Check This Incredible Footage Of 80s Times Square From Above

Ever wanted to watch the sidewalk from an apartment on Times Square?
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Ever wanted to watch the sidewalk from an apartment on Times Square?


You've people-watched at some point in your life, yeah? Just parked up somewhere, kicked back with a drink and a sandwich in a nice park or something and just watched the shit out of some passers-by. It's one of the simplest, most placid and yet one of the most introspective pastimes out there, and that's before you venture into downright stalking territory, which is - as you could guess - a lot more sinister.

A good people-watch lets you into the lives of a hundred different people to which you can attach pretty much any narrative you see fit, based off what you pick up from them, be it their walk, gait, clothes or overheard conversation. It's fascinating to watch the cogs of life just move sometimes, and that's why this footage is so nice.

An amateur filmmaker called Charlie Ahearn filmed the old, grimey Times Square from his 43rd Street apartment window at various points between 1981 and 1983, picking up on different situations as and when before chopping the footage into a short documentary on New York. The result is an interesting, unflinching birds eye perspective on a city in the midst of change, before Reaganomics, Wall Street and MTV transformed Times Square from a seedy, smutty district of New York to one of its shining lights. Kick back and watch it. People-watch without fear of reproach. Enjoy it.

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