Hot And Busted: The Internet's Best-Looking Mugshots

It takes a lot of self-confidence to style out a mugshot like it's a modelling headshot, but these boys are pulling it off.
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It takes a lot of self-confidence to style out a mugshot like it's a modelling headshot, but these boys are pulling it off.

Rule 34 is the belief that if it exists, there is a porn for it. What with the ongoing rise of Tumblr, it now stands true that if it exists, there will be a blog for it. With that in mind, it seems almost logical that Hot & Busted, a blog chronicling the best-looking mugshots of criminals, should exist. Everybody knows that crimes are a little bit less bad when it’s attractive people carrying them out. Here are the hottest of the bunch and their corresponding crimes.


Photo courtesy: Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office, Arizona

Charge(s): Marijuana possession and possession of drug paraphernalia

I’m not sure if this guy’s coy lip-bite-and-looking-down thing is because he’s trying to really work the camera or because judging by what he was arrested for he’s probably blazed as hell but either way it’s really working for me. 8/10.


Photo courtesy: Horry Country Sheriff’s Office, South Carolina

Charge(s): Driving under the influence, driving under suspension, unlawful operation of a golf cart and marijuana possession

Perfect bedhead hair. And by the list of his charges, he’s obviously always up for a party. Is there anything more worth getting arrested for than ‘unlawful operation of a golf cart’? Good effort. Solid 7/10.


Photo courtesy: Highlands County Sheriff’s Office, Florida

Charge(s): Marijuana possession

I have never seen a mugshot with perfectly symmetrical bone structure before, but there you go. It’s so obvious that this dude is aware of how well this photo will turn out, but I can’t hold it against him. If you’ve got it, flaunt it. Except when ‘it’ happens to be large quantities of weed. 6/10.


Photo courtesy: Washington County Sheriff’s Office, Arkansas

Charge(s): Public intoxication

For somebody who was probably still drunk when it was taken, this photo has come out really well. Like, better than any photo of me sober and not in a high-security environment has ever turned out. A clean-cut 6/10.


Photo courtesy: Osceola County Sheriff’s Office, Florida

Charge(s): Failure to leave property upon order

I am quite genuinely astounded by how immaculate this guy’s eyebrows are. Unintentional-looking tram lines aside, it takes time and effort to achieve that kind of perfection. Rebels without a cause but an interest in personal grooming and attention to detail are the best kind of criminals. 7/10.


Photo courtesy: Clark County Detention Center

Charge(s): Driving without a license, registration violation and unlawful acts of financial responsibility.

‘Rack City’ rapper Tyga appears on Hot & Busted after a routine traffic violation turned in the discovery of his warrant in Vegas. It might not be the most glamorous crime, but the Young Money artist looks pretty good in his mugshot nonetheless. 9/10.


Photo courtesy: Seminole County Sheriff’s Office, Florida

Charge(s): Violation of probation

Staring into this guy’s eyes, I’m finding it hard to believe that he could ever really do anything worthy of being locked up. Saying that, he’s clearly either had a fair few mugshots in the past or has a history in modelling, because nobody instinctively pouts with a police camera in their face. 10/10 and a standing ovation.