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Girls Gets Tattoo Of Her Vagina On Her Back

by Sabotage
29 January 2012 13 Comments

When getting a tattoo this shit seems like a good idea it's time to start worrying about your mental state...

There are some pretty terrible tattoos out there, but why this woman felt the need to share a graphic image of her lady parts with the world is a mystery.

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image descriptionCOMMENTS

cliff vicious 3:10 pm, 29-Jan-2012

Why is it blue?

Jordan Waller 6:09 pm, 29-Jan-2012

Blue waffle?

stanbowles 9:01 pm, 29-Jan-2012

And there was me thinking that the only creature with a cunt on it's back was a police horse.

Denzil 1:12 pm, 30-Jan-2012

I've seen better fannys drawn on the back of a cubicle door at Scotch Corner service station!

Scott Rankin 1:15 pm, 30-Jan-2012

Who is this silly bint?

ecobrick 1:26 pm, 30-Jan-2012

saw something similar in the inbetweeners film

King of the Slums 1:48 pm, 30-Jan-2012

I miss Luton and it's tripe smugglers..

GOS 2:28 pm, 30-Jan-2012

stan - you da man! baha

Ryan 9:18 am, 31-Jan-2012

Some of u quit bein asswholes its a form of art. And plus at least its not like someones shitting on ya face! Rock out chika!

Scott 10:05 am, 31-Jan-2012

Ryan - just because it's not someone shitting on my face doesn't make it any less ridiculous. Tattooing may be a form of art, but tattooing a giant blue vagina on you're back is just plain weird.

Rogue_Leader 5:51 pm, 1-Feb-2012

Yes, Ryan. It's art. But the art is shit: I think that's the point that's being made here.

Sgt Pilko 4:12 pm, 23-Feb-2012

If she needs a flowery tattoo to remind her that her vag is 'beautiful' then it's almost certainly not... and quite possibly rather funky...

washishu 2:22 pm, 29-Feb-2012

Ain't it obvious? Like Ryan, she's a fuckwit.

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