes was a drug addict or was undergoing treatment for a drug addiction.”

Look at the cover again. A simple mistake.

The US have struck Cole


X Factor is coming to the United States. So now, the whole nation can vote for someone who doesn’t look like a conventional pop star, briefly feel good about themselves and then ignore the news when said pop star gets dropped less than a year later.

2007’s Nickelodeon UK Kids Choice Awards Best Female Singer Nominee, Cheryl Cole has been announced this week as a judge, alongside L.A. Reid, Paula Abdul and Simon Cowell.

So naturally magazines and gossip websites have been wondering just who is this English Rose and why doesn’t she speak like the Queen?

So Celebrity Blogger, Perez Hilton came to the rescue and provided a 4-minute video introducing her to the United States. The highlight being when talking about her involvement in controversy he said:

“Earlier in her career she was accused of being a racist, after attacking an African-American worker in a club, it went to trial and it was quite scandalous.”

Amusingly he leaves it there. Not adding the key fact that she was found not guilty of racially aggravated assault and was in fact found guilty of assault occasioning actual bodily harm. Bit of a difference and a pretty unfortunate omission. It’s probably ok though, I mean, only gets about 14 million hits a day. Maybe no one noticed.

I didn’t know Huckabee acted as the maitre’d of Hell. Worth knowing for next year I suppose.



In one of the latest issue of Action Comics, Superman gets involved in a protest against the Iranian government.

So when Iran calls him out on kicking off a war on behalf of the US president, a distraught Superman than claims he will renounce his US Citizenship.

“I’m tired of having my actions construed as instruments of US policy,” he says.

A problem many of us face everyday. In the end Superman doesn’t bother. End of story in a made up cartoon world. But someone is annoyed.

Jonathon Last, in a blog post at The Weekly Standard “You see where I’m going with this: If Superman doesn’t believe in America, then he doesn’t believe in anything.”

Not true Mr. Last, Superman may no longer believe in America but he does believe in aliens, because he is one.

Good Movies


Megan Fox, Bill Murray, Rhys Ifans and Mickey Rourke all in a movie together sounds ok doesn’t it? Might do well? Nope. “Passion Play” is going straight to DVD. It seems Megan Fox wearing few clothes and moving isn’t enough to get a cinema release these days. What is the world coming to? At least the actors are proud. When Mickey Rourke was asked about the movie he described it as “terrible’ and “not very good”.

Rourke has previous, he spoke to a while back about “13” a movie he starred in, alongside 50 Cent and Jason Statham as “a really bad movie” and “so bad it can’t get out”.

Amazing honesty from Rourke. Fair play. He is currently filming a rugby movie that he promises will be a “great movie.” The man’s so honest you are just going to have to take his word for it.

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Richard Luck 12:20 pm, 10-May-2011

Superb stuff as always, Mr Greaney. Bit disappointed Mr The Rock was so enthused re: the Bin Laden affair. That said, he does have a sense of humour as the following Family Guy cameo demonstrates:

Tom Greaney 1:56 pm, 10-May-2011

That is an excellent clip. Thanks, Richard.

Al McQueen 6:35 pm, 10-May-2011


David 9:44 pm, 10-May-2011

Sophie Amogbokpa is African-American? Is she aware of this?

Tom Greaney 10:26 pm, 10-May-2011

Someone needs to inform her David. Hilton is the man when it comes to all political issues. Here he is getting unfairly stitched up by a homophobic Miss USA contestant.

sylvia holtzman 6:05 pm, 15-May-2011

Well done... Interesting. Good reading.

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