Confessions Of A 14 Year Old American High School Kid

Impregnation, punks and bitchy girls: the stereotypes are true as I discovered in my freshman year at King City High School.
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Impregnation, punks and bitchy girls: the stereotypes are true as I discovered in my freshman year at King City High School.


High school is an interesting and "important" part of adolescent life. According to the Oprah Winfreys and local news stations of the world, this is when all the kids shoot guns/drugs, get impregnated, and fail everything, right?

Actually… yes.

Let me inform you of all the "background" details. I'm a freshman (first-year) student at King City High School, which is located in the completely non-descript King City, a somewhat rural and ultimately uneventful settlement (calling it a "town" would be giving it too much credit). Almost all the population is of Hispanic descent, and if this doesn’t apply, then Caucasian does. One or the other, literally. It's located about 3 hours away from San Francisco.

That said, we return to King City High, I'll refer to it as KCHS from now on for the sake of my limping, lazy fingers. I've never attended any high school other than KCHS, so I don't know if I can even say "it's everything you'd expect from a typical American school", because I'm not sure that it is.

Let's start with the population. More than half of everyone knows Spanish better than English. This is fantastic work on the part of the California Education System, when you consider that almost everyone at KCHS has probably been attending a California school for the past 9 years, at the LEAST. There seems to be something wrong with everyone, from the self-confidence deprived make-up whores, to the kids that still think punk is alive.

Impregnation is something that occurs so often, it deserves it's own paragraph. I'd always assumed there'd be THAT girl; the one that gets knocked up, and a week later, everyone knows about it and murmurs crude things about her as she walks by them. But unfortunately (for the sake of humanity, and common sense...), it's actually very possible to lose track of who's pregnant and who's not here at KCHS; sudden weight gain in girls is no longer due to, well, things that NORMALLY cause sudden weight gain. I'll be walking along with my girlfriend, Giselle, and she'll casually point out someone I may know from math, or something, and say "I think she's pregnant". Months later, photos of the girl and her offspring pop up on the Facebook, how cute!

I know I'm probably sounding like the guest that sits on the Oprah Winfrey show and just goes on and on about how terrible kids are these days; I bet you're expecting Oprah herself to pop up in this article and say, "Now, here's what YOU can do to prevent your kids from falling into danger". I'm just trying to cover the basics of this crumby place.

I'm a former 4.0 student (that’s good), though I'm about average nowadays. Sometimes I come off as humble and shy, sometimes I come off as a completely arrogant dickhead. When someone has a negative opinion of me, I'm not instantly demoted to the darkest corner of my room, with knife over wrist and (insert your preferred choice of emo band here) on the stereo. And no, by "not instantly", I don't mean that at some point in time I become a fetal-positioned, tear-strewn wreck on the floor. While listening to your favorite emo band. I have 2 very close friends, James (also my band-mate in our musical project) and Giselle, my girlfriend. I would describe myself as socially awkward, yet people seem to like me. I'm a big football fan (Manchester United) and was kicked off the school football (yes, real football, not hand-egg) team for my somewhat Carlos Tevez/"somewhere-in-between-the-beginning-and-middle-of-the-season-Wayne-Rooney-threatening-to-leave-United"-type antics, which I'll probably mention in a later edition of "Confessions".

Next time I’ll introduce you to the teachers of KHCS, from the uneducated blonde to the computer-teaching cowboy.

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