Sabotage Times, We can't Concentrate so Why Should You?Sabotage Times, We can't Concentrate so Why Should You?

Men's Rights Activism: You're Not The Ones Oppressed, So Get Over It

by James Gates
12 April 2013 52 Comments

Women have faced sexism for years, and campaigned valiantly against it. Now men are complaining they're discriminated against? I'm not having it.

Men's Rights Activism

The first time I saw the term ‘Men’s Rights Activist’ I did a double-take, as I had difficulty believing that such a thing could possibly exist. It’s one of those terms that eats its own tail with its inherent ridiculousness, like ‘Dolphin Swimming Coach’. Such a farcical concept was clearly not one worth investing my time and curiosity in so I let it lie. But I kept seeing it here and there and my curiosity grew ever more, erm, curious. Earlier this week I punched Men’s Rights into Google and discovered, to my astonishment, that is an actual “thing” that exists and not some huge piss-take. There are activists, think-tanks and speakers across the globe devoted to the issue.

It turns out that where men are concerned, centuries of dominating business, politics, religion, law, economics, academia, the military, sport and entertainment just isn’t enough. Men’s Rights Activists (MRA for short, because you need a catchy acronym these days if you want people to take you seriously) seek to address and discuss discrimination and inequality suffered by the male population in everyday life. I guess this all started when some guy was bursting for the loo and maybe the Gents was too busy or closed for cleaning so he had to use the Ladies and got told off for it. “I’m not standing for this!”, he thought, “I should be able to piss where I like! Who do these ovary-wielding oppressors think they are?!” Then he and his mates got together and held a meeting in a fort made entirely from cushions while holding torches under their chins and decided they were all tired of being turned away from women’s toilets. And lo, a proud new era in civil rights began.

One of the most high-profile examples of MRA is Fathers For Justice, a campaign group dedicated to equal parenting rights. They used to dress up in superhero costumes and scale buildings in their deeply serious and not-at-all-desperate-for-publicity campaign stunts. Apparently they all wear suits now because they want to be taken more seriously (maybe you should have started doing that from the beginning, Daddy-O) and there are now several splinter groups with names like “Fathers 4 Justice” and “Real Fathers For Justice” because no-one can agree on the best way to achieve equal rights for parents if you’re a dad who skips child support payments or has been charged with domestic violence . If these chaps really want the same parenting rights as mothers then maybe they should undergo radical surgery that enables them to bear children. They’d probably wuss out though, like these two guys in that YouTube video who were put through a birth simulation (Google it if you don’t believe me).

Another bastion of MRA is David Benatar, head of philosophy at the University of Cape Town. He’s even written a book on the subject, entitled The Second Sexism. In an interview with the BBC last year, Mr Benatar referred to recent figures on education as proof of his theory. Tests in 2009 by the Programme for International Student Assessment showed that boys lagged a year behind girls at reading in every industrialised country. And women now make up the majority of undergraduates.”When women are underrepresented as CEOs of companies that is deemed discrimination,” he bleats, “But when boys are falling behind at school, when 90% of people in prison are male, there’s never any thought given to whether men are discriminated against.” Maybe boys are just a bit more thick, Dave, ever considered that? Also I’m not sure how the correlation between being turned down for a job interview and doing time for rape/murder/robbery exemplifies gender bias, but perhaps that’s why I’m just some monkey on a laptop and David Benatar is top brass at a major South African university.


Opposition To Gay Marriage Is Everything Society Should Be Fighting Against

The New Rules Of Being Gay (That Don’t Involve The Word Gay)

Another stirling example of male solidarity is the US-based National Coalition For Men, a “non-profit educational organisation that raises awareness about the ways sex discrimination affects men and boys.” They’ve totally got a point, just look at how many female Presidents the United States of America has had recently! If you take a wander around their website then you can see these fruitcakes blather on about topics like “Anti-Male Media Bias” and “Genital Integrity”. I was particularly disappointed at the latter because at first I thought that was some awesome industrial metal band but it turned out to be some claptrap about dongs and foreskins and stuff. Buzzkill.

It would be easy to write off Men’s Rights activism as some sort of kooky fringe movement if it weren’t so deeply insulting, to both men and women. A handful of statistics says it all: figures obtained last year from the Chartered Management Institute show the average salary for men in the UK in 2012 was £40, 325. For women, it was £30, 265. You, as they say, do the math. Last year’s reshuffle of the Government cabinet reduced the number of women cabinet ministers from five to four. Of the top 200 companies in the world, almost half have entirely male executives. Only six had a female CEO. You can argue as much as you want about tokenism but however you slice it, it is still very much a man’s world. Unless, of course, you’re a delusionist living in some make-believe fantasy land. It’s very difficult to defend the rights of a gender that, last I checked, had the monopoly on those rights in the first place.

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bnd 4:51 am, 12-Apr-2013

Did you read the book he wrote? I imagine there might be some things worth discussing in it. The point that females are seen to be more oppresed is besides the point. Generalisations and stereotypes can be damaging to lots of people. The campaign for fathers rights is I think on the whole a good one. Expect some flack for the comment about them ducking payment and so on. And you are missing the point, that men are earning more than women is an inequality, but there are lots more reasons for Mens Rights than money. The portrayal of men in adverts for example, we could see as damaging.

bnd 4:54 am, 12-Apr-2013

I live in Japan, and it is well known that foreigners here suffer forms of discrimination from time to time. But as I am white and western, does it mean I should just shut up and accept it, cos Im from a group that traditionally has been dishing it out ?

Helena 9:34 am, 12-Apr-2013

Thank you for this piece James. If the title wasn't brilliant enough you did a terrific job highlighting the gigantic holes in their arguments.

mark 10:17 am, 12-Apr-2013

What should a someone who pays child support, who hasn’t hit anyone in their life, never been in trouble with the law, desperately wants to see their child and been granted access (that’s been ignored) do? This is a terribly snide, poor piece of writing that offers absolutely nothing. It must have been a very slow month for this ridiculous article to make it on to ST. Must do better.

Gareth 10:53 am, 12-Apr-2013

The last however many years surely do not matter, the situation today is where the problem lies. Over the last 100 years, there have been many valient and essential movements towards equality. Things like civil rights, the suffrage movement, feminism etc, all with the aim of getting equality today. The point of it is, I believe that we've now pretty much got equality, and what we do have is a support group for almost every aspect of society, apart from white men! I did my thesis at uni in 2009 on the topic of gender pay inequalities, and from my data, no discrimination occurs. When quoting average salaries, you simply have to look in to th greater social issues at hand, notably that experience is the greatest contributor to salary, and women as a group, tend to have less because they take career breaks to have children, and that is simply that. In my line of work (I'm quite junior in a grad job for a large firm) we have untold support groups, including those for women, various relgions and ethnicities, and LGBT. Now, if a colleague has a problem, they can go to one of these groups for assistance. Where's my group to go to for assistance? I'm of the opinion that we are at equality, as now most of the "traditionally opressed" groups are now not facing barriers to entry if they are good enough anymore. So why should men be the only ones to not have a support group? Poorly written piece, and poorly researched.

SharpyDUFC 10:59 am, 12-Apr-2013

"If these chaps really want the same parenting rights as mothers then maybe they should undergo radical surgery that enables them to bear children. They’d probably wuss out though" I'm going to guess that somehow you are not a parent, James? You probably are unaware that guardianship of a parent is only applicable for the mother and that fathers have to apply after birth, and in the event of death can be overlooked for guardianship of their own child. The 1989 Children Act abolished “The rule of law that a father is the natural guardian of his legitimate child" But i guess wanting to be a responsible dad is only for a "wuss" as you so eloquently put it. I dont mind a different opinion but this is a poorly researched and ill conceived article. Lumping in parental rights with numbers of CEO's in business is retarded...

mr 11:12 am, 12-Apr-2013

the "anti male media bias" might be worth looking into a little bit as how the media stereotype pretty much everyone is detrimental to us all. i take it "genital integrity" is referring to the common practice in the US of removing a baby's foreskin ie malforming their nature without their consent. these are important issues man. youbare going to get absolutely hammered on these comments

Jimmy 12:12 pm, 12-Apr-2013

James, you have a vagina. If i were a Father i would have a lot more to say but Im not.

Matt 12:19 pm, 12-Apr-2013

James, you are a man who probably believes white people can't be victims of racism and have no idea of protest. What an absolutely terrible article.

Lesley Grantham 12:23 pm, 12-Apr-2013

Bitchy in tone, poorly researched and very boring to read. I'd want my money back if this wasn't free.

Helena 12:27 pm, 12-Apr-2013

Hate to interrupt you guys, but this so called "equality" you speak of seems to happen everywhere but the places I've known. Yes there has been a lot of fight and movements, yes we have seen a lot of progress in terms of gender equality but you can't possibly be serious when you say the fight is over and that all has been resolved. I still get funny looks and comments when I tell people I'm a feminist, I still worked (until not long ago) in an company where we had "male roles and female roles", where salaries were different purely because it was a "male industry", I still have to listen to patronising comments all the time. Actually not just me, not long ago a female PM had to address her opposition on sexism - so no, I really don't think equality is upon us. Feminists are still viewed as annoying women who do nothing but complain, we still get the "I bet you're a feminist about everything, but when it comes to paying for dinner you expect the guy to do it" and the sexist jokes. In the great scheme of things, discussion over foreskin is really low on my priority list to be honest. Finally, despite understanding the frustration of someone who says they have never done anything wrong and always paid for child support etc, I'm sure you'll find that what the author was referring to was should the dad be able to tell the mum she MUST keep the child, even if she chooses not to. Hence the "until you can carry the baby yourself" comment I would imagine... And yes, it must be devastating to be in a position where the father wants the baby and the mum, for whatever reason, chooses to terminate, but it is her body and ultimately it has to be her decision.

Peter Murphy 12:33 pm, 12-Apr-2013

Very poor article, badly researched, littered with errors. The reason Fathers 4 Justice gave birth to splinter groups like 'Real Fathers 4 Justice', is because as more and more of them got arrested over time, they had to create new groups to avoid collective conspiracy and 'joint endeavor' charges. You see James? You could have found that out by simply asking - F4J has a Facebook page - and the truth is far more interesting than the slur you leveled at them. In the UK, 15,000 men per year were denied a 'Widowers Pension', while there's a 'Widow's Pension'. Do you think these elderly men living in poverty aren't experiencing discrimination? If not, why not?

bnd 12:43 pm, 12-Apr-2013

@Helena youre missing the point - "there are now several splinter groups with names like “Fathers 4 Justice” and “Real Fathers For Justice” because no-one can agree on the best way to achieve equal rights for parents if you’re a dad who skips child support payments or has been charged with domestic violence ." is a bigoted comment implying that is what fathers who cannot get access to their kids do. The foreskin thing I mentioned as I have read several accounts of the detrimental effect this can have on peoples lives. Research it a bit if you like and tell me how calling it a "buzzkill" is justified. I dont think we have equality either but telling a group of people that they have nio right to protest is poor form. This isnt about men vs women this is about EVERYBODY wprking together to get ridf of oppresion and inequality. This is what I believ we should all be aspiring to, maybe you arent quite there yet. The writer here most definitely is not

Helena 12:58 pm, 12-Apr-2013

@bnd Of course it's not men vs women, and I most certainly wasn't implying that. I was responding to comments that suggest that we do have equality and that in fact women are now privileged because we have support groups! Are there issues that need to be addressed on both sides of the fence? Absolutely. Do I think a loving father is worth just as much as a loving mother? Absolutely. I think you're the one missing the point here: what I said - and again I still think that's what the author was trying to convey here - is that the battle for equality is far from over and yes, women have and still suffer a lot more oppression than men generally speaking. His tone may have been harsh, but I very much doubt he was categorizing all men as bad parents / wife beating idiots. Laws certainly need to be adjusted, but I would hardly say men are victims of sexism.

secret 1:09 pm, 12-Apr-2013

Yeah wait until you phone the police on your abusive ex gf who wont stop attacking you then when they turn up you get thrown in the cell for the weekend. Then you will change your tune

CarltonWhitfield 1:35 pm, 12-Apr-2013

for what purpose would a fully functioning male write this. what a truely odd man. with strange issues.

SBW 3:19 pm, 12-Apr-2013

James While i agree that the MRA sounds laughable at first think, trivialising the horrific experiences of some men who want to be part of their offspring's lives is just mean. I'm guessing you don't have any children? SBW

bnd 3:20 pm, 12-Apr-2013

@Helena - the fathers for justice thing is, as far as I amaware, about the rights fathers have after breaking up from the mother and the vulnerability the law can subject them to. I was not aware of them pushing an anti-abortion gender nor does the article mention it. Women are more oppressed yes, but if you look deeper into it then youll see that men are just as vulnerable to sexism as women. The fact that women get it more should not be to the detriment of the men who are experiencing/have experienced it and speaking out about it.

Jason 7:58 pm, 12-Apr-2013

I normally enjoy reading these and leaving it at that, but some of the arrogance in this article has genuinuely pissed me off. First, no right thinking man has ever said that women have equality. We know perfectly well that in the majority of professions women are treated as though they are somehow less deserving of the same pay which is neanderthal tosh. There is a problem when men who feel that the system is flawed and doesn't work and choose to speak or "protest" face flack for voicing their opinions. Most average men face the same problems as average women. Why should their voicing of their problems be subject to disdain because of the idea that because in the past men had hegemony and still do? By that thinking, we should never be able to open our mouths about anything. I always believed believed that feminism was about achieving equality for EVERYONE, not everyone but white males. You bring up the point of women CEO's as if all the other men in the world were secretly chuckling at this fact. Most men earn average pay and have no control over who are given these positions. It doesn't come down to gender in most cases, it comes down to class and most men are as likely to get fucked over by the old boys club as women are. I teach and am currently working in S.Korea where on looking at job applications I see numerous ads with the words : FEMALE ONLY at the start. Discrimination does happen whether it's on tv or not. Nobody denies this. The problem is when you tell people that their right to voice their opinion is bullshit because of what a bunch of other guys have done, that doesn't help anyone. It gives rise to resentment when all sane people should be working together. We all want the same thing and it's only a fool who tells someone they can't complain because someone else of their gender is shafting the rest of us. Basically, your article reads as foolish hipster fappery from someone determined to get a load of well dones from like minded people.

RB 11:06 pm, 12-Apr-2013

Jesus Christ, I think you're all just about ready for your vaginas. Real men don't sweat this shit - go chop some wood or fight a bear or something.

Ok 4:34 am, 13-Apr-2013

Shit article written by an ignorant prick. RB is about ready to become someones bitch, the naive little tit. Real man... whatever hahaha

Declan Lyons. 5:44 am, 13-Apr-2013

Anti-male bias is rife throughout media, James, and you've just given us a great example of it. This article is so idiotic and biased that you might have actually given weight, ironically, to your claim that "[m]aybe boys are just a bit more thick." Hoping that you soon realise the stupidity of this article, Sincerely, Declan.

Imdefender 7:20 am, 13-Apr-2013

A Plea For Help With A Worthy Cause

Tom Martin 1:46 pm, 13-Apr-2013


Terry 2:31 pm, 15-Apr-2013

Brilliant! Thank you James for this amusing take on the nonsensical world of 'men's rights'. Loving the comments too - they prove your points so beautifully. Watch out for these mens/fathers groups though, they can be very nasty (and really do seem to believe their own rhetoric).

VaselinePete 10:58 am, 16-Apr-2013

What about the decent, hardworking, stable father who is denied access to his child because society says the kid is better off with an addict mother? What about the man in prison because an ex-girlfriend invented a rape allegation? What about the thousands of baby boys born who have healthy genital tissue sliced off without their consent? What about the huge disparity in male/female suicide rates? What about the huge disparity in male homelessness and male shelters? What about male teachers not being allowed to be alone with a child because men are all paedophiles? What about single men not being allowed to sit next to children on planes because men are all paedophiles? What about men working for longer into their lives, accounting for 95% of workplace deaths, being conscripted into the armed forces and yet STILL being told that we have it better? Yeah, we've got it all sewn up.

Ken 11:15 am, 16-Apr-2013

It's obvious that this article is coming from someone who doesn't have the first clue about the MRM. Firstly, that women are discriminated against in some areas of society doesn't mean that men aren't discriminated in other areas. The lack of women CEOs isn't mutually exclusive to the lack of male teachers or nurses, nor can the drastic inbalance in suicide rates and workplace fatalities be dismissed without looking like a misandrist. Mocking fathers who want to do the responsible thing and be a part of their childs life, and are being denied by systematic legal discrimination just highlights your ignorance. And using misleading figures to try to argue your case just makes it even clearer how out of touch with reality this article is. is one of the countless debunkings of the wage gap myth online. Do your research, and you wont look like such a fool.

Sigil 1:01 pm, 16-Apr-2013

There are now laws that discriminate against women, but feminist jurisprudence has out many on the books that discriminate against men on the books. Also research the Erin Pizzey story and Murray Straus - feminism has been lying to the public and covering up female perpetrated abuse for decades.

Victor 1:47 pm, 16-Apr-2013

Glad to see so many commenters see through the writer's stupidity.

Ted 1:56 pm, 16-Apr-2013

"Maybe boys are just a bit more thick, Dave, ever considered that? " I guess you ought to know, James.

PlusOne 2:16 pm, 16-Apr-2013

> ... because no-one can agree on the best way to achieve equal rights for parents if you’re a dad who skips child support payments or has been charged with domestic violence You probably feel empowered saying that. It's still bigotry. Would you say the same thing about women? "Feminism is about achieving equal rights for gold-digging wh..." Your comment shows a shameful lack of empathy for people who have been hurt and abused. You're insulting male victims because some *other* men are rich and powerful. You might as well laugh at racial prejudice, because there were some rich black kings in Africa. The poor 16 year-old in south-central LA doesn't care. Shame on your. Your total lack of empathy is dehumanizing victims. You're supporting and encouraging the abuse of *people*. Even if they're male.

Michael 2:51 pm, 16-Apr-2013

" I’m just some monkey on a laptop " You took the words right out of my mouth. How about you divorce your wife and try get equal custody. It won't happen. You will be an every other weekend dad. Not all men have raped and beaten their wives. Some of us just want to see our kids and not have our ex deny us that right. Ever gone a month or two without seeing your child just because your ex doesn't want to let you? When you have suffered that heart ache then you can talk about men's rights. You sir are a ill-informed. Choose topics that you are qualified to write on.

Chloe C 3:00 pm, 16-Apr-2013

My mother divorced my father while me and my siblings were very young. For some reason, despite my dad being an upstanding man - with no anger or violence issues, she got full custody. My dad was never abusive to my mother, and judging from what people have told me, and about what he'd accomplished in his life, he sounded like a really great guy. A true role model. 6 years later, when I was 9, after really only knowing my dad from rare Birthday/Christmas visits, and maybe the occasional special event - my dad committed suicide. My mother had been using threats to keep him and his family away from me and my brothers - and he couldn't take it anymore. It turns out that men are 6 times more likely to commit suicide than women, and are 11 times more likely after a divorce. If the men's rights movement was more powerful, and better known all those years ago, and if my dad didn't feel as if, as a man, he had to "get over it" as you so eloquently stated in your title - he might still be alive today. I might have had a dad to love and care for. He would have spoken at my wedding. But, hey - men have no problems right? Everything he got, he deserved, right? When you post an article like this, you're not just poking fun at people. You're hurting people who have gone through heartbreak you cannot even understand. I hope you take this into consideration in the future. At the very least issue an apology.

Megalonyx_marble 3:09 pm, 16-Apr-2013

Typical apex fallacy clueless jabber. It would be quite fitting if Gates gets slapped with one or more of the following: paternity suit, divorce, parental alienation or child support so he can experience all that awesome male privilege first hand. Any women out there want to lend karma a hand and lay a Brian Banks-style false rape accusation on this chucklehead? Y'know, just as a 'consciousness raising' exercise. lol

Rob 3:13 pm, 16-Apr-2013

So, yet another piece of misandrist dreck which encourages men to 'get over' the systemic bias against them in the courts, the workplace, and academia. How original. Say, should Black citizens in 1960's America have 'gotten over' segregation? After all, there were perfectly acceptable drinking fountains, hotels and restaurants available to them... Should LGBTQ folks 'get over' the bias against them in the U.S.? After all, durable powers of attorney are available, and so what if they can't adopt unwanted children-it's not like that's their right, it's a privilege. Employment is similarly not guaranteed to anyone-so I'm guessing that your point of view would be that they should 'get over' being fired for their choice of intimate partners, right? Might I suggest that you 'get over' your own bias against men and take a look at the facts, instead of making a poorly researched appeal to emotion?

Mark 4:24 pm, 16-Apr-2013

Why are there more black people in jail? Maybe black people are just a little bit thick! Or, maybe it's a bit more complicated than that and the author of this piece is in fact the one who's thick. Oh, but men make more money. Let's pretend that's equivalent to oppression and completely ignore the fact that men are under more pressure to earn money, we'll just blame it on discrimination. What a truly awful article filled almost entirely with baseless speculation. No wonder you write for Might want to leave this article off your resume if you ever apply for a job at an organization with standards.

Johnny 4:26 pm, 16-Apr-2013

So, we are supposed to take solace in the fact that the people on the top of society are also men? That's great but what about the rest of us?

Wes 4:46 pm, 16-Apr-2013

This article is a stunning example of the Dunning-Kruger effect, and is full of confirmation bias. How you take yourself seriously as a writer is beyond me.

Eric 7:03 pm, 16-Apr-2013

This is a poorly written and mean-spirited article. The author should familiarize himself with something called "apex fallacy." Looking into "compassion" would also be useful. Chloe C's story in the comments is very telling and too common. Equal parenting rights should exist not only for the good of the fathers, but also for the good of the children. Mothers will likely find benefit from it too. Kids love and need their fathers and vice-versa. Men are not simplistic, soulless beings. To deny us family is cruel. Our prisons our filled with inmates who grew up in fatherless homes.

Jon 9:07 pm, 16-Apr-2013

I suspect that the author had a privileged upbringing. The majority of men face just as much difficulty as women. It is called life.

thirteenangels 9:31 pm, 16-Apr-2013

The first time I saw the this article I did a double-take, as I had difficulty believing that such a thing could possibly exist. It's one of those things that eats its own tail with its inherent ridiculousness, like "James Gates, Author".

Bob Jones 12:14 am, 17-Apr-2013

You are a hate-monger. You refuse to recognize the ills of society perpetuated by women on men. You are typical white-knight trash. Sabotaging the rights of your own gender to endear yourself to women.. and maybe.. if they let you... have the honor of serving them like a faithful puppy. You've cut off your own balls. You are no longer a man. You are a traitor to your own gender.

Gloria Sass 1:09 am, 17-Apr-2013

This article is fundamentally insulting to its female readers. It presumes to speak on behalf of us as if we all agree that discrimination is an entirely one-sided coin. To begin with, your first line is more solicitous than real. Valiantly? Feminist organizations have bullied, badgered, and whined for the last 20 years. There has been nothing valiant about it. Vexatious would be the better word, and worse, they've done it on behalf of those of us who don't want their efforts, claiming they're advocating for women, when in reality they're advcoating for feminist power, and for money. But going on - your shallow dismissal of the issues faced by men who are not in your position is a useful reading exercise for anyone wanting to study the weaknesses in the feminist mindset. You display your example of apex fallacy beautifully - by holding up the placement of a few men in positions of power as an argument against the existence of discrimination against random male citizens, you show a lack of acceptance of how the legal and social environment actually is. Further, you display a lack of understanding of how the power system works. You also do a great job of demonstrating part of the problem, by insinuating the assumption that serving time automatically means having done the crime. One of the biggest targets of feminst advocacy has been due process rights for men accused by women, and they've been pretty successful at chipping away those rights. The best statement in your whole blog is the sexist, hate-filled sentence, "If these chaps really want the same parenting rights as mothers then maybe they should undergo radical surgery that enables them to bear children," which blatently treats children as property, and not people who might want to have family relationships with both of their parents. Further, it treats pregnancy, childbirth, and (for both sexes) parenthood as if they are some sort of transaction, rather than aspects of the individual's life. If that's what you took from your childhood, I'd hate to have ever been in your house. I certainly hope that when my son is an adult, he doesn't view motherhood the way you painted it with that statement. Aside from the bit about presuming male guilt, your paragraph on education reads as "discriminating against men is acceptable because some men are successful" and (as seems to be the overall theme of your post) "discriminating against men is acceptable because women have faced discrimination in the past." As for the correlation between job discrimination and prison time, take a hard look at the difference in sentencing between men and women - not conviction, but sentencing - for the same crimes. Where are the feminist activists fighting for equal treatment in the criminal courtroom? Why is it that feminsits, who want equal pay for equal work do not want equal penalty for equal offenses? That's a bit hypocritical of them. Your statement on circumcision is also great fodder for ridicule. The feminist movment you so blatently idolize has displayed deep attachment to the concept of bodily integrity... yet you just supported cutting a baby's genitals, just because he is a boy. That's not just sexist. It's sickening. It would be easy to write off your statements as some sort of kooky fringe lunatic, going off in his own little space, if your words weren't badly parroted versions of the same crap that the mainstream feminist movement has been spouting since they noticed the MRM, and if it weren't so deeply insulting to the intelligence of every reader who is aware of legal and social environment in modern first world countries. By presenting fallacy upon stereotype upon emotion, while still garnering praise from your feminist readers, you've presented a great example of the delusional, solipsistic, hate-filled nature of the feminist movement, and offered your readers a picture of what has turned so many women against the movement. Those of us who value the men in our lives as much as we value ourselves and our female friends and family cannot accept the bigoted ideology that presumes and claims to speak for us. You really don't.

Alan 1:16 am, 17-Apr-2013

Relax guys, it's clearly a troll - no one could believe this article, and still posses the intelligence required to not choke on their own tongue.

feminism fails 1:41 am, 17-Apr-2013

those cheeky indians. thinking that we should overlook the centuries when they ruled america. GIVE SOMEONE ELSE THE REIGNS! they deserved what they got. and how abut those germans? thinking we should overlook their centuries of barbarism and decades of attempting world domination. fuck 'em all amiriteguise lololololol. as a man, i was not at all involved in the oppression of women over the past few entire history of mankind. i simply read about it in a textbook. however, in the world i live in i am afraid to have sex with any woman in the off-chance that i might knock her up then have to pay child support on a kid i didn't want, even though if things were reversed she could have just had and abortion. or maybe she'll regret it the next morning and accuse me of rape. then the media will plaster my face and name all over the public eye and my life will be ruined before i see a day in court. i live in a world where i'm afraid to get married because maybe this woman who i thought i knew will turn around, accuse me of beating her, take the kids i did want, never let me see them, and suck me dry financially with the broken alimony and child support system that I've heard from other men who were on the brink of suicide. I live in a world where people will call me a rape apologist and scream all sorts of nasty things at me just because i made the choice to be straight and male. But then if i get raped, no one will believe me because many don't even believe that women can rape men. I'll never see a day in court because everyone will ridicule what would no doubt be the most painful day of my life. Or maybe my wife decides to beat me. then when i go to the police they'll just laugh me off because i refused to fight on some "frail, weak little woman" (because sexism against women can translate to sexism against men). and my friends will laugh at me for getting beat up by a girl. all this because i refused to stand up for myself because i fear that she will be able to turn 180 degrees as soon as the cops get there and say that all the marks on me are defensive. because it's my word against her's. Half of me hopes that something like this happens to you just so that you can understand the pain that is the oppression of the "patriarchy" (as if there were ever a more laughable idea). but then the other half of me understand how incredibly painful this would be and knows that I wouldn't wish it upon my worst enemy, let alone a guy i don't even know over the internet. maybe you should have done a bit more than 30 minutes of reading and tried to have an open mind and appreciate the fact that the world isn't as it seems and that the truths does so often and so strongly resist simplicity.

Juan 9:39 pm, 17-Apr-2013

James - do some proper research next time, maybe look deeper into those stats; do men get paid more than women? yes, oh but wait, take into account the same jobs in the same industries for the same hours and it turns out the pay gap shortens because more women work part time or fewer hours and have shorter careers. Women are also free to choose their careers - a lot dont choose higher paying industries like engineering or IT - is that oppression? no, not really, it's freedom of choice. What about sectors where women's earning outstrip men's? Like teaching or nursing or sales? And you go on about how laughable these Men's Right Activists are - over 85% of the suicides in Britain are men, how is that not an issue? Male prison population and boys getting left behind at school isnt an issue or it's because theyre just dumb? over 90% of workplace deaths are men doing the most dirty and dangerous jobs which are again male dominated- i havent seen women campaigning for that bit of equality. Then maybe look at violent crime - sure, women are the majority of victims if you only consider REPORTED domestic violence, but take violent crime as a whole and it is overwhelmingly men that are being assaulted and killed in the UK. and your throwaway remark about circumcision? Genital mutilation should be taken seriously, especially when it's children who are being mutilated - there are gasps of disgust and horror when we hear about it happening to women in a 'war torn' African nation but it happens here, all the time, and under the guise of religion. You mention a parenting issue, i'd like to know what you feel your rights or choices are if you impregnate a woman and you don't want to keep it. It takes two to make a baby so where do you stand on the next 18 years maintenance? I hope to God this article is just trolling because idiots like you do nothing but damage any chance anyone has of solving anything - feministm, child protection, racial discrimination, the lot, suffers from below average fucktards belittling anyone who considers balance or actual equality

Frank Coles 2:30 pm, 18-Apr-2013

This isn't journalism. It's self hate and projection. Women, men, transexuals, blacks, whites, yellows, browns, you name it, all sorts of people get ostracized, abused, manipulated every single day in large numbers and small numbers. You could pick any one of them write this same counter-conscience, illogical drivel and still do nothing other than spread ignorance. Think about the word equality before you write any more of this hate filled drivel.

Andy Redman 11:42 am, 21-Apr-2013

Moronic misunderstanding of equality means people being treated the same, or equivalently, James. I despise you.

ZimbaZumba 5:41 pm, 21-Apr-2013

This article would even be an embarrassment for a high school newspaper.

Neil Westlake 7:17 pm, 11-Aug-2013

Despite the remonstrations of feminists, the majority of MRHA's ARE in interested in equality, with the exception of a very few outliers - men who are often retorting from a place of emotional pain for the most part. When you hear stories of men 'lording it over women' you are confusing MRHA's with the Masculinist movement, those who, yes, can veer towards male supremacy. This is a somewhat different movement to the MRHA; it is a spiritual/philosophical entity (whereas the Male Human Rights Movement is essentially a political-activism motivated mechanism.) In the MRHM, we lobby against all forms of gender assymetry. Real issues that affect men and boys; issues that impinge on grandfathers, fathers, sons, uncles, male friends and 'second' wives; it is fighting for mothers of sons whose children have been put through the ringer and paternal grandparents whose grandchildren have been sequestered away from their lives. We fight for male genital mutilation to be viewed as an egregious form of physical assault that should be contingent on individual consent. We are fighting to redress the fact that 95% of all workplace fatalities are male. We address the fact that male related cancers (such as prostate cancer) receive a absolute pittance in funding compared to female cancers - although the mortality rate is roughly equal. We understand that domestic violence is bi-directional and yet the Duluth model of intervention treats all men as perpetrators (so, essentially, when a man gets stabbed by his personality disordered partner, it is HIM that gets arrested.) We are putting pressure to bear on a society that sees the male of the species as human-'doings' rather than human-beings (a dynamic that enables society to see men blithely as disposable entities to work in 'death professions' and fight in oligarchical resource wars.) We lament that the prison-industrial complex feeds on male recidivism; men are incarcerated in droves, while women, in front of the judiciary for analogous crimes, get but nary a slap on the proverbial wrist. We remonstrate against the prevalent tropes in the media that largely cast men as two-dimensional 'dark-triad' driven entities or, conversely, inept buffoons. In the MRHM, we lobby for male reproductive rights, for the already extant gossipol-based male oral contraceptive pill. We also highlight the duplicity of false paternity and semen sequestration by women who want to conceive without the assent of a male partner. We fight inept and egregious family court systems that place money over the true best interests of the child (and transmogrifies men into walking ATM's while denying them access to their progeny.) As MRHA's, we have compassion for men and boys - something that gives rise to concern over the shocking rates of suicides and mental illness in men. We are concerned with children being over-diagnosed with ADHD in an education system that does not cater to young boys' innate kinetic exuberance. We also note the rise of autism spectrum disorders in boys and eshew how that may shape into a contentious gender issue. Inevitably, we also lament the lack of male mentorship within the school system and ruefully lament the overall decline in male teachers. In the MHRA, we champion the role of the father as being an integral archetype necessary for the successful individuation of a child's psyche, and that without this, the children in question often buckle and act out in drug abuse and other maladaptive traits late in life. We are against child abuse and the overwhelming evidence that women are the primary abusers of children. We also underscore the persistent reality of female pedophiles and form a bulwark against the prevalent notion (especially in the media) that somehow a 14 year old boy, when sexually assaulted by his female teacher, was somehow 'lucky' or 'privileged' to be inducted into the electrifying realm of adult female sexuality. See, when using the principal of philosophical universality, we know full-well that any given male, arraigned in analogous circumstances, would get sent to jail; moreover, he doubtless would spend years in solitary confinement to escape 'retributive justice' from other inmates... We understand the causal nature of abuse and seek to stop the generational baton relay of violence. We stand against false rape allegation (something that demeans the terrible ordeal suffered by real rape victims.) We understand that false allegations can ruin a man's reputation for decades and that every single instance is a violation of that individuals' human rights. We are against the pseudo-religion of feminism in its entirety as we believe that it infantilizes individual women. We understand that radical feminism is a hate movement; moreover, we protest the voluminous silence of the so-called 'equity' feminists in the face of the militant sectors' hate-speech - to wit: suggestions of gendercide, of the culling the male species to 10% of the population, of the notion of birth only by parthenogenesis and gender selective eugenics. In addition, we believe that women's studies is not a true rhizome of academic excellence. If feminism is to be studied in the academy, it should be viewed from without, dispassionately, as an cultural and historical entity - in the same way that that comparative religion trumps the study of theology. We wholly reject the idea of a nebulous 'patriarchy' as both men and women have had historical roles and obligations that impinge on both parties' transitioning into authentic person-hood. We understand the evo-psych underpinnings of female hypergamy and male utility and see them, equally, as impediments to meaningful human progress. We fight misandry wherever we see it. We believe that both men and women should have the chance to be fully actualized. What is more is that we wholly embody the non-aggression principle in all our affairs. We reject the notion of female hypoagency and male hyperagency. Not all women are victims. Not all men are triumphalist overlords. We also reject the idea that male sexuality is, in any way, coercive and aberrant. Our sexual mores are born of our innate erotic drives and are natural and not base. We reject the concepts of a uni-directional 'male gaze' and an ostensible 'rape culture' as despicable attempts to trounce and quash normative male desire. (As a side-note: more men are raped in the penal system every year that women are in civilian life.) Moreover, as men, we are pissed off that our self worth has to be a corollary to our utility to women. Men, in droves, are refusing to perform, conform - to settle down, get a job and get married. They are fed up of being judged on a metric of how tall they are, how much they earn, etc. Men are starting 'to go their own way' as they are fed up to the back teeth with the pervasive, hollow chivalrous expectations that deny their essential beings. 70% percent of young Japanese men - soshuku danshi, or 'herbivores' - have decided not to have relationships with women. They are the advance party to the MGTOWS in the West - mark my words. As a man, and as a father of two young boys, I am compelled to say that if you, as women, as feminists (male and female alike) cannot open your hearts to the true pain that men are suffering, then you are essentially throwing those of us with an XY chromosomal make up, into a huge metaphorical garbage can. Men's rights are human rights. We are human beings.

roberto 2:30 pm, 9-Sep-2013

Wherever you go, men are now culturally viewed as freaks. They're either viewed as 'old skool' macho morons, re-invented wimps, manipulative greedy criminals or businessmen, corrupt or weak politicians, or mothers, sad old men, dumb, indecisive, afraid to be themselves, because when they are they will be criticised for it. Women have not taken all the power, men have given it to them because they are tired of running the show, too much stress, too many wars, too much misery. Let the women have all this if they want it!

dan 7:39 pm, 13-Feb-2014

Your comments about fathers rights shows exactly why we need groups like Fathers 4 Justice. The view that divorced separated fathers don't pay child support or are guilty of spousal abuse is what is being fought against. Oh and the idea that men should have parental rights because they don't give birth to children is rubbish .

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