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My Favourite Celebrity Nip-Slips

by Eno Enefiok
5 January 2013 6 Comments

My favourite celebrities are those who do not leave much to the imagination.... not even their nipples. NSFW

More than a decade since the term ‘nip-slip’ or ‘wardrobe malfunction’ was coined, it seems that you can’t walk into a corner shop to buy a newspaper and your daily dose of nicotine sticks, or troll your way through the internet without spotting a headline about a ‘nip-slip’ on the cover of a glossy gossip mag.

From A-list to Z-list, Penélope Cruz to the ever so classy Lindsay Lohan, no one can escape the nip-slip and in today’s contemporary celebrity culture, nip-slips have become a rite of passage for some, a sign that they are finally somebody in our over-populated world of wannabes.

Whether it is an intentional publicity stunt or a genuine wardrobe fuck up, I have no shame in admitting that from vacation bikini shots to x-rated ‘private’ sex tapes my favourite kind of celebrities are the ones that do not leave much to the imagination. Here is my top 7 list of infamous celebrity nip-slips.

Tara Reid

For those of you who haven’t kept up with Tara Reid’s career since American Pie, here’s all you need to know; she hasn’t done much acting, she had a terrible boob job, she apparently doesn’t own a single bra, and she probably fired her stylist after her right breast decided to make an appearance during a red carpet event, revealing her scary boob job scars.


Megan Fox

Before she became Brian Austin Green’s baby momma, Megan Fox was a hot sex symbol and up-and-coming actress who happened to play a huge supporting role in a Michael Bay’s Transformers franchise. During a red carpet event, a lucky photographer captured a beautiful moment and shared this picture of Fox’s half nip-slip with the world.


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Since her hit single Umbrella and that thing with Chris Brown, it seems like everything this girl does makes the headline lines. Especially her nip-slips. And, when it comes to those, just like her relationship with Chris Brown, it seems the girl just never learns.

Kris Jenner

This momanger is the responsible for bringing back the KKK into this world, and by KKK I of course mean those idiot Kardsihans: Kourtney, Khole, and Kim. Still being married to Bruce Jenner and having famous off springs wasn’t enough, Kris wanted some of the limelight too and she got it after she accidentally tweeted her own nip-slip.


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Tara Palmer Tomkinson

They may be small and almost non-existent yet minuscule as they are, on their few public appearances, they seem to make quite the impact for some reason.

Lily Allen

It’s no secret that Lily Allen is allergic to bras and the paparazzi has had a field day over the years documenting Lily’s slip ups to the world and for that we thank them with all our hearts.

Janet Jackson

I saved the best until last. Who can forget the most infamous slip-ups of them all? This is the wardrobe malfunction that sparked our fascination with the art of a wardrobe malfunctions. It all started so innocently, Janet was performing a melody of a few of her hit songs during a Super Bowl halftime when Justin Timberlake joined her on stage and started rocking out his hit song Rock your body. Everything was going pretty well until Justin got a little carried away and tore open Janet’s top. This little ‘accidental’ nip-slip put Janet in 2007’s Guinness World Records as “Most Searched in Internet History” and the “Most Searched for News Item”.

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a man 8:45 am, 13-Nov-2012

This is a wholly pointless article, although yes i admit i did look at it. Not to the usual standard. Do not appreciate the new web site either btw. It reminds me of the Daily Mail site. Not good.

Matthew 6:31 pm, 13-Nov-2012

This must mean youre a daily mail reader... This is not good either...

NickE 6:40 pm, 13-Nov-2012

What is The Daily Mail?

capt. 12:35 am, 23-Jan-2013

I liked some of them, but some of them were flat scary. Maybe that is why they are your favorite. I prefer pretty nips to scary ones.

Dav 12:32 pm, 25-Jan-2013

What is The Daily Mail ---> A contradictory right wing newspaper that champions morals and ethics with one hand whilst writing articles like "Look at how sexy 16 year old Charlotte Church is" with the other. Written by small minded little Englanders with sexual hang ups for small minded little Englanders with sexual hang ups

unclekeith 2:43 pm, 4-Sep-2013

Udder nonsense!

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