Economical Ways To Live Like A King

Living well doesn't have to mean scrimping and saving, here's our guide on how to live a champagne lifestyle on lemonade money...
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Living well doesn't have to mean scrimping and saving, here's our guide on how to live a champagne lifestyle on lemonade money...


Want the beautiful life but your bank balance doesn’t meet your aspirations? There are other ways to save money apart from Groupon and Orange Wednesdays you know. See below for ways to treat yourself on the cheap;

Brighten your home Fancy being the Elton John of the interiors world? Fresh flowers are a go-to and they don’t have to be expensive. Daffodils are in season, meaning  you can pick up huge bunches for a pound from your local market. If you live in London, try visiting Columbia Road after 3pm. Many vendors literally throw away beautiful blooms that just haven’t sold.  Or try minimal steams in mismatched vases to add instant springtime to your life.

Wall’s a bit neglected? Nothing says shoddy more than an Ikea imitation Warhol print wonkily framed above the fireplace. Art can work for everyone, you just have to do a bit of research. Contemporary pieces at the Affordable Art Fair ( start at only £40, you can even pay for bigger investments in installments. Visit the annual Pick me Up art fair this April, at Somerset House . Or try a screen-printing class to discover hidden talent, make new friends and create unique art.


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Socialising and shopping Overpriced drinking establishments take the biscuit. Plus standing, shuffling, queuing at the bar sometimes just doesn’t justify the notes you put behind it. Why not catch-up with friends at a late night museum opening? Often with free entry, there’s a bar if you are gasping but you’ll be far too interested to the exhibition to overspend. Pretty much every major gallery has late night accessibility, so soak up some culture whilst socialising. In London, check out the British Museum, Design Museum or National Gallery on selected Fridays and the Barbican Centre on Thursdays during exhibitions.

Fashion-wise, if you have a questionable shopping habit the most modern move is to embrace eco fashion, clothes upcycling and quality thrift movements. Explore clothes swopping and discount codes online.

And if you can’t ditch the designer threads, Former editor, Abigail Chisman organizes designer jumble sales with many prestigious designers available at under £100. Plus don’t forget to check sample sales regularly for cut-price gems .

Ditch your junk and take a holiday Take a quick look under your kitchen sink. What horrors truly lurk there? Ice cream maker? Unloved juicer? Jeff Capes 80′s dumbells? Think of all the cash you’ve spent buying stuff and then just run through how much you actually use. Browse Etsy, Ebay, Asos Marketplace or Gumtree for what these dusty possessions are actually going for. If you actually take the time to sell (Ebay reserve prices on pieces ensures you can relist if the bidding peaks at 99p) then you can build up a bit of credit to get on sky scanner. Look for the cheapest flight you can and grab a weekend break for buttons.

Adopt a cheap healthy hobby If you add up the amount of cash you can spend on gym membership annually, it makes you wince. The evenings feel lighter already so pull on those trainers and start running locally. Try Decathlon or online discounted brands  for economical kit. If you prefer classes with friends or need motivation try joining a club, Run Dem Crew , east London’s coolest running gang (new season starts in March with only £20 joining fee for the season) runs weekly and work towards taking part in global marathons together.