Sabotage Times, We can't Concentrate so Why Should You?Sabotage Times, We can't Concentrate so Why Should You?


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loveily7 9:20 am, 8-Jun-2012

With so much adultery going on today it seems to me it's the norm for couples, whether married or not to cheat without remorse.It's twats like this that make it even more acceptable. Doesn't anyone though find it a bit of a let down that in reality you are getting sloppy second?? On another note well done to the model for rejecting him and ridiculing him. There should be more women respecting themselves like her and sticking to their morals.Well done to the model!!

Bertie Ahernia 10:07 am, 8-Jun-2012

Ugh. He's a cheater, and she's a look-at-me tweeter. Both as ridiculously hideous as one another. Surprised they didn't hit it off and go for a sloppy bunk-up in the toilets.

Justyn 11:12 am, 8-Jun-2012

Technical query: how can you tweet during a flight? Do planes have wifi now?

Justyn 11:47 am, 8-Jun-2012

... oh they do:

Scotty 1:42 pm, 8-Jun-2012

Adultery? Really? Bloke just seems like he's having a couple of beers and flirting a bit with his tragic patter. And he left the window open a bit. And the bogseat up (probably).She loves herself and the fuss she's made.

David L 1:47 pm, 8-Jun-2012

Absolutely sublime. So not only is Brian Presley obviously a fairly piss-poor excuse for a Christian, husband, father, and recovering alcoholic, but his film roles over the last decade have almost exclusively come via Freedon Films LLC (CEO: Brian Presley); Guarding Eddy (2004) starring Brian Presley, Home of the Brave (2006) starring Brian Presley, Borderland (2007) starring Brian Presley, Once Fallen (2010) starring Brian Presley, Touchback (2011) starring Brian Presley, Thunder Run (due next year) starring Brian Presley, with a further two films in pre-production, written by and starring Brian Presley. He's the Rebecca Black of celluloid.

Scotty 1:50 pm, 8-Jun-2012

I'm retracting my last comment. He is obviously a div.

loobylou 8:44 pm, 8-Jun-2012

Wanna tell us what films you've been in, David L? Let me guess, are you David Lynch? David Lean?

pass the please 9:57 pm, 8-Jun-2012

How profoundly disturbing. As if being under pretty much constant surveillance by CCTV and Cookies isn't bad enough, now private citizens can broadcast Stasi style live reports on their comrades. More please.

V 4:59 pm, 9-Jun-2012

Nothing worse as a woman than when you're being hit on annoyingly by a married dude or an old guy. Both are equally offensive to me because it's this sense of entitlement men have sometimes it's just frustrating. I guess she was just trying to amuse her small following with those tweets and then BAM it goes viral. I feel bad for his wife. As much as he denies it she knows what he's like. As for the girl doing the tweeting, good for her exposing this dbag. Not because he's an ~actor and he's lying about being a good Christian but maybe this serves as a warning for other douchebags: this is how stupid you look hitting in someome with your wedding ring on. And yeah, you could be exposed too.

deepo 5:44 pm, 9-Jun-2012

would you really trust the veracity of either of these wannabes ... ? ST - you can do better than this x

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