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Kid Writes Letter To Weatherman Promising A Cyborg Unicorn Bearing Doughnuts

by Sabotage
13 March 2012 1 Comment

This kid is either the next JK Rowling or the next danger to America...

When Sab O’Tage was a lad weathermen were for mocking over their inability to get anything right, ever. Just ask the residents of Sevenoaks who, after the great storm of 1987, now only have one oak. Anyway, this dislike of weathermen doesn’t extend to America, where this kid got so excited he penned the most batshit mental (and incredibly creative) letter and drawing thanking Mr Ramon for coming into school. Click the images to enlarge.

We found this at Happy Place

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vinfox 7:02 pm, 16-Mar-2012

This is fake unfortunately.

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