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Kony 2012: Invisible Children Respond To Scam Accusations

After claims that the KONYO 2012 campaign is fraudulent, Invisible Children - the charity behind it - have responded here...

Thank you for reading this and doing further research about Invisible Children and Kony 2012. In response to this explosion of interest about the Kony 2012 film, there have been hundreds of thousands of comments in support of the arrest of Joseph Kony and the work of Invisible Children. However, there have also been a few pieces written that are putting out false or mis-leading information about these efforts. This statement is our official response to some of these articles and is a source for accurate information about Invisible Children’s mission, financials and approach to stopping LRA violence.

Invisible Children’s mission is to stop LRA violence and support the war affected communities in Central Africa. These are the three ways we achieve that mission. Each is essential: 1) Document and make the world aware of the LRA. This includes making documentary films and touring these films around the world so that they are seen for free by millions of people. 2) Channeling the energy and awareness from informed viewers of IC films into large scale advocacy campaigns that have mobilized the international community to stop the LRA and protect civilians. 3) Operate programs on the ground in the LRA-affected areas to provide protection, rehabilitation and development assistance.

As you will see, we spend roughly one third of our money on each of these three goals. This three-prong approach is what makes invisible children unique. Some organizations focus exclusively on documenting human rights abuses, some focus exclusively on international advocacy or awareness, and some focus exclusively on, on-the-ground development. We do all three. At the same time. This comprehensive model is intentional and has shown to be very effective.


Invisible Children’s financial statements are online for everyone to see. Financial statements from the last 5 years, including our 990, are available at The organization spent 80.46% on our programs that further our three fold mission, 16.24% on administration and management costs and 3.22% on direct fundraising in FY2011. Invisible Children is independently audited every year and in full compliance with our 501 c 3 status.

Below is a screen-shot from pages 35 and 36 of the 2011 Invisible Children annual report that detail our total expenses for Fiscal Year 2011. An expense statement by class is the way nonprofits present their expenses to the public because it’s the clearest way to show the purpose of different organizational expenses vs. a line item expense statement such as the one on Page 6 of our Audited Financial Report.

Click to Expand


Charity Navigator gives our Programs its highest rating of 4 stars. Our Accountability and Transparency score is currently at 2 stars due primarily to the single fact that Invisible Children does not have 5 independent voting members on our board of directors–we currently have 4. We are in the process of interviewing potential board members, and we will add an additional independent member this year in order to regain our 4-star rating by 2013. We have been independently audited by Considine and Considine, since the fiscal year end of June 30, 2006 and all of our audits have resulted in unqualified opinions on the audit reports.


Participation in BBB’s program is voluntary– we are choosing to wait until we have expanded our Board of Directors, as some questions hinge on the size of our Board. The current Board is small in size and reflects Invisible Children’s grassroots foundation. Invisible Children has now reached a juncture of success that has astonished even its greatest supporters. While it is important to retain a presence on the Board that reflects Invisible Children’s early beginnings, we also are working to realign the structure this year.

The best researched paper supporting the policy position of the KONY 2012 campaign can be found here, drafted by Paul Ronan of Resolve:–3

But here are a few quick responses to some of the most common questions we’re seeing online:


For more than two decades, Kony has refused opportunities to negotiate an end to the violence peacefully, and governments of countries where Kony has operated — including Uganda, South Sudan, Democratic Republic of Congo, and Central African Republic — have been unable to capture Kony or bring him to justice. This is because regional governments are often not adequately committed to the task, but also because they lack some of the specific capabilities that would help them do so. The KONY 2012 campaign is calling for U.S. leadership to address both problems. It supports the deployment of U.S. advisors and the provision of intelligence and other support that can help locate and bring Kony to justice, but also increased diplomacy to hold regional governments accountable to their basic responsibilities to protect civilians from this kind of brutal violence. Importantly, the campaign also advocates for broader measures to help communities being affected by LRA attacks, such as increased funding for programs to help Kony’s abductees escape and return to their homes and families. For a clear understanding of the KONY 2012 political goals, please see the letter to President Obama.


We do not defend any of the human rights abuses perpetrated by the Ugandan government or the Ugandan army (UPDF). None of the money donated through Invisible Children ever goes to the government of Uganda. Yet the only feasible and proper way to stop Kony and protect the civilians he targets is to coordinate efforts with regional governments.


We are advocating for the arrest of Joseph Kony so that he can be tried by the International Criminal Court (ICC) as a precedent for future war criminals. The goal of Kony 2012 is for the world to unite to see him arrested and prosecuted for his crimes against humanity.


The LRA left northern Uganda in 2006. The LRA is currently active in Democratic Republic of Congo, Central African Republic, and South Sudan. Invisible Children’s mission is to stop Joseph Kony and the LRA wherever they are and help rehabilitate LRA-affected communities. The Ugandan government’s army, the UPDF, is more organized and better equipped than that of any of the other affected countries (DRC, South Sudan, CAR) to track down Joseph Kony. Part of the US strategy to stop Kony is to encourage cooperation between the governments and armies of the 4 LRA-affected countries. The LRA was active in Uganda for nearly 20 years, displacing 1.7 million people and abducting at least 30,000 children. The people and government of Uganda have a vested interested in seeing him stopped.


While the vast majority of the recent exposure and commentary about Invisible Children has been towards the awareness portion of our mission, below is an up-to-date explanation of our direct work in Central Africa, an equally important element to the mission of Invisible Children.


A story told by Jason Russell: The photo of Bobby, Laren and I with the guns was taken in an LRA camp in DRC during the 2008 Juba Peace Talks. We were there to see Joseph Kony come to the table to sign the Final Peace Agreement. The Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLA) was surrounding our camp for protection since Sudan was mediating the peace talks. We wanted to talk to them and film them and get their perspective. And because Bobby, Laren and I are friends and had been doing this for 5 years, we thought it would be funny to bring back to our friends and family a joke photo. You know, “Haha – they have bazookas in their hands but they’re actually fighting for peace.” The ironic thing about this photo is that I HATE guns. I always have. Back in 2008 I wanted this war to end, like we all did, peacefully, through peace talks. But Kony was not interested in that; he kept killing. And we still don’t want war. We don’t want him killed and we don’t want bombs dropped. We want him alive and captured and brought to justice.


Protecting communities and demobilizing the LRA


To address the lack of information from the most vulnerable and remote communities, Invisible Children partnered with Commission Diocesaine Justice et Paix (CDJP), under the umbrella of the Catholic Diocese of Dungu, to expand a High Frequency (HF) Radio Network connecting communities to one another through twice-daily security and humanitarian reporting. This network allows for advanced warning of LRA activity and increased security information for humanitarian responders. Communities participating in the project were selected due to their susceptibility to LRA attack and their lack of the communication infrastructure necessary to report and receive security information. A Local Protection Committee is established in each community to gather and disseminate information, provide regular maintenance to the equipment, and to ensure that trained operators in each community are carrying out the daily reporting,

This project connects communities with local and international humanitarian groups, ultimately allowing for heightened humanitarian response, while limiting the LRA’s ability to attack without warning. Through Invisible Children’s support, there are now 27 communities linked into the HF Early Warning System in Haut and Bas Uele.

FM Radio:

To encourage and facilitate the surrender of LRA combatants, Invisible Children partnered with UN DDR/RR and Interactive Radio for Justice (IRfJ) to increase the capacity of Radio Zereda, a community-run FM radio in Obo, Central African Republic, from 1km to an over 30-km radius. Through locally produced radio programming, members the victims’ association in Obo and cultural leaders from LRA-affected regions share insight and sensitize local populations to the LRA’s activities. In conjunction with sensitization, LRA-directed programming is broadcast in both the local Pazande and Acholi languages to encourage and give instructions for peaceful surrender.

In 2011, Invisible Children also provided support to repair Radio Rhinoceros in Faradje, and provided monetary support for a DDR/RR mobile FM unit deployed on rotation in Haut Uele. Additional community-FM projects in Haut Uele and in the highly remote and vulnerable district of Bas Uele are being identified and assessed for support during the 2012 calendar year.

LRA Crisis Tracker: The LRA Crisis Tracker is a real-time mapping platform and data collection system created to bring an unprecedented level of transparency to the atrocities of the Lord’s Resistance Army. Using information sourced from Invisible Children’s Early Warning Radio Network, UN agencies, and local NGOs, this tool allows for better response from governments, policy-makers, and humanitarian organizations. This joint project, developed by Invisible Children and Resolve, marks the first time data surrounding the crisis has been comprehensively aggregated and made publicly available.


As forceful abductions continue throughout Central Africa, Invisible Children is partnering with a renowned LRA-trauma specialist, Els de Temmerman, and the leadership of CDJP-Dungu, to establish the first intensive rehabilitation program in the LRA-affected regions of northeastern Congo. The center, located in Dungu, is locally managed and provides one-on-one counseling, utilizing UNICEF-approved Narrative Exposure Therapy (NET). The center provides vocational and life skills training and reunification services. Upon completion of the second phase of construction, the center will have capacity for up to 250 children and youth to live and receive holistic counseling services. Currently, a limited number of severely traumatized children are receiving treatment while the center builds staff capacity and develops systems in preparation for full operation. Program management will continue to coordinate with both local and international NGOs and UN agencies to ensure that the center’s activities are utilized by, and fit within, the regional psychosocial and protection strategies.


Promoting peace and prosperity through Education and Livelihood initiatives


The scholarship provides fully paid, merit-based scholarships and mentoring from local full-time IC Mentors. Students are selected based on academic potential and need.

Stats as of December 2011:

University students: 250

Secondary students: 590 (currently recruiting additional students)


This program partners with 11 secondary schools and their surrounding communities in northern Uganda, working on projects that both build and renovate structures, while also investing in teachers and curriculum. The program also facilitates a yearly Teacher Exchange Program benefiting both Ugandan and international educators.

Stats as of December 2011:

Partner schools: 11

Students attending partner schools: 9,048


The Livelihood Program takes a holistic approach to providing sustainable economic growth and improved living conditions for war-affected northern Ugandans. It impacts rural communities using a three-pronged approach: over 1,250 community members are saving and loaning together, participating in our Village Savings and Loan Associations (VSLA) program; 5,000 community members are benefiting from clean water and health and sanitation initiatives through the Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH) program; and over 1,000 people are receiving training on numeracy, reading, and writing in their local language as a part of our Functional Adult Literacy (FAL) program.

Stats as of December 2011:

WASH: over 5,000 (20 communities with an average of 250 community members)

VSLA: 1,250 community members (50 groups of 25-30 members each)

FAL: 1,000 community members (50 groups of 20-25 members each)


30,000+ children abducted in Uganda by the LRA

Source (2007):

66,000 youth (interviewed when 14-30 years old) abducted by the LRA

Source (2006):

2.1 million people displaced in Uganda

Source (2010):

440,000 people displaced in DRC, CAR, and South Sudan:

Source (2011):


We’ve done our utmost to be as inclusive, transparent, and factual as possible. We built this organization with “seeing is believing” in mind, and that’s what why we are a media-based organization. We WANT you to see everything we are doing, because we are proud of it. Though we would no longer consider ourselves naive, we have always sought counsel from those who know much more. We have never claimed a desire to “save Africa,” but, instead, an intent to inspire Western youth to “do more than just watch.” And in Central Africa, focus on locally-led long-term development programs that enable children to take responsibility for their own futures and the futures of their countries. Our programs are carefully researched and developed initiatives by incredible members of the local community that address the need for quality education, mentorship, the redevelopment of schools, resettlement from the camps, and rehabilitation from war – and if you know anyone who has been there to see it first hand, there is no doubt they will concur. Also, we have invited you to join us on, which we established as a way to bring you near real-time reports from the ground, making available to the public the same information received by humanitarians working on the ground.

But, credibility in the eyes of policymakers, fellow non-profit workers, LRA-affected communities, and YOU is our most important asset, so we would like to encourage you, if you have critiques, to get specific: find facts, dig deeper, and we’ll gladly continue the conversation from there. If encountering something you disagree with, suggest an alternative to what we are doing- and we will absolutely take heed. If it’s a matter of opinion, taste, humor, or style: we apologize, and will have to agree to disagree. As the poet Ke$ha says, “we are who we are.”

Let’s focus on what matters, and what we DO agree on: Joseph Kony needs to be stopped. And when that happens, peace is the limit. This is the beautiful beginning of an ending that is just the beginning. We are defending tomorrow. And it’s hopeful.

This article appears courtesy of Invisible Children and is published with their approval. It is a direct response to:

Kony 2012: Why I’m Opposed To The Campaign

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image descriptionCOMMENTS

Cristov 3:08 pm, 8-Mar-2012

This is great. Anyone who doubts it deserves to have their kids kidnapped. If the charity aspect doesnt appeal to you then surely mass social network impact on govenment policys should. Power to the people.

Sam Pearce 3:16 pm, 8-Mar-2012

Cristov that response is a bit harsh/mental

Si Richardson 3:46 pm, 8-Mar-2012

When (if) Kony is killed, captured, put out of business, then what? children would have to be killed just in order to get to him. You could target African warlords for the next hundred years - I applaud the sentiment, but this is naivety in the extreme.

J tomlin 4:56 pm, 8-Mar-2012

Si Richardson would you prefer nobody did anything about these kinds of people?

Oh, Reginald! 5:27 pm, 8-Mar-2012

@Si Richardson - exactly that - this is hysteria, there's no joined up thought. Support War Child or Save The Children or UCCF - they know what theyre doing (ie more than just making videos)

Si Richardson 6:08 pm, 8-Mar-2012

J tomlin - No that's not what I'm saying, I just doubt the effectiveness of this campaign. It will take a lot more than selling wristbands and lobbying politicians to consign the blight of child soldiers in Africa to the history books. Has the elimination of Osama Bin Laden put an end to the scourge of Al-Qaeda? I have no doubt that there are many more potential Joseph Kony's in Uganda, and this 'live aid' approach to what is is an extremely complex issue is churlish to say the least. Leave it to those that understand (see oh, Reginald) who is spot on by the way.

marsamgod 6:08 pm, 8-Mar-2012

I'm sure Kony is crapping himself at a few bleeding hearts calling him a bad man of facebook and twitter. Also I will produce accounts proving I have spent 100% of my available funds searching for Shergar.

Eric Shook 6:11 pm, 8-Mar-2012

Pre-Order your KONY 2013 T-Shirts & Hats NOW!!!

Oh, Reginald! 6:52 pm, 8-Mar-2012

@J Tomlin - buts its not like people/govts/organisations havent been trying to do something about people like him (and problems like this) for decades. Let's not forget, Uganda isn't the only place ravaged by this kind of atrocity. Its not "support this or do nothing" it should be "support what will make a difference". "Kony 2012" isnt a magic wand - if we wave it and he disappears (jailed or killed) that's still no solution to; rape, warfare, ethnic cleansing, kidnap, torture/dismemberment for witchcraft, drugs, poverty, lack of education, tribalism, national policing, economy etc. (the list goes on). For instance, what do you do with the child soldiers that have been brainwashed and that will fight to protect Kony? Its not as simple as just sending them home. We are bigots for thinking its so simple and its always just been a matter of awareness or lack of facebook - "just get rid of the guy. problem solved. next!". Fair play to Invisible Children for responding to criticism about their finances, though

J tomlin 6:54 pm, 8-Mar-2012

Si Richardson - I agree with you, arresting Joseph koney will not help but this video is opening the eyes of people that would usually have done nothing to help. It is true there are manu more well established charity groups that most people either know about or hear about in some way shape or form and they may well be better set up, I don't pretend to know all the ins and outs of it all. But this campaign no matter how effective the short term result may or may not be is inspiring millions of people around the world in a way that has never Been done before and that will surely have a profound effect on the long term of all charities doing this type of work.

Bronwen 7:10 pm, 8-Mar-2012

If the main issue for the critics is the financial of the organization then they should also be critical of the children's organizations in Africa run by religious organizations who also need to pay for advertising productions, management, paying their employees etc. They actually pay more because they actually have to pay for airtime slots for their fundraising commercials. Moreover, while arresting one influential man may only make a small difference, the act of getting involved is an eye opener to the many people in society who have varying forms of convenient ignorance. By circulating through the free forms of media and networking this campaign is reaching even those who aren't versed in the daily news, myself included.

Si Richardson 8:24 pm, 8-Mar-2012

J tomlin/Bronwen I take your points regarding the campaign promoting awareness of this terrible situation, particularly amongst young people. What depresses me though, is the fact that it takes the likes of karaoke sex muppet Rihanna and J-zed (who's opinions on anything I couldn't give a rats arse about) to bring it into the public conciousness. I digress. It will be interesting to see to outcome though. Then it's on to Liberia, Somalia, Congo, Ivory coast, Ethiopia, ect ect.

Jguz 9:30 pm, 8-Mar-2012

Everyone needs to stop being so mean and consider. These are innocent kids and have not been taught anything in life but to kill! They have No Freedom, no Education, no Family! They don't choose to live off the government! That's how they are being kept, just down to nothing! Some people blame their government. Well look at our Government! All Government is only for themselves!!! Most of Our country has turned their back on the most important one "God"! Who are we to judge this organization??? So my feelings are...If there is good in this campaign then "May God Bless" each and everyone that's helping to make a difference! Shame on the negative ones!!!

billybob 9:47 pm, 8-Mar-2012

J Tomlin is quite right we must bring awarness of these issues to the youth of today as they will be the policy makers eventually. Si it dosnt matter that you couldn't care less about JZ or Rihanna the fact remains that the youth of the day listen and try to copy there idols so I'm all for these people sending positive messages. Its refreshing to see the power of social media being used like this and I for one support it. Yes this issue has many complex fassets and stopping one man may not solve it but at least people are having a go and rasing awareness well done guys keep it going.

M 10:37 pm, 8-Mar-2012

Kony the next boogey man, another binladen? What will you do when the un and Africom go in and steal their oil? Do you support this as well??

WeCan! 11:48 pm, 8-Mar-2012

It kills me to read some of these comments. Especially the ones saying they doubt that this campaign will effect anything. ARE YOU SERIOUS? So what is your solution? Just stand around and wait and do nothing? I'd rather have awesome groups like invisible children try to make a difference and help this terrible world we live in than just stand around and hope things get better or turn our heads to the issues. BRAVO INVISIBLE CHILDREN. We need groups like you to help. You have 100% of my support. Shame on you who don't believe in them and don't support them. The biggest events in history has happened because of people who stood up for what is right and didn't let people tell them it would never happen. KONY 2012!!!!!

Azur 12:41 am, 9-Mar-2012

This whole thing is based on the assumption that he is not "famous" enough. This is flawed. Just becuase some niave westerners haven't heard of him doesn't devalue his crimes or make him any less evil. He is wanted by the ICC, the US have sent troops to provide advice to assist in his capture. Vigilante justice to appease white guilt isn't the answer and is frankly dangerous.

ducit 5:39 am, 9-Mar-2012

what scared me was just how quickly this video spread, the video was calling to put fingers on triggers and after watching people should have done a fair bit of research them selves to make sure they agreed 100% with the charity, they owe that to the people who will be put in harms way to bring Kony to justice, believing 1 source straight away no matter how legitimate it is, is dangerous. the fact IC brought this to the publics attention is great, and IC please make the poster free to download and print off, it looks bad it isn't in my opinion and it is sold out, make it happen

Doctor C.R. Morgan 8:28 am, 9-Mar-2012

Obama's gonna fuckin' blow this guy UP!!!

Lee 10:05 am, 9-Mar-2012

The way they've run the campaign is a wonderful message to all the larger charities out there, and just shows what can be done to engage people, particularly teenagers. However, whilst i have no doubt that Kony is a terrible man, and what he's done in Ghana etc is awful, by all accounts you're about 6 years too late to the party and he's a very diminished force nowadays. Maybe this campaign wouldn't have been effective 6 years ago, But unfortunately i'm not sure it's going to make a whole lot of difference now. That's not to say i doubt think it's a worthy thing to try and do, i just think that maybe there are more worthy targets.

Planet 10:16 am, 9-Mar-2012

This is plain BS. I've seen the financial reports. Almost $9 million spent on cost in one year with about 3 million going to the cause, if that. This organization is getting rich on others misery , for allegedly hunting down one despot in hundreds that hasnt been seen in years. It's just the Osama M.O. that americans love so much and a great way to make money. The Ugandan Parliament considers IC to be fraudulent, and look at their fleet of fancy vans and pro War, Uganda military support crapaganda. Another Fleecing operation. They do not have 4 stars, they are considered one of the worst charities on the African continent. SCAM, total Imperialist/AFRICOM war mongering scammers.

Adjegeleno 10:20 am, 9-Mar-2012

Charity navigator uppon revieing their finances has dropped them one star over all and two stars for transparency.

AJHM 12:33 pm, 9-Mar-2012

While I do believe in the initiative that Invisible Children is taking and agree that bring about awareness is always positive for change, I'm interested as to why the take home salary of the founders and CEO seem a bit large....which compelled me to look up the ratings and financial breakdowns for above mentioned charities: War child and Save the Children. Unfortunately I was unable to find them on Is an $80+k salary typical for charity CEOs?

Oh, Reginald! 2:53 pm, 9-Mar-2012

@WeCan! i know, it kills me to read comments like yours - you've failed to actually read and understand the sentiment -plus you have a backwards "if you're not for this, you must be against it" attitude - no one disagrees that Joseph Kony is a criminal and needs to be brought to justice - but the way in which it's done needs to be right and people need to try and understand how the complexities of African problems interact. Is Invisible children's solution the right one? No. Do we have a better one? No. but just because they have shown you a video doesn't mean they will "Fix" anything. Josephy Kony is ONE MAN, his army are children, they all believe he is doing God's work - IC support a dodgy army in a corrupt country. People need to think and assess how they want to help, if they do want to help and what effect that may have - simply removing one rebel leader to be replaced by another is very short sighted. This is all savvy viral media - emotional, effective propaganda - its had a massive effect on public consciousness, but dont lets get carried away and pour petrol on a fire trying to put it out. this publicity and inspiration would do well to now focus on better charities

Sam 2:59 pm, 9-Mar-2012

Good work for getting out awareness but I have found some problems after looking through Your financial reports.. I noticed you received over 13 million in donation/ support in 2011 (Year ending in June 2011) and have over 6 million dollar cash asset at the end of 2011.. I also noticed that your donations increased by leaps and bounds but your expenditures in programs only increased by the inflation level.. The 1/3 claim of the spending principle you promote does not add up here.. And after this video I see more donations in your future.. So what are the plans for this large sum of money you have banked now and future monies you plan to bank.. I can understand a small portion being set aside but close to 1/2 seems like a lot... Just something I am wondering about before I donate to this cause..

Si Richardson 3:12 pm, 9-Mar-2012

We can! - 'Am I serious?' - yes, absolutely. 'So what is your solution?' - there isn't one. Quote from Russell - “I am going to help end the longest running war in Africa, get Joseph Kony arrested & redefine international justice. Then I am going to direct a Hollywood musical. Then I am going to study theology & literature in Oxford, England, and then move to New York to start “The Academy” – which will be a school where the best creative young minds in the world attend.” So no self interest there then eh?. Sounds like A sentimental megalomaniac to me, but hey, it's the American way innit.

Heidi 3:19 pm, 9-Mar-2012

@adjegeleno: Invisible Children currently seems to have a three-star rating on Charity Navigator. @aghm: Regarding your question about charity CEO salaries, 'In recent years, Charity Navigator has become outspoken against what it calls high CEO compensation. At the same time, they note that nonprofit CEO's should be paid what the market demands. They complete a CEO compensation study each year.[14] In the study they have consistently argued that a low six figure salary for a CEO of a mid-to-large sized nonprofit is the norm and should be acceptable to donors. They further argue that these are complex multi-million dollar operations that require a high level of expertise. They are however, outspoken again the phenomena of million dollar plus compensation, which they do not believe is justified for a tax exempt public charity. The comparison of CEO salaries, however, does not rate the CEO's involvement in the company, nor how their leadership has helped advance the primary mission of the charity.'

Almond salty 6:28 pm, 9-Mar-2012

What's wrong with you cristov?

Julie 8:24 pm, 9-Mar-2012

Sheep will be sheep, power to the logical! lol...if you want to give your money to a "trendy" movement with no real solution to help the problem but waste paper and spend money making movies full of sappy "heart strings" manipulation, then good on you, sheep!

michael j lambright 9:47 pm, 9-Mar-2012

"Cristov This is great. Anyone who doubts it deserves to have their kids kidnapped. If the charity aspect doesnt appeal to you then surely mass social network impact on govenment policys should. Power to the people. " you're a fucking idiot.

Gap 5:31 am, 10-Mar-2012

Is it possible to put a link for this to FB and make this statement easier to share..

Anonymous 8:57 am, 10-Mar-2012

"Anyone who doubts it deserves to have their kids kidnapped." Hahaha that is absolutely hilarious. I thought YouTube was the only place with such moronic comments.

Planet 9:28 am, 10-Mar-2012

Uganda is mostly at peace now and rebuilding the country. Kony fled for the Congo, defeated in Uganda and cut off from the Acholi. The Ugandan army has been condemned for war crimes by Internat'l courts. So, these college kids are really in a way working for AFRICOM which no one wants in this region. This is a pro-war , pro Ugandan/US agenda, misguided if not outright faulty on so many levels. The situation they propose and filmed is no longer an issue, but if their movement makes it one, they will cause the Ugandans much more harm by newfound American Imperialism in the guise of AFRICOM. As usual, some do-gooder's have not thought their way through to the consequences. It doesn't much matter now though, as their viral video put so much light on their work as to make it irrelevant. However they have raised so much money in the last few days to take their endeavors at music and movie making to other levels. Do-gooder kids and our government should stop running to Africa trying to save them from themselves, since it is causing so much harm in charity that the people do not have to fend for themselves or try to solve their problems. Charity products are on sale in every East, Central African and South Sudanese market and no one wants to do anything but receive and sell these goods. US people are just not informed and don't bother to be, don't travel there and do not understand the dynamic. Just like the Middle East. Epic fail.

Charlie 8:20 pm, 10-Mar-2012

A Still 2:23 am, 11-Mar-2012

Reading some of these comments is so disheartening. Baby steps people. Not every movement is foolproof right off the bat. And what is so wrong with bringing injustice to light wherever it is happening or whenever it is happening, as long as it is brought to light? I'd rather see people waste their money on something like this that may make a difference, than see them spending it on designer coffee, designer nails and celebrity magazines. To me and others, that is the real tragedy.

John Blue 4:32 am, 11-Mar-2012

Ok, so you get Kony for crimes against humanity.. what about the US role in crimes against humanity? Would you be okay killing African children in the name of Kony...and as soon as Kony is dead, say it is all worth it? The Uganda government is just as responsible for getting children to fight and possibly raping and mutilating too. NO MORE ILLEGAL WARS

Mighty Jo John the Black Blonde 6:51 pm, 11-Mar-2012

YEAH MFs lets kill us some child soldiers then lynch Kony and continue the economic rape of the African continent and listen to dubstep whilst pasting posters that we printed off the internet and then go home and wank each other off and then insult anybody who disagrees with our faultless methodology. And if you see anybody with a rocket launcher be sure to get a pic and then send it back to ur ppl with a caption that says "LOLZ THEY R ACTUALLY FIGHTING FR PEACE NO WORRIEZ"

math boylan 8:26 pm, 12-Mar-2012

No one doubts there was a guy who was bad or maybe still is if at large , however a white American president would never be able to get away even under noble venture pretext invading countries in Africa . The political theorem & observation that Obama is corporate shill for european oligarchs (ie toasting the queen and also mis-happing it and being ignored/bodylanguage tells alot) and the timing of him for his second term, ripe with Chinese oil gushing exploits of north-eatsern Uganda, mmmmhhhh.....the best trojan horse is the humanitarian one , right? And if I can think it don't be so naive that the military industrial complex with a budget of trillions overlooked it, cuz then that would just make me the smartest most ruthless effer in the world. Someone said , anyone who doubts this campaign should have their children kidnapped? Like I always said some people are so left they are rightwing. Who funded Kony and what of the atrocities by present administration and why any soldier, boy or man ? Sounds like people were hip to contrived revolutions from within so now it's time for likes and tweets from the outside to advocate invasion using child soldiers as cover either way taking over the middle east you must secure africa . This will spawn and aggravate WW3 tensions and people are securing oil fields before collapse. Chemtrails would be a bigger better topic then a rebel intially armed by western intel.

cloris leachman 8:50 pm, 14-Mar-2012

we have so much in our past to be ashamed of and while we applaud the high profile Invisible Children has generated we must not be blind to the fact that funds desperately needed cannot safely be used to help those in most need. It would be wonderful if the UN actually worked but it doesn't and Kony is just the most recent version of Ide Amin only difference that he kidnapped more babies and children as opposed to just killing them.

Si Richardson 12:36 pm, 15-Mar-2012

After much research, I have concluded that Jason Russell is brilliant example of a devious, self serving, manipulative, evangelical megalomaniac. Oh, & dont give me that 'but he's raising awareness' spiel either - that's just a sprat to catch a mackerel. People's blind faith never cease's to amaze me, this whole charade make's me want to vomit. Scary fucker.

Joseph Kone 10:10 pm, 15-Mar-2012

80K salaries for the three people at the top of tho organization would indicate a comfortable life style for these evangelical pigs. It is so obviously a scam; how can anyone be so easily taken in? Goebbels would have been proud.

I LOVE KONE 5:57 pm, 20-Mar-2012

We should all make invicible children famous bloody scamsters, bunch of idiots I know they are a real judging on their earlier videos, this scam was just way to sophisticated for these idiots, definatelty a higher power was involved

I LOVE KONE 6:00 pm, 20-Mar-2012

a responspe to Lee's message, you are the fine example why evil power's are allowed to do what ever they like to other people with out a care because you are so gullable. I really hope you have no children

I 6:58 pm, 21-Mar-2012

Kony is ubducting children in Africa? UGANDA BE KIDDING ME!!! Joeseph Koney is the fist black man to have kids....

KillKony 4:27 pm, 18-Apr-2012

Dude America, fucking kill that damn Kony.

Steve 5:02 pm, 30-Apr-2012

You had my attention when you described good ideas with radio networks to help solve the problem, but what the hell do you mean by "holistic Counseling services" and "The Livelihood Program takes a holistic approach to providing sustainable economic growth and improved living conditions for war-affected northern Ugandans."? 'Holistic' is a key word for fraud. It's usually referred to as medicine which has no objective evidence to suggest that it's actual medicine, only anecdotal evidence at best. If this isn't a fraud based game to you, you should really clarify what you mean by using that term.

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