GTA 5: 5 Reasons It Will Blow Our Minds

The long awaited release date of GTA V is so close we can almost smell it. Here's five reasons why it'll be the best Rockstar instalment yet.
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The long awaited release date of GTA V is so close we can almost smell it. Here's five reasons why it'll be the best Rockstar instalment yet.


If I had a pound for every time someone I knew said ‘I can’t wait for GTA V’ over the past 6 months I may well have made as much as Activision rake in every November. And it’s understandable Rockstar’s Eastern European Golden boy ‘GTA IV’ is four years old now and is still un-rivalled in terms of pure cinematography and ultimate player freedom. The next instalment ‘GTA V’ is loosely rumoured for a Q4 release this year and sales are predicted at 14 million (copies) in its first week, more than it’s prequel (GTA IV) sold in its first year. With the details Rockstar has released to date, or rather lack of- we have no real knowledge to be excited about, but we still are.

Here is what is making us tick:

5. Animals

No doubt some people with Mummy & Daddy issues are going to go out of their way to shoot as many puppies and kittens as they can before the law gets involved, and that is fine but we can think of many other beneficiaries. The idea of having your own private Rottweiler on station in your newly purchased condo is one we like, so when you lead a convoy of chasing police men through the front door you can simply wait as your pooch takes the majority of them out for you. The idea of racing around Rockstar’s recreation of Los Angeles with a doggy riding shotgun is also a nice novelty.

4. Crews

If you have played the newly released Max Payne 3 you will have by now already decided if you enjoy shooting hundreds of people followed by shooting another few hundred minutes after. And even if you don’t there is a good chance you have read one of the many mixed reviews that seem to have over-looked one thing we think is great about the multiplayer, even if slightly buggy. Crews. If you are familiar with the Mass Effect series you will know that anything you achieve in one game of the series e.g character development, story arcs, character level and such will be carried into the next one. Max Payne 3 offers the same, if you are a member of ‘Rockstar Games Social Club’ you can create and manage crews for multiplayer games and then when GTA V is released you import them from one to the other and carry it on. So if you want an advantage over your fellow players when V is released donning Max’s troublesome shoes for a bullet-ridden adventure is perhaps a good idea.

We all know we will be using planes for many other things than as a means to get from A to B. Like crashing into people’s faces.

3. Airplanes

There were a number of people who loved to moan about GTA IV and it’s lack of adventure. This basically meant they were upset that they couldn’t crash airplanes into people’s faces. Although the GTA V trailer gave us very little it did hint at the return of flying transport, and as the Los Santos map is set to be a lot less restricted than the hugely atmospheric Liberty City it seems understandable. Although we all know we will be using planes for many other things than as a means to get from A to B. Like crashing into people’s faces for instance.

2. Jobs

Cash on the side would be a nice inclusion as after you completed the story on GTA IV the chances of you having any more than a meagre $600,000 dollars were very slim and easy to burn through. And after you’d boosted countless numbers of cars and done some shady dealings for Little Jacob you were left with a sparsely small number of things to do. Sure previous encounters have included Ambulance jobs and such but being more involved in them this time round would be a nice inclusion. For example, if you are taking on a job as a paramedic it would be nice to do more than simply collect people you had ran over just minutes before. Or even just a simple job as a driver for a Mafia boss occasionally would be a nice inclusion. Any way to make a bit of extra money in a Grand Theft Auto title is always welcome.

1. Property Mogul

If you were not swayed by the idea of making money by working because y’know working is boring and that, then perhaps a dab hand in housing management may tickle your fancy. Judging by GTA V’s dollar type logo and by the trailer, the economy looks set to play a fairly dominant part in the GTA V story which is something that was missing from 4. Buying and selling properties has obvious money benefits but it would also give you strategic options as it would in theory let you take control of areas of the map if you own enough real estate in the area. If you cause enough trouble in one area you could buy the property cheap then in time sell it on for more.

Rockstar have recently said they will not be attending this year’s E3. We like to think that means they are too busy working hard to waste time showing off a title we already have 100% faith in. Or they are simply not bothering because we have 100% faith in it regardless.

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