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Kony 2012: NEW - Grant Oyston's Updated Blog About Why He Opposes The Campaign


Kony 2012: Why I'm Opposed To The Campaign

by Grant Oyston
9 March 2012 513 Comments

I do not doubt for a second that those involved in KONY 2012 have great intentions, nor do I doubt for a second that Joseph Kony is a very evil man. But despite this, I’m strongly opposed to the KONY 2012 campaign.

KONY 2012 is the product of a group called Invisible Children, a controversial activist group and not-for-profit. They’ve released 11 films, most with an accompanying bracelet colour (KONY 2012 is fittingly red), all of which focus on Joseph Kony. When we buy merch from them, when we link to their video, when we put up posters linking to their website, we support the organization. I don’t think that’s a good thing, and I’m not alone.

Invisible Children has been condemned time and time again. As a registered not-for-profit, its finances are public. Last year, the organization spent $8,676,614. Only 32% went to direct services (page 6), with much of the rest going to staff salaries, travel and transport, and film production. This is far from ideal, and Charity Navigator rates their accountability 2/4 stars because they haven’t had their finances externally audited. But it goes way deeper than that.

The group is in favour of direct military intervention, and their money supports the Ugandan government’s army and various other military forces. Here’s a photo of the founders of Invisible Children posing with weapons and personnel of the Sudan People’s Liberation Army. Both the Ugandan army and Sudan People’s Liberation Army are riddled with accusations of rape and looting, but Invisible Children defends them,arguing that the Ugandan army is “better equipped than that of any of the other affected countries”, although Kony is no longer active in Uganda andhasn’t been since 2006 by their own admission. These books each refer to the rape and sexual assault that are perennial issues with the UPDF, the military group Invisible Children is defending.

Invisible Children has been condemned time and time again. Last year, the organization spent $8,676,614. Only 32% went to direct services.

Still, the bulk of Invisible Children’s spending isn’t on supporting African militias, but on awareness and filmmaking. Which can be great, except that Foreign Affairs has claimed that Invisible Children (among others) “manipulates facts for strategic purposes, exaggerating the scale of LRA abductions and murders and emphasizing the LRA’s use of innocent children as soldiers, and portraying Kony — a brutal man, to be sure — as uniquely awful, a Kurtz-like embodiment of evil.” He’s certainly evil, but exaggeration and manipulation to capture the public eye is unproductive, unprofessional and dishonest.

As Chris Blattman, a political scientist at Yale, writes on the topic of IC’s programming, “There’s also something inherently misleading, naive, maybe even dangerous, about the idea of rescuing children or saving of Africa. […] It hints uncomfortably of the White Man’s Burden. Worse, sometimes it does more than hint. The savior attitude is pervasive in advocacy, and it inevitably shapes programming. Usually misconceived programming.”

Still, Kony’s a bad guy, and he’s been around a while. Which is why the US has been involved in stopping him for years. U.S. Africa Command (AFRICOM) has sent multiple missions to capture or kill Kony over the years. And they’ve failed time and time again, each provoking a ferocious response and increased retaliative slaughter. The issue with taking out a man who uses a child army is that his bodyguards are children. Any effort to capture or kill him will almost certainly result in many children’s deaths, an impact that needs to be minimized as much as possible. Each attempt brings more retaliation. And yet Invisible Children supports military intervention. Kony has been involved in peace talks in the past, which have fallen through. But Invisible Children is now focusing on military intervention.

Military intervention may or may not be the right idea, but people supporting KONY 2012 probably don’t realise they’re supporting the Ugandan military who are themselves raping and looting away. If people know this and still support Invisible Children because they feel it’s the best solution based on their knowledge and research, I have no issue with that. But I don’t think most people are in that position, and that’s a problem.

People supporting KONY 2012 probably don’t realise they’re supporting the Ugandan military who are themselves raping and looting away.

Is awareness good? Yes. But these problems are highly complex, not one-dimensional and, frankly, aren’t of the nature that can be solved by postering, film-making and changing your Facebook profile picture, as hard as that is to swallow. Giving your money and public support to Invisible Children so they can spend it on supporting ill-advised violent intervention and movie #12 isn’t helping. Do I have a better answer? No, I don’t, but that doesn’t mean that you should support KONY 2012 just because it’s somethingSomething isn’t always better than nothing. Sometimes it’s worse.

If you want to write to your Member of Parliament or your Senator or the President or the Prime Minister, by all means, go ahead. If you want to post about Joseph Kony’s crimes on Facebook, go ahead. But let’s keep it about Joseph Kony, not KONY 2012.

This article is published with the approval of Grant Oyston.

Additional coverage from Grant Oyston is online at

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B 6:37 pm, 7-Mar-2012

Copy and paste much?

mal 7:06 pm, 7-Mar-2012

errr, grant oyston wrote the original article..

tony 7:10 pm, 7-Mar-2012

Ok well you do something about it and we'll support you. OWAIT

Megan 7:13 pm, 7-Mar-2012

So, because MAYBE they exaggerated the numbers a little, we shouldn't support?! Even if that a$$whole only abducted, raped, and killed ONE child, he still deserves to rot in prison or be put to death. How can you argue that?

Vanessa Idika 7:26 pm, 7-Mar-2012

Do you not have anything else to do with your time other than try and deface a global effort??? Yes the Ugandan Military may have rapists and looters amongst their forces but so do most African militaries...those kind of people exist all around the world... What KONY 2012 is trying to do is build awareness of who and what he is. Before watching their video I had no idea. Now I do. It is people's humanity that forces action. Whether that may be posting a video on Facebook or handing out flyers. Just because we may not be able to change the way charities run and pay for their administration, or even stop the inhumane behaviour these children face, it DOES NOT mean we should remain IGNORANT

KONY 2012 7:31 pm, 7-Mar-2012

copy and paste ...jesus Christ at least change the text abit ...

Mazzaa 7:36 pm, 7-Mar-2012

you could have at least quoted grant olsten, greedy bastards

LJG 7:39 pm, 7-Mar-2012

What does it matter who said it first? The point is valid and needs to be spread to stop as many impressionable idiots as possible sparing just a few dollars a month to fund slick movies and African jollies and solving none of the countrys problems. The best analogy I heard, it's like everyone outside of the US only now finding out about 9/11 and rushing to help

SootyKurt 7:47 pm, 7-Mar-2012

Instead if finding the negatives in this incredibly outstanding epidemic, make Kony Famous BITCH

Connor 7:47 pm, 7-Mar-2012

Thats why the US have actually sent soldiers rather than just sending money and equipment, its very similar to the NATO strategy currently being used in Afghanistan now, as is there were no NATO soldiers to oversee the ANA then the job just wouldn't get done, the ANA would be too interested in smoking the marijuana as is a prominent case. This applies to the Ugandan army with the raping and killing aswell. I am in favour of direct military action in this case.

declan 7:53 pm, 7-Mar-2012

thought it was a fair arugment until it discusses the white man's burden, then i thought kony 2012 was good, i worry that such awareness will lead to him using his power against the children.

lemonpie1981 8:07 pm, 7-Mar-2012

I must agree with the postering and stickeringand graffiti thingg you said, I can't see it doing much good in the long term. All I can see from this behaviour is the councils will have to foot a massive cleaning bill and the local residents will have to foot it through council tax. I really hate that my local town is already messed up with graffiti and posters and litter...all this, as far as I can see will just make these problems worse. I am a cynic with most things and the idea that 32% of money raised actually goes to the cause is disgusting. 32p in every pound? I'd rather give it to a homeless person on the street as I know at least that will make a difference to them (even if they do spend it on booze or WILL mean something to them)

J 8:13 pm, 7-Mar-2012

This is ballshit... The guys a hero. SUPPORT KONY 2012

C 8:13 pm, 7-Mar-2012

Hi, I disagree with you completely. They have spent all the money on films and awareness because they want to spread more awareness and now that facebook and other social networking sites have a hold of the work that the Invisible Children have done, they will now no longer have to use the money to help broadcast their campaign, they have been working for so many years to get this far. Yes, I'm but hurt and I'm happy to announce this.

Your Mum 8:29 pm, 7-Mar-2012

Get A Life Mate It's For A Good Cause And It Makes A Difference In There Lifes !!!

Anon 8:31 pm, 7-Mar-2012

.... This isn't even your article. And way to ruin the inspiring movement.

Maddy 8:31 pm, 7-Mar-2012

I've been aware of Kony for a while now and it absolutely drove me up the wall that apart from the Invisible Children, no-one else seemed to know about him, or want to stop him. Frankly, the relief I felt when I discovered (only today) that this campaign had gone global was immense, as now my friends, family etc, know about this man through the work of the Invisible Children - and I don't see how that can be anything but a good thing. I was overjoyed to discover that the general public was now becoming aware of it. I agree with you, I felt unwilling to donate to the organisation because of most of their funds going to videos rather than charity, but the thing is - they are the ONLY people working to stop Kony. Now, of course, many other people are finding out, but that is ENTIRELY due to the work of the Invisible Children, and therefore, I feel what they are doing is a good thing. They are raising awareness, and eventually, this should help to bring him down. There are no other charity groups out there after him, it's either support them, or do nothing. It may not be ideal how their money is spent, but what's the alternative? The alternative is not supporting them, and letting Kony get away with it. And that would be infinitely worse. As for their support of military intervention - I'm sorry, but right now, nothing else is going to stop him. How many thousands of dollars have been pumped into the Ugandan government to stop him, only never to be seen again? Far too many. Every time – whoops! He gets away at the last minute…and we give them more money…again. Nothing is ever going to happen unless we (by ‘we’ I mean ‘westerners’…yes I know… I’m taking the risk of sounding like an ignorant White Person Come to Save Um Natives) actually get in there and do the job ourselves. While I'm generally hugely against the ‘Police the World’ mentality, of getting involved in other people's wars because it is 'right' - here I will make an exception - there is NO WAY that what is happening to these children in Uganda is ANYTHING BUT disgustingly wrong, and if a foreign military is the only way to stop it, then so be it. I think it's pretty clear that it won't happen otherwise. We all know how horrifically useless western military intervention is at doing something ridiculous like ‘creating a democracy’ but what the army IS good at, however, is getting people killed, and at the risk of sounding controversial, that’s what needs to happen to Kony if he isn’t arrested. Afterwards, yes, the country will still have issues, but that’s another problem for another day, the problem right now is: STOPPING THIS ONE MAN. I truly believe that if he is gotten rid of, the LRA will topple – there’s what, 300 of them who are adults?! He is the face, heart and soul of them – he believes he’s been possessed by a spirit, they all treat him as if he’s magical. If he goes, the LRA will fall apart. There is of course the argument that getting rid of him will just pave the way for another lunatic, but that’s not true. It’s not like, ‘bumping off Sadam Hussein and country descends into Al Quaeda turmoil’ because Kony is a tiny, pathetic little rebel leader, he’s not part of an official regime – bumping him off will destroy his rebellion, not create problems of stability for the country as a whole. If anything the country will be better off, as the people won’t live in fear that their children are going to be snatched from under their noses. So basically, while I understand the reasoning behind your arguments, I think the priority here is stopping Kony, and stopping what he’s doing to those children. The facts that the charity is dubious, and that military intervention is not at all ideal, are not anywhere near as important. In this situation I am wholly prepared to say that the ends justify the means. The means may be a few battles, the deaths of several people, but the end will be peace for thousands of abused, frightened children and their families, hope for their safety in the future, the ending of a disgusting ‘war’ that never should have started, and justice being brought to a truly evil man. So, while I think there are problems with the Kony 2012 campaign, I am going to back it fully until the end. Up till now I didn’t think there was hope there would be one – but after today I do.

Rachael, Liverpool 8:32 pm, 7-Mar-2012

Those involved in the Charity still need money to live you fool! Most of them work on this full time and don't have time to earn another living!! Therefore would be homeless themselves and wouldn't be able to afford to fly to Africa to help people like Jacob, and buy the materials needed for filming- which is ESSENTIAL for raising awareness. If they had not spent any money on filming we wouldn't know anything about Kony. Flying backwards and forwards to Africa is extremely expensive and they dont have time for other jobs... so were do YOU suggest they get this funding from!?!?

Matt Weiner 8:36 pm, 7-Mar-2012

This article appears courtesy of Visible Children and is published with the approval of Grant Oyston.

Look 8:36 pm, 7-Mar-2012

It says the article appears courtesy of Visible Children.

Mazzaa 8:38 pm, 7-Mar-2012

It's hilarious how teenagers all over the world watch a 30 min clip on the ugandan crisis and think they are social activists.

Tom 8:42 pm, 7-Mar-2012

Brilliant article, although unfortunately it's more important for most the FB users on my friends list to be on the bandwagon of supporting it.

Ariana 8:46 pm, 7-Mar-2012

This article states that Invisible Children supports the Ugandan army. I can find no evidence of this anywhere, and one of the sources you cite states otherwise. If you could please provide me with some evidence showing Invisible Children's support of the Ugandan Army, it would be very much appreciated.

DrRic 8:50 pm, 7-Mar-2012

Did a paragraph fall off the front of this explaining just what the fuck it is I am reading about? Introducing the charity and this Kony fella in the first paragraph and then half explaining who one of them is doesn't really work. (Unless this was stolen from a website where the readers would be familiar with the issues, then it makes sense).

Ben 8:53 pm, 7-Mar-2012

im sure Kony's not that bad really..

bryan 8:54 pm, 7-Mar-2012

ur just making a rant seeking attention. trying to profit from this sudden hype, and hey look i fell for it by writing this comment

demitrious 8:56 pm, 7-Mar-2012

whoever wrote this article is a rape and kidnapping supporting pagan,i don't care where my money goes as long s it brings awareness and helps bring this murderer to justice.

Mike 8:57 pm, 7-Mar-2012

First of all, I am simply shocked that people need fucking facebook to be aware of the world's problem. KONY 2012 seems proud to promote this new trend as if it was something new. How about people start reading the fucking news for once in their lives. the LRA has been active for a long time now, and their actions have headlined across the world. KONY 2012 just seems like another one of those stupid initiatives that fucking idiots need to actually exist in this world. Go to Africa and try to solve it's problem, join a real and official organization who is actually working on solving real problems, not some phony group simply using the hype generated by facebook and the likes to get some sort of personal reassurance that they are helping the poor African children.

colin 8:57 pm, 7-Mar-2012

This is an extremely cynical slant on a movement striving to make the voices of the invisible heard. Frankly i'm proud that donations go toward making slick films and grabbing the attention of the sedated masses... KONY20012

nathan 8:58 pm, 7-Mar-2012

read the post guys it says This article appears courtesy of Visible Children and is published with the approval of Grant Oyston. thats why its copied and pasted. if the guys saved all the money they spent on the high production values in their videos and all the props they use they could have donated more than the measly %32 percent to the country they are "desperate to help" to vanessa if you believe that the ugandan soldiers have rapists and looters in their rank why would you support this campaign which aims to fund the ugandan army which helps spread aids. do some reasearch before ypu commit to a 30 minute video.

Ansaar Younis 8:58 pm, 7-Mar-2012

What the hell are you talking about?,

Ashley 8:59 pm, 7-Mar-2012

How f***ing dare you post this, I'd re-read those finances if I were you. Everything they are spending is for this cause, it's not a standard charity that provides for example meals - if this were the case then sure those ratios would be wacky. I'm absolutely disgusted you'd dare write this, there is obviously always going to be haters/neurotics out there. Take a look in the f**king mirror and delete this article off your site immediately.

Peter 9:01 pm, 7-Mar-2012

Can I suggest that after Kony is captured and handed to the International Criminal Court the founders of the Stop Kony and Kony 2012 start a new campaign so that the Usa and it's citizens, including mass murders like Henry Kissinger, can be brought to face the charges of mass murder and crimes against humanity and be proven innocent in the eyes of the world. until that day all else done by the USA in the field of human rights abuses stinks to high heavan of hypocrisy.

Calum, Barry 9:02 pm, 7-Mar-2012

It's a great organisation I've just bought the bracelet call me whatever. I've managed to organise a stop KONY day in my school. Being 15 I think it's a great achievement knowing you're helping people. People who write articles like this makes peoples effort seems minuscule and worthless.

Nicole 9:05 pm, 7-Mar-2012

Just for the record, this article did make me think and I did my own research and found the opposite to be true.  This article claims KONY 2012 exaggerates facts to win sympathy. The video states 30,000 kids have been abducted. The fact is he has abducted more than 66,000 kids and put over 2,000,000 people out of there homes, so if anything the opposite is true. Not trying to get in facebook war but what this article is saying about the video, same can be said for the article. So I big hunk of the proceeds go to making videos? We wouldn't be having this conversation with out those videos. And as far as disliking sending in an army, or army personal to capture a military leader, well the US government hasn't figured out a way to do that, nor has the author of the article so til someone has a better plan, I would guess its the best. I'm just glad no one said "doing nothing is sometimes better than doing something"  or that it was sometime of western superiorism when Hitler was around. The only reason Kony is not worse than Hitler is cause he doesn't have that kind of power... Yet

Ashley 9:06 pm, 7-Mar-2012

You say the founders of the organisation are doing a bad job because of their exaggeration and ill-spent finances.. But where would we be if they had not raised awareness!? You would not even know about Kony if it weren't for them.. You say they're not doing a good job because they exaggerated a few numbers, yet you write an entire article about how you're opposed to the organisation?? Now tell me whose doing a better job?? You?? by sitting criticising and writing crap on the internet?? or them? who have been working on this for years?! Putting in their own time, money and effort?? You're disgusting!

beth 9:09 pm, 7-Mar-2012

Completely agree with this article. The cause itself is brilliant to support. To support anything against war crimes and actions against Human Rights is so important. However, KONY 2012 has made me question more than it has 'turned' me. It has used social media to its advantage, which has proven successful as mainstream media ignores many stories, but with social media, comes very impressionable people. I think there is a danger of people being 'swept up in the moment'; not stopping without thinking of consequences. And though this may be a rather ignorant and small minded thing to say, but it has been on my mind the minute I finished watching the Invisible Children video and saw the support on facebook... Why has it taken this much to get the attention of my generation. Any time I have bought up the subject of Sri Lanka, prisoners in japan, anything which confronts similar issues to those of Kony, there has been little interest. I do not mean this to sound like Im complaining about not being heard, but it is simply an example of how these kind of issues have been ignored. The fact that people need to have these issues thrown in their faces through facebook to actually begin to listen, almost disheartens me. Unfortunately.

Jerome Watson 9:13 pm, 7-Mar-2012

As a human how could you ever not support this. Making this known is bigger then yourself, its bigger then the city you live in, and its bigger then the great country we live in. This is something we must talk about, and if you ever run a non-profit then you know that what they are doing with the money is perfect way to do it.

Steve 9:14 pm, 7-Mar-2012

Who are you to judge? Obviously this is bringing this issue to national attention and all you are doing is bashing it. Have some respect the fact that you took time and wrote this shitty article (Copy & pasted might I add) shows just what kind of person you are.

Jim 9:17 pm, 7-Mar-2012

Who gave this uneducated fool a job. You should be fired, everyone needs money to survive in this world of coarse part of their funding is going to salaries. The movie is what is making people aware of the crime so I think its far to say it was okay that they spend money to make a great short movie about the cause

James H. 9:22 pm, 7-Mar-2012

I wish there was a way of liking and posting online all of the wonderful responses AGAINST THIS ARTICLE. But alas, there is not! Instead I will say: Try and get a new article because I have seen this exact one about 50 other times! No matter what it says! Raising awareness is crucial in order for action to be taken, and last time I checked the more people know about KONY and his crimes, doesn't harm anyone else except KONY! The more people and maybe even governments (who are willing to help without mainly considering personal gain, because let us face it that is what governments do) are involved, THE BETTER!

Z 9:23 pm, 7-Mar-2012

It's nice to see the financial statement at all. I'm not an expert but I remember something about non-profit orgs not being required to disclose finances. I know donating to certain churches you're using blind faith that your contributions made it to the cause in any amount. Would an expert like to weigh in?

rjgh 9:27 pm, 7-Mar-2012

It’s pretty simple really, is 32% better than nothing, yes! How can they do any of what they are doing without money? Second, so be it if the Ugandan army have rapers and looters, i guarantee you that the British army, Us military any fighting force do as well! I am in no way saying its right, but what are people doing about it? This man has stolen over 30000 children, even if he has only taken 1 child that is wrong. What kind of inhuman piece of s**t would do anything like that. This charity gives people the opportunity to do something about this huge problem which they otherwise wouldn’t be able to. I am 100% in favour of what Kony2012 are doing, I have made my donation knowing that 68% of it may go to making a film, or sending people to Uganda or to protests but I think it’s right! Everyone is entitled to their view, this is mine!

Caitlin 9:28 pm, 7-Mar-2012

Yeah I was at su today in school and saw the video about kony I was shocked I hope I can help u stop him and it is great that we have barrack Obama helping us to stop him

ohsnap 9:29 pm, 7-Mar-2012

It's not about supporting an organization but about supporting a cause.Like you said, it's about Joseph Kony not Kony 2012.Raising awareness about this issue is important to educate people around the world who are oblivious to what is happening in any other place outside of where they are. Like it said in the video, it's a type of social experiment that will let us know how much humanity is willing to unite. I'm thankful to this organization for actually taking action about a cause I've always been passionate about and I support Kony 2012 because I believe it is going to work, one way or another, and because I would like to know what humanity is capable of on the positive side of things.

daniellescorpio 9:31 pm, 7-Mar-2012

You could complain about the salaries taken at any large charity. Are you saying that we shouldn't support Cancer Research and the like either because people take salaries from what they earn? If it weren't for all the people involved, no large charity would run.

Alexa 9:33 pm, 7-Mar-2012

If any of you read it properly, you would have read where it says that most of konys bodyguards are children. finding him, sending in us troops, thats what you all want because of what he did to children. And what about what they will have to do to the children acting as his bodyguards to get to him.... None of you can say that it is for the children when finding him is fighting against them and that the invisible children org support rapists and looters!

Jessica 9:36 pm, 7-Mar-2012

Vanessa Idika, congratulations on being awakened. But you've remained ignorant on the issue for years now. Maybe other people (that have been paying attention to world issues) have a decent grasp on the organization, the problems that have been going on for 20 years or so, and what the US has already done to try to solve the problem. Obama JUST sent 100 troops to Uganda in October. Does no one remember that? Does anyone remember how much of an uproar there was because he was deploying more troops? No one wanted it. Now that a moving film has gone viral, everyone is a well-informed good samaritan?

Angela 9:50 pm, 7-Mar-2012

your article is littered with fallacies. genetic fallacy, you criticize the Invisible Children organization but the organization has little to do with Kony and his crimes in Africa. Ignoratio elenchi (irrelevant conclusion, missing the point) is another fallacy you show. The point of the video is about Kony and his crimes and the call for US intervention. Your views on this should be pro or con US intervention with legitimate reasons against US intervention. your arguments miss the point entirely. Red Herring Fallacy: you are distracting from the topic of Kony by mentioning the Ugandan government and the pointlessness of video making and profile picture changing. Nirvana Fallacy: there is never a perfect solution therefore of course military intervention is not perfect. there are more fallacies but i'm gonna stop here. please learn to argument a point logically.

eleanor 9:57 pm, 7-Mar-2012

I agree that people need to know about Kony and he needs to be stopped, but your point about his army being predominantly children made a big impact on me. How are we supposed to fight children to save other children? That's not ethical.

Z 9:58 pm, 7-Mar-2012

note: overall rating is 3 out of 4 stars. consider this is an 'awareness group'. money is going to go toward production costs for awareness. not sure how this group is out of line with their mission statement. they DO need to have and independent audit to improve their rating but that seems to be the extent of their misdeeds.

ben dover 9:59 pm, 7-Mar-2012

trololololololololololololololol copy and paste.

Katie 10:05 pm, 7-Mar-2012

Let's put it this way, what are you gonna lose from it? A few dollars? A few hours? Is that really worth more than the life of even ONE child? You sir are a scrotum.

John 10:05 pm, 7-Mar-2012

"The Ugandan army is raping and looting." Have you ever been to Uganda because I have and that statement is far from the true. This isn't a single nation issue either, it's a Central African one. Go experience this first hand and actually see it through your own eyes before you make ridiculous assumptions.

Jssccssdy 10:09 pm, 7-Mar-2012

The reason that this generation has responded to this campaign is that they've made it clear how we can help. And we're actually able to. I don't have a hundred dollars to donate, but I can make people aware of this issue. And it's not just to "feel" like I'm helping someone somewhere in the long run, it's actually making the government and the people with more resources than me see how much we care. And I do care! And you do too, so stop complaining and actually do something about it, even if it's a small something.

Bilyboy 10:11 pm, 7-Mar-2012

I don't quite get the logic here myself... The way you fight a monster is....throw a global rave in his honor? Somehow I think convincing 1000s of people to get drunk while wearing shirts that say "Kony 2012!" is going to send the wrong message here.

ANay 10:14 pm, 7-Mar-2012

Oh what a fucking surprise, some idiot moaning about MONEY. I'm disgusted by this, think if it was your family, your children. Just because they're from Africa doesn't make them any less of a human than yourself. As for 'the white mans burden' I wish you'd switch places for just one day and see if your white arse could deal with it. You are a disgrace.

Your a retard 10:16 pm, 7-Mar-2012

This made me lol. I hope whoever wrote this goes to hell, cause they deserve too.

Thinkthis 10:21 pm, 7-Mar-2012

Films cost money, hoasting films cost money, paper costs money, flyers cost money, advertising, printing, shipping costs money and more so than 'the original author BTW' can relate to. Let alone the salaries of the people doing the work. Are they not for profit? Yes. Do they have to keep in the black to be able to operate? Dam right they do. As for raping and abducting, I'm pretty sure police/military all over the world do the same thing. We did in Vietnam. This is about awareness and the people taking charge from the government, our government, rather than the government taking charge from the people. So before you go off thinking this is wrong. Think again. Oh and, write your own article. ;)

Yohan 10:32 pm, 7-Mar-2012

...who are you and who do you think you are?

Levi 10:35 pm, 7-Mar-2012

Yes...let's all just stop supporting a cause because we don't agree with every facet of its approach. Let's not help these kids because we feel like there are better means. Let's help them but lets make them wait ANOTHER 20 years while we come up with a plan that doesn't involve military. How about we made Kody some cupcakes? Everyone likes cupcakes. Maybe if we make him some cupcakes he will stop kidnapping children, raping them, and then forcing them to fight as child soldiers. I am sure that would work...right? Or we could stop be naysayers and support what is primarily a campaign for public awareness. If you don't like the invisible children's approach, then fine, don't give them money. But if you don't like their approach whats wrong with making Kony a household name? How better to bring him to the forefront in order to actually have a plan be put into action to deal with him than to make him famous?

Alex 10:37 pm, 7-Mar-2012

It's articles like the above that stop anyone from trying to do good. What's the point?

Not Happy 10:40 pm, 7-Mar-2012

I find this very interesting that they are calling for support to help out here when not even a week ago in Africa (Libya) children around the same age as the ones in this film were filmed smashing and destroying allied soldiers graves! Now I do feel sorry for these people for what they are going through and I don't think anyone should have to live like that but we have been there and helped and shed our blood on their soil and look at the appreciation they show? I'm sorry but I would rather pledge money to have our boys graves re-built or brought back home!

Kirsty Smerecky 10:40 pm, 7-Mar-2012

How can people not support this campain. At the end of the day how would you feel if your child was taken by this monster...used for sex or made to be a child soldier. It's not right, if u read about a drunk driver in the paper that hit a child you would want them why do some of you feel it's right to sit back and do nothing about this monster of a human being. It's easy for us to preach...but if u saw what happens in the face of it all maybe it would hit home!!!!! we can make a difference, if the people that believe in humanity stand up. and for those of you who don't believe in standing up...I just hope to god your children never get taken from you, because there is no worse feeling I can be sure of that!!!!!

Grahame 10:41 pm, 7-Mar-2012

Well its a unaminous feedback decision. Whoever wrote this articlt is a bigot,a racist and maybe belongs to a neo-nazi movement. Who cares where some money goes, who cares who started what or whi is or isnt to blame, children arent to blame, children are the innocent ones and they need saving now. Its inhumane to allow this to go on and its even more inhumane to find a negative in an organisation trying to help these poor abused children.

Britt 10:41 pm, 7-Mar-2012

Sometimes all it takes is 30 minutes to help someone become inspired! And one of the reasons why so many people do nothing.. is because of the people like you who tell them off for trying to do something other than just sitting on their asses. It's people like you who have to try to find the wrong in everything who cause this world to remain the way it is! I hope you feel real good about yourself when people are dying in Uganda.. and people look the other way after reading something stupid like this!

Nick. Yamba. NSW. Australia. 10:43 pm, 7-Mar-2012

Grant Oyston is a young bloke at Uni. Not badly put for a young bloke Grant.... How about we do a little bit of extra forward thinking and planning here and maybe we can kill two birds with the one stone? Grant, why don't we support them knocking this d1ckhead off and then get Innocent Children to turn on the rapists and murderers in the Ugandan Army.....Won't they be looking for another cause after they dispose of the rubbish at hand???? Innocent Children agree with you that there is a lot of scum right through the Ugandan Military. Cheers. Nick

Nick. Yamba. NSW. Australia. 10:46 pm, 7-Mar-2012

Whoops... I meant "Invisible Children" Nick.

Taby 10:48 pm, 7-Mar-2012

If you knew this was happening and you are very knowledgeable why didn't you do something? At least he's or they are doing something... Do something give them your advice! We look at the flaws study our ass off and don't do a thing? Why the knowledge? why have hands, eyes, legs even a heart? If you won't do anything to stop a crime? Get in touch with them and be involved!

B3nn089 10:52 pm, 7-Mar-2012

Well it must be working because it got you all talking :)

JT 10:52 pm, 7-Mar-2012

Definitely an interesting response to the Kony 2012 campaign. Personally I could care less about the fact that they spend much of their case making films - without that this movement would have gone nowhere so it certainly makes some sense to raise awareness and place the cause in the formidable position it now is. I don't have a great answer to the fact that people are going to die to get rid of Kony nor the fact that many Ugandan soldiers are rapists and criminals themselves. Having grown up in Africa this is unfortunately a reality of the continent in general and is something that is sadly endemic in a great deal of Africa's conflicts and military's (on both sides of the fence) - it is probably far more difficult to eradicate than a single person like Kony. Are these factors worth the ultimate goal of eradicating Kony's horrible acts towards harmless children and civilians that continue to happen year after my opinion yes - a sad reality but ultimately a necessary one. I support the movement because Kony is genuinely a a terrible human being that has committed atrocious acts over the decades (albeit he is only one of many other African power mongers). In his case though this is very clear. One thing i do find interesting, however, is how this social media campaign is going to spread and ultimately play out with other "bad people" (asking for their demise), particularly in cases where we start condemning people who we know nothing about and their actions are far less clear cut than Kony's - not to say that will happen but definitely food for thought. Amazing how social media is shaping our world.

Shivaun Huggard 10:54 pm, 7-Mar-2012

It's not just about Kony, it is much more than that. It is giving ordinary people a voice against all the evil and corruption in the world.

vegasrobert 10:55 pm, 7-Mar-2012

There is nothing wrong with their Finances! They are very open about WHO they are! They are NOT a "feed the children" charity where the dollars all go there. Their mission is to honest, to raise awareness, and they execute it accordingly. ANON on the wrong side here!

Joe 10:58 pm, 7-Mar-2012

Solution: Nuke the country=no more child abductions or rape! =D

Emily 11:00 pm, 7-Mar-2012

Does no one notice it says who originally wrote this....? Or what is says in the top of this article? ..You people are way too butthurt, and honestly seem pretty stupid. He's giving his opinion on this, and if you all really cared, you would be doing more than talking and spreading pictures around about "kony".....

Patrick 11:08 pm, 7-Mar-2012

Although I can accept that what it says may very well be true and maybe the charity isn't as perfect as people believe (although clearly there is much debate about this from the comments below), I still it is quite clear that raising awareness of this man and these atrocities is probably one of the most effective ways of combating this issue, and a uniform campaign like 'Kony 2012' is undoubtedly the best way to do that. Nothing would ever get done if people tried to raise awareness on their own without some sort of leading body driving the campaign like 'Invisible Children'.

Erin 11:10 pm, 7-Mar-2012

so what your saying is as long as a "truly evil" man is only doing it a little and they are not suffering as much as invisible children says then its ok and really we should do nothing? imo we should be raising awareness about trolls like you! I didnt know about josheph kony before last night, its not that I'm stupid or selfish, I just have my own concerns and time closer to home. imo the IC are not asking for too much they are concerned that the US will pull the troops if they see the ppl losing interest in the project of finding kony. imo I dont see anything wrong with portraying kony as the extreme bloody monster he is!!! you should be ashamed of yourself for standing against even part of the IC's effort if you think you can do a better job then them GO DO IT!!! dont sit a bash them thats pathetic! they are doing something and not everyone may agree with them but who are we to judge at least they are doing something!

Dumb ass with no heart 11:11 pm, 7-Mar-2012

Dumb Ass!! You're thinking about money. I don't give a Damn about it. How can they move and do good deeds without everyone's support. You go to hell! Maybe you're like them, selfish and manipulative, who only thinKs about yourself. One day someone will take your kids and use them as sex slave as sort of worst things then see how will you react and feel about it. When it does, I won't support you not even a penny, dumb Ass with no heart!!!

Edd 11:13 pm, 7-Mar-2012

Kony2012 ftw!!! I'm behind it completely!!!

Tiffany 11:14 pm, 7-Mar-2012

You do realise whoever wrote this and copied this is actually making Kony 2012 more famous, which is a good thing but, contradicts what they are trying to say here. Kony 2012 are only trying to do something good and that should be done with or without support.

John Magee 11:15 pm, 7-Mar-2012

I think as caring people and as thinking people we should not be afraid of debate and criticism. Invisible Children runs a program called the Teacher Exchange Program. I have been a teacher in this program and have been to Gulu in 2007,2008,2009, 2010, and this year. We also have brought Ugandan teachers to US for past three years. We raise our own money to go over there, and our expenses are covered by these donations. I think there is more direct support going to Ugandan students, then the number in the article maintains. I feel as a teacher, I am giving value to Ugandan students and Ugandan teachers with my presence there. I also receive from their kindness and their intelligence much more from the Ugandans then I give. I have heard the stories of the Ugandans and they are happy that we are there, and most of all happy that there story is being shared. Even if IC's tactics and films are flawed ( a premise that I am not accepting, but conceding for the sake of this point), they are getting young people in America to care about the world around them. They are getting young people to get informed about our shared planet. And I have seen the opportunity that is being provided by the payment of school fees, the mentoring of these young people, and the new building and new labs that are being built. As Teddy Roosevelt said years ago, "The credit belongs to the man who is in the arena." IC is in Gulu making a difference. Just ask Ronald, Samuel, Simon, Alonyo Grace, etc. I have many specific examples. you can read more at Oteka John Magee

Simple 11:17 pm, 7-Mar-2012

Kony has been kidnapping children for over 26 years, and yes i can almost see the point in this article. However, Having soliders of miltary rape and looting happens in every military not just the ones in Uganda. Kony 2012 is for the children its for the justice that they deserve. I think next time you post an article i think you should understand every detail or atleast be able to see the full picture here. This article is just rude and wants to bash on a golbal cause. Grow up

Daniel Johnson 11:24 pm, 7-Mar-2012

In every country where people are starving to death there is food being grown for export to western markets where eating is a past time activity and waste is totally acceptable. Resources are being taken from those countries and the profits go to western businesses for next to no royalties. Western countries only provide "aid" and "support" in an effort to keep it that way. Somewhere in Africa, a man is making a film that will raise awareness about why some U.S. & U.K. leaders should also face war crimes charges. Kony may be a war criminal, but he's far closer to a hero than the people who made the KONY 2012 video.

Tony 11:25 pm, 7-Mar-2012

For those that didnt read it all. "This article appears courtesy of Visible Children and is published with the approval of Grant Oyston." - Credit was given And the writer of the article has a valid point. People on social media websites are making the situation about "KONY 2012" rather than Kony himself. No doubt that he is an evil and disgusting man, but when an organization claims to be doing everything they can while only 32% of the profits go to their cause, I and others are annoyed. The intentions behind the Kony movement are incredible and something to really be inspired by, but unfortunately there is an unsettling truth behind the good deeds that are done. -Raise Awareness, Stop Kony.

Hannah 11:29 pm, 7-Mar-2012

Without spending money for the videos this cause would not be as well known as it is now. Even charities like the British Heart Foundation and Children In Need have to spend some money on advertising, staff salaries and travel. Another point in this copied article is that the failed efforts have only been met with increased brutality.Yeah this is bad but giving up still doesn't STOP it and what if this idea DOES work? Lets look at it this way and in small scale, say there is no 'Kony 2012' he kills 10 people every year from now til he dies, lets say in 15 years and every two years the African army fail to stop him and for that year he kills 20 in that year. Would mean 200 people would be killed. In real numbers that would be about 2,400,000. But if 'Kony 2012' DOES work then it will save a lot of lives. On the other hand, maybe it won't work but it is worth a try. Not only may it help catch him but it will teach the young generation, MY generation that no matter what happens, they'll always have their own opinion and 'voice'. If they WANT to spread a message they feel is important, they CAN! Even a little differences have an impact.

Seriously People 11:35 pm, 7-Mar-2012

I think America should just focus on our own country and worry about our own problems before we should worry about a different countries problems. America is NOT the worlds protector. All these stupid campaigns are just a way for the government to distract everyday people from what we should actually be worrying about. All the people who commented above need to take their heads out of their asses and think for themselves at least once in their lives.

Up yours 11:44 pm, 7-Mar-2012

of course the money is going towards posters and media. did you not watch the video? and of course some is going to pay employees. we cant all work for free. to rip on an organization that is going something good you have to be one sorry a$$ wipe. go pull up the records for good will and red cross. youll see that they also spend money on advertisements and salaries for the better of our communities. Awarness is always the key. Even Susan G Koman for the cure uses key chains, stickers and other items to gain peoples interest. No interest no awarness that there is a problem. If you have a better idea how about you start something that will change the world better than they are.

Mamma 11:46 pm, 7-Mar-2012

Hey MIke! Fuck You! I heard about Kony 2012 via Facebook! You didn't? Does that make you better than me? Fuck no! Who cares where you heard it from! What's Important is what you do with the information. when you get it.

bah 11:47 pm, 7-Mar-2012

Most of the comments would make me lose faith in humanity, that is, if I had any faith in humanity in the first place. For example: "This made me lol. I hope whoever wrote this goes to hell, cause they deserve too." "whoever wrote this article is a rape and kidnapping supporting pagan,i don't care where my money goes as long s it brings awareness and helps bring this murderer to justice." etc. Wonder how many are from Invisible Children staff themselves.

Adam 11:47 pm, 7-Mar-2012

Read their financials. They were independently audit by accounting firm Considine and Considine from San Diego. As for the 32% going to direct services... that doesn't mean anything. The money spent on salaries and overhead is still going toward the cause. You just pulled that number out so people would think that meant they only give 32% to the cause. They ARE The Cause. The money they spend is helping through awareness. I can however respect that some people may take issue with their proposed means of intervention. But I say find him and kill him. So I'm cool with it.

Des 11:50 pm, 7-Mar-2012

wow who ever wrote this has NO heart at alll ! i mean the 32% is at least going for the kids the other percent is for making awareness . Using facebook is a great idea. i believe that the thousands of users on there can make a difference at least. There giving out awareness by talking about it on fb. Its letting teenagers have a voice because we DO care. We need to change the world! so were starting with him. The top of the worst criminal murder investigation . But any man who uses kids to kill is no man at all. My case close. Im 14 and i understand and IS helping the situation . So why cant you ? My case close.

george 11:50 pm, 7-Mar-2012

All of you people saying "America sent soldiers over there blah blah blah" are stupid. Go watch the video. America sent 100 ADVISORS. Over there. NON COMBAT MEMBERS OF THE MILITARY. ADVISORS. To ADVISE to how to catch this guy. 100. That's it. 100 people to ADVISE. Calm down, and stop being so ignorant.

BenDover 11:50 pm, 7-Mar-2012

Honestly, whether you support the Kony 2012 movement or not and you voice your opinion, you're doing exactly what they want you to do. They want Kony famous and you're not exactly making it difficult... You're basically supporting them. :)

Ryder 11:52 pm, 7-Mar-2012

Invisible Children was a small time not-for-proft organization up until this video. The message is to spread awareness of Joseph Kony and the problems in Africa. There is no money in that; to earn a decent living, to advertise their campaign and to be able to travel the money had to come from somewhere. 32% doesn't sound like much but that was all they were able to give to get to where they are today. Invisible Children has done what they needed to do to get to the positon that they are currently in. They now have the money and awareness to actually make a difference. These are good people with a good cause, so get off their back's already

Jess 11:55 pm, 7-Mar-2012

I fully agree!!!!!!!!

Beck 11:59 pm, 7-Mar-2012

Who cares about the money?! If that's what it's taking to get it done. No one else is doing anything about it so I see no problem with this. It might start a revolution in the world

Alisha(supporter) 11:59 pm, 7-Mar-2012

In my opinion how exactly can one exagerate what is going on! How can you exagerate rape and death and children being abducted. In short you cannot exagerate these terms because theyre simply BAD anyway!!! An exageration of these things would be if he was kissing the girls but people called that rape. Its simple the people who dont support something that the rest of the WORLD is trying to fix then youre completely selfish and oblivious to what is going on out and the truth of just how bad it is.

REALLY???? 12:04 am, 8-Mar-2012

Sometimes something is worth than nothing? Could someone please explain how this campaign could possibly make this situation worse. Seems to me that they have already reached hell on earth.

JayAnna 12:05 am, 8-Mar-2012

I completely disagree, the fact that this person is trying to generate negative opinions on KONY 2012 is just wrong, not to mention how blunt they try to be. When a good cause comes up, individuals ALWAYS have something negative to say. Just TRY to make a change instead, make yourself useful in the least way!

mendota 12:08 am, 8-Mar-2012

this is not cool! I believe that to get somewhere it takes effort & determination. Of course they need $, of course they need people's help. Of course they need awareness &might exaggerate alittle . SO WHAT! everything is for a good cause!!!!!

tom 12:08 am, 8-Mar-2012

The Kony 2012 campaign does over simplify things, I mean lets be honest a lot of Central Africa is a big mess, and of course one internet campaign/organisation/arrest isn't going to fix things. But who says that only intellectuals who study the history of Uganda are the only ones who should be aware? The video was pretty up front about the fact that it was explaining things in a way a five year old could understand, and it did a pretty good job. No one's going to share a video that just presents the hopelessness of a situation, because people don't like feeling like crap. That's why if you really want people to pay attention, you have to give them something that they can do to help.

VallientHmsf 12:10 am, 8-Mar-2012

90% of the hostility to the is article make no reference to or defends IC's record of 32% direct funding. Most "awareness" charities are absolutely abysmal but 32%??? Insurance companies are lambasted over 78-82% direct spending... And they are the most hated outfits in America.

Leora Conway 12:10 am, 8-Mar-2012

Nicole, spot on with your comment! The numbers are underestimated in the film and after discussing this with 2 professors of African studies in a very well known institution this morning, I was reassured that the situation is actually far worse than what is portrayed. To those harping on the money aspect, those who choose to donate are not being robbed of their money and should know full well that charities have expenses. A campaign of this sort relies heavily on it's marketing, hence travel and media will be a major expense and a huge chunk of the donations will be spent on it. It shouldn't come as a surprise, or something horrific - it should be welcomed that others are joining in on the endeavor and that finally for the first time in history something that is important to the people is being taken seriously by our own government.

Nurse 12:10 am, 8-Mar-2012

All I can see in my mind is Jacob, the child from Uganda on the video, saying he would rather be dead than suffer through this atrocity. He would probably give his life for his people. He watched his brother be murdered by these fools. I hope you hear his cries in your sleep!

Britt 12:10 am, 8-Mar-2012

To the person that made the comment about how he'll have to hurt the body guard children in order to stop him.. obviously you don't understand life and how it works.. Because what you're saying pretty much suggests that this should just be allowed to go on so that those few body guards don't get hurt.. Well as horrible as it is to say.. it is better to sacrifice the few who stand in the way.. in order to save millions of lives! If everyone thought the way that you did then people like hitler would never have been stopped.. because some of his people had to die in order to stop him! It's life.. it is dirty.. and horrible.. but sometimes things happen.. You just have to pray that it will get better

donna 12:10 am, 8-Mar-2012

Not that bad, that's what they said about Hittler.

Chad 12:11 am, 8-Mar-2012

For those stating this is a copy and paste article should shut up.. Of course it is and to whom it was written by us clearly stated by the "written by:" portion. So we all know who are those who are barely aware of the situation in Africa from the 30 minute kony video. I also agree with the article but before any bashing starts re read it and understand what the purpose I the article is.. It's an article based on NOT supporting IC. That is all. It doesn't state anywhere that they do not support the cause of what's happening in Africa.. So before you post hate comments and bash on this article, just know everyone is entitled to there own opinion.. And for anyone to hate on this simple opinion on IC would just make them self look like a fool putting in there own opinion to bash on this making them no better than who wrote this. Support the cause. There are a Ton of organizations who have put in there efforts to helping the people of Africa.

Jow 12:14 am, 8-Mar-2012

The level of ignorance in the comments is surprising. Anyone who actually had done their research properly i.e actually found out where their money would go, would see the article is factually correct, as backed up by Foreign Affairs magazine. Kony was evil in 1987 when he rose to prominence, don't you lot go acting as if we're suddenly enlightened because of the 2006 documentary by Invisible Children.

Jay 12:22 am, 8-Mar-2012

I don't think the author of this is implying that Kony DOES NOT NEED TO BE STOPPED, but rather highlighting the complexities of the issues at hand. I applaud those who are able to highlight injustices and atrocities globally, but the author is also correct in saying the Ugandan military has it's own internal serious problems, which includes crimes against humanity. Kony 2012 has acknowledged that because Kony surrounds himself by brainwashed (and dangerously unpredictable) grown up kidnapped children (who are undoubtedly VICTIMS THEMSELVES), sending in military (foreign or otherwise) is extremely problematic as it places those who have been exploited in serious harm's way. What to do???? I however, feel any organisation should have absolute transparency in actions and finances. I'm not suggesting for a minute that this is the case here, but charities started by individuals with good intentions and aspirations, often are supplanted by those whose motives are unfortunately more self serving. I'm sure Kony 2012 are above such matters and would gladly show where donations are being spent, because the founder appears to be fairly open. I found it disturbing that locally, a young man in Australia suggested on fb that maybe this is not as simplistic as it is presented by Kony 2012, has now been outed in the most heinous of ways. His photos have been circulated; he has had threats of the most sinister of natures and is being villified. These from those who are supposedly against cruelty and evil AND I assumed, to stand up for freedom of person and speech.

Stayce 12:23 am, 8-Mar-2012

Like my boss used to say to me about my staff.... if you don't have a solution don't come to me with your problems. You seem to think that no solution is better than some solution but you have NO answers. Nothing to offer the people who have a heart and want to do something. Step aside my friend and quitely keep to yourself your problem with this solution until you can come up with a halfway decent solution yourself. Really! Who are you?

nick 12:27 am, 8-Mar-2012

you are a total fucking asshole. nothing more needs to be said

Phil 12:31 am, 8-Mar-2012

Very weak argument against supporting this group. Without awareness this crap will continue and grow. They need military support to stop this group.

Freddie 12:32 am, 8-Mar-2012

It doesn't matter that the statistics are maybe a bit out, this is still happening. What's wrong with money going towards movie making? I only heard about this cause from such films. Make Kony famous, the charities behind the cause won't matter if he is.

Mika 12:34 am, 8-Mar-2012

To be honest, I don't find it joyful that IC support military and not everything it does I agree with. But I DEFINITIVELY support Kony 2012 because there is NOTHING ELSE that is bring attention or coverage for the issue. No one else is even bothering to remind the world of these crimes. I find it heart-breaking to simply sit in our seats and let that bastard roam free, forgotten by the world. Even if IC does have some controversy, they are the only group that has brought enough light and coverage on Kony and his crimes. If people are so annoyed by Kony 2012, then START SOMETHING. Sitting in our chairs and forgetting Kony exists WON'T solve the issue either! The purpose of KONY 2012 is not raising money for the military in Uganda, (yes, some money raised might not go where its suppose to) the the point of this movement is to remind the world that this evil creature needs to be caught. I find nothing wrong with that.

Sam 12:41 am, 8-Mar-2012

I hate this viral facebook hooray for us and social networking bullshit. 97% of the people don't really give a shit and will forget about this in a couple weeks. This shit has been going on for decades and few gave a shit. You see this on tv with save the children ads all the time and people don't give a fuck. Remember Rawanda and Somalia? Again people don't give a fuck. Unless you want a large american force to occupy Centeral Africa for the next 40 years nothing will be solved. People like Kony will always exsist their.People cheer hooray if americans give them weapons, but will go up in arms if they hear that russia is suplying arms. Gah, this just frusterates me that people overnight from a simple video just think they can solve africa's problems.

Brad Niblett 12:42 am, 8-Mar-2012

It is funny that people can complain about a non-profit organization about their SPENDING, but the taxes we have to pay to government supporting people on the doll because they are too lazy to go work, taxes that are been spent on keeping people in prison, taxes been spent on money being handed over to politicians for personal leisure forget the actual work involved etc. People complain that money is being spent for a non-profit organization that is going towards salaries, videos and transportation. The film, KONY2012 would not have been able to be produced if they didn’t travel to Uganda to show you what its like there now you Tell me, are you going to work for any organization, company or corporation for free? Are you going to work for free when you have a family to feed, to look after and to put a roof over their head? Do you complain what CEO’s are giving themselves as salaries or even better yet politicians – as per the metro today in London their “exceptional salary is £789K and yet they are cutting educational and health budget down!! These people that complain about the spending of these organizations and how they spend, what do they spend their money on?? At the end of the day people have a choice to spend what they want and when they want. It is not up to us to criticize or judge other people. Lets put these people into a non-profit organization situation and let them not get any salary nor travel nor anything and see how they perceive it now or even better do their job for free and still make a impact to see these evil people come to justice. You and I both know that they wouldn’t do anything without a salary. Most non-profit organizations are doing good are they not? Better yet they are bringing the younger generation together to unite. If you feel convicted then help if you don’t feel convicted don’t but don’t tell other people what to do with their money they don’t tell you what to do with yours!!

Hannah 12:43 am, 8-Mar-2012

KONY 2012 did not ask for military intervention, plus this campaign is to make the whole world realise that whilst they're complaining about their lives this evil man is sending children that he has forced to work with him to kill their own parents and Joseph Kony's evil group he has is brutally mutilating children!Yes you can say all that and I'm not telling you not too, I'm simply saying that the campaign is to make Kony known, to make him known all over the world! You said yourself that he isn't in Uganda anymore. The world can make a difference but if we find a fault in these campaigns then how is Kony ever going to be found and put away for these malicious crimes!

Karin 12:43 am, 8-Mar-2012

At least they're doing something! What are you doing, apart from criticising?

Sleepy 12:51 am, 8-Mar-2012

I actually clicked on that link to Charity Navigator which I'll post below and IDK where you're getting your numbers but 80.5% of their expenses go toward the actual goals of the organization. Less than 20% goes towards administrative expenses, salaries, and fundraising. Furthermore, the CEO pays himself a whopping 88k per year. Big deal. In California, nurses make more money than him.

Cashman 12:51 am, 8-Mar-2012

Edmund Burke once said that "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing" StopKony

ggggggg 12:55 am, 8-Mar-2012

wow I'm reading these comments and it seems like either you people don't get it or you just rushed thru the article. You're probably the same people that thought wearing LIVESTRONG bracelets was going to make a difference, or you probably think PETA is such a great organization. Aaaah...I love how charity turns into a trend! Only in America.

Caitlin 1:01 am, 8-Mar-2012

Jump off his sac. This is his opinion. It's how he feels. Just like the majority want to hang and pass out "propaganda" (a better word should've been used as propaganda makes me think solely of the Hitler Youth) to get people involved. That video was meant simply to make everyone feel like shit for living in a country that has the ability to help the less fortunate. It's a little idiotic to help a less fortunate country, however, when we have a responsibility to the Americans that suffer from problems here. And helping out weaker nations hasn't proved successful for us thus far~

Sante 1:06 am, 8-Mar-2012

We understand his army are children and it's unfortunate that some will be harmed in the capture of Kony, but without a select few being harmed, this monster will continue to terrorise thousands more children. It HAS to stop

Chelsea 1:09 am, 8-Mar-2012

The reason they have to spend so much money on their movies is because the media around the world isn't making anyone aware of the situation. If this situation was on the news every day, they would have no need to make them! Regardless of how "safe" Uganda is now, and regardless of how many abductions are occurring right now, this man still needs to be punished. The fact that things in Uganda have gotten a little better should not be a reason to stop talking about it and give up, it should be a reason to persist, until justice is served.

Bob 1:10 am, 8-Mar-2012

I cant really do anything to stop kony, yet i can do lots to stop important issues in my own country and community. So why is kony 2012 trying to get the attention of people on the other side of the world? $$$. Over $250,00 went to the founders of invisible children in july 2011, just think how much money they are making from this media explosion. If you really do care about this fairly irrelevant problem, donate to other charities, ones that support ugandan people (rather than arm them) and actually give most of the money to the cause. If you simply want to make the world a better place then please look closer to home and get involved in issues you can actually make a difference in. Leave kony to the polititians, make a difference where it matters.

Heber Butt 1:16 am, 8-Mar-2012

you guys suck the life out of this incredible achievement. Lets get this bastard and allow these beautiful people to live a decent life. Who gives a shit about how much money they take in as long as we end this murderers reign of terror. It's people like you , the negative side of this wonderful idea, that need to be shut down. If you consider all the monies we spend on crap and electronics and toys, and compare it to what this cause represents, there is no comparison. Get a life and stop your negativity , and use you own organization to further this noble and worthwhile cause. You are no better than he is, for trying to shoot this down.

vm 1:17 am, 8-Mar-2012

Every time a child laughs, an adult gets his wings. Pity the doubters. Naysayers are only ruled by fear. Remember Cambodia. Look to Tibet. Stand up for Truth. Kony must go.

Chris 1:18 am, 8-Mar-2012

Yes invisible children use 68% of the donations they receive into film making, technologies and salaries. What's wrong with that? You seem to be missing the point of this whole's to spread the word and build awareness because the underlying issue is that because no one knows about joseph kony nothing is being done to stop him. If invisible children reversed their funds and spent 68% on direct services then this article wouldn't even exist, no one would be talking about it because they wouldn't of had enough money for filming, salaries, transport etc which is obviously what was needed to produce such a successful viral campaign! Their goal is to create a viral video to build awareness which will hopefully put pressure on the governments (never forget that we as the people make the government) to take this joseph kony rebel seriously and put more resources to stop him.

Darren 1:20 am, 8-Mar-2012

So if the Uganda army is so brutal, how come if you google search it you don't get any other hits for it? Also, it's not like that's the only thing the group is supporting, they support the U.S troops too. Also, at least someone is doing something about it.

Daniel 1:26 am, 8-Mar-2012

If you idiots who keep saying "copy and paste" much read the last line he says - "This article appears courtesy of Visible Children and is published with the approval of Grant Oyston."

Kacey 1:30 am, 8-Mar-2012

Grant Oyston = idiot. Why don't you stop and have a think about some of the things you write before you go and post it to the world. Seriously, dumb people like you make me crazy!

Daniel 1:31 am, 8-Mar-2012

I agree with this article. Always two sides to any story

Carly 1:53 am, 8-Mar-2012

Seriously, if Invisible Children is profiting off of spreading awareness paying for their hired activist I am okay with that. Everyone needs to make a living, and in this modern world it is hard to find people who will go out and support a cause out of the goodness of their hearts. I know that the LRA has long been brutalizing and abducting child soldiers, but we all know how ignorant this world is. I support Kony 2012 because they found a way to connect with people in this modern world. All of this hype is exactly what will bring about change! So seriously, stop hating on how its being handled unless you yourself wanna go and make a difference on your own.

Alex 1:57 am, 8-Mar-2012

The thing about this program that is the most unsettling to me is the fact that they have so many resources and tools, yet they are not living up to their full potential. In other words they could be doing much more good and could have a much bigger impact if they worried less about creating an image of a "movement". They have created this image of a "movement" which has manipulated people into feeling the need to contribute as means of getting rid of their own guilt. Nonetheless, I do believe that any improvement, no matter the size, is worthwhile and "good", so I really can't justify opposing this campaign. I just wish that they would use their resources in a more effective manner.

Pace 1:58 am, 8-Mar-2012

In response to: LJG 7 March 2012 at 19:39 What does it matter who said it first? The point is valid and needs to be spread to stop as many impressionable idiots as possible sparing just a few dollars a month to fund slick movies and African jollies and solving none of the countrys problems. The best analogy I heard, it’s like everyone outside of the US only now finding out about 9/11 and rushing to help Like if everyone outside the US heard of 9/11 only now and rushed to help? As far as I know 9/11, as drastic as it was, its iin the past, and did anybody ever stop until they got Bin Laden killed 10 years later (that's if it was him)? This is happening now and it has been happening for longer than 10 years...

Charlotte 2:01 am, 8-Mar-2012

I understand your concerns, obviously the means to end this awful regime are less than satisfactory. But the regime itself is far worse. You say kony 2012 is a bad thing and yet it has brought awareness to the world, not just the US, about the atrocity. The film has created this awareness, and wow have you seen how it has spread. Unfortunatly I sense a touch of jealously of the authors of these sorts of articles as IC have been one step ahead of the game in terms of marketing a feat that i am sure they will never acheive. All charities have to make you feel an affinity with the project as 90% of people wouldn't give. Humans don't want to give away their hard earned cash to someone they don't know, but if they feel they do they will. The guys at IC have been very clever and used tools big corporations like Coca Cola, Apple, Abercrombie & Fitch etc have been using for years, but here is the plus side they are using it for a positive message. I pity you as you obviously don't have a nice bone in your body. You are also ridiculously naive in thinking that IC is the only charity that has big wages, I have worked for a charity and I can tell you from experience best way to create awareness and raise as much money as possible is to run it like a business. It is small minded people like you that has helped create the dont help your neighbour society. For once the world is coming together and uniting on something that is positive, I'm just sorry for you that you won't feel a part of that. Finally the joke is on you, as someone else stated you don't like the idea of Kony 2012 and don't think it should have awareness and yet you copy a blog that opposes it for the world to see; isn't that counter-productive for your 'cause'?

Oshen 2:02 am, 8-Mar-2012

You guys are being so judgemental. Its in a foreign Country and we, ourselves cannot do much about it. Signing the pledges, buying the products and whatever else isnt going to do much. If he had being doing it for so many years and it was as bad as people are making it out to be I'm sure something would have been done by now.

WC 2:05 am, 8-Mar-2012

The desired effect is taking place - conversation, argument, opinion = awareness!

mark 2:07 am, 8-Mar-2012

Your comments have validity but why dont you have a solution, you're typical, criticize but have no other option. If you dont have an alternate solution shut up!!

Taylor 2:11 am, 8-Mar-2012

It doesn't matter if the person that wrote this article copied and pasted. All that matters is that Joseph Kony is being exposed. Go to to learn more about Joseph and the 300,000 kids he has abused and treated horribly. He deserves to become famous, to have everyone know just WHO he is. He has done more than horrible things to these poor kids, called the Invisible Children. Everyone deserves to know who he is and that's what the plan is. It's more than just another news story or problem that won't get resolved. It's something that could be life changing, especially for the African kids that have had to go through this. Go to the website and learn more about it. PLEASE.

lesley 2:30 am, 8-Mar-2012

one of the trademarks of this generation is Web 2.0 social networking and Facebook, and an organization is simply trying to use those things as the ultimate weapon for peace, rather than channels for trashy pictures of beer pong. And all you can do is shoot that down? What are you doing to reshape society? Jeez, use your energy more wisely, people.

Jeannette Lamontagne 2:34 am, 8-Mar-2012

Let me tell you what happened this evening. My grandaughter was able to pull her grandfather away from the TV, me away from reading a fluffy novel to watch the TRI video on YouTube. We were very motivated after the film, bought 100 posters, kits, bracelets and my grandaughter wants to speak before her Social Studies class tomorrow and encourage her entire school to make posters for the April 20th publicity blast condemning Joseph Kony and bringing him to the attention of the American public. Kony is Number One on the hit list for worldwide dictators! Getting rid of him is a much more noble cause than pursuing our oil interests in the middle east!!!!

P 2:35 am, 8-Mar-2012

Critical thinking is not a crime. There is nothing wrong with considering both sides of an argument and reaching a considered conclusion. There is no reason to damn the author of this piece for raising questions. Just carry on with what you believe in---or refute with additional facts and reasonable arguments.

Nathanael 2:38 am, 8-Mar-2012

The author of that article is terribly naive, even as he claims to be exposing the naivety of Kony 2012 supporters. 1 - 30% of aid to Invisible Children going to the children themselves is not dishonest, in fact, that 30% is somewhat beside the actual goal of the group, which is to raise awareness, to make the INVISIBLE CHILDREN into VISIBLE CHILDREN. You do that with cameras, not aid, sorry. ‎2 - The claims that Kony has submitted to peace talks before even being used in that article as damning military intervention shows the downright bias within the article. None of the "peace talks" have ever succeded, there's strong evidence that the only reason "peace talks" ever happened in the first place was to get people off his back while he gears up for another round of mass murder. And to the best of my knowledge, "peace talks" aren't what you do to people who routinely mass muder/mutilate children. No, "peace talks" aren't what comes to mind at all. The very idea that insisting on further "peace talks" with this man is somehow the moral high ground is so aloof and ridiculous it makes me wonder whether the author wrote this article in satire. 3 - Empowering the nations own military, faulted as it may be, to remove this man from the world, is exactly the right way to go, for the exact reason the article claims it's not, and that is, when external forces intervene independently in a conflict, unless they're planning on staying there forever, there is a sudden vaccum of power when they are removed, often throwing an unstable nation into total turmoil. Even if the military of this nation is corrupt, at least there will likely be a higher chance of some kind of order and stability than the country falling into a state of "most-brutal-warlord-takes-all" civil war. 4 - With arguments as tragically non-existent as I've mentioned above, I do not believe for a second that any of those reasons are what led the author to oppose Kony 2012. I believe the real reason comes right out in paragraph 5 where he boils it down to him fearing that this is all back to "white man's burden", white guilt about oppressing the poor black man. My, my, if there were an Olympic event called "missing the fucking point", this guy could take gold easily. The message, repeated over and over by the makers of these films, is that ANYWHERE that such unimaginable atrocities are being committed, humanity as a whole, the entire globe, only recently empowered with the ability to independently do so without major media or government intervention, thanks to the internet, should band together to do anything and everything they can to make it stop. This point, about how we have only recently gained this ability, as well as the idea that we should use this new ability anywhere it is so desperately needed, is stressed throughout the beginning, and end of the most recent film I watched earlier today. 5 - Cynicism is a healthy and positive trait, but not taken to this extreme. If the world is somehow made worse by Kony finally being captured, then that, while sad, is a chance I and millions of others are willing to take. Comparing this to other failed and entirely corrupt acts of global interventionism is totally and completely out of place. We're not looking for hypothetical WMDs. We're trying to catch the guy who WE HAVE SEEN murder, mutilate, torture and burn thousands of children, and we will do it any way we can find.

Tim Major 2:42 am, 8-Mar-2012

It is good for awareness, but I hope people have the sense to go about making their own researches. There is much more than meets the eye. I find this interesting too

Philip Lee 2:46 am, 8-Mar-2012

Like the article said Invisible Children is cunning in capturing the attention of the audience. I bet 90% of the people who watched Kony 2012 hopped onto the cause of the ONE, almost too perfectly portrayed, testimony of a boy named Jacob. IC's appeal to emotion based on that 2 minute scene is what sucked all of us in. Not REALLY what is going in Uganda, but that ONE kid. That alone has got us saying "SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY NOW"

CJSS 2:49 am, 8-Mar-2012

There is no need for people to get so uptight about this artical if you dont like it then ignore it. It is up for people to be able to read what they want and take what they want from it. After reading this you should be able to see two points of view, this doesnt mean that either of them are right but it does mean that you can chose witch you wish to belive. There is no need to get irate and start wishing people to hell for broadcasting there views, what makes your view right and anothers wrong. I dont think for one second that anyone is saying this guy is good and i think you will be hard pressed to find anyone with a sole who does. I am not saying that you shouldnt support Kony 2012 but i can see the logic of this artical and although i dont know enough about this hole case maybe some more though might need to go in to how Kony is dealt with. Unfortinatly what ever approach is taken it will never be the right one and there will always be people who will be up in arms in disgrace. Frankly if this guy is taken down it will be a result.

Salohlee 2:53 am, 8-Mar-2012

So, lemmie get this right...if i dont support the children I'm a horrible fucker. If i just figured out Kony exists, I'm an ignorant fucker. If i dont support Kony,2012 and am skeptical...I'm an ignorant, horrible fucker. I dunno...seems like any way you look at it we are all fuckers..look down the street in your neighborhood. How many children are living sick, ignorant, hungry, and abused? I see them everyday. I work in public health.

c 3:09 am, 8-Mar-2012

You sir are a douche.

Juliette 3:13 am, 8-Mar-2012

I'm pretty sure they've made more money to be proactive in building schools and helping rescue children with the tv production than without. They've made a huge difference so far. And if they had to spend more money on campaign and video production to come up with the money to fight against Kony, I am perfectly fine with that.

Aline 3:17 am, 8-Mar-2012

I read your article and I think that your should quote other people than only your sabotage magazine, I mean... If YOU have said so in the past, you cannot quote yourself now to give you more validity... Anyway, you are right we should think for a moment before embarking our troops to Uganda if they were to take military action, but they are there as ADVISORS... You got it all wrong NOT ACTION... ADVISORS.... let me say it again ADVISE as talking, as observing, as thinking, as using training for advise.... then your whole argument is NOTHING.

Jonathan Harline 3:18 am, 8-Mar-2012 ^these guys should hire Invisible Children to do their advertising. Then some real work could get done. But really, the momentum to include everyone and all governments in this effort is so great it'll probably get the job done. I mean, in bringing the guy to justice, not killing him.

R.H. 3:19 am, 8-Mar-2012

The whole problem here is the same problem with the u.s. government.. everyone has to be one sided all the time and so.many people have no capability to be objective and look at both sides of the coin. The fact is, is that this man is evil and if he were to abduct YOUR child and made them kill or a sex slave; you would be prepared to do everything in your power to put an end to it. You would ask everyone in the world with means to help, to support you. You couldn't work so you would need a salary.. 100% of the money that isn't needed to sustain the charity is put toward helping end Kony. I say this with confidence because anyone willing to devote their life to this cause isn't doing it to get rich..they want ultimately ...peace. Isn't that what we all want? If you don't you should look inside yourself and find out why you are miserable and deal with your issue..rather than try to squash the efforts of good people trying to help other people in this cruel world we live in today. The writer of this article thanks Invisible Children I'm sure.. for if not for them he wouldn't have had an interesting a subject to write about on this day.. so that he can have a decent paycheck. How much of which is given to a charitable cause I would love to know. If one person..ESPECIALLY a helpless innocent pure loving child.. is harmed, the entire world should stand up for them. Rather than it taking thousands of children being harmed for one person to stand up. THAT is the problem with humanity as a whole. God bless the writer of this so he may be forgiven and find peace within himself. Support the children.

keith 3:20 am, 8-Mar-2012

this is OUR world and we live in it, so we should make it better for everyone!!

Dianna 3:26 am, 8-Mar-2012

Before anyone jumps on me for commenting this, I'm going to say that this is all my own opinion, everyone is entitled to their own opinions, blahblahblah. 1. I don't know about the validity of the statements about Invisible Children's misuse of funds, but I DO know, that it should not come as a shock that travel will cost the organization thousands. Just imagine travelling back and forth on plane like that? They have to take care of their staff members, someone going to Africa for recreational purposes has to get at least 8-10 shots. They want to take good care of their staff, what good will it do us if they get sick or they quit because Invisible Children is too cheap to pay for these things? And, also, the government doesn't have any way to track how these non-profit organizations use their money, this has been a issue for quite some time. I'm sure not every penny we donate to the animal shelter, Red Cross, Salvation Army, etc. is used on the cause that they support, that doesn't make the organization corrupt. Each of these support groups have to find a way to keep themselves going. 2. The exaggeration of facts and figures is nothing new. The news does it, politicians do it, newspapers, magazines, EVERYONE. Why? It's because we (not just Americans, everyone as a whole) have become immune to the truth. We need the macabre to keep us interested. We love the gory details, we romanticize it, we let it tug at our hearts. As Flannery O'Connor once said, "I use the grotesque the way I do because people are deaf and dumb and need help to see and hear." 3. It would be absolutely inappropriate for the U.S. to march in their, guns ablaze, and try to take down Kony. We need the Ugandan army, because, this is their own country. A little reminiscent of Iraq... What if we just stormed into Uganda, guns ablaze? We don't have to start a war, we just want to see justice brought to these children. That is why, as they said in the video, the U.S. has sent over military advisers. They are there to train the Ugandan army, and offer as much help and advice on capturing Kony as possible. If their military really is as corrupt as you say, then hopefully the U.S. advisers can reform them. Teach them what the pride of a soldier really is. Hopefully, after this whole ordeal, after the Ugandan army has been able to take down Kony, THEY will be able to stand for themselves, without the U.S. meddling. Which is what this movement is aiming at. It would be easy for us to just go in, kill Kony, and leave. But, then, another warlord is going to take advantage of this power vacuum and do the SAME thing. The best thing for us to do is to lend a helping hand, nothing more, nothing less. 4. Also, as you saw in the video, the mind of a child is very pliable, you can convince them to believe almost anything. Look how quickly he got his son to understand that Kony is a bad guy. Kony is doing the same to his child soldiers, he tells them lies and turns them against other humans. They become these savage beasts, who will maim and kill whoever Kony tells them to. No child should have to go through that. These are children! Human beings! It doesn't matter if it's "only" a couple thousand dead in Uganda, versus the Darfur. A life is a life, just because there are larger issues out there it should undermine the DEATHS OF CHILDREN. I'm going to end my rant here, because I could go on all day.

Erica 3:29 am, 8-Mar-2012

This article is probably the most ignorant, bias and self contradicting piece if "work" I have read. First clue is the title " why I'm opposed to the campaign." This whole article is based off of someones opinion! Key to writing a article, make sure your stats are accurate instead of using different percentages each time a new one is written. :) stop being a selfish person and help someone else out for a change! There is nothing wrong with trying to help out these poor children who are being forced to murder other people including their own parents and also turning them into sex slaves! What would you want to happen if it was your little boy or girl that was forced into this?? Think about that for a minute.. Americans have everything at their fingertips and it's time we put them to use and help out people who need it. Even if they aren't an American!

Dianna 3:32 am, 8-Mar-2012

My last note, it's easy for us, spoiled Americans, to sit back and say, "This movement is useless, it's not accomplishing anything, we'll just be killing more children in any attempts to kill Kony." or "Focus on the bigger tragedies in the world!" But, that's because none of us can really imagine the fear these people are feeling. It made my heart hurt when I heard that boy talking about how it would be better to be dead than living in his country. What does a person have to do to deserve feeling like that? Even if this Kony2012 plan doesn't fall through, we have shoved this issue in the faces of thousands of people, they are aware now. And, even if only about half of them remember this in a month, at least THEY can help.

Aron 3:42 am, 8-Mar-2012

Invisible Children is far from perfect. On that we can all agree. Joseph Kony is a horrible man. On that we can all agree. What I have to disagree with though, are many of the critiques this article launches against Kony 2012. First, Kony 2012 is primarily about awareness. While action isn't necessarily better than no action, no action is possible until people know what is going on. Beyond that let's look at the specifics. The first critique is that IC has fiscal problems. This is true, but that doesn't mean that their goals aren't good ones. Furthermore, cross-apply what I said about awareness. Making people aware doesn't really correspond to a lack of transparency within IC. In addition, it is easy to cite someone saying they distort facts; it'd be more persuasive if you could indicate which facts in the Kony 2012 video were wrong. But if their flaw is that they make an evil more seem more evil, I think that doesn't undermine the rest of their credibility. The majority of the remaining part of the article is operating under the assumption that the Kony 2012 campaign is advocating that we simply continue the status quo of the UPDF. First, rape,etc. are horrid I agree, but "Human rights activists agree, however, that the abuses of the LRA are far worse than those of Uganda’s security forces." Second, Kony 2012 advocates keeping the US advisers there, and 100 elite members in one of, if not the best military in the world would be able to come up with a strategy which didn't involve killing children. Finally, despite being now a much smaller organization, " One person has been killed, 17 abducted and 3000 displaced in 20 attacks in Orientale province in north-eastern Congo this year." The LRA quite clearly still needs to be stopped. Ultimately, my problem with this article is the phrase "people supporting KONY 2012 probably don’t realize they’re supporting the Ugandan military who are themselves raping and looting away." For an article criticizing misrepresentation of the facts, this sure seems to be a startling hypocrisy.

Michael 3:56 am, 8-Mar-2012

Previously, Oyston, who now spends his time updating his Facebook profile about how famous he's becoming, stated on his blog: "The article below is deliberately mischievous with its presentation, and to a degree I am playing devil’s advocate." Once that statement started to be quoted with frequency on the comments section of articles about him, HE EDITED THAT STATEMENT TO BE LESS SELF-DAMNING. His criticisms are of "Kony2012" are exaggerations and blanket statements. For example, Invisible Children is mentioned only ONCE in the article that he uses to condemn their work, the context of which is in a larger list of organizations that are working against Kony. The FA piece then makes a generalized statement about ALL the organizations exaggerating the numbers of children Kony has kidnapped and forced to kill. No numbers or direct accusations are made in terms of how large scale the exaggerations are or by what measure Invisible Children is guilty of doing so. Thanks to the work of the media and ignorant kneejerk reactionaries, Oyston is now getting his time in the spot light in the hopes of overshadowing Kony2012. And why shouldn't he? He's done absolutely nothing for children who've been kidnapped or murdered by Kony and has single handedly crapped on a hardworking organization that has. What's more worthy of being in the spotlight than that?

alex 3:58 am, 8-Mar-2012

This guy has been killing for over 30 years because lack of awarness and it has become a tragedy. This is a movment that needs to get going. I dont care if the foundation is using most of the charitys for salaries or movies, they are doing more then anyone has done so far. And for not having awarness this has lasted 30 years and thousands of kids have died. If your kids throat was cut and he was killed. You would be embracing this movment.

dave 3:59 am, 8-Mar-2012

WOW, there are a lot of stupid comments here generally missing the point. Kony and LRA are one aspect of a much larger more complicated regional political situation that I doubt anyone here has any real idea about. Why isnt this a campaign for greater regional stability (for which stopping Kony would do next to nothing)? Oh is it because you are only interested in a simplistic, black and white, hollywood stop the bad guy save the day narrative crafted by IC? Actually finding out about the insanely complex regional poltical situation and that stopping Kony would do little or nothing to help wider matters and save lives doesnt really fit in. If Kony was captured, you be happy with yourselves and then forget about it. Go read the full article by Foreign Affairs linked to in the text.

TKe 4:13 am, 8-Mar-2012

Now is not the time for this mindless bollshite. Children's lives are at stake.

- 4:27 am, 8-Mar-2012

In all honesty, most of you sound like complete idiots who didn't even read this article very carefully at all. The thing that gets to me the most about all of this is that everyone seems to care so much now after one video. This has been going on for decades and no one was interested in doing something about it until now? Whether you were aware of who Kony was or not, we have been educated about the injustice going on for a very long time and now that such a hype surrounds the Kony 2012 campaign everyone has decided to get involved and try to make a difference? And another thing, I bet the majority of you don't care about the injustice going on in other countries such as Syria, Iran or North Korea. Or even the injustice going on in YOUR countries. You all need to get off your high horses and stop acting so ignorant. A lot of you have successfully made yourself look like an absolute moron. Yes, being aware of the mistreatment of these people is a good thing. Yes, wanting to help and support them is a good thing. Yes, wanting to finally stop Kony is a very good thing. But slamming another person for their opinion of such a campaign when they seem to have done a lot more research into it than most of you have is absurd. Open your mind before your mouth.

kyli 4:28 am, 8-Mar-2012

Why doesn't anyone care about the homeless children in the U.S? are they just suppose to suffer while we help other countries kids. Children's shelters are being shut down because of over capacity, and no one cares

kyli 4:30 am, 8-Mar-2012

What about our soldiers who have died? If any of yall have military family you know you don't want them going to a different country and digging there nose into stuff that doesnt involve us.

Kaatiew 4:40 am, 8-Mar-2012

To mazzaa: maybe us teenagers are reposting/sharing/tweeting and everything is because we are teenagers. Not all of us have money to donate. So we do what we know best: spread the word.

You're streets behind 4:41 am, 8-Mar-2012

My argument would be "something is better than nothing." Their strongest argument against that is actually, "something isn't always better than nothing, sometimes its worse," to which I would respond, "just because you say that, doesn't make this one of those times." It is true that putting up a poster or changing your profile picture doesn't stop the bad guys; however public opinion, specifically when it is voiced, gets the ball rolling. People call their congressman, sign petitions, make their voice heard, and our political representatives have to listen. Now since we have the local governments support, and are in fact supporting them, the best solution I think would be to send in a Marine sniper team, or maybe Seal Team 6 in and snipe that jerk before anyone else has to get hurt. As for the crimes that the Ugandan military are committing, I don't think we are held accountable for those crimes, I think the Ugandan military leaders are, and they should punish them according a code of military justice. So while only 1/3 of the money is going directly to the military action, the rest is going to support the staff helping public awareness, which in turn keeps the US military support in the area. So in a way, the money really is going to the military effort to stop Kony the child killer.

acw 4:46 am, 8-Mar-2012

What's interesting is that this article is relying on the same techniques of rhetoric to draw it's supporters as the IC...only executing rhetorical techniques much more poorly. The "facts" cited intentionally leave out important details (like that even not-for-profit charities must pay at least some of their employees). It doesn't matter how many children he killed or raped (or had killed or raped), if it was just ONE in America, this article wouldn't even exist. THAT is white privilege.

Alicia 4:49 am, 8-Mar-2012

You obviously do not know what this is about. They need money to damn well survive. I have much more to say but I am withdrawing it for your feelings sake.. It looks like you have had enough. Damn hipster mentality.

ignorance 4:57 am, 8-Mar-2012

why dont you all go to the actual charity website??? ITS NOT 32 PERCENT. ITS 80. haters gonna hate.

Deb Morgan 4:58 am, 8-Mar-2012 I'm not sure if anyone has posted this yet, but here is a detailed response from Invisible Children regarding critiques of the campaign for those interested.

Hannah 4:58 am, 8-Mar-2012

reading through, i was concerned about the spending percentage, and appalled at the rape and looting reports. but everything else just made me upset. the part where he said that the campaign hints at the white man's burden was just not okay. who ever said it was a burden, who ever said the people helping had to be white? it's awful that this turned racial in any way. why shouldn't we help children who are being abducted and forced to kill, no matter what race we are, no matter what race they are? i was also mad about the way he claimed KONY 2012 exaggerated Kony's crimes. i don't care if they exaggerated it. he's still a huge evil, and he's forcing kids to kill. honestly, what's a little exaggeration if they get word out about this man who is just as evil whether he has done this to thousands or millions. maybe instead of criticizing invisible children, we should write THEM as well asking if they will get something done about the rape and looting as well. as for the spending? i realize its not ideal for only a percentage to go to their cause, but the more people that know, the more money that will be given to that cause.

Lauren Thompson 5:13 am, 8-Mar-2012

I so very much disagree with this article. do your research about what IC is really about, and about the history of the conflict and about who the LRA are..

Maxdiel Robles Tortello 5:16 am, 8-Mar-2012

Here is the response to the IC negative feedback

ChrisBrown 5:21 am, 8-Mar-2012

Heri R. 5:22 am, 8-Mar-2012

Hi Grant, Great points. I wrote a blog post here with additional facts: 1. Most political leaders in Uganda do not want the US to come 2. and perhaps the fact that oil was discovered in Uganda in 2011, so everyone wants in. The US gov have realized too late how heavily the Chinese are in the area and in the rest of Africa so that they can get their hands on the natural resources. It's a very sad state of affairs. The US gov don't probably want to miss out entirely on what the Chinese are already enjoying. They're already providing strategic advice to the Ugandan Army and it stated the same week a top general in the Chinese army visited Uganada to try and make sure they win the oil contract. Coincidence? I think not.

Joe Mack 5:35 am, 8-Mar-2012

let me start by saying that if it werent for the #KONY 2012 video i wouldnt have had my eyes opened to this problem. i literally cried the fist time i watched the viral video, admittedly i have a soft spot for an suffering child, most do. i am not on facebook or twitter. i stumbled upon the video after seeing #KONY 2012 for the 1000th time on a YoutTube video comment on very unrelated #KONY 2012 videos. finally i gave in. My first thought was i need to do whatever i can for the #KONY 2012 cause. But i am very neutral in all my beliefs so before i gave in i had to play devils advocate and i sought after articles like this one. Not only have i read a lot of articles like this one but i have also read almost all of the comments. the #KONY 2012 movement has a genuine cause but it is understating the problem and giving the wrong solution. I personally believe anyone who takes away a child’s innocence deserves to die, but im american. we are brought up to cherish our young, like the video focus’s on. The Answer………… forgiveness. i stumbled upon some great videos on YouTube by journeyman pictures. There are 3-4 videos that i found that all are 20 min long all on the subject of issues with central African youth, terrorism, and military. They are just as moving as the Invisible Child videos. But what i took away from them was far different. the majority of the Africans that were interviewed were preaching forgiveness. that it was the way to fix the entire problem. at first i didn’t understand how anyone could forgive Joseph Kony, but hear me out. The man that inspired me the most appeared in 2 of the videos. He is a priest. His daughter committed suicide after she was rapped and tortured by members of the LRA. Then years later his wife was killed by a LRA land mine. If his story is true, he truly has seen and suffered from an evil that i can never understand. Since his wife died his mission has been to preach peace and forgiveness. He hopes with them(peace and forgiveness) he can help others to never go through what he had to go through. and it makes sense. 2 things come into play for me….. 1. the Ugandan government has already granted amnesty to anyone who defects from the LRA. and 2. Joseph Kony uses children as his defense. it is estimates that 90% of the LRA have been abducted and forced to obey. So why should they be punished for wanting to survive??? any force that goes after him will probably have to kill kids to get to him. even though i despise this man and i would love to read a headline that he is dead…. i couldn’t kill 1 child to get to him in order to arrest or assassinate him. nor would i be able to ask anyone or expect anyone to be able to do that. by killing or arresting Joseph Kony you are trying to fix evil with evil. Invisible Child/#Kony 2012 movement had the right idea by exposing everyone to the injustice but they forgot to leave their american ideals out. If peace is their mission why arent they preaching it? i personally think they are telling the people how to fix the problem and not asking them how they would like it to be fixed.

Heather 5:37 am, 8-Mar-2012

It is extremely disappointed to see the lack Of understanding in finances required to run a non for profit organization such as this. This organization runs schools to teach this children those teachers are part of their operating expenses along with the maintenance and deprecation of the buildings. This is not part of there "charitable" donations. Please educate yourself before you post things like this. It makes our generation look pathetic and uneducated.

Cappy 5:37 am, 8-Mar-2012

My god, look at all the idiots flocking in to hate on an article with the same basic "OH MY GOD HOW DARE YOU SAY THIS!? THIS MOVEMENT IS A WONDERFUL THING AND YOU ARE THE DEVIL FOR EVEN POSTING THIS" response. God damn people stop being so thick headed and actually try to understand that all he is saying is that this may not be the best option, and even if you still dont agree dont make yourself look like an idiot (although that is VERY hard for some of you) God I hate the world and the people I live with sometimes.

Danni 5:44 am, 8-Mar-2012

You people need to educate your selves. Yes the idea behind this is great. But funding a war to save children by going to war with children is wrong. Putting a deadline on this is unsafe and unwise. This has been going on for a long time and there have been many failed attempts to stop this from continuing. It is a complicated situation. You ask what i would do if it was my child that this happened to? I would be angry, but I would not send in troops to kill yours or someone elses child to get to the man responsible. The Uganda Military and government also used child solders and rape a loot . So giving the lesser of two evils a mass amount of money and weapon is a good thing? I think not . I love that so many people are feeling passionate about this and the idea of it is right, but always ask questions ! Please donate but research whom the best are and whom actually uses that money help not just talk about helping ...

Ida 5:45 am, 8-Mar-2012

What a shame, it is clear that once again people are so busy on where and how the money is spend....if you have ever run an organization, company with goals and objectives, YES majority of your cost will be spent on administration in order to execute those goals in an organized and stratigic look at the cause not the is clear the changes and funds are being allocated to schools, education, training, health...what do you think works....give them 8M and say here we have raised 8M now rebuild...??? This is a country with little knowledge and technology...this is about sharing what we know...and organizing something of that nature does take structure and that costs money...long term pay of YES....all the excuses people find in order to now help are increable and selfish and once again, lets just sit on our ass and not worry about it, because its not in your backyard...that is what we are known for and reading some of these comments...does not look like people are willing to make a difference, they are to busy judging where the money is different..if you don't want to donate money ask how you can help, but don't sit their and critisize someone who is doing something about it and to knock down his cause because you want to know why the entire money is not going direct...guess what is going direct to the cause!...Read a book on business and achieve goals...and maybe you may get it and stop being a critic about % of monies...if you can

Martin 5:54 am, 8-Mar-2012

What it matter is to make these joseph knony a public figure that's the main of these campaign and instead of talking nonsense you should be supporting it ! maybe not all the 100% of donation goes to the camping but how do you think that they are gonna afford to do all of this? i mean how do you afford to fly to Africa back and ford?!

Jay P. 5:55 am, 8-Mar-2012

"If you want to post about Joseph Kony’s crimes on Facebook, go ahead. But let’s keep it about Joseph Kony, not KONY 2012." Because of Kony 2012, I now actually care about finding out more about Joseph Kony AND posting about him.

Rex 5:56 am, 8-Mar-2012

You fucking white people live in a tiny shell and need some other white a$$hole to tell you what to do read the fucking news,learn inform yourself stop being so ignorant you are not better then any other fucking country this is not new we have suffer for more then 26 years

Anonymous 5:56 am, 8-Mar-2012

"This article appears courtesy of Visible Children and is published with the approval of Grant Oyston." Did anyone even catch that before commenting?

Stupid media 6:04 am, 8-Mar-2012

I have only 1 thing to say ... If you critic a good cause like this... It means that you are a narrow minded person, you believe that the world will never change and you just don't care about anything else beside your own little world! So pathetic!!! If you don't support the movement or don't agree with the way they manage the donations... Just shut the fuck up and stay out of it!!! By criticizing their actions, it makes you look like you're against their movement and in a way, wish that everyone will stop supporting this cause and let Kony continue doing what he does best which are..., kill, steal and hide!!! I cant believe I wasted my time reading this article.... I hate these self proclaim journalist who try to convince everyone they are right...

Ray G. 6:07 am, 8-Mar-2012

Hitler vs. The Jews......Kony vs. Children....enough said..I SUPPORT KONY 2012

Bailey Cox 6:23 am, 8-Mar-2012

For clarification please check out Invisible Children's official statement here:

Reality 6:23 am, 8-Mar-2012,democrate, black,white,old or young...we look at and take things serious if the look good and are polished... Right? So a little more had to go into to the production of the 30 min awareness piece... I would not have lasted 30 min...but I did ... I never would have known... I'm college educated and consider myself relatively intelligent... Never would have known. If we want to look at salaries...Why is it that the public servants of America make more than myself and my parents combined... It takes money to make money, or in their case raise awareness! Job well done... Social media is where it's at!

Reality 6:28 am, 8-Mar-2012

Oh and about this 32% crap... Where are the facts...# of employees , operating expenses... ... For those in business it's not cut and dry... It takes money!

josh hughes 6:47 am, 8-Mar-2012

I love that the claim that there is no external audit is backed up by providing a copy of the external audit as proof that the external audit didn't exist. My only explanation for this is that the TARDIS has fallen into enemy hands....

Herone 6:47 am, 8-Mar-2012

People are talking about this issue and that in itself makes the Kony 2012 Campaign an undisputable success. In the world we live in there are people that do things and people that observe, what kind of person are you?

Matt C 6:51 am, 8-Mar-2012

I wonder if I should get my information from "Sabotage Times", one of a thousand mock-news corporations, an article written by a college student, above ads for other classic texts such as "My daughter is made of cabbage" and "8 great songs about big beautiful women"...The facts presented here are not original, not researched, poorly written, and most likely piggy-backed on a trending issue to raise awareness for the writer of this article as opposed to any substantial discussion involving Invisible Children. This is not a credible site, plain and simple. So please stop acting like you are Anderson Cooper. This is a serious matter that deserves serious attention. In fact, you are doing more harm than good, so it would be better if you were as inactive as most Americans (unfortunately).

Sara 6:53 am, 8-Mar-2012

Invisible Children’s financial statements are online for everyone to see. Financial statements from the last 5 years, including our 990, are available at The organization spent 80.46% on our programs that further our three fold mission, 16.24% on administration and management costs and 3.22% on direct fundraising in FY2011. Invisible Children is independently audited every year and in full compliance with our 501 c 3 status. Below is a screen-shot from pages 35 and 36 of the 2011 Invisible Children annual report that detail our total expenses for Fiscal Year 2011. An expense statement by class is the way nonprofits present their expenses to the public because it’s the clearest way to show the purpose of different organizational expenses vs. a line item expense statement such as the one on Page 6 of our Audited Financial Report. RE: CHARITY NAVIGATOR RATING Charity Navigator gives our Programs its highest rating of 4 stars. Our Accountability and Transparency score is currently at 2 stars due primarily to the single fact that Invisible Children does not have 5 independent voting members on our board of directors--we currently have 4. We are in the process of interviewing potential board members, and we will add an additional independent member this year in order to regain our 4-star rating by 2013. We have been independently audited by Considine and Considine, since the fiscal year end of June 30, 2006 and all of our audits have resulted in unqualified opinions on the audit reports.

xxxadult23 7:04 am, 8-Mar-2012

Kony 2012 is crazying an inspiring... if you havent seen it check it out here...

Dan 7:07 am, 8-Mar-2012

I honestly dont think the campaign will work. Its been going on for more than 30-40 years and nobodys done anything. What changes in a single video? And its not just Uganda. Most of Africa is already at war wirh itself. Have we not learned anything from Rambo?

Bella 7:07 am, 8-Mar-2012

You know what real propaganda is? Its advertisements- your magazines, your billboards, your television, your obsessions with fashion and looks and ipads and the latest 'must have'. We are a generation which is So Immensely caught up in worrying about ourselves and our image that we are oblivious to the real world. I am 25years old and i have never ever ever heard of Kony. I have never seen him on the news, never read about him in a magazine? Never read about him in a newspaper?? How can we know these issues without someone to tell us? Seing the Kony2012 video made me believe in one thing- that if we can all work as one- we can make real changes. Forget about whos the worse bad guy and the other problems in the world for now- and think of it this way: someone has made the world aware of an issue which was in the shadows. If we can all make this ONE change- then how many more can we make?? Yes there are hundreds of wordly issues to be solved, but u have to start with just one. Talking about a hundred issues and doing nothing is ignorance. Talk all you want, but im backing the person who is Actually doing something about it- doing something about what he believes in. It is too often we all complain and sit and watch from our safe distance. Go back to our jobs, our lives, and just forget.

Jeremy 7:08 am, 8-Mar-2012

I just thought I should say first of all to those of you who just tell the author to go to hell and die and that hes a neo nazi racist maybe you should take a momment and see how stupid it makes you look. Also whether you admit it or not this article does bring up a few valid points for example when you look at this problem you must see what could go wrong for example he might not get captured and then he might trigger a mass slaughter as he has done in the past. Raising awareness is great thing but you gotta understand people have been trying to stop him you just realised it yesterday maybe now youll pay attention to news so problems could be fixed a little faster. Kony is bad and I really want him to be caught but hes one of many and you have to understand stopping him will involve things like killing children who dont know better supporting a few crazy people in the Ugandan military. All I'm sayin is look closer before you start calling people nazi's for giving an opinion (who's the bigger Nazi?)

Chester Copperpot 7:10 am, 8-Mar-2012

If the very least a video like this does is wake people up to the truth about the evils of this world we live in, that's a good thing. There is something more serious in the news today than the release of the new iPad. Not everyone who watches this video will respond to a call to action. But if your only response is to pessimistically scoff at anyone who is touched by learning of such events, then you need to notice the degree to which your own heart has become desensitized. If the only result this video has is simply causing people to consider their own mortality that's a good thing. I sincerely hope it will cause people to pray and seek God. That through prayer, not only bring and end to this injustice, but also seek the answers to the questions a realization like learning of this brutality can arise. But any light that can be shinned on the wicked is a good thing. Sure, not everyone will call their congressman, but don't think your doing a good service by sitting on the sidelines and mocking. You call your congressman, you donate, then you can tell everyone how they aren't making the effort.

Arlinda Mati 7:11 am, 8-Mar-2012

I am glad too this issue went viral as I had read articles on it. Invisible Children needs to make its spending public/transparent and clarify the writer of this article.

Brett 7:15 am, 8-Mar-2012

you know about 2000 years ago a guy got up to making a difference in the world and he was killed. his name was Jesus. same thing happened to ghandi, and to martin luther king. my point being for anyone who ever chooses to take a stand for anything there will always be those who will appose you. it takes a man, or women of of true integrity to honor a life committed to making a difference no matter what people say. about who you are, how you do it and the result you get from it. I dont think that the people involved in the business end of this charity are really in it for the money. they are in it to make a difference. i support this campaign. say what you will.

joe 7:16 am, 8-Mar-2012

Ashley, sweetie, organization is spelled with a Z not a S..

john 7:17 am, 8-Mar-2012

This kony 2012 shit is war propaganda.besides the obvious points this guy has made. are clearly those of any person who thinks before letting his emotions get ahead of them, This has to do with oil discovered in uganda in early october of 2011.

Poise 7:23 am, 8-Mar-2012

Unless you have a solution of some sort or an alternative DO NOT post this stuff. If they spend so much money on making film to capture the attention of viewers like you and me. And I mean who the hell can blame them??? The media has made us into people that only listen to certain things because we get bored so easily. People may not decide to give donations but they can do something because they are AWARE!!! They are not forcing us to make any sort of donation, that is not their first request. I mean, come on you know what good and evil is, if you don't like his way then don't fucking do it, but don't post crap like this.

The Mommy Psychologist 7:25 am, 8-Mar-2012

Was I the only mom who was disturbed by the narrator's discussions of a "bad man who kidnaps children and makes them kill people" that he had with his four year old son? This just seems really inappropriate. Check out all of my thoughts about it on

joey rule 7:32 am, 8-Mar-2012

the fact is, whether or not you agree with the invisible children group, the people of uganda do support them and want military intervention to free the children that have been abducted.

Mr Tim 7:35 am, 8-Mar-2012

He's not saying kony is a good bloke for fucks sake! Some people need to get off their high horses...And of course the kony2012 campaign is a very well intentioned initiative (as has been pointed out several million times). But I think he's right that any military intervention (in any country in the world ever) is an extremely complex business and people should at least try and equip themselves with more than one knowledge base before signing up to a cause. It's absolutely right that a man like kony must be stopped. But im sure there are way more practical issues that need to be considered than can be conveyed in a 30 minute YouTube video, or a status update on Facebook

Nick 7:37 am, 8-Mar-2012

Thought this when I first saw the Kony vid. These guys are expert at mobilising people. It is all manipulation and propaganda, but that is (sadly) the only way to get a mass response to anything. They have taken the problem, and broken off one piece of it, and are focused on fixing that one piece (Kony). I am sure they are aware that when they nail the guy there are a shit load of problems that won't go away - not least the army of gun totting children that are completely desensitised to murder and torture, how easy will it be to reintegrate these kids in to schools etc!? I agree that sometimes something is worse than nothing, but in this instance I would suggest that the world coming together can change things for the better, one problem at a time..

Ty 7:38 am, 8-Mar-2012

How can you be hating on a thing like Kony 2012 ? There is no negatives to what they are doing, I'm sure all those child soldiers would think your doing the right thing by making this blog thing ( just kidding they d probably shoot you

Felicia 7:47 am, 8-Mar-2012

Wow...strong feelings and opinions in these comments. I support KONY 2012 and I also welcome the opinions of those who disagree with it. I never read just one side of the story, it's good to hear someone elses perspective even if they do not agree with you and it makes you angry. Thanks for the article, even though I do not agree.

George 7:50 am, 8-Mar-2012

I personally think that this organization has done some good egardless of salaries they have raised awareness on Kony and the LRA do your own research on Kony and he has done these crimes plus others including cannibalism, personally I greatly support this group and I am helping to spread the word to make Kony famous which is the true message behind the Invisible Children and make a huge humantarian change for the world that will be seen by even god as a great effort to try to stop kony

Cdn 7:55 am, 8-Mar-2012

I agree with other commenters asking for better citation of the claims in this article. Definitely some food for thought, but I would like to see corroborating evidence on the claims about IC's affiliation with the Ugandan military, and the Ugandan military's illegal activities.

Amy Elliott 7:58 am, 8-Mar-2012

Charities are not black and white, there is always a controversial issue and sometimes things have to be done that they or we do not like. I wouldn't be surprised if they did acquaint the Ugandan military to stay in the country. Invisible children need them for security, protection and a way in. Do you honestly think that they would support the Ugandan military in unlawful acts when they want to bring down a man for doing the same thing?? Invisible children have done an amazing job of bringing naive humans out of their safe comfort zone, made them look up and finally start giving a shit. This is not a solution and those children cannot just live a normal happy life again, most will be brainwashed, but at least they have the power of the population persuading the power honchos to keep at it and not to give up. Amy- 27

Rose 8:03 am, 8-Mar-2012

This article is very ignorant and very one-sided.

Aline 8:10 am, 8-Mar-2012

The author of the article is so right. We should all go back and twit about Justin Bieber's hair or Lindsay Lohan's last trip to jail, the poor soul. Things that are REALLY IMPORTANT. Why should we learn about someone's opinion of Uganda? Where is Uganda anyway? Not in America.

ryan 8:15 am, 8-Mar-2012

the funny thing is, you wouldnt have even written this article unless this thing just recently got big so that makes no sense. Also, who cares if only 35 percent went DIRECTLY to help. That many millions is pretty freaking amazing even if it is 35 percent. And news flash, things cost money these days!! any cancer foundation, ronald mcdonald house, or any "non-profit organization" is not free so showing those numbers doesnt do anything. ALL of those big huge non-profit organzations that we all love and support are ALL paid. Those CEO's and the rest of the executives, and all of their advertising and events arent just free paid by the owners. The money that is donated to them is used for travel, paychecks, advertising and such so that they can actually do some good. ALl of those organizations do AMAZING things but news flash, welcome to the world and to business, things cost money! so giving 35 percent is pretty freaking good

Sunny 8:17 am, 8-Mar-2012

They are children and all children deserve life the way god intended. The deliverance of the campaign made me aware and I will pay it forward to contribute to the awareness. No amount of money can replace an innocent child!!!! I don't care how you perceived the message.

Lisa 8:32 am, 8-Mar-2012

So after we bring Kony down can we work on the Hmong people who are still fighting their war in Laos and Thailand. Hiding in jungles running for their lives...I know the Vietnam war has been over for years but the Hmong are still fighting and dying for their Kony2012 and then let's support the Hmong people who don't have a country to call their own.

SB 8:32 am, 8-Mar-2012

I am all for stopping Kony and the LRA. Here is some food for thought though- he has 40 children (possibly more) You have to be a complete idiot to think if we kill Kony the LRA will just disappear. In reality, either one of his sons or an adult member of the LRA will just take his place. What we need to do instead of just going over there and capturing/killing him is to train their military to do that. So when he is caught and somebody else takes his place, their army will be able to stop them without our assistance. Like I said- if we go over there, get kony and leave, it's pretty much guaranteed somebody will take over for him and then it will just be a vicious, never-ending cycle. I say train and empower their own military so they can solve these atrocities themselves.

Lily 8:32 am, 8-Mar-2012

It doesn't matter if their main function is to make people aware of Kony's crimes. THEY SAY THAT AT THE VIDEO. IT's its first steo towards Kony's arrest. And I can't believe that you suggest that only because Kony has abducted and killed fewer kids than they said, we shouldn't spread the word and support the cause.And, who says they're exagerating? The US? Isn't it because they're looking for reasons to cancel the help? And of course Invisible Children only use a small part of the funds to the cause, it is because people who work there full time also have to eat and have families to maintain. But they're working hard there and they subsist with donations.

That Guy 8:34 am, 8-Mar-2012

Agree with this article 100%

British Russ 8:34 am, 8-Mar-2012

So what if they support military intervention? What would have happened if the world hadn't supported Poland when that guy name Hitler invaded. Or the Americans after Pearl. Or after 9/11. Unfortunatly, like it or not military intervention is the only way to get stuff done these days. This movement is really trying to do something good in a world that is full of pricks like you, who can't seem to see past their own existence. So what if they spend a majority of the money on running the charity? How the hell do you think they pay for stuff? With magic beans? Support KONY 2012 or don't support it. Like it or don't like it. But don't use it as a platform to spout you own verbal vomit. Twat.

DrD 9:00 am, 8-Mar-2012

Whoever wrote this article is dumb! Do you know how much money it cost to actually run a non-for-profit dumbass? The Administration are paid workers. It costs over a thousand dollars to go to Africa! You might as well say the same thing about AIDS, Cancer, and all the other non-for-profit foundations that gross millions upon millions each year. After reading this article, I honestly believe the author is a Kony supporter....ijs

Sarah 9:00 am, 8-Mar-2012

You didn't write this. Maybe show credit to the original on tumblr?

Jake 9:01 am, 8-Mar-2012

Just gotta say I love the whole logical fallacy comment... I truly hope fifth grade english is going well.

Kate 9:08 am, 8-Mar-2012

Dear author - regardless if your facts are accurate or not, I don't see you offering a better solution to any of it.

Naddylein 9:23 am, 8-Mar-2012

Exactly, military invention is extremely complex. Which is why it's being left up to the Ugandan government to do something. Over countries and Kony2012 simply support them. It's called "help to help oneself". And Kony2012 simply wants to make sure that this help isn't just being stopped to due lack of public interest! Which is why Kony2012 OF COURSE spends most of their money on filmmaking and travel cause that is what they do! Raise awareness. And now tell me and easier way to raise awareness than by changing your facebook pic or decorating your town with posters...? It's the freaking point, man! Rather than marching in there, dumping a bunch of GIs and shooting anything that moves. Hasn't worked anywhere else neither...

Mr. Brooks 9:50 am, 8-Mar-2012

This article is complete shit. The fact is, an issue like this needs to be dealt with. No matter what the cost. Would you rather die on your feet? Or live on your knees? The way these issues are usually dealt with between governments looks like this - you suck my dick , I'll suck yours. Win win. Well sorry that's not how conflict should be resolved. It's about stopping kony , at any cost. Who gives a rip about anything in between. I don't care where he is, or what Americas best interest is. sitting there, on your diabetic ass , in front of your big screen tv , watching lost, sucking a fuckin potato chip down your throat and typing this article is in NO WAY whatsoever showing that u give a rats ass about these children in Africa. The thought of anyone even trying to talk crap about the kony 2012 efforts makes me want to vomit

James 9:57 am, 8-Mar-2012

I'm sure the Uganda Military has rapists and killers within the military but so did the US military while serving in Iraq.

anonymous 10:00 am, 8-Mar-2012

Let it be known that I have NOTHING against bringing horrible men like Joseph Kony to justice. However, I urge those supporting this campaign to think critically of the moral implications of supporting/siding with the Ugandan military (UPDF) in order to capture Kony as IC is planning as part of their initiative. I beg of everyone to please read this article or at the very least skim through it if you have any time. Hopefully you will get a better idea of what exactly you are siding with by supporting Kony 2012. The 11th battalion of the UPDF has committed countless brutal and atrocious crimes against their OWN civilians and I would argue that they ought to be treated with the SAME if not more resent as Kony and the LRA, and CERTAINLY not supported or aided by ANY means whatsoever as IC claims it will in its video. I could go on with the horror stories but that solves nothing. If you truly support or care about the protection of human dignity and rights then you would see this glaring fundamental flaw in the action plan of IC. Anti-gay, violent, and corrupt leaders like Museveni and Bahati are the monsters that need to be brought to justice NOW! Capturing Kony will only provide comfort in the form of a war trophy, it will not address the underlying problem with human rights violations in Uganda. Instead of spending our time and money militarizing and trying to stifle the voices of radicals with gunfire we MUST first educate Ugandans themselves on their OWN rights in order for them to file complaints about their OWN government. Stop empowering the military and start empowering the PEOPLE you are claiming to protect. Violence will never end this problem, I can only hope that we know better than to resort to guns. The Acholi people have gone through enough suffering and violence already.

Neverstopcaring 10:09 am, 8-Mar-2012

I don't know much of what this fuss is about. What I do know is that problems are everywhere, I do not like the thought of children being tortured, but giving money to strangers who could be using it on drugs, publicity or artillary isnt going to help.. Tragedy is everywhere in the world. And this fiasco has a white collar politician written all over it. People are apalled at what is happening in Africa. Thats cool, I give them my sympathy. But if you can't even save your own country(USA) then stop trying to play superman. You want to help? Get involved in your community! Go help a homeless guy get a job, or finally call the police on the little kids who get beaten up by their drunk dad down the street. Death and cruelty is right here under our noses, the only hope we have are each other, we are not the governments priority, they wont care if you have no money to pay your college tuition, or if you scram up pennies to buy some bread. Before we pity the rest of the world, we should pity our own broken communities, grow close and make the system work for us. As humans, help each other out locally than think in a wider scope. Its just not fair to waste millions of dollars of fuel, propaganda to go to the other end of the world where a corrupt official is probably do nothing. You want to be angry and make change, than ask what americans as people are foing to help each other out after tornadoes wiped out homes and killed over 38 people, what are police officials doing in new orleans, la to stop innocent families having to run out of the city bc of white collar corruption, what are we doing while drugs tear the country apart and have cost the lives of over 20, 000 Innocent civilian lives here in Mexico, without counting the innocent Americans near the border who die just for being at the wrong place. I believe we are hurting ourselves by thinking on our own. Communities should unite and meet and together, save lives and help each other out

Beth 10:12 am, 8-Mar-2012

I believe that spending money on awareness was absolutely necessary. If none knows then no one can help. Even if invisible children isn't going about things the perfect way (war) at least they are spreading the word, so if someone sees and has a better idea, then by all means present it! If no one knows about it, however; the issue just continues!

Ashley 10:20 am, 8-Mar-2012

Its not about the money its about saving innocent lives. Spending donated money for productions to tell the world what is happening, thats like allowing Hitler to continue with concentration camps, really? Killing innocent people for no reason besides power? Its not power, its pure weakness. I support this stand 100%. Grant Oysten, how would you feel if someone came and took your children from you and turned them into sex slaves, murderers, kidnappers, everything humane people are against. Grant Oysten, YOU should consider a phsychiatrist and therapy or maybe you should go to africa and see for yourself the fear and terrorthese children are living in.

Brett 10:22 am, 8-Mar-2012

you know about 2000 years ago a guy got up to making a difference in the world and he was killed. his name was Jesus. same thing happened to ghandi, and to martin luther king. my point being for anyone who ever chooses to take a stand for anything there will always be those who will appose you. it takes a man, or women of of true integrity to honor a life committed to making a difference no matter what people say. about who you are, how you do it and the result you get from it. I dont think that the people involved in the business end of this charity are really in it for the money. they are in it to make a difference. i support this campaign. say what you will. and i completely agree with Mr.Tim

AB 10:30 am, 8-Mar-2012

I think you can intellectualise the debate as much as you like but quite frankly it's a bit insulting. The article is basically suggesting we mere social media mortals only get our information from one source and believe everything we read forming one dimensional views. At what point do you think everyone assumes the Ugandan Army are the good guys? There are no good guys in war and that counts for America too. There are however more children to be saved by and a stronger message to be told by arresting Kony. I'm a cynic but sometimes you just have to roll with it.

GB 10:39 am, 8-Mar-2012

Exactly what Mr Tim said. Plus many people seem to be ignoring the fact that the original author is credited at the bottom and where is says "by" it says Grant Oyston's name - these people are too pissed off that someone pointed out a flaw in their lastest shallow "i'm a good person" fad. If only people used some balanced judgment before being all about one cause or another. Lets face it - for 26 years no one's given a shit and its not like people didnt know this kind of thing (and other atrocious things) have been happening in African (and other) nations around the world. And its not like the governments of the world dont know and havent been doing anything about it. Grant's blog was correct - its not as easy as "making Kony famous" or sharing a video. This is shallow - use the information you now have about the situation to DO something if you feel s strongly about it

RobinC 10:57 am, 8-Mar-2012

An incredible amount of projecting going on here. Let's all get over ourselves and our opinions, give kudos where they are due, and just do our parts to be good humans in whatever way we are comfortable with. No need to judge or criticize the efforts of others, or intellectualize this pretty amazing phenomena. Not everyone is current in world affairs...America is actually known for that and those who have travelled surely know this. It's's okay that it took facebook for most Americans to become aware. The important thing is that they are.

GB 11:00 am, 8-Mar-2012

by the way - those defending the '32% of the money' part are making excuses - many of the charities we support usually get sponsored by companies - those companies provide equipment, resources etc. for charitable organisations to operate so that the MAJORITY if not ALL of the donations can go toward the problem - not admin/support etc. 32% is very low. I'm reminded very much of the "million t shirts for Africa" campaign in America, they also had one about trainers where if you buy a certain pair, the company sends a pair to Africa - people think theyre helping but African problems are very complex - its not JUST about t-shirts, trainers or making Kony famous. And thinking all the world's problems can be solved with direct military action is very short-sighted - it hasnt worked everywehere else and its hypocritical when so many oppose the death penalty - remember, this is a very emotive film, its made in such a way to be THAT emotive

localvagrant 11:07 am, 8-Mar-2012

//Yes the Ugandan Military may have rapists and looters amongst their forces but so do most African militaries// You don't see how this is a problem, at least a little bit? Making excuses for these guys? That's horrible.

Ashley 11:09 am, 8-Mar-2012

Ew you last few people are disgusting, anything for negative attention! If someone says black, you say white. Just because yall have no love and good in your heart doesnt mean the rest of the world doesnt. Misery meeds company, terrible sickness, get well soon!

Chelsea 11:31 am, 8-Mar-2012

can i just ask a question? if this organization is profiting by scamming people...considering the fact that everyone clearly knows who they are now... how come the initial creator hasn't been arrested and charged with fraud? Has anybody actually asked to have their donation traced to find out exactly where it's going or are you just making numbers up off the top of your head about how much they supposedly scam people for and use to promote their cause. If you think that Invisible Children are doing so much harm how come nobody is going after them as passionately as they are "claiming" to go after Kony? Just wondering. I support their idea. Because even if the facts have been stretched and they aren't exactly going about getting support for their cause in the most legit way possible...they're at least bringing up an issue that nobody is willing to address, whether it is our problem or not. Maybe this will start people thinking about the little things wrong with our own societies that we can address and fight to correct here on the homefront. Most peoples arguement is that the information is outdated and that we have our own problems here...well. Get off your ass and do something about it or get off ours for at least paying attention and doing what little we can.

Kelsie 12:09 pm, 8-Mar-2012

You're selfish if all your thinking bout it money. SUPPORT KONY2012. What if it was your kids?????????

Fred Mukasa 12:12 pm, 8-Mar-2012

I am from Uganda, and i can tell you that the corrupt people in uganda who they themselves with joseph kony, killed and comiited genocide in Northern Uganda are all in the pocket of invisible children. If you continue to donate to invisible children you are only helping these guys to become richer and richer. Invisible children has collected over $10,000,000 dollars in AID, but when I see their projects in Uganda, I can hardly even imagine if they even spent at least $1,000,000 dolars. In my personal opionion i think they spen about 10% in programs and projects. I read some more info here

revolversk4 12:38 pm, 8-Mar-2012

once we've brought Kony down, we can target the next most evil man in the world. Get ready for "Suarez2013"

Martin 1:10 pm, 8-Mar-2012

What have you done for Humanity lately?

Nick. Yamba. NSW. Australia. 1:20 pm, 8-Mar-2012

Hi All. Got a few comments from some of you. ...Thanks. If you are aiming anything negative at me then read my earlier post again. For those of you who don't understand what I said I will repaeat it another way. I think Grant is upset and motivated like most of us. He has dared to question what is happenning at Invisible Children. That is OK. If Invisible Children aren't placing ALL possible resources towards the cause honestly then it should be questioned. If it is not honest and some at the top are getting FAT salaries and other benefits then they should be booted. I AM saying good on Invisible Children as long as it is ALL about the invisible children.... Also I am saying that knowing the recent history Uganda and so many other similar countries, there are always indivuals within who do the wrong thing and should be flushed out and dealt with. Finally to "YOHAN" who sent me this arrogant message: " ...who are you and who do you think you are?" It is easy to hide behind a pseudonym. Well "Yohan" I have already given publicly and honestly more info about me than you have....I am Nick from Yamba NSW Australia and I think I am Nick from Yamba NSW Australia. In reality, just a bloke who believes in a fair go for all good people, who hates people like KONY. Yohan, Who are you and who do you think you are????? Cheers Nick.

Emma 1:28 pm, 8-Mar-2012

SHOCK a charity whose main objective is to raise awareness through ‘film, creativity and social action’ have spent a large amount of their income on just that. Hang the fuckers! Although I don’t think they claim their aim is to build schools and hospitals – things that would be considered “direct services”. And the cheeky bastards have been spending our donations on transport and travel!! Jesus! Aren’t there any donkey rides between America and Uganda these days? Staff salaries, how dare they!! While they are advocating global change their families should be allowed to starve FFS. And who the hell is the Grant Oyston knob?

Mathew 2:01 pm, 8-Mar-2012

You are doing the exact same thing that you are accusing invisible children of, this Blog entry is polemic and full of unresearched "facts" itself. Worse than that you are writing in a way that does not bring people to research about Kony and invisible children-what you say is your goal- but rather to believe your way of thinking and get against it as well. And thats whitout research because they think that you researched for them. Invisible Children has meanwhile put an long an exact answer to your statements online:

GB 2:06 pm, 8-Mar-2012

@Kelsie - i would do more than just circulate a video and update my FB status. And i wouldnt be supporting another group who will just start a different 'reign of terror'. @Emma Grant Oyston is a sociology and political science student at Acadia University - more to the point, he is someone who has decided to look beyond the 'door prizes' and look at the situation - someone who's used critical thinking (unlike most people). All he has done is say there are other organisations better placed to deal with this situation; they have been trying to for years. Much like Live Aid was to "end poverty" it didnt - complex issues need more than people sharing videos and updating statuses and posting posters/stickers saying "Kony 2012". As i said - other charitable foundations use sponsorship etc. so that the larger chunk of donations go to "direct services" And yes, i would hope that was the case for any charity. btw, siphoning off $6m is OK is it? what family is starving when $6m is going on travel and salaries? dont you think even $4m (~50%) would do it? it IS supopsed to be a charity, remember? What makes these people think they need to be paid? And do people honestly believe that killing/removing ONE man is going to fix everything? Or is it more wishful thinking? Support the organisations that know what they're doing in those regions, support and lobby governments for initiatives etc. but don't just say/share "Kony 2012" and think you've done something

Emma 2:18 pm, 8-Mar-2012

Hard to respond to a comment that clearly didn't take into consideration my previous one. Yes, 68% is a good amount to spend on the PRIMARY OBJECTIVE of any charity. I'd like to know how you define the word "siphoning". I'd like to see how that 6m is broken down between those 3 categories, and until you have seen those figures, you are ill placed to claim the bulk is going on salaries. Lastly Grant Oyston is an embarrassment to any critic or sceptic - I echo your comment Matthew

Arnold 2:19 pm, 8-Mar-2012

A very informed and brilliant article. It's unfortunate that most people including my friends simply jump onto the bandwagon without considering the intricate political mechanisms that can sometimes make a good campaign with the best of intentions bad (e.g. advocating a military approach). It's worse when most people watch a video, get emotional, support the cause ardently and find post hoc explanations to curse and swear at any dissenters.

Al 2:28 pm, 8-Mar-2012

I can't be bothered to watch the vid, read this article or the comments. Do I win a prize?

Emma 2:32 pm, 8-Mar-2012

And I've just checked out the link Matthew - THANK YOU! I suggest all commenters have a look before they spout any more shit.

Adam 2:57 pm, 8-Mar-2012

Is it Kony or Tony? Shhhesh. Sub-editors gone home or what?

Helen 3:18 pm, 8-Mar-2012

Apart from 'only 32% of donations went to direct services', which is on par for most Not for Profit orgs/charities,which also have to support their wealthy CEOS/Directors/board members/consultants/staff etc,etc. What they need to do is get Tom Cruise, Clint Eastwood and maybe Liam Neeson to go in, charm the kids/bodyguards and take down that Kony bastard and so on all over Africa.

Emma 3:19 pm, 8-Mar-2012

Invisible Children’s 2010 and 2011 audited accounts: A brief breakdown for the less financially/analytically minded (Oyston): Of $6,965,548 in expense spend, $2,810,681 went on Direct Services = 40.35% not 32%. It is 39% if you include depreciation in the total expense, which I personally think is unfair bearing in mind the point being made. While it is true Production, Travel and Compensation costs were higher than other line items, the combined amount actually equates to 39% not 62% Production costs $851,552 Travel $852,820 Compensation $1,074,725 That would leave 21% or $1,375,770 for all other overheads. Salaries equate to a total 15% of all expenses I don’t know what the target staff expenditure is within non-profit organisations, so am not qualified to say whether 15% is above average or well within reason.

Michelle 3:31 pm, 8-Mar-2012

Just remember negative publicity is still good publicity. And you can never truly know the truth until you've lived it. So you can look at statistics and assume things but you can't live the fear and pain of a place you've never even been to.

Benjamin Forte 3:37 pm, 8-Mar-2012

You should stop writting articles Grant!!!!!

Nathan Johnson 3:39 pm, 8-Mar-2012

Before we choose Uganda president Yoweri Museveni's side in a civil war, it's important that we seek to understand the baseline causes and not fight symptoms. The video advocates supporting the Uganda government to take out Kony. While getting rid of the evil Kony would be satisfying, it's is unlikely to end the cycle of violence. In the 1800s Great Britain colonized Uganda. While the people of the South were treated preferentially. The people of the North, or the Acholi, were treated as slaves. The north was left comparatively underdeveloped. After British colonization the Acholi continued to feel underrepresented and oppressed. In 1988, Alice Lakwena established the Holy Spirit Movement, a resistance movement. She portrayed herself as a prophet who received messages from the Holy Spirit of God. She expressed the belief that the Acholi could defeat the Uganda government run by Yoweri Museveni by casting off witchcraft and spiritualism. Joseph Kony would later preach a similar superstition to the Acholi encouraging soldiers to use oil to draw a cross on their chest as a protection from bullets. As the video shows he took on child soldiers, what it does not show is that current Uganda president Museveni has also use child soldiers Museveni forcibly cleared approximately 100,000 people from their homes. Soldiers committed hundreds of extrajudicial executions as they forcibly moved people, burning down homes and granaries. This is the environment that created Kony. We need to look at how our foreign aid contributes rather than helps this cycle by propping up dictators. We need to look at how organizations like the IMF and WTO trigger inflation, debt and perpetuate the poverty cycle. Our food aid often floods local markets, making locally produced food worthless. The farmers who invested time and money to grow this food are wiped out. In this we encourage dependency and wipe out Africa's ability to feed itself.

That guy that supports this article 3:42 pm, 8-Mar-2012

Listen, just because the writer doesn't support KONY 2012 doesn't meant that he is scum and despicable. He obviously states that hes glad of the awareness, but really why are all of you so FUCKING ignorant? You bash on shit, this site, the author. Look and reflect on yourselves. You think Africa is the only country with problems? There's shit that happens everywhere and seriously, there's probably shit that goes on here on American soil. So really if you support MILITARY action to kill Kony? Go ahead. You do that. Now when most of those children die, in combat, I hope you people are fucking proud in the aid of their deaths.

anon 3:42 pm, 8-Mar-2012

it clearly says that the article was written by grant oysters at the end.

OWG 3:46 pm, 8-Mar-2012

‘Kony 2012′ risks becoming a triumph of social networking rather than social consciousness. Read my take on the whole phenomenon here:

Oscar 3:53 pm, 8-Mar-2012

So what if WE dnt try to stop him now, and in the FUTURE KONY turns more VIOLENT ? That would make it way harder for the ones that want to help, to STOP him. Its a non profit organization, of course they are gna use MONEY for Videos and Trips ECT...What you expect to get the Money out of their pocket?

diamond,winnie 3:55 pm, 8-Mar-2012


GB 3:59 pm, 8-Mar-2012

I've followed Matthew's link and i'm less offended by, and now disregard, the "32%" claim. Thank you Matthew. This is more to do with the power of a very emotive video than anything else. Half the people know vaguely that bad stuff happens in some 3rd world nations but couldnt give a shit - its been going on for decades but that doesnt matter - along comes a youtube video and suddenly the world is full of 'humanitarians'. I once saw a documentary about how evil Islam is, almost anyone watching it would be shocked too and wonder why we arent doing anything about this 'evil ideology' and why more people dont know these things! buts its just a 1-dimensional video like Kony 2012 - Yes he is a bad man but hes not the only one! and "making Kony famous" or killing or arresting him wont suddenly make those children in that region, or any other, live in some sort of wonderland. There's more to rescuing these kids than 'Kony 2012' (especially since he's not been seen in over 5 years). He and his follwers believe theyre doing God's work! how does it factor that we just go there and tell him off? or eliminate Kony and everyone else just goes home? What about the child soldiers? Is everyone happy to supoprt direct military action that would undoubtedly see them killed as 'enemy combatants'? If this video serves a purpose, i hope its to open people eyes to look for, and stand up to, injustice EVERYWHERE - in our own countries AND abroad and to do something. Especially more than buying a wristband or updating FB. Warchild has been around for fuck knows how long, but no one's been giving a shit. There are atrocities in dozens of countries around the world involving women, children, mutilation, genocide, rape etc. etc. and everyone ignores it. But people see THIS video and want to make themselves feel better by 'doing something' not because they actually want to make a difference - i love the awareness aspect but i find the 'movement' disingenous

Emma 4:07 pm, 8-Mar-2012

One of the points made in the video is that the world is better connected now than it has ever been. Invisible Children are utilising this to their advantage, the likes of Live Aid and War Child didn't have this powerful tool at their disposal, so its incomparable. They are using one of the most effective mediums of our age - digital media. What's wrong with that?

Alexander Gopoian 4:08 pm, 8-Mar-2012

This is what the ACTUAL author had to say about this article. "I am not an expert - there are flaws in my rhetoric, and I appreciate people taking the time to find them, just as there are flaws in Invisible Children’s. I’m a second-year Political Science student, not an expert, and the audience for this post was originally a group of approximately 30 friends whom it was emailed to originally. It has now received well over a million hits in less than 24 hours. This was not my intent." Anti-Kony folk keep spreading this exaggerated propaganda. There are truths to it... but only half truths.

Chris 4:22 pm, 8-Mar-2012

Dearest publisher, I understand the concerns you mention and I want to point out that you must be blind to believe that other charities have a much greater proportion that directly goes into their services. Please be so smart and do compare foundations with similar background. Of course it is not an excuse of any foundation, but if you want 100% of your money on location, then go there by yourself and do not wonder that flying there, living and so on costs money. So your trip might be three times more expensive then your money you put in place to provide help on location. No judgment, but it is important to benchmark and interpret figures correctly.

Jen 4:26 pm, 8-Mar-2012

99% of the comments here represent why this could be negative instead of a positive thing. you watch a video and you see these things and think of it so simply and completely dismiss the deeper issues behind these atrocities and think "awareness" in the west is going to solve everything. in the long run, things will be worse because of it.

Eric 4:33 pm, 8-Mar-2012

This is nothing but a ruse. Sorry to spoil it for you but this is a so called psy op. It´s not about saving the children. There is another agenda here folks and Im really tired of watching people falling for things like this all the time. It is about gaining support for a future large scale military intervention in The usual BS. Don´t fall for it!

Children Come First 4:35 pm, 8-Mar-2012

you are just looking for some contriversial attintion and at the cost of not just childrens lives but countries you should be ashamed

Steven 4:45 pm, 8-Mar-2012

"copy and paste much?" did you not check the name of the author at the top of the page, left column? it says Grant Oyston, they just re-posted the article here, WITH PERMISSION, to spread awareness,

dennis 4:47 pm, 8-Mar-2012

Wearing designer jeans in Africa, just a clue, i do support this cuase all the way. This man needs to be stopped. Tone it down with the cloths you guys are wearing. Come on designer jeans in Africa, and toting a gun, Designer Rebals, i just hope they get this asshole very soon.

Curti G 5:04 pm, 8-Mar-2012

You dont need money to come together as a people and stop alot of bad things happening in the world. If half is truth, we still need to do something about it. If Invisible Children mishandle the money, we still need to do something about it. Gangs in USA and Gangs anywhere else need to be stopped. Its not about propaganda, debates , exaggerated truths, money, politics, news , or anything else... We the people must stop the violence everywhere. Not just in Africa.

GB 5:15 pm, 8-Mar-2012

Incomparable? How? War Child don't have the internet? How about IC's efforts in actual Uganda for actual Ugandan children are incomparable to War Child etc? WC (and others) have been around for years and we've ignore them like we ignore Oxfam adverts - the problems (war etc.) arent recent. My problem is the movement - the sudden uprising for these 'johnny-come-latelys'. I dont want to use the word 'Hysteria' but it springs to mind. If you've ever watched the news or visit a news site, things like this Uganda problem ARE reported - only, people dont care, switch off and ignore. Like i said, this is more about an emotive video than anything else. Plus, awareness is one thing, all well and good, but to think this makes anything in Uganda different is naive. War Child have been doing loads for kids like these for decades - its so much more than making Kony famous and, for that, i am sceptical of the MOVEMENT (not IC) - after all, its not like governments and authorities DONT know about him and the LRA. And it is western guilt that plays a big part - like we think we can solve things such as war, poverty, drought etc. as easily as just having a concert, wristband or badge. People in Uganda need MORE than just Kony gone - there are schools, hospitals, infrastructure, economy, everything needed so people have a choice in life, can make things better and government can have the power to police their nation. We keep thinking we can solve 3rd world problems FOR them and dont improve things; like supporting one group to overthrow another group only to find theyre corrupt too - and none of this is new. You think the war on terror is/was as simple as killing Osama Bin Laden? Or any other terrorist leader? Even in Afghan, its not as simple as killing the Taliban - people need to know that there are alternatives. Kony's people and others believe in religion and magic, that he is special - these ideas/ideals/beliefs are harder to remove than 'removing the head and the body will die'. If people want to support humanitarian efforts in THAT region, then find out about REAL causes that actually DO something for the people in those regions. This campaign is focussed on awareness, coupled with the 'somethings better than nothing' attitude is comparable to the phrase 'all talk and no action'

Jon 5:25 pm, 8-Mar-2012

I love the way critics of the Kony 2012 campaign try to hide behind liberal sounding arguments like "the Ugandan army isn't up to Western standards" and "it's just white kids trying to make themselves feel superior". They're all just covers for the cynical, lazy and morally weak. Likewise, the "a bunch of kids clicking the like button aren't going to change the world" argument is the refuge of the sneering, superior types who think themselves above mere passing fads. Face it. A bunch of people clicking "like" and a smaller bunch actually doing something has made the existence of the LRA well known in a continent that is famed for not knowing anything about the rest of the world beyond the Carribean islands where they holiday. That can only be a good thing. Criticisms of expenditure are weak. The charity never claimed to be spending all its money in Uganda. It explicitly says it's there primarily to raise awareness and engage in political lobbying. The video mentions them building a radio network and some schools as an afterthought. I was surprised that they spent as much as 1/3 went to projects in Uganda. All the schools in the world aren't going to help if no one is aware of the problem and the LRA is never effectively targeted. The Ugandan army, in common with a great many third world armies that we do business with every day, is a poor institution by Western standards (although, let's not forget NATO troops have been guilty of beatings and unlawful killings in Iraq and Afghanistan). It is heavy handed and has committed crimes against its own people, but not even approaching the extent of the LRA. It doesn't go round abducting children and killing their families. Military contact between Western and developing armies are nearly always good. The culture of the western army seeps through. Witness the Egyptian army refusing to fire on its own people - partly due to years of working with the US army and getting used to their way of thinking. People who claim the LRA "isn't that bad" are vacuous individuals seeking to justify their own lack of interest in a conflict that doesn't involve them. Essentially, this article boils down to: "it's all a really complex situation. I can't explain why, but doing something to arrest an indicted war criminal will probably make the situation worse". What a load of tosh. It's an argument for letting a pointless conflict go on for another 20 years and claim thousands more lives for some fuzzy idea that "it's complicated". I know it was only written by a first year sociology student, but he should have known better than to put such vague and simplistic thoughts out in the public domain.

Jack Saunders 5:30 pm, 8-Mar-2012

I believe to be true that most companies and campaigners exaggerate, that is how they draw attention from the public.......

Emma 5:38 pm, 8-Mar-2012

It's unfair to say that people don't care. Some people don't watch the news or visit news sites - they're not switching off, they never switch on! That's their prerogative. I think it would be fairer to say they are ignorant of a lot of atrocities that are broadcast through mediums other than digital, because that isn't where they spend their time. The most effective and powerful way to spread a global message in today’s world is by doing it on line, in particular via social media where Americans spend 23% of their on line time and a large proportion of the rest on entertainment - would you be as bold as to disagree with that? Of course other charities have the internet, but unfortunately they aren't using it in the most effective way or spreading their message using the most effective platforms - Invisible Children are, that is why this video has exploded. I didn't know about Kony's last 26 years of terror until yesterday, and I DO watch the news. Disagreeing with the majority does not make one appear intelligent, when the opinions they are offering aren’t based on any real research or fact.

Hanif Leylabi 5:52 pm, 8-Mar-2012

Advocating the west gives military assistance to an armed forces accused of war crimes so they can save kidnapped children by bombing them is nothing short of obscene.

Oh, Reginald! 5:57 pm, 8-Mar-2012

Sport Relief/Comic relief is organised such that 100% of donations goes toward the programs. The other stuff gets done by volunteer work ie non paid and sponsorship deals with many many companies

GB 6:11 pm, 8-Mar-2012

Its sad you've never heard of anything like this - many have, precisely BECAUSE its been going on for so long and not even just in Uganda - women and kids have been raped, kids fed drugs and armed forced to rape, ethnic cleansing, homosexuals killed, people mutiated and used for witchcraft - its not like these have never appeared in the news and its certainly not like Kony is THE guy or even the only guy or even like LRA are the only 'rebels' doing this. I'm not disagreeing with the majority - i'm questioning the motives and the lack of thought of this movement. It is highly commendable that so many have been moved to 'act' but its the RIGHT kind of action that is needed - awareness and killing Kony isn't it. ie Live Aid wasn't the be-all and end-all of ending poverty - there are bigger issues at play. People want to help - thats great, but make sure its the right kind of help: this isnt a movie where we go in and kill the villain and free the children and everyone lives happily ever after - its that notion that "we need to get this guy" that i think is short sighted. Hence, appeal to MPs/Senators etc. and support charities actually looking to address the issues at the root not just making impressive viral campaigns and visceral movies

Smart Girl 6:30 pm, 8-Mar-2012

This is bullshit... The guys a hero. SUPPORT KONY 2012

T'keyah 6:36 pm, 8-Mar-2012

You want a way to fund Uganda or any African territory that needs help . Here are some sources that you can fund to . Kony 2012 is just a media influence to inform people of who Kony is and now your job is to make him famous so he can become visisble. Once visible and captured the poverty level will not end there so I advise everyone to educate them selves on ways to help with donating ... Look at these sites carefully some might have links to other sites that can help you donate to the people in Africa! So stop complaining about the Kony advertisement an how it doesn't help ,The director did his job and kept his promise to make Kony known , now it's our job to help as much as possible for all of Uganda and Africa. God bless ! http://​​post/18897981642/​you-dont-have-my-vote http://​​post/18890947431/​we-got-trouble http://​​2012/03/07/​stop-kony-yes-but-dont-stop​-asking-questions/

Nikki 6:38 pm, 8-Mar-2012

I think it’s great that there is so much public debate about an issue which is clearly important and deserves a resolution. It seems that the KONY12 video has achieved its purpose in spreading awareness and now that all the KONY12 supporters and critics have had their say, it would be useful to take this potential and achieve something positive with it. With so many minds focused on the same problem, and what seems like a common goal (stop the LRA doing bad things) surely we could come up with a few more useful ideas. I’d like to see some constructive criticism. I’ve been thinking about it and to be honest I haven’t come up with anything yet. Surely someone somewhere has a suggestion. There are so many wrongs in our world which deserve to be made right, and I am certain that most people would love an opportunity to do something positive to help any worthy cause. And although I think critics play an important role in society in making sure we question what is put in front of us and holding people responsible for their actions, it’s hard enough to know where to start to help without constructive criticism being flooded with negativity. Nothing is ever solved solely by pointing out the problems and hoping they fix themselves. We too often place too much importance on relatively insignificant details while wasting time and taking focus and energy away from doing something which will actually change lives for the better. Much like the climate change debate focusing on the ‘incomplete science’ when the plans and actions proposed to stop climate change would benefit the world and our way of life dramatically regardless of whether climate change is real or not. We’re like 3 year olds that can’t stay focused drawing a picture because that other kid took our blue crayon. Instead of pick up the other blue crayon which is right there in front of us, we’re going to sit and complain because ‘that one’s not my crayon, HE took it!’.

VelkyVelk 6:40 pm, 8-Mar-2012

Don't be such a child hating turd burgler.

T'keyah 6:51 pm, 8-Mar-2012

You have to start somewhere , of course there are more and bigger problems to worry about but I really believe to handle one problem at a time is a smart idea. Now , I am only 18 and my support for makig Knoy visible is due to sence of humility and love for others , I would hate t be in this situation and not have anyone care. I care , it doesn't bother me that many people are doing this to be seen , I want to elp because in their actions Kony will be seen , that's the whole point that's hat the direcor is trying to do is make Kony known . People disect situations such as this and make it into something it's not , even the director's son understood bad guy needs taken out . I reall ywish Americans would get off their high horse and fight for things that matter . All other countries go through a lot and we are sitting around stressing about petty stuff .If you want to fund ,there are other ways Kony 2012 is not the only way ,but the gesture is awesome . MAke KOny Visible . My own opinion you can disagree or agree it wont change anything until you go into action SO bloggers put some action behind your words. Donate to places that will actually help, better yet go to Africa and give some hands on help , build homes ,supply clean water nd food if you truly want to help. nut most of you don't truly want to help , you just want to comlain about something. I'm a broek college student and I will do all I can to help Kony known and help the children of Uganda ! Please view the above comment ,it has a list of sources that you can donate to. P.S. Forgive my spelling I'm just overwhelmed with the above responses.

Theresa Smith 7:03 pm, 8-Mar-2012

Compared to local charities Red Cross and United Way just to name a couple give a smaller percentage than this charity and they are local I went to a telemarketing seminar a few years ago and one of the speakers talked about the real percentage that goes to the people the charity was intended to help I stopped giving $$$ to anyone calling me w a spiel KONY 2012

Jamie Catterall 7:19 pm, 8-Mar-2012

If the charity wasn't making any money it wouldn't bother ... As long as everyone is getting a salary the don't care, think of KONY 2012 as marketing.

SickOfStupidity 7:49 pm, 8-Mar-2012

Boy did you miss the f'n point to the video. It's not about catching one guy dumba$$.. he's creating a movement WORLDWIDE to make criminals like this famous.. so that WORLDWIDE we can live in peace from tyrany. And it's working so leave it be... Majority rules and if your not on the boat to global peace, then you'll find yourself underground being trampled on by those of us who are. Down with Kony and his supporters like this article.

Michelle 8:00 pm, 8-Mar-2012

What bothers me the most is that this has been going on for years and is just NOW receiving all this attention. It says a lot about what's important to us and it isn't saying anything good. I'm happy for the awareness this campaign is bringing, but I will not be supporting IC.

Oh, Reginald! 8:21 pm, 8-Mar-2012

To be fair - if they had made it about General Butt Naked in Liberia (who is a far worse character thank J.Kony) no one would take the cause seriously. Think about it - "Butt Naked 2012"

chris 8:47 pm, 8-Mar-2012

Kony is a nice man, u guys back off!

stanis 9:35 pm, 8-Mar-2012

For a small 1 million $ or 2, they could get the very best team of mercs to take Kony out. Strange they havn`t done it yet.

KonyMontana 9:45 pm, 8-Mar-2012

DatArticle 9:46 pm, 8-Mar-2012

This is by FAR one of the best articles I've read in my entire life, I wish everyone supporting Kony2012 would read this, god people are gullible fucks nowadays.

Marseu 9:51 pm, 8-Mar-2012

F**k kony 2012 and all the activist-scensters who now think its cool to pay attention to something that has been going on for nearly 30 years. Support for the invisible children campaign is support for an organization with a pro-imperialist agenda and a political and profit based interest. It is also support for the Ugandan Army of National Liberation who use rape and genocide as tools of war. 1. Support for the invisible children organization is support for the Ugandan government which violates human rights, tortures prisoners, and wishes to introduce a bill which would put homosexuals to death. 2. In the civil war which brought the current president of Uganda, Yoweri Museveni, to power he utilized child soldiers. Convenient to ignore. 3. High ranking officers of the Ugandan army have been used as ghost soldiers to siphon off funds making the war even more profitable than usual and giving them a vested interest in its continuation. 4. Kony has not been active in Uganda since 2006. Simple points but there are many more, see what can be learned from a simple google search? But that would require not having information spoon fed to you and actually caring about a subject. By the way this stuff happens all across Africa, so instead of taking out one war lord (which undoubtedly should be done) perhaps take a look at the material conditions which cause things like this to happen in the first place.

Tiffany Hesterberg 10:02 pm, 8-Mar-2012

The problem here is that everyone has a political agenda. To go after him, or not go after him. Everyone wants to consider the risks....I say we take this back to the good 'ol days and take the sick freak out. If you dont wanna be in the way....move!

Scott G. 10:03 pm, 8-Mar-2012

I'm going to make this simple for you readers. Kony is a bad man. Invisible Children is the ONLY organization we have the luxury of supporting. Our government won't do anything to help if we don't support SOMETHING. So Support Invisible Children, or live with yourself for the rest of your life KNOWING that you decided not to help thousands upon thousands UPON THOUSANDS of lives. Their deaths will, equally, be your fault. Your small part, is one of a LARGE whole! Donate, don't donate...WHO CARES!!! JUST MAKE KONY FAMOUS!

Brent 10:03 pm, 8-Mar-2012

What's wrong with fixing our own country first? $8 million/year could go a long way!

Anonymous 10:29 pm, 8-Mar-2012

HM 10:31 pm, 8-Mar-2012

conspiracy ahoy.......

Um.... 10:36 pm, 8-Mar-2012

So a lot of people commenting on this article have completely missed the point...LOL USA! USA! USA! Idiots.

Carlos 10:45 pm, 8-Mar-2012

Come on! Do you think showing a picture of the founders of Invisible children with weapons will make us think they are bad? It's quite dangerous over there, you don't even say why they had those weapons. This article is just full of fallacies, and nonsense. Are you retarded? Because readers aren't.

SHAME ON YOU 10:58 pm, 8-Mar-2012

your insane.. lets throw your kids (as if anyone would want to have kids with you) into warfare, make your sons kill you and rape your daughter, wht would you think? i dont care if 1% is going to save the lives of innocent children, i would give all my money still. obviously your one of the rich "important" monsters who care nothing more than to keep their fingers clean and buy new cars. shame on you.

FMB 11:03 pm, 8-Mar-2012

Before you judge the Uganda military and their questionable actions, I think you should look into the USA military and what they have done in the name of "war". I'm sure you will find many cases of rape and abuse of power within their army. What they have done to their own "people", the women soldiers that have had to stand in the face of abuse and rape because they were not one of the good old boys. There is the saying that people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.

Carlos 11:05 pm, 8-Mar-2012

however, I agree with you saying this will have big consequences too, specially with all this child-soldiers that are capable of killing for Kony.

Al Johnstone 11:13 pm, 8-Mar-2012

The people who are claiming Invisible Children is shady don't know what they are talking about. The examples that they use are pure BS and the evilness of this opposition makes my blood boil. They complain that Invisible Children are working with the Ugandan military who is known to use torture and child soldiers and that Invisible Children have simplified a very complex situation down to "Get Kony". What a load of crap! 46 years ago I was born in that country when it was still termed the Pearl of Africa. On the day I was born Idi Amin tried to launch a coup. I watched it over the years through Idi Amin (300,000 dead), then Milton Abote (400,000 dead), Then National Geographic called it the land beyond sorrow because of the AIDS epidemic (entire generations wiped out). Then there was Alice Lawena and the Holy Spirit movement which violently opposed Museveni and when the holy oil they wore failed to deflect the bullets they were defeated. Kony was an offshoot of this movement. Here is what is not in dispute; the Lords Resistance Army under Kony has stolen 30-40,000 children usually forcing them to kill their parents. If they refuse he kills them. If they comply they are rejected by their village and can never go home again. If they don’t kill people they mutilate them by cutting off their noses, ears, lips, feet etc.. Does the Ugandan military live up to our standards of proper military conduct, of course not? Would we be better off with a western military force, damn right we would. That’s the point, trying to keep the US Military in the fight. The involvement of US troops was on of the most selfless moves the United States has ever done. It cannot be done by the former colonial powers and the US will not put major troops on the ground so working with the Ugandan Army is the only option.

A 11:26 pm, 8-Mar-2012

Jaysn 11:37 pm, 8-Mar-2012

You guys to realize he cited the artical at teh end, showing that he knew it copy pasted. The same thing happens all the time, that's where you get half of your frickin info, that's probably how you saw the video. He's not arguing that Kony is a good guy, or that the dude that made the video didn't have good intentions. He thinks that the organization is corrupt in it's methods, and Invisible Children, may not be going about it in the right way. Not saying that spreading the word is a bad thing. Please, take a look, and consider an opinion other than your own, and if you disagree, make a coherent supported argument, and elaborate on it, so we understand, and can see your opinion, as we have seen the author's opinion.

Sue Storrie 11:39 pm, 8-Mar-2012

I wish I could articulate as well as you, thanks for putting this article together, very thought provoking and I am heartened to see there are such intelligent thinking people in this world, makes me believe there is hope for us humans!

Read the whole thing! 11:39 pm, 8-Mar-2012

He credited Grant Oysten, just read the whole thing. Also, he made a very valid point. While you are trying to stop raping, looting and murder you are only supporting more raping, looting and murder. Your money is being misused, put into places it doesn't and shouldn't need to go. Just one movie shouldn't sway your opinion on such a violent situation. Do your research and when you come to an educated decision then argue your side.

Duncan 11:43 pm, 8-Mar-2012

The amount of butt-hurt radicals here is making me feel ill. Based on the facts, you would be silly investing in what seems to be such an unworthy charity.

Alex 11:51 pm, 8-Mar-2012

I completely agree. They didn't have to spend 68% of their money on the 30 minute video. Even airtime on the news could get people into it, that way they could put 80% of their money into the charity and not a measly 32%. And if we get the UN involved, we don't need to put the country in control of these rapists and looters. We can put it under UN protection.

just me 12:07 am, 9-Mar-2012

So if we don't do anything what will happened? nothing is free in this world... they can't do anything if they have enough fund to do something, it's my first time to see the movie by this org but this makes me aware that there's a man who will kill for power, now tell me asswhole what the hell are you doing with your life? selfish much?

Brian 12:11 am, 9-Mar-2012

Dude who posted this, you should actually do some research instead of just copying and pasting.

matt 12:18 am, 9-Mar-2012

Why do people keep saying to say who's the original writter? It says it at the top its grant oysten...

l0lzchris 12:38 am, 9-Mar-2012

Even if they got kony, it's not going to much to help stability in war torn Africa. There are other warlards in the Congo, Mogadishu, and Sierra Leone who do the same shit. I refuse to donate my money to a cause that supports overthrowing one military power for another. It does nothing to solve any of the real problems...

5Rob's 12:41 am, 9-Mar-2012

I understand what you're trying to imply, and YES, people need to learn all sides of any story. But this does raise awareness on not just Kory, but to all that violates and fuck over human law. Not just in Africa but other 3rd World countries as well. At the very least it has people ALL OVER THE WORLD talking and hell some might even take action on this issue and the many more that we have no idea about. It didn't say you need to pay them for watching the viral now did it?!! P.S.... Stop nit-picking damn!

The Doctor 12:45 am, 9-Mar-2012

Invisible Children is a public awareness charity. Their priorities are geared towards raising the American public's awareness of the situation in Uganda. Why is 68% of their profit spent on film making? To make films that RAISE PUBLIC AWARENESS. Why is 68% of their profit spent on travel expenses? To go to different parts of the country to hold events that RAISE PUBLIC AWARENESS. Why is 68% of their profit spent on salaries? So they can have a good amount of employees to help them RAISE PUBLIC AWARENESS. I don't see why the fact that the Ugandan military also rapes and loots makes you want to oppose the cause. This is Africa we're talking about. Try to find a perfect military in Africa. They may not be perfect, but they're all that IC has. We already support the troops America has over there with taxes. I'm not saying IC is a perfect organization, either. However, I am saying that they're doing their job well. They want to raise public awareness. In 3 days, their YouTube video obtained 40,781,302 views. I'd say that's raising public awareness.

David North 12:47 am, 9-Mar-2012

Citations needed much? They had their accounts audited. They're rated 4/4 on their projects, but they have insufficent numbers for a proper democratic board. They need a fith member. They decry the armies crimes, and do not aid the governments with money. 95% of staff at projects clearing up the hell are ugandans. They work with The Ugandan army most because thats where the war was for 20 years. You claim they help the other corrupt armies, but we allied with Stalin in WW2 to stop Hitler. He was almost worse by some accounts. Its not like its never happed, even though its not the best plan, it was the best option. There admin costs were ~16% last year or something similar. They admit their the photo with guns was stupid. Back when they were first in the thick of ot they were over passionate, and also were slightly satirical, being ironic 'fighting for peace', but the abhore guns. During a peace talk the army were security for wherin the LRA never showed their faces. They want him arrested and tried before the international court, not killed. They acknowledge that fighting an army of kids to him is bad. Very bad. Thats what Lony is forcing everyone to do. But when he will not come to talks, how else do you arrest him? I admit that violence could still be avoided, but the world has to know he exosts before they can start planning to bring him down. He's also this generations posterboy of 'enough of evil, we may be the new generation, and we stand by our principles, enough is enough, you WILL be stopped...'

Are you fucking kidding me? 12:50 am, 9-Mar-2012

Yes, okay. My generation is naive and ignorant, but how can you say increasing awareness, and they ARE doing that, is a bad thing? How can you propose "saving" young Americans from spending money and being cheated is better than having people donate. I see that you've proposed better organizations to donate to, but raising awareness is important. If no one knows, and many DON'T, no one cares. Maybe we should have known, but that isn't the point now! People are learning and they're trying to stop this! KONY 2012 is making an effort, and the first step is to raise awareness. How can you be against that? If we fail, AT LEAST WE TRIED. No one will mind how much they spent on it in the end. AT LEAST WE TRIED. If the film wasn't well made, do you think it would have spread like wildfire? These things cost money. If you're going to say they are completely going about this wrong, then fine. You can wait for someone to handle it 'correctly,' on your ass, helping no one. I'M GOING TO TRY. KONY 2012 is making a difference. Social media is making a difference in this issue, and you've missed the point. The White Man's Burden is an entirely different issue. This is the burden of society, you uncaring motherfucker. Maybe older men would know, but the younger generation are the ones ready to take action, not the old weathered cynics.

Nina 12:53 am, 9-Mar-2012

HAHA!this article is amazing. Also, its like lets pull our troops out of Iraq to send them to Uganda!

JJ 12:57 am, 9-Mar-2012

This is an excellently written counterpoint to KONY 2012. However, I still am in support of the movement, not necessarily because it's the most righteous or essential than other causes in any way, but because the movement is a brilliant idea. To prove my point, let's assume that Joseph Kony, for all intents and purposes, never existed. Now, obviously, we would have a movement with no cause, and that's where you can analyze the brilliant nature of the movement itself. Every advocate for anything has tried to make his or her cause popular to some demographic in some way or another. But in this case, the Invisible Children Organization has discovered a gold mine for rallying support. They've targeted the idea of popularity in a way that no one ever has before: rather than trying, like most, to make their movement famous, they decided to make their CAUSE famous. And they made it famous in a place that was sure to accept it with arms wide open: the social networking realm (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Youtube). And to top it all off, they targeted the perfect demographic: teenagers. Currently on Facebook, according to, there are 65,082,280 U.S.A. users in the age range of 13-25. That's a whopping 45% of the Facebook population! And the reason they're so easily coaxed, whether good or bad, is because they're more ambitious, carefree, and less cynical than adults can afford to be. Most of the people in the aforementioned demographic are middle-class Americans still in school, so they have money to spend, their parents money that is, without spending any money. Now I'm not suggesting that the entire demographic is well off or wealthy, but they don't have to be. If every one kid gave a dollar (and that's an understatement) to the Invisible Children Organization, the "not-for-profit" organization would be loaded with money! And the idea of using pop culture to make this cause famous is inherently why this movement is gaining so much momentum. These young adults are seeing their favorite stars promote the cause, and it makes the audience feel like their help in this effort means something. All you need is a heartfelt video and some celebrities and WHAM!! You have an army at your fingertips. Now, I'm making this almost sound like I'm promoting large organizations or corporations and their tactics for controlling the public. I'm not. Let me put it this way: What if there was a movement identical to this, except it was called MONSANTO 2012? Or CO2 2012? The names aren't as sexy, I know, but if we found ways to use the KONY 2012 campaign as a model for the future of movements, it would be a game-changer in social activism. That's my point. The Invisible Children Organization is flimsy, so what? We should be learning from their accomplishments, not reprimanding them. Of course, this article addresses the idea that most people ignorantly jump to join a cause before reading all the facts, and then try to support their idiocy by cussing the author out, making themselves sound even less insightful than before. What I'm trying to say is, let it happen. Let KONY 2012 happen so that it can prove how effective their method really is. And if it works, say hello to change, because someone is going jump in to start similar movements, and if we, the people, direct them then we can change everything.

a chillaxed panda 12:57 am, 9-Mar-2012

i conpleatly agree with Oshen! its been going on for 26 years, 6years ago channel 10 did a brodcast on it, people where gunna try do somthing but ever ended up doing enything,the only resons people are hearing about it now is because of the internet! "cover the night"? what are buying posters going to do enything, if it was in my back yard i would care (austrailia)but its not, its in africa.

Think before follow 1:03 am, 9-Mar-2012

Another thing that people never think of is how to stop Kony. This is my analysis. In order to stop Kony and save the child soldiers, first of all,you need a strong and well trained forces to fight in the jungle. Where to get a strong military force, US, UK, EU, UN? US is out of budget and have no interest in fighting Kony because it does not align with their interest. UK and EU is busy struggling with their Eurozone crisis. The rest of the world have the same problem and does not bother to fight Kony. So, this thing is unachievable. Secondly, if they get a military force, this will make them fight with Kony. Since Kony use children as soldiers, then the military will be fighting someone they want to save. This is not right. Thirdly, donating money to charity to stop Kony will not stop him. Most of the African culture is hard to manage. Democracy will not work there easily. To change this, you will need to change the way they think and educate them. This process will definitely takes more than 20-30 year to change the whole society. These 20-30 years will need a lot of capital and man power. This is an assumption that there is no civil war or anything. In reality, there is always civil war. Lastly, if you killed Kony, there will always be a second Kony. The cycle will not end here.The corruption in Uganda will only lead to more revolutionist to come out and fight. In conclusion, this campaign is a waste of time except for raising awareness. But, raising awareness does not mean it can solve problem.

Chuwy 1:08 am, 9-Mar-2012

They support the war because they have tried to get the African government to make peace efforts with Joseph Kony but when they tried Kony only used that to get them to stop for a while so he could keep attack-en them. So hell ya they support the war know after so long of trying to make peace jerks!

Benjamin Nixon 1:43 am, 9-Mar-2012

wow these stupid, selfish, ignorant fools are wasting their time going against a good cause! It's people like these that 'help' our world get worse and worse... idiots -.-

john 1:57 am, 9-Mar-2012

they are doing something, you are right there. however, what are you doing about this or other issues? it would be much better if you somehow advised the invisible children group on what they may not be doing very well, rather than go out, slam them and say all these negative things about them, because that isn't really helping anyone...

Wm 2:07 am, 9-Mar-2012

It's simple for idiots to not want to support this movement but easier for us supporters to not stop by any means We will not stop This is only the beginning of world wide Internet justice

Mike 2:12 am, 9-Mar-2012

For those of you claiming that IC needed to spend 68% of the money they recieved so that they could "live"... keep in mind that that amounts to about 5.5 million dollars of donations that weren't spent on actually dealing with the issue

Ivan 2:17 am, 9-Mar-2012

This kid needs to get a life and a clue. I have never read such complete bullshit covered in fancy words in all my life. Really. Kid. Stick to your poly sci major and your really bad photography, and leave the problems of the works to people who are actually educated.

All seeing eye 2:41 am, 9-Mar-2012

If you believe facebook can change the world and solve the problems in Africa you are a moron. Mass manipulation of youth; the me,me,me generation are puppets to their invisible masters whom reside at the top tip of that pyramid. Wake up do the research.. What needs to happen is someone like this blogger puts a counter argument out and make a response viral vid and then people can make their own minds up. Invisible their real agenda is it seem$

Barack Obama 2:53 am, 9-Mar-2012


DC 3:10 am, 9-Mar-2012

As far as a Charitable organization using the money in other ways that arn't just involved in charity, it's life. Preachers are payed to preach just as government officials are payed to represent the country. You PAY for that. Should a preacher be payed to preach or a government official be payed to represent? I don't know. I'll leave that up to you. But in my humble opinion, No. They shouldn't. But even still, they need that money to make a living. We live in a world where, without money, it's impossible to do practically anything. So as far as KONY 2012 goes, and the way that they use their money, that's none of my concern. The fact of the matter is that they set out to INFORM a world. To hope that the people of America, and ultimately, the world, would take interest in KONY so that he can be stopped. He was not on America's radar even though he was at the top of the criminal list. But with the information that the campaign has put out, KONY is becoming known around the world even in small towns such as the one that I live in now. As far as those of you saying that there are bigger issues to deal with than KONY, I disagree with you. Yes, all of you are right. Poverty is a sad and treacherous thing, but that can be dealt with at a later date. But if you value money over the lives of Children, than there will be no poverty in the future because there will be now life there to endure it. We're talking about the future of Africa. The children being that future. We're talking about saving the lives of the innocent while there's still time. To say that we should put it off is to be inhumane. Not only that, but if we focus more on other subjects as opposed to this one, and we begin to focus on poverty or money or land, than we're ultimately saying, "money is more important than life" and not only this, but the lives of INNOCENT children. That's basically saying, "this issue is more important because it deals with money. Those lives can wait." But the reality of the matter is this: if we do that, than we basically say that people are only important if they justify the means and not the end. But in the end, every person should be treated as an end because if we treat them only as a means to achieve what we want to gain in the end, then we are denying someone of their humanity and that is IMMORAL as human beings. Life isn't important or sacred because of what is achieved in that life. Life is important and sacred because it is LIFE. It is what separates us from death. It is a RIGHT. And we're not just dealing with adults, but we're dealing with the future of a country, and ultimatly, the future of the world. I believe that the KONY 2012 campaign is doing great things. As the video said, "The rules of this world have changed." I will stand behind them and what they are doing, not because what they are doing is putting cash in their pocket, but because what they are doing is RIGHT. To many times in life, we turn out eyes and and look the other way when it comes to things such as these. Why else did KONY go "unnoticed" for so long? It's not because he couldn't get on the radar, but because we didn't let him on it. But now, instead of closing our eyes, we opened them. We denied the daily scenarios that we're placed in where we close our eyes and pretend that it's not happening. It IS happening. The fact that it's being brought to recognition, and people are taking a stand is a first. Not just for the people of America, but for the world as whole. We should support this, because it shows what human beings can do when we stop being so apathetic and complacent, and come together to do the right thing. The rules of this world are changing. I don't know about you, but I'll stand behind this with everything I am.

Dan 3:55 am, 9-Mar-2012

So very sad. All i can do is pray for people that will try to find the bad in EVERYTHING. Im sure not every single thing that every single person at IC is on the up & up. What about Wall Street? What about all the banks & all the financial institutions in the US that lie & cover up all the skeletons in their closet? At least IC is trying to ,ake a change in the world. Trying to bring a murderer to justice. So what he hasnt been "as bad lately" or doesnt have as much power or influence as he once did. He still needs to be stopped. If you dont want to stop him, then FUCK you. That is all.

Eilish, Chattanooga 4:01 am, 9-Mar-2012

I'm sorry but it really makes me angry when people say they're upset that people are finding out about this through Facebook, but a lot of these people just now finding out is the youth! Most youth don't read the news or watch the news channel, most teens find things out through Facebok and Twitter and Tumblr, so shouldn't we just be glad for all of the awareness?! And this is speaking from a teen's point of view..

Maurice 4:39 am, 9-Mar-2012

First you have to creat awarness before you can solve a Problem. Awarness and Information ist never bad what should be done next can be discused after that. As there are more people into a topic the better the solutions going to get. Yes, the Movie is emotional black/white theatralic stuff. But it made me read and dicuss about the LRA, Uganda, the regional Conflicts, joseph kony and militaryinterventions in general, for nearly 3 days in a row now.

Anna 4:41 am, 9-Mar-2012

This article has some grossly incorrect facts. Read more at and make the decision for yourself . . . with the correct information.

Ashley 4:54 am, 9-Mar-2012

It is a small donation are people really bent out of a $10-20 donation, and further you feel donating is wrong don't donate but let the good in what people are doing be good. Remember change isn't free.

bryce 5:28 am, 9-Mar-2012

Dear MAZZAA are u really that dim witted if u think us teen agers can't change I bet the only reason your mocking us is because we actully have a life and we get out side and do stuff soo how bout eiter suppoirt kony and make him famous or stop surching up kony 2012 and last but not least. Watch the video and listen" I'm here to tell you that who are you to stop a war I'm her to tell you who aren't you so let me break it down for you everyone. Can support konu

Alec 5:30 am, 9-Mar-2012

Someone mentioned how this could be related to 9/11, which is almost completely invalId. Yes, they were both big issues, but the U.S. has obviously recovered on its own at this point. The Ugandan military and government seems like they need help to capture Kony and find the children safe homes once the fighting is over. Another point about how there are so many other global issues occuring right now; it's not possible to address all of them at once, but we DO have to start somewhere. Call your representatives, make posters, t-shirts; get pumped for 4/20

Duhh 5:40 am, 9-Mar-2012

Lol Americans believe in a stupid idea that they can 'save the world', all that will happen is that the tyrants will become harder to notice or to find, why trade an enemy you know for 3 you don't know, if anything getting rid of Kony will only ensure more of his followers to take his place. 'Majority rules', the only reason they 'rule' as such is because people watch this sad video and believe anything they watch, get rid of kony and his men and i think you're just giving it to the ugandan dictator and we all know how affectionate them guys are.....

Fisher Beasley 5:57 am, 9-Mar-2012

Um.. see what most people dont understand. Is were kids thats trying to make a difference! Screw you people who think that all we are are kids and dont have a voice

kb 6:06 am, 9-Mar-2012

So, Mr. Oyston, what are you doing to make the world a better place for those without a voice? It's not just "Invisible Children" trying to get this guy, he is #1 on the International Criminal Court's list... Easy to criticize when you have food in your stomach and a safe place to call home... I don't think it's fair to discourage people from trying to do something. All previous efforts to bring J. Kony have failed, why not

tmw 6:28 am, 9-Mar-2012

Wow, bashing someone for not 'jumping on the band wagon' or 'blindly following the crowd.' Hmm. I didn't realize having doubts, wanting more information, looking at things from a different perspective or bringing questionable actions to light is a public offense. Obviously no one can read the bottom of the post which reads: "This article appears courtesy of Visible Children and is published with the approval of Grant Oyston." Stop hating on people who think different from you. If you don't care about the information posted, fine. Lots of ppl agree and disagree with you. That's life. Move on. Put some posters up, wear a tshirt, donate some money and feel better about yourself. Spend your time doing something useful - feed a starving Ugandan - instead of wasting it writing the same things over and over and over.

nick 6:33 am, 9-Mar-2012

Invisible Children has been condemned time and time again. Last year, the organization spent $8,676,614. Only 32% went to direct services. the fact is they are doing a lot better than a lot of non profits out there, to maintain non profit status all you really have to do is prove that you are doing some good however little it is for the community you are serving. many non profits only give up 10% of their revenue to the communities they serve and spend the rest on the non profit itself. I live in boston and there are a crapload of universities and non profits any time they can't figure out how to spend money they write bonuses or bump salaries rather than using that money to serve the community in any meaningful way.

seek_truth 7:15 am, 9-Mar-2012

Thanks for sharing HM! I knew something was up..... Trouble is the many are so gullible, easily exploited and manipulated. It does not help the situation when entertainment celebrities jump on the bandwagon. Many fail to understand the complex sociological, economic and political issues involved. Many don't ask the critical questions. How many know anything about the COLONIALIST HISTORY of Africa? They should read "HOW EUROPE UNDERDEVELOPED AFRICA" by DR. WALTER RODNEY. Yes, he was assassinated in the early 80's. Many thanks to Grant Oyston for his article. Saw him on CBC news "Connect Now" with Mark Kelley.

40 years in advertising 7:55 am, 9-Mar-2012

With all that money the CIA could have been paid for a covert operation to get rid of him!

random 8:48 am, 9-Mar-2012

I think the guy in the video is gay. Therefore he is wrong and thus the video is bullshit.

BeansDontBurnOnTheGrill 9:36 am, 9-Mar-2012

I'll kill Kony. I'll be happy to do it. :) With or without my Invisible Children bracelet. Facts are facts. Even when exaggerated.

Danny H 10:52 am, 9-Mar-2012

There's always some retarded conspiracy theorist in every good cause. Digging away to try and convince themselves something isn't what it seems. I am totally unsurprised at there being a negative article on sabotage times, full of wannabe journos itching to be different from the rest but at the same time absolutely identical to eachother with this paranoia induced criticism. For Christ sake man, just watch and embrace this global movement. Hell, maybe it might even change the world for the better instead of dragging it down your negative minded vision.

Georgina 11:20 am, 9-Mar-2012

Herp Derp

Haha 11:42 am, 9-Mar-2012

You people are idiots,,your supporting the same thing your fighting against. Thank you for this article but you'll never get through too these people because apparently ignorance really is bliss.

Hanif Leylabi 12:16 pm, 9-Mar-2012

Danny, engage with the facts. The Ugandan military is accused of atrocities against civilians. Why would I want to give my money to an organisation who campaigns to give help to such an army?

Andrew 12:31 pm, 9-Mar-2012

Sean B 12:32 pm, 9-Mar-2012

another fantastic opinion, full of ideas aren't what is it exactly you are suggesting will stop this lunatic?

Sean B 12:33 pm, 9-Mar-2012


David Plum 1:26 pm, 9-Mar-2012

Poor deluded fools. You really think slapping a 2012 will really help. Oh it's Kony 2012 we better do something quick. Or did the people who put this up think if the world ends this year they're covered. Frankly it's a load of codwash I remember back in 07 they were going on about this how there would be intervention. It ain't going to happen. Look at Idi Amin hell look at Satre 2012 means nothing nothing will change. Oh and don't go on about a cause if you aren't going to do anything.

Andy 1:52 pm, 9-Mar-2012

One of the better posts on this site. Offers a different perspective to the mainstream, which is what we should applaud, surely?

DC 2:01 pm, 9-Mar-2012

I agree. The fact of the matter is this: the youth of this world have recognized a need that needs to be met and are coming together to meet it. I'm 16 years old, and I can honestly say that the world I Love in is a screwed up place, but I'll fight to make it better. I'll fight for the lives of innocent children because they're CHILDREN and there INNOCENT. Face it: Kony needs to be stopped. The rules of this world have changed. It's time to play by the new rules.

Jock McSporran 2:06 pm, 9-Mar-2012

U Mad Bro? It seems a lot of people are mad because someone has poked a hole in their latest 'feel good' humanitarian fad. It was so simple when they said "Make Kony Famous": "Hey, we can all post faebook updates and share a youtube video and we've fixed Africa!". Now some folks have pointed out that its not as simple as removing one man, theyre angry at 'haters'. But i'd say funding one group of criminals to fight another group of criminals doesnt help anyone. And surely, when the charity's people are pictured with guns, and the 'enemy' are armed children, there is a disconnect. There are other charities far more deserving of your attention, time and money. But hey, don't let that get in the way of a good hero/villain story where the children are 'saved' in the end

kristina 2:09 pm, 9-Mar-2012

Don't buy the kit, t-shirt etc. I'm not purchasing anything, but I will spread the word. At least people know who about Kony. Being aware of the problem is half the feat. DOING NOTHING is worse than finding faults in someone's efforts. If you don't have a solution, you're part of the problem.

Sandra 2:19 pm, 9-Mar-2012

Did you ever think that every word you wrote in this blog meant one more child's life destroyed? Backlash for the sake of backlash is evil.

Archibald 2:22 pm, 9-Mar-2012

Well done - so now we all know about Joseph Kony and we're all fired up to do something about it - but has anyone considered the wider implications, or even the other itrinsically linked problems in Uganda and surrounding countries? Sure, killing or prison are too good for this Kony guy, but is supporting Invisible Children BETTER than supporting UCCF or War Child? Or any of the other larger or more established charities working in Africa? Invisible Children want to support military action and an army that are (allegedly) guilty of war crimes too. Is that better? No, we shouldn't sit and do NOTHING, but we should do THE RIGHT THING - support change and progress. Not supporting Invisible children is not the same as supporting or approving of Joseph Kony. Please Please Please look at other worthwile, deserving, better placed, better equipped charities and see this for the shallow fad it is

Emma 2:39 pm, 9-Mar-2012

So boring seeing the repetitive and ignorant comments and criticisms from people who obviously haven't bothered to read this (as posted yesterday), but have been "blindly following" themselves, the opinions of a random blog post. Read the responses, THEN come back here and come up with something that hasn't been adequately addressed.

AR 2:48 pm, 9-Mar-2012

David North 2:57 pm, 9-Mar-2012

Again, they do not support the army, only assist said armies in findinf Kony they do NOT fund them, and yes support all of the charities. To inject some mood lightener :allofthethings!.png: have a mental image. This is not a fad, IC has been around for a long time now, at least 5 or 6 years. It has only got the media coverage it deserved recently, and this proves that when enough people care, we all do care. The point was to think, the point is to let governments know he needs to be stopped, not neccesarily donating to IC. I won't be buying posters for 2 reasons. Most ar US politics based so don't fit in Brotain and their sold out. They need pdfs if they want us to help. Again, the point is government awerness not money.

Chad 3:28 pm, 9-Mar-2012

30,000 children being abducted, raped,killed, forced to kill their families, forced to hack up people faces and forced into was IS FAR FROM IDEAL. You're more concerned with money than the good that this organization has done. Im not sure if you live under a rock or if you're ignorant but it's cost a lot of money to do what they do. I've followed this organization since they began and what they are doing is needed. They want him captured and arrested and brought to justice. Not with a bullet in his head. I don't care if everyone on staff has a salary of a million dollars a year. If my kids were kidnapped raped and forced to kill I'd be happy to pay that for someone to put an end to it. And as far as stickers and graffiti goes. If you kid was missing you blanket a city with info on it and if you wouldn't you're lying to yourself. This doesn't affect your greedy lifestyles or your kids so it doesn't matter to you. I feel for you and hope that the faces of these kids and families might let you see things differently

Steve 3:39 pm, 9-Mar-2012

It's not a charity, you cretins, it's a US government conspiracy to gain liberal support for military bases in African countries in order to threaten aggressive Chinese economic expansion in the continent. Also, any donations made to the charity which exceed 60 per cent go to the 3 CEO's salaries. If you're in favour of all this, then by all means donate. If not, don't give the feckers a penny. Simples.

Jen 3:43 pm, 9-Mar-2012

People here are so goddamned ignorant. This has been happening for DECADES. Kony himself was a child soldier; you get rid of him, more will take his place. If you really want to help solve this problem, you have to educate yourselves as to the root causes of the issues and help those who already live there help themselves. There are countless grassroots programs in Uganda, and other African nations that are affected by the same atrocities that are trying to help. How about donating to the people who are actually living it?

Labrador Tea 3:45 pm, 9-Mar-2012

Give the people of Africa a voice and stop treating them like they do not exist. Stop trying to be the knight in shining white armor. Consider the views from Uganda and central African nations. Also, follow the money. Why is Mr. Kony supported by someone? He isn't the devil that simply popped out of the ground and started doing this on a whim. Read this:

Emma 3:53 pm, 9-Mar-2012

Steve, the entire staff salaries account for 15% you moron, try looking into stuff yourself instead of assuming a first year student in suburbia has done it for you.

Kiss my ring 3:53 pm, 9-Mar-2012

this is slacktivism - probably not of the highest order, but still. Invisible Children are diverting attention away from PROPER charities and organisations who's goal it is to improve nations like Uganda. If you want to help - dont fall for the propaganda - research and find the charity that best aligns to your values that actually has the long term plan you agree with, who've been around longer than 5 minutes and who don't spend all of their money on film making - Oxfam spend 80p of every pound on aid and development etc, only 10p is admin and 10p is for generating future income - most charities spend around 80% on the actual problem. These jokers are having us on. Give to charity, give up time, but dont just follow whats trending on twitter for the sake of it

Chad 3:55 pm, 9-Mar-2012

The arrogance that I'm seeIng on the blog is staggering. To speak about this as though you know anything. as if you know more than Someone like Jason Russell who has been there and worked with these people and knows all about the crisis and what's going on. A perspective that you and I and anyone on the blog cannot comprehend. He knows facts that you will never know. He is more of an expert on the situation and he speaks from speak from opinion and a narrow minded American point of view.

John 3:56 pm, 9-Mar-2012

It's specifically says "This article is published with the approval of Grant Oyston" which means they took it from him and he gave permission to share it. They did nothing wrong by copying and pasting it, they are just helping to spread the information. And in my opinion it is great that they are spreading this information about "Invisible Children" because the people who donate will now know exactly what their money will be going to.

Emma 3:56 pm, 9-Mar-2012

Apologies, I mis read your application of the 60% - where did you get that from though? I stand by the moron comment based on your conspiracy theory.

Tyler S. 3:59 pm, 9-Mar-2012

go to hell. You are fucking terrible. What if your child was taken away from you or raped and killed? Go to hell you fuck.

Steve 4:07 pm, 9-Mar-2012

It's not a conspiracy theory, it's fact. Bit coincidental, don't you think? A video emerges as soon as the chinese unveil further ways to expand their ever growing economy in the area, yes? Read some of the figures related to the expansion of both nations in ths particular area (china and america) and I don't think you'll find the 60 per cent estimate entirely unreasonable. with all due respect,people like you would fall for a puppet show.

toni 4:21 pm, 9-Mar-2012

Why are we even focusing on this article! Do your own research, I did and found this article full of false statements. This is an attempt to gain attention by putting false figures and statements out there. Site your sources for each statement you made. Also were these sources can be found. This is actually a good cause. If you want yo rant about a non-profit org. Look into the Goodwill industries. Their CEO pulls a whoping 3 million a year in just salary. He also gets stock options etc. Go after the real rip off non-profits.

GB 4:28 pm, 9-Mar-2012

@Chad - ah yes, Lord Jason Russell - "If Oprah, Steven Spielberg and Bono had a baby, I would be that baby" Jason Russell? "I am going to help get Joseph Kony arrested, then I am going to direct a Hollywood musical" That Jason Russell? Well where's that nobel prize nomination form? Undoubtedly he knows more than we do, but I mean, if he is the expert after only a few years then shouldnt we be listening to, i don't know, anyone else who has been working and/or living in the region for longer? ie most other charities. And perhaps we should support people that want to make a lasting difference? After all, Mr Russell says himself that he wants to "move to New York to start “The Academy” – which will be a school where the best creative young minds in the world attend". The naivete of this cause comes from the top - they believe just getting rid of Kony is THE answer - they do that then they can go and live life, fat on the success

Don Juan C 4:34 pm, 9-Mar-2012

Three things. 1. It's feasible and achievable to get one villain at a time through the way social networks and Internet have helped the Arab Spring and other recent events so far. 2. It's realistically a social experiment to see if the of universal connectivity brings a new way of solving world problems considered too distant and less palpable in the past. 3. Unwillingness to contemplate its potential and to dismiss hastily, dooms the whole process before it begins.

seek_truth 4:51 pm, 9-Mar-2012

Great insight Steve: "it's a US government conspiracy to gain liberal support for military bases in African countries in order to threaten aggressive Chinese economic expansion in the continent.".....It is also about OIL folks..... the HUMANITARIAN ANGLE and then send US TROOPS, then we have a fight for Uganda's resources, without the local people benefiting from any of it..... CHECK OUT ARTICLE on Jason Russell on The 700 Club, a Christian organization.....

seek_truth 5:33 pm, 9-Mar-2012

Help to save other children in the world also.....Children in COTE D'IVOIRE need your help from CHILD TRAFFICKERS IN THE chocolate industry--BITTER CHOCOLATE ( Children in IRAQ need your help.....Children in Occupied PALESTINE need your help.....Children in AFGHANISTAN need your help.....Children in SIERRA LEONE recovering from CIVIL WAR need your help.....Abandoned Orphans in ROMANIA need your help.........Finally, maybe some good will come from all of this as North Americans wake up to what has really been going on around the planet. Let us help all of God's children on Earth.

Dumbbb 5:59 pm, 9-Mar-2012

You're dumb as fu**!!!!

dugs 6:07 pm, 9-Mar-2012

This article make me feel like maybe you are a little butthurt by the fact that this movement is so successful unlike yourself. Maybe just take a back seat and sit this one out champ.

James Gaynor 6:42 pm, 9-Mar-2012

I choose to stand with Invisible Children, and here's my take them and Kony 2012. Have a read. I'd love to have some feedback.

Ho Chi Minh 6:43 pm, 9-Mar-2012

Hell yea brother, lets all exercise a little criticality in our consumption of B.S. social media campaigns

sam 7:01 pm, 9-Mar-2012

even if the LRA only abducted 10 children, it would still be a cause worth fighting for. I dont see exaggerating fact as a crime worthy of not giving them support. I only found out about this specific cause today but i have always believed in every human being having a shot at life. so whether Kony is responsible for 30,000 abductions or 5 it doesnt really matter to me

Well... 7:09 pm, 9-Mar-2012

Well, u are a FUCKING DUMBASS. 32% is about a third. The rest went to pay for the project's people and expenses which also are for the cause. I'll do a roflcoptr for u son. u deserve it.

STOP ALL THIS CRAP 7:25 pm, 9-Mar-2012

kids die everyday, and who cares whos the one killing them, whos raping them, and whos diplaying them. its happening everywhere. if in reality, this group of people called "the invisible children" are only gibing 32% of their earnings to the people of Uganda, that means that the other 68% goes out to advertising. so, does your money really help? changing your facebook status and telling people to go watch it makes ONE MAN known. ONE MAN IS BAD. Thats what you people dont understand. its only one man. How do you know that this guy is not actually a group of men? you have no proof. the people that have admitted that he kills and rapes, and turns women into sex slaves are obviously IN NEED OF HELP TO SAVE LIVES, NOT HELP WITH ADVERTISING. you people in america are so ignorant that you do not see the issues we have here. why is everyone over looking the past here? the US government actually DECLINED HELP to this so called charity, several times. and now that the IGNORANT man concerned with forgin affaris got obama to listen, they're on a hunt. how do we know its not the Ugandan people themselves? how do we know Kony is even alive? he could be in america for all we know. But theres the catch, we dont know. and those of you who say you do, why didnt you STAND UP AND SAY SOMETHING ISDEAD OF WAITING FOR SOMEONE TO SAY IT FIRST? get over it and start helping your neighbors. i bet half of you are CHRISTIANS. arent you supposed to help your neighbors? arent you supposed to make life better for them? WAKE UP!! KIDS IN AMERICA GET RAPED AND KILLED EVERYDAY. KIDS IN AMERICA ARE STARVING. KIDS IN AMERICA HAVE NO PARENTS, HAVE NO EDUCATION. WHY CANT WE HELP THEM? BECAUSE OF PEOPLE LIKE YOU! YES, PEOPLE IN AFRICA ARE DYING, BUT SO ARE WE! YOU CALL YOURSELF AN AMERICAN, A CHRISTIAN.WELL YOU KNOW WHAT I CALL YOU? AN IGNORANT POSER. and for all of you who say this man is like Hittler, atleast Hittler knew his religion. at least he knew his goals. as for the rest of you, i ask you not to fall into the pursuasion of others. do your research, and dont believe everything you say. use the facts and spread the word. this is a scam in the end.

Dylan 7:42 pm, 9-Mar-2012

o. You can’t save/fix Africa. It’s pretty damn complex. For some…do you even ‘genuinely’ care about KONY 2012? Seriously, you’ll forget it like how you forgot ‘Linsanity’or whatever the hell Kanye West did lately. BTW, Kony is only one of hundreds of warlords and his shit has been around since 1986. And now people are only finding out about it because of some stupid viral video? If you truly do want to ‘genuinely’ care about fixing this damn world…start by actually volunteering at the Boys and Girls Club, donate to PBS, help in soup kitchens, or join Peace Corps. Damn it..get off your asses and go build houses in El Salvador. It’s a lot damn easier than trying to topple a warlord and you will make a great & positive impact faster than a blink of an eye. Unless stepping out your door & making a difference is waaaaay TOO HARD compared to easily reposting an opportunist video (that you will only care for 1 1/2 days) and ‘Liking’ a status on Facebook. Okay…for those who think Americans don’t want to help Africans because they are “Africans”…what do you want the US to do? Send in Navy Seals to take out hundreds & maybe thousands of warlords throughout Africa? Oh, and once we take out one…another pops up to replace the original? Better yet, shall we bring in American troops to “liberate” and bring “democracy” to these people? And if we do send in “Coalition” forces…who are we going to encounter? Armed DERANGED & BRAINWASHED 10-15 year olds who will ultimately be killed by US or “Coalition” forces. The situation in Africa is extremely complex and it is not simple as “lets defeat the bad guy and everything will be flowers & sunshine” like in Star Wars. Get real.

ag2006 8:39 pm, 9-Mar-2012

You taking your time to write this article is also bringing attention to the matter. You've made a very contradictory statement my dear.

Tangawizi 8:46 pm, 9-Mar-2012

I agree with you 100%,Grant Oysten. The Invisible Chidren group came to our church in Canada a couple of years ago with their one-sided, outdated information and their sincere but misguided appeals to our consciences and our wallets. I might have been taken in by them too, but as it happened, I knew more about the current Ugandan situation than they did. I have lived in Uganda and have personally spoken with people who have suffered from Kony's actions as well as people who have suffered from the actions of other armed forces in the region. Kony is not the only monster here and he is not the most dangerous or powerful. People who think that Invisible Children have "raised awareness" are themselves not aware of the broader situation here in Uganda and surrounding countries. If any of you had read the comments in the local Ugandan online newspapers, you would see that Ugandans themselves were cynical about the real reasons behind the recent deployment of 100 US troops to help with the fight against Kony. Invisible Children's call for more armed intervention is misguided. The last thing Africans need is more arms.

Josh 8:47 pm, 9-Mar-2012

You fraking blistering idiots..... AWARENESS IS THE CHARITY! They did not start this to build schools, and intact, the schools they have built should be considered the misappropriations.... The guy made 83k last year... WOW... Quit mis quoting the "facts" and pay attention. The point of this charity is to bring someone t justice against all obstacles... I'm pretty sure I HAVE found a charity that aligns with my values.... But thanks for assuming you know more about my values than I do..... As a foot soldier for various causes, I've spent most of my life in the no-profit sector....and for some reason you think my experience in expertise is worth less because I'm not helping some destruction causing organization to profit on the backs of the working class? Sorry!

Rob 10:03 pm, 9-Mar-2012

Sometimes the liquid used to fight a fire may be just as incendiary as the original fire. Only blind faith and arrogantly ignorant obedience allows people to accept that a new direction is better than finding a 'best' or at least better change. Worse still is that this rush to change may in fact mask a better alternative. This strikes me as the point of the original post.

Alex 10:21 pm, 9-Mar-2012

I appreciate what Invisible Children is trying to do, but you have to do your research before you blindly support them

a 13yr old girl 10:30 pm, 9-Mar-2012

you say that the ugandan army are just as bad as the LRA and i quote "Ugandan military who are themselves raping and looting away." Maybe they are but Im sure that in every country in the world the same thing is happening there. I dont know if you have children but Im sure if you did and Kony and the LRA took YOUR child away to be a child soldier and to kill others YOU would NOT be saying this. Think of the pain the parents of these children who have being abducted by the LRA. Would you not worry? Would you not let your voice be heard against this cruel man and the LRA? Imagine these terrified children who are forced into killing other people. Yes maybe the ugandan army does do those things but yes they are trying to help their countrys children, and the future. Would Barack Obama really send some US military to Uganda to help the Ugandan army if it wasnt genuine and needed. At this very moment I know that there is children not just in Uganda, forced into military. Children and teens like me are right now are scared out of their wits so they do what the LRA tell them to. STAND UP FOR THE RIGHTS OF ANY HUMAN BEING, NO MATTER WHEREVER THAT MAY BE IN THE WORLD. YOU DONT HAVE TO PAY OR DO MUCH JUST PLEDGE YOUR SUPPORT FOR THE CHILDREN OF UGANDA. IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK!?

sarah 11:29 pm, 9-Mar-2012

i just found out about Kony 2 days ago... i watched the 30 minute video about it today and now that i know more about it, i will absolutely suppored KONY 2012. this man needs to be brought to justice no matter what it takes to stop him, he needs to be stopped

kony2012 12:20 am, 10-Mar-2012

Lemonpie1981 I think its very rude and ignorant to make a comment that a homeless man is more deserving than a child in Africa. ”where you live shouldn't be determined whether you live” these children cant defend themselves nor move out of their country to keep safe. For all the cynics, I think its great that u are voicing your opinion. you are just making the campaign more famous. All in all, kony needs to be stopped

Shane 12:36 am, 10-Mar-2012

This campain against kony looks a bit like an organised assasination, only the organisors dont want to be the ones who pull the trigger, i have no doubt, many if not all people involved with this across the world would have been protesting against the soldiers who have been involved in the wars throughout the past twelve years. I say, if you feel that you need to incite action against kony, dont put Military Men and Women in harms way, pick up a gun and hunt him down yourselves, whats that you say, your all pacifists.

Bob Dobolina 12:56 am, 10-Mar-2012

Read this:

Bob Dobolina 12:57 am, 10-Mar-2012

The KONY 2012 campaign has hit Facebook like a tsunami, and MANY people have re-posted the 30 min. video produced by the charity "Invisible Children." I have rebutted this several times and have been called every name in the book... I think that while their hearts are in the right place, their actions are totally wrong within the context of a VERY complicated and complex situation. Let's start with Kony and the LRA... Joseph Kony, simply put, is a bad, bad man. He is the leader of the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) and is a war criminal. While claiming to be a "pure" Christian, he has proven to be anything but. He has been accused of murder, rape, and cannibalism. He is NOT somebody I want living next to me, or even walking the planet to be totally honest. In 2009, the US aided both financially and logistically an operation named Operation Lightning Thunder, with the goal being the the capture of Kony. They were wholly unsuccessful, only pushing Kony into Sudan. As a matter of fact, that operation resulted in the LRA conducting brutal retaliatory attacks resulting in over 1,000 people killed in both the Congo and Sudan. In October 2011, the US sent 100 combat equipped troops to the region to work as military advisers. "Although the U.S. forces are combat-equipped, they will only be providing information, advice, and assistance to partner nation forces, and they will not themselves engage LRA forces unless necessary for self-defense," said President Obama in a letter to Congress. Sounds pretty pointless to me... Now, let's talk about the Ugandan government... While they have a slightly better human rights record than Kony, they aren't exactly angels either. First off, they are rated as one of the most corrupt governments in the world... 2.4 on a scale from zero to ten, with zero being the worst (this comes from Transparency International). Add to that, their parliament recently considered passing a bill that would make homosexuality a crime punishable by death. This bill also has provisions for Ugandans outside of the country who engage in same-sex relationships; it states that said parties (including individuals, companies, media organizations, or non-governmental organizations) should be extradited to Uganda where there can be punished. The government has also been cited for forcible deportation and violence against refugees. The current "President," Museveni, is a border-line dictator who has previously restricted other political parties from operating at any real level. While he said this was being done to stop sectarian violence, he wouldn't allow them to hold rallies or even field candidates. Lovely people, right? So, this war in Uganda has been going on since 1987. Both sides are bad. What do we do? Direct military intervention is not, in my opinion, a good idea. The western nations involved would only get drug down in another long war that would probably not produce any real results due to the fact that these groups are notorious for border-jumping. Do we just invade all of equatorial and central Africa? Probably another stupid idea since just about every nation in this area is at war in some shape or form. YES, ALMOST EVERY COUNTRY IN WESTERN AND EQUATORIAL AFRICA IS CURRENTLY AT WAR! This includes: The Democratic Republic of the Congo Uganda Somalia Chad (Darfur) Mauritania Niger Mali Central African Republic Nigeria Senegal ... and finally, possibly Kenya after their presidential election this year (per the UN) I didn't even mention The Ivory Coast or Liberia, both of which have been in and out of a state of war almost constantly for quite some time. So why focus attention solely on Uganda and Kony (especially since he isn't even in Uganda anymore)? Now, for the next hard question: Is a humanitarian aid approach a good thing for Africa? We've all seen the pictures of people mobbing UN aid trucks in Africa, but how much of that actually gets to people who need it? The answer: VERY LITTLE! Most of it ends up in the hands of either warlords or corrupt government officials who use it to further their causes via bribery or starvation. Most of us remember the pictures of starving people in Ethiopia back in the 80s, right? It was because of a famine, right? We all rushed out and bought a copy of "We Are The World" to help said starving Ethiopians. Were they really victims of famine? The answer is yes and no, they were victims of politics and war, with famine being the result. In the end, we all helped prolong a war and the suffering of the people we set out to help because WE DIDN'T UNDERSTAND WHAT WAS ACTUALLY HAPPENING. Ethiopia is in no better shape today than it was then, but where's the concern for them now? As a matter of fact, Ethiopia is arguably much worse off now. Meles Zenawi is the current Ethiopian dictator and leader of the rebellion that took place against Lieutenant Colonel Mengistu Hailemariam, the previous dictator. He has been cited for human rights abuses against the people in the largest of its nine states, Oromia. He also brutally put down a Somali rebellion in 2008, in which he was accused of torture and burning villages. He has been quoted as saying "Ethiopia will have to stay undemocratic until the important work of development is done." But let's move past Ethiopia... We've all heard of the groups that send shoes, shirts etc. to help the poverty stricken of Africa. Does any of it do any good? Unfortunately, the answer is "NO!" Instead of helping, these things ended up collapsing an unstable textile industry and put mom and pop retail businesses under. Has anybody found out if it's all that hard to get clothes in Africa? Apparently not... Rasna Warah is a Kenyan journalist who has said "Africa is the greatest dumping ground on the planet. Everything is dumped here. The sad part is that African governments don't say no — in fact, they say, 'Please send us more.' They're abdicating responsibility for their own citizens." Now you should ask: How about monetary aid? Zaire's former President, Mobutu Sese Seko, reportedly stole $5 BILLION from his country! But it's not all stolen... African countries are paying back $20 billion/year for foreign monetary aid, usually at the expense of infrastructure, health care and education. The per capita income is lower today than it was forty years ago with 50% more population. So we give them more money. Now there is no reason for these countries to find alternative ways to raise capital. 70% of the coffers in Africa come from foreign monetary aid, and in Ethiopia it's 90%! On the other hand, after Ghana ousted their military dictatorship, they adopted a pro-market governmental system. Fisherman and farmers are now using cell phones there to check various market prices, creating competition, income possibilities and self-sustainability. The moral: "No nation has ever attained economic development by aid" says former Goldman Sachs banker Dambisa Moyo. Well put... All I'm saying is be careful about what you blindly support without knowing all the facts. I do not have all the answers, nor am I an expert. My interest in African politics started when I was 12 years old and a family from Ghana moved in down the street. I heard about how Americans want to feel good by doing what they thought was right, without really knowing if what they were doing was good or right. Personally, I think that the Peace Corps may hold the answer. People with boots on the ground, getting hands dirty and teaching skills like how to dig a well or modern agricultural practices would probably go a lot further than blindly supporting a group (by proxy) that you know nothing about. So, let's look at some of the things Invisible Children plans to do with the money they raise... #1 HF radio net throughout Uganda to work as an early warning system. OK, I have an amateur radio license, so this is something I am intimately familiar with. Basically, the HF (high frequency; 3-30 MHz) is utterly useless unless you want to talk to somebody on the other side of the globe. It uses the ionosphere (particularly the D-layer), and bounces the signal very far distances. For a country that is less than 500 miles at it's longest, this is a silly and absurd frequency range to use unless the people using this network in Africa are supposed to speak to people in the US, and the people in the US will repeat this warning back to Africa. And that's only if propagation is in everyone's favor... They have also been very proud of their partnering with UN DDR/RR and Interactive Radio for Justice (IRfJ), which are FM radio services. They have increased the range from 10 km to 30 km. This is being used to directly communicate with LRA soldiers and to try and get them to defect. Unfortunately, the range has increased from 6 miles to 18 miles. Both seem pretty ineffective if you ask me. I doubt that they'll ever read this, but the Invisible Children people should be looking at radios for their early warning network in the 150 MHz range with a VHF repeater network and a HF tie-in if they want to actively be a part of the network. #2 The Strategy To Arrest Kony From the Invisible Children website: "For more than two decades, Kony has refused opportunities to negotiate an end to the violence peacefully, and has used peace talks to build up his army's strength through targeted abduction campaigns. Governments of countries where Kony has operated -- including Uganda, South Sudan, Democratic Republic of Congo, and Central African Republic -- have been unable to capture Kony or bring him to justice. This is because regional governments are often not adequately committed to the task, but also because they lack some of the specific capabilities that would help them do so. The KONY 2012 campaign is calling for U.S. leadership to address both problems. It supports the deployment of U.S. advisers and the provision of intelligence and other support that can help locate and bring Kony to justice, but also increased diplomacy to hold regional governments accountable to their basic responsibilities to protect civilians from this kind of brutal violence. Importantly, the campaign also advocates for broader measures to help communities being affected by LRA attacks, such as increased funding for programs to help Kony's abductees escape and return to their homes and families." First, US advisers are already there and have been since October of 2011. Done. Then they make the absurd statement that Uganda, South Sudan, Democratic Republic of Congo, and Central African Republic have been unable to capture Kony or bring him to justice. Really? They're having their own little wars right now. I'm fairly sure they're doing the best they can with what they have, but be realistic guys. #3 Stopping Kony They want Kony brought to the International Criminal Court to stand trial and I agree, this needs to happen. Who's going to get him there? So we go back to the previous discussion about western military intervention. Bad idea... I'm not going to repeat myself. Now To Praise The Good Things Invisible Children Is Doing Rehabilitation centers providing trauma counseling to people affected Legacy school programs that provide scholarships based on academic potential and need WASH program (water, sanitation and hygiene) All I'm saying is be careful about what you blindly support without knowing all the facts. I do not have all the answers, nor am I an expert. My interest in African politics started when I was 12 years old and a family from Ghana moved in down the street. I heard about how Americans want to feel good by doing what they thought was right, without really knowing if what they were doing was good or right.

Jam 2:35 am, 10-Mar-2012

Ashley - your rage is turning me on - get at me! :)

Tom 3:08 am, 10-Mar-2012

"At least I'm doing something". Well, you're not. You are helping to continue a system in which people believe changing a facebook profile is helping. It's not. You want to change things it takes a lot more. And i'm not talking money here. How much money has been put into africa over the years and they still face the same problems, even when the money does get through (and with IC, it doesn't). No. You need to stop the people selling arms to Kony. You need to stop the people who allow it to continue. You need to stop the people who keep Africa an impoverished colony of corporate interests. You will not do this by salving your conscience with a few charitable dollars (and hey, isn't great these days, you can do the same by looking fashionable at the same time, or even with no expense by just watching something for half an hour... awesome!). NO. You will only do this by putting pressure on governments and government interests. Spreading awareness is good; but make sure that the awareness spread is FULL awareness. Where did Kony come from? Years of exploitation by our governments and our commercial interests, that's where. You want it to stop? Do something about that. Don't attack people pointing out the truth, especially not by telling them that it's easy for them, they don't offer a solution. They ARE offering a solution you are just to blind to see it. The solution is don't ignore the truth. The solution is accept the facts. Understand the history. Change your society so that people like Kony aren't created and so that when they are they aren't ignored for years or forgotten when the next fashionable cause comes along. The next Kony will arise out of the Ugandan Army, funded by us and our choices, armed by our governments. Act.

B There 3:12 am, 10-Mar-2012

ummm people that are saying that its just copy and paste and its ripping off Grant Oyston... if you read on the left side of the article it says in plain english "By Grant Oyston" fucking dumbasses

Scott Yee 3:25 am, 10-Mar-2012

I donated $100 to them yesterday, and all those points are valid. Financial accountability with charities is important. And while I would like 100% of every donation that I make go towards the cause, I know some of it has to pay staff, or can be wasted. Anyways, I support passing a law mandating that 75% of donations made to a charity, must be spent on that cause, or they lose their non-profit status, and must pay taxes on those funds. I have made a response video to Kony 2012, which you can see on YouTube:

Seriously, person who wrote the article? 3:34 am, 10-Mar-2012

I think that this is a great thing to support. I think that this is an amazing thing to do to make the world a better place. How can anyone not be moved to act by the video? And people are TRYING! not for America, for someone they have sympathy for. They're trying to help make the world a better place. I am young, I'm still in school. Imagine YOU are still a kid. imagine you're going through that. would you want help? I went through 1 day at school with the words 'Kony 2012' on my hand and told 5 people about kony. It feels good to be able to do something! Everyone has a right to be helped.

Kael stirling 3:56 am, 10-Mar-2012

Hey dude who wrote the article or copied it or wutever u r pretty big airhead/jerk/douche...thise kids and people over there have to worry about armed men breaking in to there house and killing or abducing them. Here in america we dont have tht problem. Yes people here r poor and homeless but im gonna tell y wut my social studies teacher told me its cuz of a descision they made over there in africa they are born into poverty and that war. So show respect or get ur a$$ out if america and go live with the freakin LRA

R C Brewsky 6:00 am, 10-Mar-2012

Holy Krapp!!

Mike 7:00 am, 10-Mar-2012

You know what.... u fucked up..... why are you against.... africa is the money the eat worth the lives of the dead in africa... u should be slaugtered.

Child Advocate 7:53 am, 10-Mar-2012

Imagine these were your children!! Raped, mutilated, forced to kill you! No parent wants their children to go through this, so imagine how the children feel, what they went and STILL go through!! If you want to cry over the money this organisation made, then ask yourself, what did you do to help the cause? Because its not about the money, its about preserving the life god gave to these helpless children. Maybe this is Gods will, to show the rest of the world how to love eachother again, and forgive. Be thankful for what you have now!!! Because all they have is HOPE. I will continue My prayers for these children, because at least God doesnt judge! Amen!

Child Advocate 8:12 am, 10-Mar-2012

And.... To continue my support for the Invisible Children...obviously their video has worked!!!! Take a look at the comments here and everywhere else. They raised $5mill in48hrs, after the video was released. Judgement day will come to Kony! I have watched many documentaries and movies about this evil man over the years, and the struggle it has taken to build orphanages, schools, churches and playgrounds have come out of the pockets of many people like us. But this is the ONLY organisation I have seen, go to great lengths such as this to finally make a stand to this evil man. I take my hat off to them and this cause. No matter what IC achieve by the end of this year, They will continue to help those children and bring them justice!

Kidding me. 8:49 am, 10-Mar-2012

If the other non-profits were actually raising awareness as they should be, there would be no reason to call all that just learned of Kony ignorant. KONY 2012 is the only successful one, so I will be donating to them. Maybe their solution is not the best, but with awareness, they have time to revise.

steve 9:16 am, 10-Mar-2012

I completely agree. Do not judge people you know nothing about except for what you see on some manipulative films. If you care like you pretend to do come to africa and see for yourself. Supporting kony 2012 is like using a nuke to kill terrorists then claiming it was for humanitarian reasons.

Daddy Doyle 9:28 am, 10-Mar-2012

Oh wow! Kony has been captured already!

K 9:56 am, 10-Mar-2012

All you people who are blindly supporting the campaign are idiots. Do some research and then you'll realise, just as I have, that Kony 2012 is a scam. Kony himself is real and what he did is real, but he hasn't even been in Uganda for 6 years. If he really is the most wanted person in the world why are there interviews with him and high quality photos of him?

Believe 10:02 am, 10-Mar-2012

Critisism wont help these children either, nor will it fix the ultimate problems of corrupt government or economic struggle in 3rd world countries. So stop with the negativity people. Give and you shall recieve..... Weather it be your faith, love, forgiveness or support. As I sleep tonight, I will be thanful for my children I have safe in my arms. I hope everyone will do the same and stop hating on something that is beyond your control! If you want to do the right thing.....??? Then Pray! Amen!

Believe 10:35 am, 10-Mar-2012

@ Stop This Crap You are right, children die every day! At the end of the day, we are all children of God. We are all the same people. Unfortunately, some countries dont have an economy as strong as america. Only one Man was the master mind of 9/11. He had his army. And look what that done to america. We cannot stop every wrong doing a man does. We can only support the faith in which people have to prevent it from happening again. If you feel this is scam, then why is your american president supporting it? Regards Proud Kiwi

Anthony 12:44 pm, 10-Mar-2012

I bet none of these small minded kids who posted on here read the article or even understood what they were reading. Just keep donating your money stupid sheep.

Kael stirling 1:32 pm, 10-Mar-2012

@ANTHONY i know wat invisible children is ive known for 2 years so screw off if yr not gonna help the cause. Everyone who doesnt wanna give their money is ignorant and selfish. I can understand when u arent in the ecenomic position but when u have like hundreds if s

Kael stirling 1:34 pm, 10-Mar-2012

@ANTHONY i know wat invisible children is ive known for 2 years so screw off if yr not gonna help the cause. Everyone who doesnt wanna give their money is ignorant and selfish. I can understand when u arent in the ecenomic position but when u have like hundreds of spare dollars to give ur just being selfish and if whats happening over there in africa happened here in the US it would be stopped tomorrow and u would be donating money all the time. The peoole over there need our help they look up to us for advice and help and if we dont give it to them then u might as well say we are just as ba as the LRA

Cassie Bert 2:17 pm, 10-Mar-2012

He never said in the video that you HAD to donate money. It helps just to spread the word around your community and online social sites. There will always be someone to find a flaw in something so amazing, and those people are nothing but selfish. What if it was your kid who was abducted? What if his army of children becomes so big (already at 30,00) that he decided to invade America. There will always come the costs of death in war, but sometimes it stops it before the death toll gets to high. Let's kill Kony before he becomes even stronger. This guy is sick. Peace talks my ass. Obviously they never got anywhere. So I believe in saving the world. I believe in saving a child's life. I believe that we all deserve a chance to live. Make Kony famous! Stop Kony!

Di Wilson-Australia 2:28 pm, 10-Mar-2012

Well sour grapes, cut and paste, gosh don't you wish that your petty little copy cat articles spread as fast as this. I do not care how many millions it takes to get rid of this power hungry sewer rat we need to do it. PULL YOUR HEAD IN!!!!!

Alice 4:45 pm, 10-Mar-2012

Im not sure why but the article to me sounds like "lets not do anything cause nothing can be done anyway". Invisible Children may spend money on film making and changing Facebook profile pictures may not directly help children in Africa, but it raises awareness and that is often more than direct help. I kind of understand why you wrote the article and maybe some of the arguments are based on facts and make sense, but if you're telling us not to support Invisible Children, what other options are there then? Or maybe your mentioning of White Man`s Burden means that we should leave Africa alone and watch their rebels kill children without doing anything about it. Maybe thinking we can help change it sounds naive but it is worth trying.

orach kika 5:24 pm, 10-Mar-2012

The film Kony 2012 is 99.9% true and realistic. However money has ever been and is still a hot issue to every human especially when it is public like in this case. Let this people finances be under control and that is all. Charity will never end as wars will never. We are blind when war might be at our door step wherever we are. Let support advocacy but control the finances simple. Now, The question is who is in control? Which body should that be? Thanks for all support rendered to invisible Children I acknowledge their support to my community their work down here is visible. Kika, Konys Odek home village neighbour GULU TOWN.

Biff 7:58 pm, 10-Mar-2012

Get a job and stop crying, or pick a cause and do better then KONY 2012 to make a change... Dumb ass!

someone 8:45 pm, 10-Mar-2012

I find the effort to spread the word quite outstanding. The video is extremely effective in promoting their cause. However the article raises several important points. Exactly how much are the leaders of Invisible Children taking from their funds? No one knows because they refuse to be externally audited. Personally I would believe them if they had let their finances be audited but they haven't. It seems a little fishy. I fully agree that Kony must be stopped in his relentless rampage throughout Africa, but this approach seems to be a little off. The United States Government should very much make an effort, but they must acknowledge the corruption that exists in the armies that they are supporting. No doubt it cannot be an independent effort, but those cooperating should at least be credible. In conclusion, Invisible Children makes a valid point but the methods that they use to enforce that point as well as implement a solution seems to be a little corrupt.

Saad 9:06 pm, 10-Mar-2012

Why cant we leave Uganda for China or Russia to deal with ?? China has got a better reputation than the US of A of controlling a rebellion .. It also has shown interest in African countries for helping them with technological aide in extraction of minerals and resources ... How many of you know that the threat of Kony was eminent in Uganda since past 2 decades but US's "peace keeping" propaganda started only after the recent (2009) discovery of 6 billion barrels of crude Oil on the shores of its lake ... people's liberation army of Uganda is nothing a lesser evil than KOny but this "kony 2012" documentary has supported them ...

steve 9:14 pm, 10-Mar-2012

@ offense intended but i dont think you can ever fully comprehend how we as africans view such issues. I assume this might be because of the vantage point afforded to you by your skin colour,social and economic standing or for the greater part nationality. Something about your words makes me think you are from the usa....I dare you to ask almost any person in whose country the usa or other european countries have "intervened" who the real enermy is. Everytime you try to help you have made things worse because howevr good your intentions might be, most of the time you make misguided decisions (sound familiar?)

Sophie 9:27 pm, 10-Mar-2012

Kony has actually committed many war crimes and crimes against humanity. I have been to Uganda and stayed there for a while in the North and he created havoc in that region. Having said that I wholly do not support this Kony 2012 campaign which I think is bullshit. Kony is no longer in Uganda. He left about 6 years ago and no one even knows if he is still alive!

Tom 10:06 pm, 10-Mar-2012

"You don't even have to give money to help!" "At least this is a solution!" Meanwhile, blood diamonds, chocolate, oil are raped from the soil of Africa through your complacence. Worse; you think that by watching a video or sharing it you have actually salved your conscience. It is the years of exploitation that is the problem. So instead of updating your facebook status do some research. Find out which companies are part of this, which senators and politicians support it, never forgetting that this exploitation is what creates people like Kony in the first place. If you do this, you have a leg to stand on when you criticise. If you don't then you need to think about why you are getting angry. Deep down you know it is because you are part of the problem through your choices of product and government; and that watching a video hasn't done a thing to change that. Do I want my children raped or murdered? No. Once Kony is gone, someone else will take his place elsewhere. Work at stopping the situation that allows people to operate for 20 years before someone decides they are evil and we all watch videos to make it stop.

ADB 10:56 pm, 10-Mar-2012

To my knowledge, it's not uncommon for registered charities / non profits to only contribute around 30% to the *actual* cause. How much of 'cancer research' funds actually sponsor actual research? Probably *not* 100% when one sees their large scale (read: expensive) campaigns. Kony2012 is like any other charity: giver beware. I think it's an interesting campaign BC of its virility. Just the fact that *IM* writing this reply (someone who rarely gets behind such things) is interesting in itself. Doesn't mean I donated a penny to the campaign. 

shane 11:48 pm, 10-Mar-2012

ok i see what u saying they not to good with the whole sharing of funds .i ask this then rather than putting the boots into them .give me a better way to stop this in Australia one of our tv shows ran this 27 min film .the hosts had another news reporter on telling us of how he shoot footage of this 6 to 8 years ago his tv boss said cant show it i thought news was news y do they decide what we see .and with this footage and the rise in a globe planet we have the power to stop this happening.the problem is on this planet we have country's.we all here together lets use these tools we have and stop it before it happens in ur backyard

V 1:00 am, 11-Mar-2012

My thoughts exactly. This is fucking ridiculous. These dumb kids think they can buy a bracelet and now they're powerful social advocates? Most of them probably can't even point to Uganda on a map. I notice that this Russell kid does not trouble himself with actual details or solid plans or any idea whatsoever of safely removing kony. Kony has proven time and again that he responds violently and swiftly when provoked. That will make africa's problems worse. I guess russell will just wait for the more intelligent, qualified people to solve these pesky problems while he is off making another million dollar movie

Ryan 9:12 am, 11-Mar-2012

You people pretend to give a shit about a problem: in a different country that has NO bearing on any of your lives, That US direct involvement would plunge us into another useless and EXPENSIVE war, Which you just fucking found out about a few days ago. And you think can be solved by throwing money at it. We have our own shit to deal with. Here. In America. While no one is kidnapping and raping our children as often as in Africa. We still have shit we need to take care of before we go policing the God damn world again. Which we still shouldn't even do. You care so much? Go over there and do something about it then. less retards over here on our soil

Nat 9:26 am, 11-Mar-2012

The American army has rapists too. and Tom sure we could go at life that no matter what we do we can never win but then we should probably go kill ourselves.

Markos Polydorou 9:57 am, 11-Mar-2012

bottom line the founder of Invisible Children and the Kony2012 Campaign was created by a Filmmaker. His talent for persuasion is spot on and he makes some very valid points in his film, but the whole idea behind the film is to persuade you and this is a problem. To understand the true concept behine this Kony 2012 campaign, one cannot simply come out of a 30 min video understanding the war in Uganda, or even all of Aftica and even if it did would you not agree that it would be longer than 30 min? Now i'm not here trying to say that anyone shouldn't help out but at the same time I think it would be in everyones best interest to do more than share a facebook link or like a page. I found this post video very interesting and think you should all watch it. Show's a great perspective from someone who ACTUALLY understands whats going on in her country:

Wael 12:12 pm, 11-Mar-2012

DO NOT Fund Invisible Children; they are funding the Ugandan and Sudanese Army

NotASheep 1:17 pm, 11-Mar-2012

Its sad to see all the close minded ppl here who cant open their eyes to the bigger picture here. You want to see a pile of dead kids we had to kill to get to Kony? You want to see him gone? Someone is just going to replace him, then what. The Ugandan government does worst than this guy does, what, are you going to over throw them? Are you guys gonna "kill them" too? These comments are sad and pathetic, maybe most of you should try doing something more productive than arguing your close minded point on the Internet because no amount of Internet activism is going to stop this guy from doing what he is doing. I bet most of you are adults but your acting like children. You cant hold a conversation with someone of a opposing view point without insults and cursing. Thats sad and pathetic. Please grow up so we can actually find a solution.

Aaron Dudfield 2:22 pm, 11-Mar-2012

This article is perfectly reasonable. It is a valid assessment of the consequences of the charities methods. In no way does it dispute Kony being a bad person or disagree with the aims of bringing Kony down. It simply disputes the methods and motives of the charity instigating the changes. I for one do not see a problem with disputing their methods, their finances or anything else for that matter. He's not trying to crush a movement, he's trying to weigh things up reasonable. Also, to all the people who are saying "copy and pasted"... I believe it's you that has been copy and pasting the link to a video which has spread to 27 million people. If you're going to argue that, why didn't you make your own video which supported Kony 2012. There's nothing wrong with spreading media which you agree with, as you've already proven by sharing the video. Stop critising this guy. His aims are to stop kids getting killed, making sure that the best option is taken to stop Kony and that this charity is accountable. Learn to look at things objectively instead of crapping on someone elses opinion without thinking. NOBODY with a reasonable mind is disputing that Kony doesn't need to be brought down. They're disputing whether arming the ugandan army (who will have personal vendettas) against the LRA (many of whom are kids) is a sensible method. If you want to fund kids being killed, that's up to you, but I for one am going to CONSIDER whether that's the best option, or whether that makes me as bad as Kony himself. I want to find a reasonable solution to this. Not just jump on the band wagon and slander everyone who has a different opinion.

Grace 3:06 pm, 11-Mar-2012

DID ANYONE NOTICE THE "*this article has bee approved by Grant Oytson" ITALICS?? yes,we all know Grant wrote it,it was rewritten because it was a great article written by a great writer who's words could'nt have been better written by anyone else. also,all you Kony2012 fans clearly have not done your research. its a known fact that Invisible Children has had a bad reputation for years,and even the Ugandans know it's a fraud. yeah sure, watching a video and putting up posters is definetly gonna kill a guy thousands of miles away. if any of you KONY2012 obsessed people had paid attention to the news before last week,you would all already know about him and "making him famous" would have already been done. sadly, for most of you guys, it's your first time doing anything "charitable" at all. the solution isn't to pay money to the directors of this corrupt organization, it's way more complicated than you 1 sided people can even imagine.

Peter 3:33 pm, 11-Mar-2012

Here's the article that put me and many others on the right page. Very good use of the word 'jerk' too.

Jordi 6:46 pm, 11-Mar-2012

Your ignorant !

Raef 7:38 pm, 11-Mar-2012

So much ignorance in the comments. I feel like I'm on Youtube. I agree with the article 100%.

Crankcase 8:07 pm, 11-Mar-2012

Invisible Children serves two purposes. Firstly, like many 'charity' organisations, it is a scam with which to provide 'jobs' and large incomes to certain well-connected people. Secondly, it is being used as a front organisation for neo-cons to prepare the way for extending control of Africa for their paymasters, the Zionist bankers. These are the same people that control Obama and the US government, as well as most Western governments. This follows on from the invasion and regime change of Iraq and Libya, both of which had no debt to these Zionist bankers, and on to Syria and Iran who also are not enslaved to the Zionist bankers. The long-term target is Russia, who also has no foreign debt and continues to be a major thorn in the Zionists' side. Connect the dots. Already people such as Bill Gates and Bob Geldof have fronted Monsanto's entry into Africa with its genetically modified seeds. Thereby Monsanto places a copyright on nature and food. Whoever controls the food controls the people. Wake up people. You are being manipulated and lied to.

Janessa 10:22 pm, 11-Mar-2012

This article has hypocritical components. They claim to be trying to inform us but areas of his argument are lacking, or are simply one sided. They argue we should not support the Ugandan military because of their conduct (rape, looting etc.)but yet they do not mention how American soldiers have been felons of these same crimes in past wars. Such as Vietnam. In fact throughout history this has been repeated by most, if not all armies at one point or another. Also the article brings up "White Mans Burden"- a racist belief that arose during the "scramble for Africa". Invisible children is trying to help these kids and give them back their childhoods, not make them "white" or " less savage" as in White Man Burden. Lastly the article criticizes the amounts, and ways Invisible Children spends their donations. To this I must say that there is no such thing as a perfect organization and that other non-profit organizations are just, if not more corrupt. In retrospect 32% in direct services is actually fairly reasonable. It costs money to travel and make sure the people who go over seas are safe, there are many little expenses that must be paid in order for any amount of financial, or other means of support to reach the people who need it. Also I believe using media to get the word out was a very wise use of fiance. People are ignorant of the world, and by that I mean many do not realize the evils and corruptions that surround them world wide. This campaign has brought Josephe Kony to the headlines, appealed to peoples better nature and has united individuals from many countries. The campaign may not be ideal, but at least it shows that people do still care, that people want change, that there still is hope for a better tomorrow. I do not agree with people blindly following the Kony 2012 campaign, and do wish that individuals will take the responsibility to inform themselves on the situation. I also believe people should investigate other malevolent events occurring else where in the world, and their backyards. There may not be an ideal solution to Josephe Kony. Unfortunately it is most likely many lives will be sacrificed in the coming conflicts. To let a murder of any scale rampage free, just because to remove him would only cause another to take his place is illogical. There will always be evil people in the world, and even if we do not punish those who do wrong, villainous people will still commit crimes, if not worse more obscene ones, if they know they will not be punished. To do nothing is not a solution, and it should not even be an option. To do nothing while having the knowledge that people need help is wrong. I hope my opinion can help some individuals form their own opinions by making them question their own knowledge and perceptions.

ace 2:42 am, 12-Mar-2012

I have some comments to add. I am not taking any sides but just want those who read this to think about it. Yes they should try to contribute more to the children and I suppose their idea is that investing and making well branded products and advertisement would hopefully return more capital and donations. As a designer, having a passion for branding I would do that too. Sure you could produce something less professional in less time and money and you have to question how the people's response will be. And maybe the bigger picture for them is to cure the cause of the problem for the children by eliminating the greater evil of the two. And being long enough in a conflict zone, one can easily be consumed by ideas that may seem extreme in hope to resolve a problem. Afrika is a different continent ( a different world) then the one people live in the western societies. I heard about Kony via the movie Machine Gun Preacher which happens to come out just last year - 2011. But I have seldom seen in this time an age, US intervention without personal interest or a hidden agenda and that makes me question things. But be what it is, at least the invisible children have devoted their time and in the end of the day they make more difference in a child's life then most of us do who sit and complain. So I have not right to judge them. But here is what I want you guys to think about. This campaign of how we bring people that are categorized as "criminals" to justice is interesting. What will happen when Kony is gone, Is there going to be a new figure on the list? Is it going to become a trend? And more important, who will initiate the LIST OF PEOPLE who are listed as criminals and present the artifacts? What if it comes a time where the government put someone they try to get ride off on the list and the people vote ( like a game) and the government sends its force to execute? Justice by the people for the people? or is it monopolized? The poster of Hitler, Bin-laden and Kony. It was strange enough that Binland's death was announced on the same day as Hitler's. And now getting Kony with them in one photo makes me ask whether there is a hidden agenda. I hope I am wrong. Then you have the Pyramid upside down, and the "try" logo which looks to me like the peace symbol upside down. Is there a positive or negative message in that. Who knows. Just think before you act. I think that's why people should get from blogs like these. peace be upon you all.

AGREEEE 2:48 am, 12-Mar-2012

"Seriously People I think America should just focus on our own country and worry about our own problems before we should worry about a different countries problems. America is NOT the worlds protector. All these stupid campaigns are just a way for the government to distract everyday people from what we should actually be worrying about. All the people who commented above need to take their heads out of their asses and think for themselves at least once in their lives. "

Jan 3:28 am, 12-Mar-2012

You know people just do not seem to listen to what is being said. This is a "Test" is what he says at the very beginning. What is trying to be done here is very simple - it is effective use of the social media available to the world today. In the old days we keep saying we never knew this stuff was going on - or we never heard about all these rapists - killings etc. etc and that is because we had maybe newspapers sold on the street corner, then radios, then tv, then computers and facebook, tweets etc. etc. etc. What are facebook, tweet etc, being used for - "Hey everyone I am at the corner store buying a hot dog want to meet up " What this test is for is to make everyone in the world aware of atrocities around the world - the more people that are aware of them the more action that will take place - this is not just about Kony it is about all the atrocities in the world and making the world aware of them to be able to start action to stop it. If no one knows about it nothing will happen. Someone above says why did this guy get away with it for the past 20 years and all of a sudden now they jump all over him - well it is because social media was not what it is today and will be tomorrow - Public Awareness - and then they also say "duh" well if we kill him someone else just as bad or worse will just take his place what are you going to do kill him to - well isn't that a smart statement you morons - we are not killing anyone we are trying to capture him to stop him and yes if he dies in the process so be it but that is not the intention and yes some of the children that may be guarding and protecting him may die in the process but is that a reason to NOT try and capture him and let him continue to steal 1,000 upon 1,000 of children to be his sex and military slaves - This is also not an argument "NotaSheep" above is the one who is close minded and just says what others have said all along - let us figure out a solution that can actually solve the problem - well guess what it has not worked before because the governments can never agree on anything and will not do anything that is going to hurt their marketplace or political places in the worlds or tip the scales - so this is an attempt at arriving at a solution through the use of the social networking and the people all over the world standing up for one cause - if we can solve this one cause by doing this and completion the mission then what is to stop us from then proceeding to take on another - why is it such a bad thing to "try" rather than just sitting there and doing nothing and letting someone else handle the problem. This is not hurting anyone but it is drawing attention worldwide to an outrageous thing happening to children and we may just solve the problem by doing this "Test".......

Pari 3:45 am, 12-Mar-2012

This is deffinately not a black and white argument. What he has done IS atrocious but there are mny many 'konys' in africa doing the same thing as him but going un noticed. Josph Kony has become the face of the problem, but killing him won't stop the other war lords in africa.

Justin Bieber 10:46 am, 12-Mar-2012


Laura 12:27 pm, 12-Mar-2012

Ok so I definitely didn't read all the responses but I read a few...First of all every campaign like this needs money for advertising - to make the people aware. After all the publicity this has gotten from this video I highly doubt all the money donated is going to go into making video # 12. Two - I'm sorry but I think it's sick how people who have "supported invisible children for years" can say all these people are just jumping on the bandwagon and supporting it. You should be thrilled that more people are aware and doing something about it. I wasn't aware and now I am and now I'm donating. I'm sure there are many issues you aren't aware of out there. And finally, to address the point that the Ugandan military and other militaries also commit crimes against children.. supporting Kony 2012 doesn't support the sick actions of these militaries. Kony is by far the worst offender and by taking him down, others doing similar things will back down as well - not all of them, but many and the ones who continue to rape and abduct children will be taken care of next. I

Di Wilson-Australia 12:32 pm, 12-Mar-2012

So.... Can I ask "Not a Sheep" what is your bigger picture here? You seem to be saying this is happening, leave these kids to their fate or it will be worse?? Is that it? Let Kony keep doing this because if it's not him it will be someone else? We can't do any good with this "internet activism" so stop? Please take a good long hard look at who you are and what you say because, thank God most of us here are working toward a brighter future for these children and people like you are in the minority, dangerous, stupid, ill informed and apathetic, but thankfully in the minority. Much prefer to be a sheep than stand by and waffle rubbish without ever getting the true "Big Picture".

Oh, Reginald! 2:28 pm, 12-Mar-2012

@Di Wilson-Australia What you and most of the other short-sighted "sheep" seem to be ignoring is that the situation is not "you're either with us or against us" as if not supporting this is direct support for Kony and his tactics - there are OTHER ways to deal with this and its not just as cut-and-dry as supporting "Kony 2012". There are other organisations better placed, better equipped and who have been on the ground for decades working toward a more stable better Africa in a lot of the nations. You scoff at "Not a Sheep" but his/her point is valid - jumping on this bandwagon solves nothing; if people truly want to make a difference, its worth researching other organisations that will actually CHANGE and PROGRESS those nations not just make videos for 'awareness', because its so easy to follow this trend but that in itself is not a solution. The 'nay-sayers' arent saying screw the kids, they're saying open your eyes to the wider problem, not just get distracted, or conned into thinking you're helping, by the new shiny. Much like with Oxfam, many people get compassion fatigue "didnt we donate for famine LAST year too? Theres famine/drought again?" (bearing in mind that famine and drought arent the ACTUAL problem or cause); so, if getting rid of one war lord means another pops up, how many times until "" campaigns get stale? Kony has been plying his trade for 3 decades - this one campaign wont dent the damage he's done; killing or imprisoning him doesn't fix anything - Change and progress take time but this 'Kony 2012' hysteria appeals to the instant gratification of the internet generation - people want change/justice now; well its not going to happen over night so this popularity/support/new humanitarianism /whatever you want to call it should be put to good use - cash and staff for REAL projects in African and South American countries. Basically, the anti-kony 2012 lot are saying you COULD be wasting your efforts by ignoring other, better charities. See War Child, UCCF, Unicef etc.

ace 3:07 pm, 12-Mar-2012

I think from any negative action there could come a positive reaction. Or from any positive action there could be a negative reaction? But its good that we have the freedom to express ourselves here and share our thoughts. I could not sleep tonight and woke up at 3 am writing an email to Invisible Children for alternative solutions. And that is the positive outcome that we all are affected by the message and think about it. I support NGOs and there are many and it is good for those who are young or new to these issues to get exposed to what is going on around some parts of the world. But I don't know if a military action is the right solution and getting kids exposed to mentality is questionable. So basically look at it as capturing a murder. We have many in our own country and some work for governments and are untouchable. I hope they catch Kony death or alive. And then,What will change? For the children of Uganda it might change their future, it may not ( someone else might just become the new Kony) and for a country like USA helping in his capture, they will use that as a way to gain public votes.

Oh, Reginald! 4:56 pm, 12-Mar-2012

@ace - "look at it as capturing a murderer"? Very good analogy - you'd probably be closer to understanding how shallow this campaign is: USA still has the death penalty in some sattes and has long sentence tariffs and a large prison population; has murder stopped in the USA? How has that justice fared with the victim's families? Some people believe in blood for blood but rarely feel 'satisfaction' as the damage has been far too severe. With deprivation and lack of education comes crime - is it THAT different in an African nation? The problem isn't Kony per se, but a wider, deeper problem that should be addressed, otherwise it'll just be repeated over and over again as it is everywhere else. I'm not saying "do nothing cos its screwed ragardless" - people need to take a holistic look, otherwise we're just trimming the leaves until the weed grows back, rather than destroying it from the root

shama 5:16 pm, 12-Mar-2012

I'm Not sure if im against the compaign but i do think we shouldn't raise money because all the money is going to the soldiers and as one of the soldier told us that they rape the womans so whats the point of raising money i personaly think the US and the UNI should togheter go on war and killing him kills a lot of children for one reason because his bodyguards are children (and if he gets escaped he might kill them or something ) i know he is a devil but all this raising money up won't help. the US raised lots of money but... all were it go was to the soldiers who actually rape the woman's in Urganda if there is any other way to catch him the US and UNI should help them... and by the way the US should remember one think about humans right noone has the right to take someone's life if someone does they should get punished and he did it not only one person but millions of children which means he should get punished for what he have done...

abs 5:56 pm, 12-Mar-2012

For every successful campaign, Project, mission e.t.c.. There is always going to be that one hater(A person that simply cannot be happy for another person's success. So rather than be happy they make a point of exposing a flaw in that person. Hating, the result of being a hater, is not exactly jealousy. The hater doesnt really want to be the person he or she hates, rather the hater wants to knock somelse down a notch. Susan: You know, Kevin from accounting is doing very well. He just bought a house in a very nice part of town. Jane (hater): If he is doing so well why does he drive that '89 Taurus?) My point proven .

benwade 6:50 pm, 12-Mar-2012

If you saw KONY 2012 and want to help Uganda, then play this iPhone game “Raise the Village.” -- -- I’m on the development team and we give aid directly to a village in Uganda that was ransacked by the LRA. Basically, you build a virtual village and simultaneously help a real one reach sustainability.

RK 9:10 pm, 12-Mar-2012

I don’t very much think Kony is an evil guy. However he has killed lot of people and done horrible things, and some people use this as evidence to say kony is a bad guy (I am not say he is not) and make videos, news reports ect… and raise money for the poor children in Africa however the people don’t send all the money they raised for Africa they only send a little bit using excuse (not every charity do this), for example last year $8,676,614 raised but only 32% was sent to Africa. This is what I call evil.

stavy 9:39 am, 13-Mar-2012

I think that people going to Africa and giving up their personal lives for others is great and something I could never do. So stop trying to find fault in the cause and start doing something.Imagine living a life in fear being afraid of your shadow sleeping in shelters. It is not enough that they have everyday things to worry about but they also have KONY! Honestly what is your problem. What if it was your child would you write the same things. These guys started on their own while all of us were watching TV on our sofas in our warm houses. Think about it!

Justin 10:06 am, 13-Mar-2012

This needs to be discussed. Its an important issue, not only because people are getting hurt but because this is an issue that affects us all through the importance and the proper use of social media. This site has been a great forum for discussing things like this:

Oh, Reginald! 2:37 pm, 13-Mar-2012

@ADB - no, most charities spend around 80% on projects and 20% on admin and fund raising. 32% is low, considering the rest is salaries, travel, camera equipment and movie making

Peter Piper 3:06 pm, 13-Mar-2012

they way in which people are defending this fad without considering anything is akin to religious fundamentalism. This video is like scripture, and now anyone who criticises the church is being threatened or abused. Its ridiculous - just calm yourselves and see it from a balanced pov - think further than "kill kony = happy ever after". But hey, dont let a little thing like thought get in the way of telling the heathens how they'll burn in hell; how DARE anyone refute the claims of the holy video or call into question our Lord Jon Russell and the church of the Invisible Children? He brought us the message of the devil Joseph Kony now we should all join in praise and evangelise, but first - donations....

Antony 4:01 pm, 13-Mar-2012

I think everyone isn't getting the point. This article simply points out that the US has been engaged in this problem for years and the LRA was a group that existed decades ago. Uganda is now literally free from LRA attacks and the LRA now stands between several nations, not just Uganda. More people die of diseases in Uganda then those who are dying because of the LRA attacks. Most of the videos used in the Kony2012 videos focus only on one victim and is probably filmed at the height of the conflict, not something that is present. I am curious why people are suddenly up to this hype. And for those who want to swear and say I'm disrespecting the cause of Kony 2012, shut the hell up and ask yourself if you knew Kony 5 to 10 years ago. Honestly.

Antony 4:04 pm, 13-Mar-2012

and although Kony may come to justice, which I hope will happen, the US citizens and those 'suddenly engaged in this random hype' will never realize all the drug and war lords that still continue to exist in many third world nations. They will break apart after Kony 2012 and turn a blind eye to the rest of the suffering world. After all, Kony is the child abducting killer, not some Somalia Pirates or Mexican /Honduras Drug Lords, right? If we get rid of Kony, everything will be okay. You wish.

Antony 4:08 pm, 13-Mar-2012

And I agree completely with Peter Piper and am also aware that people don't think when they start abusing people against this global project. Do you know what the Invisible Children actually wish to do with the money? Any specific plans other than the vague plan of economically supporting the Ugandan army (when they aren't even in Uganda anymore)? If you don't, I doubt anything will be done except move the policy makers to do something as they are afraid of being pelted by brainwashed people. Think before you act.

Markos Polydorou 5:47 pm, 13-Mar-2012

Although I DO agree with the concept and would love to see justice brought to all evil men doing these sorts of acts, I don't agree with supporting an organization that wants to arm Ugandan troops that have also been known to loot, rape, and kidnap. Invisible Children are misleading our youth through the power of film and online marketing with very basic and simple manipulative statements when the true problem is far more complex. I too watch the video and yes, it is very powerful. I can see how people are giving into the idea, but lets be real here, no 30 min video will ever tell you of what's actually going on and this isn't the first time a white western-american thought up of the idea to "save the children". Africa needs strict policy, and diplomatic change that will help prevent and protect future generations from being enlisted into war. Not a restock of ammunitions, explosives, and firearms. You paying into Invisible Children is only going to increase the number of body bags used in Uganda.

osmanx2 9:19 pm, 13-Mar-2012

hello my name is osman and i really disagree with this guy these are inoccent people that are getting killed beaten forced into having sex. what if just imagine it was your son or daughter or even your mum these are innocent cilvilens getting brainwashed just because of one crazy man. for 30 years this man has been doing this and no one has said anything not even the un so i really think that this organistion is doing a really big part of this dishearting views of this sick metal ill guy. but i do have one fault by this because all the money might not be spent in the right way because you shouldn't be just be giving 32% to the cause your fighting and it shouldn't be giving to the uganda army as you can see they dont care cause they would have done something thank you this was osman

osmanx2 9:28 pm, 13-Mar-2012


Louis 2:16 am, 14-Mar-2012

I totally agree with grant oyston. It's not by sending a few dollars or sleeping a night out or sharing something on Facebook that you will really make a change. You have to look up what's really going on before trying to make yourself feel better, because there have been problems like this in Africa for A WHOLE WHILE now. Don't just see a 30 min video and become a social activist. Read articles, inform yourself! And foreign aid like the one given by Invisible Children won't do anything, if no concrete actions is made to help Africans rebuilt their countries and break free from foreign aid. Stop acting like ignorant white sheeps and do some SEARCH

panda. vic. austrailia 3:58 am, 14-Mar-2012

people are aloud to have there own opinion, if they dont agree. DEAL WITH IT

Nat 12:00 pm, 14-Mar-2012

I dunno....I just think that Kony needs to be stopped. I don't really care if someone else steps up to be the new kony I think that the kid who was forced to kill their own parents (true stories guys, it's no just a film maker making it up) will be grateful that he's stopped. I don't want any kids to die though. I don't care who does it but I don't want to hear that more kids are dead because everyone thought it was a scam.

Johny Steve 6:38 pm, 14-Mar-2012

i think that this is something serious and im opposed some of you who said that Kony is a good man. but wondering around poor, helpless and less developed countries and taking their children just to make a army or rape them. firstly getting small children to hold snipers or whatever gun he has gave them is totally wrong, in my viewpoint theyre unresponsible and not trained to hold stuff like this. and secondly raping little girls is just something you wouldnt have liked to be done to you so why do it to them. and even killing those little children who are our future no matter how poor they are they are still our future and you never know what they will be once they are old enough. and just by taking someones child away is something you wouldnt have liked to be done to you. and imagine you are one of those childrens brother or sister that you always used to play together with sleep in the same room have fun together, next day you have no one there. what im trying to say is this should stop and a solution needs to be found for this.

Jessica Parr 8:36 pm, 14-Mar-2012 <--A video of the CEO of Invisible Children responding to some of the criticisms you brought up. For the most part, I agree with him in the video when he says, "The violence of the LRA is some of the most senseless violence on the planet, so a simple narrative of 'Joseph Kony's committing crimes and needs to be stopped' is actually pretty accurate." When we only focus on the issue being "complicated" (which of course it is), I think it starts to make us feel like we can't do anything about it because we don't know what we SHOULD do anymore, and then the whole thing gets lost... He needs to be stopped and that's that. Of course we don't want corrupt military intervention, and we don't want more children being killed in the process, but in a situation like this I don't think we can possibly expect it to be a win-win. It is going to be messy no matter what. As for the fact that "only" 32% of funds goes to direct relief, I think it's funny that anyone ever expected it to be anything different than that. They are obviously an organization with a mission to spread the word about the issue, so that is going to be the majority of their focus, whether in actions or financially (which go together). People should be able to realize that without even looking at their financial statements. Supporting them overall means supporting the spreading of the cause. What I think overall is that Invisible Children has a good mission and we won't do wrong by helping their video go viral to make Kony famous, BUT....... if we truly want to help the people who are suffering in Africa because of Kony's actions, then we should support organizations that give most of their funds directly toward relief.

AnonymousA. 8:44 pm, 14-Mar-2012

Hi, i disagree to the fact that last year the organization had $8,676,614 but only gave and 32%. if they really wanted to help the inoccent people there, thats suffering from Kony, they should at least give more that 32%..dont you think? On the other hand, the money goes to the Ugandan Army but the Ugandan Army is accused for rape and looting as well. the charity organisations should make sure they give the money to another team that will ACTUALLY help the innocent people and save them.

rauf 10:02 pm, 14-Mar-2012

i think that the charity is doing what they are doin for a good cause but the only mistake was giving the money to the Ugandan Army who are accused for rape and looting so they should rethink and give da money to other armys that have a better history

B.S 10:08 pm, 14-Mar-2012

My viewpoint is two-sided with Grant Oyston. Firstly, the fact that someone managed to find out and expose Kony, to warn people, of what he has and is doing is great. So the resources needed to share the information, pay for salaries, traveling and transport would cost a lot. Therefore it is almost understandable to give 32% to the charity. But what I agree with about Grant Oyston, and am opposed to the campaign is the fact that the campaign is in favor of supporting the Ugandan government's army; this is not right. The Ugandan army areaccused of rape and looting so it is very wrong to defend them.

Beau Brooks 12:32 am, 15-Mar-2012

i am totaly with you all, but i dont like the idear that people havnt cared so much money has been used on it and nothing has been done... Panda & Oshen are aloud to have there say, dont go off at them for it, there standing up for there say, people are beeing Sheep, following everyone, Facebook is why it has gotten out now so quick, "Make Kony Famous" he is famous he is on the news, all overthe internet

Oshen 1:17 am, 15-Mar-2012

Yeah, I'm only young year 10, but we all get our own opinions. Panda and I go to school together and WE have to deal with all the haters disliking our opinion! They don't have a say in anything. You're all welcome to hate on us too, but we have our views on different things. Just like poeple and their views towards gays, straights, bi's, blacks, asians. and a whole heap more! Everyone in the world isnt going to be all for this Kony thing.

Oshen 1:18 am, 15-Mar-2012

We have our opinion and getting all the hate isnt gonna make us change our views. 3:22 pm, 15-Mar-2012

Get in the loop

panda. vic. austrailia 11:22 pm, 15-Mar-2012

agreed oshy, friends looseing all respect for me coz i dont care about Kony... what fuck heads

Beau Brooks 11:24 pm, 15-Mar-2012

they are not real friends if they loose respect for you over somthing that you belive in...

Mercedes 12:05 am, 16-Mar-2012

At least they help more than you do.

princess786 9:22 am, 16-Mar-2012

this man should really fix up. hes klling inocent kids and making them kill their own parents. We all should do somethink about it!!!!

ace 2:07 pm, 16-Mar-2012

You know Kony has been on Amnesty International's list way before he got famous with Kony 2012 by Invisible Children. So if you are concerned about the spending of Invisible Children, then go to A.I. at and make a difference.

Josh 7:31 pm, 16-Mar-2012

I think its fine that they are doing all they can to raise awareness and try to stop this guy. I just think there should be an easier way for people who oppose it to be heard. Activism is just getting out of hand. 50,000 people will harass the government about something and maybe get something changed, just because the 100,000,000 who opposed their ideas felt they shouldnt have to call in to their jobs and go out and campaign everytime a group decides to rise up and protest something etc. Something like a website where americans can go and vote/poll. That way when 100,000 people are putting kony posters up all over the freakin place, we who disagree with their ideas can be heard and even the numbers without having to gather up everyone and spender hours and hours doing a campaign of our own. Im just tired of seeing all these activists trying to change the world based on w/e their personal views are, like no one else matters. Sure kony is a bad guy, but i think america has way too much to deal with already and its not the job of america to police the entire world. I'm pretty sure there are bad guys in every country on the planet. Should we just gather up millions of soldiers and defeat the world?

ace 7:11 am, 17-Mar-2012

@Josh when you talk about "not the job of america to police the entire world" and bad guys being out there, Start Look at Bad guys within America too. Every activist you see has 100 silent voices behind him/her. If you think Kony 2012 is a "Propaganda" Your government can do that at a blink of an eye. I just don't think that send soldiers is the answer. I think there are alternative ways to capture this guy. And bring long term solutions.

free 8:59 am, 17-Mar-2012

Kony 2010 is one fine piece of propaganda, don't be stupid, don't fall for this one.

quoteoftheyear 1:31 pm, 17-Mar-2012

1) Do NOT read 1 or 2 articles/ vids on the subject. 2)Look before you leap! Either its a right wing angle on homosexuality or its just a smokescreen for securing the country's oil.

johnny boy 12:09 pm, 18-Mar-2012

WTH, you obviously dont want to change whats happening in Africa involving Joseph Kony. no-one else is doing anything and thats why i think you should support the invisible children campaign. if you want something to happen regarding Joseph Kony do anything you can to support the invisible children campaign.

lilmo 1:19 pm, 18-Mar-2012

In my point of view I really disagree with Grant Oyston. The people who are being killed is innocent family and being forced into having sex. just image it was one of your family members begin treated like this or forced to have sex, how would you feel? Kony was doing this for 30 years! No one tried to stop him. I believe this is disgracer. but on the other hand I think that all the money might not be spend on the right way. so I believe we should try to stop him this year. those civilians needs our help.

MyOpinion 11:32 pm, 18-Mar-2012

I agree with you but I think that this man is just trying to raise awareness and not to cause any distraction to the actual cause but he sort of is because he is earning so much money out of this campaign (Kony2012) yet he's only giving 32% and to who but a corrupt, cruel and deadly government!!!

kbgefjbg 12:39 am, 19-Mar-2012

well since you're so high and mighty about saving children, what cause are you for? Killing babies?!

sa 8:07 pm, 19-Mar-2012


nemmi 2:01 am, 21-Mar-2012

people should aleat care about the visible children, what if was you was a boy and had to became a child solider or a girl who would became a sex slave to save your life so dont juge. on what you see,

Cake09 9:39 pm, 21-Mar-2012

This article is interesting i saw the kony 2012 video which made me feel very emotional, however now that i learned and heard of this new information from this article im confused and dont know what to believe anymore

ラルフローレン 7:15 am, 31-Mar-2012


Andrés 3:22 am, 4-Apr-2012

Bueno, para mí este Kony 2012 no dice que un gran después de ver algunas imágenes de sus titulares. yo realmente no lo apoyan, pero me parecía a ella y que ayudan a los niños.

Justin 4:10 am, 6-Apr-2012

Do you not have anything else to do with your time other than try and deface a global effort??? Yes the Ugandan Military may have rapists and looters amongst their forces but so do most African militaries…those kind of people exist all around the world… What KONY 2012 is trying to do is build awareness of who and what he is. Before watching their video I had no idea. Now I do. It is people’s humanity that forces action. Whether that may be posting a video on Facebook or handing out flyers. Just because we may not be able to change the way charities run and pay for their administration, or even stop the inhumane behaviour these children face, it DOES NOT mean we should remain IGNORANT

Cristina 8:34 pm, 8-Apr-2012

I agree a 100% with making this about Joseph Kony and not about Kony2012. The campaign has spent way too much money on film-making when their finances could have been directed towards the reconstruction and rehabilitation of areas which have suffered the atrocities committed by the LRA. That said, the fact that he is at the top of the ICC's list and that the campaign has been followed and supported by Chief Prosecutor Luis Moreno-Ocampo highlights the gravity of the situation. Would I prefer it if the campaign does not directly target Kony yet strives to bring all the criminals on that list to justice? Yes. Would I prefer it if it provided a more comprehensive plan to catch Kony rather than focus on the marketing of the campaign? Yes. But it's the best there is and since no one has come up with an action plan that rivals Kony2012 then at least one can may endorse certain aspects of it, such as simply downloading posters and pasting information on facebook and appeal to the organising team to explain its future steps further and suggest what may be done to put an end to these atrocities in another manner. Get a petition together and collect signatures from people who support your change and submit it to them. If they're truly willing to make this a global effort, they should listen. I was sceptical regarding the fact that one has to BUY the kit, but now they've put most of the material online so I honestly believe that their intentions are not purely money-driven. The campaign is far from flawless, but unless you're going to criticise it constructively and submit changes to organisers backed up by your friends, neighbours, whatever, then don't complain.

angelo 4:40 am, 11-Apr-2012

my class in hopwood in saipan is actually helping spread the word so we will try do our best, hope we can acomplish our goal! :>

FYI!! 11:12 pm, 11-Apr-2012

Kony has been dead for awhile now, people. DO YOUR RESEARCH!!!!!

Kony 2012 1:52 am, 18-Apr-2012

Good job Grant, people like you don't understand a thing but are sure to provide opinion. What makes you an expert on any matter? What have you done for the social cause of children who are killed by thousands? KONY IS NOT IN UGANDA....HMMM.......BUT HE IS SOMEWHERE IN AFRICA AND KILLING CHILDREN. Nonetheless you are concerned about the fact that the video was not factual but it doesn't bother you that Kony killed children and made life miserable for thousands. 32% WENT FOR DIRECT SERVICES HMMMM.......nice point. what do you suppose, people who work for a noble cause shouldn't get paid.....Who is going to provide for their family... I guess YOU??? NO??? MAY BE???? How are YOU benefiting from this article, you are trying to be famous? You are like the fly who sucks on blood oozing from others wound. I think for your article they should give you an award and imprison Jason for spending his life in Africa and giving voice to the poor children. The sad part is that is what our world has come down to.

usirareanignoranthipster 9:59 am, 19-Apr-2012

WHY does no one do research!!!? Invisible children isn't connected to the UGANDAN ARMY! wtf, where did this even come from? so thats half this article down the drain. Also, why is it now cool to suggest that because giving help to poor people somehow directly correlates to your view of what white people could do do make up for slavery and colonialism this help is somehow made less helpful? i mean, if we start trying to assassinate their leader, sure, go with that view, but helping them build schools and avoid psychotic mass murderers? (ohgood lord how dare we interfere!)<<sarcasm, in case u didn't get that.

Panda 1:31 am, 20-Apr-2012

im sorry but biccering about it on the internet isnt going to do enything!! this red neck BULL SHIT! has been going on forever. I DONT CARE!!! that dosnt make me not human. it jjust means its not happening to enyone i know, im not cornected to it. lern to deal with thing you dont like or you wont get enywhere in life

Optimus321 1:39 pm, 5-May-2012

Shut up you idiot, do you want people to die in Africa cause of Kony! F**k u

Salim Reza 6:23 pm, 31-Aug-2012

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SupKlown 9:06 pm, 24-Sep-2012

Jesus f@(k americans are stupid a$$holes. If you bought into this Kony bull$hit, I have a bridge in Brooklyn I'm selling cheap.

Haha 2:07 pm, 29-Sep-2012

Everyone's just funny. If you're so intent on Kony 2012, why the hell isn't everyone fussing over it? Because it was a campaign THAT WASN'T GOING TO CHANGE ANYTHING! SO WHAT HAPPENED TO KONY? WHAT HAPPENED TO THE CAMPAIGN? Talks about 'but we need to help them, you monster, please answer. What have your donations changed for the children in Africa? You don't know, because nothing's probably happened.

Cary 4:13 pm, 18-Oct-2013

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