Gun Nuts, 3D Printers and the Future of Internet Freedom

The irresponsible actions of one arsehole in the States could jeopordise the future freedom of the internet for all of us.
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The irresponsible actions of one arsehole in the States could jeopordise the future freedom of the internet for all of us.


The internet enables freedom around the world. It’s not a magic bullet for all the world’s problems but it’s a very powerful weapon. Some people don’t like that, most of them very powerful. You could ask the leaders of western governments what they think of the Arab spring and they will probably say how wonderful it is that democracy is being spread to previously repressed parts of the world. But in truth they’re kicking themselves that the friendly dictators are no longer around for them to use whatever way they want.

Recently, Cody R. (Retard) Wilson released the blueprints for a printed gun online. He is a gun nut from America and says he is fighting for the cause of freedom. They were taken down quickly but if something’s on the internet for more than five minutes, forget about ever getting it back.

Let me be clear: this guy is the thickest cunt walking the face of the planet. He is an absolute arsehole. You’d find more brains in a mannequin. Guns do not lead to freedom. They only lead to more repression and more death. The arguments for gun control in the America are so strong that if you don’t believe them now, there’s nothing I, or anyone else, can say that is going to change your mind. They’ve been repeated so many times it’s a waste of time writing them here. Unfortunately, these blueprints make those arguments useless.

But that isn’t really what this article is about. Again, like the Arab spring the world’s leaders condemned the release of the printed gun blueprints and to be fair, they were all probably genuinely appalled and frightened by the thought of anyone in their country being able to print a lethal weapon. But there will be some of those sneaky fucks in positions of power who’ll be licking their lips and jumping with glee.

Because it’s idiots like Wilson who are going to give people leverage to put constraints on the internet. The dangers that printed gun blueprints pose, and let’s not bullshit ourselves, they are a danger, will drive any laws that restrict freedom on the internet. Will these laws stop printed guns? Not a hope, but that won’t be the point of them. They’ll be an excuse to impose restrictions on everyday internet usage.


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Some people debate whether the internet is good or bad. The internet is a reflection of life and on it, like in life, you’re going to get the good, the bad, the ugly, the weird, the crazy and the so stupid you just want to punch them in the face. The problem is that now anyone can have a global audience and a global reach. That includes the good and bad sides to everything.

Unfortunately the bad tend to be loud and shout and make for great news stories.

Look at the 3D printers which could be used to print these guns. They have also been filled with cells and used to print human organs for transplant. You can print in plastic and the possibility to print in metal is being developed.

Soon, some think they’ll be a common household appliance used to print everyday things without the need to go to the shop. Of course, if you can print metal, you can print heavy duty weaponry.

Ordinary people need to start looking at people who download plans and print guns in the same way you’d look at people who download and watch child pornography. There are plenty of mentally unstable people in Europe but luckily, most didn’t have access to guns until now.

What’s needed from politicians is sense. Not their usual area of expertise, I know, but we really need it here. Don’t let idiots like Wilson ruin the internet for everyone else.