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The Horrors Of Elephant Poaching In Africa

by Mimi Apple
29 March 2013 9 Comments

The thoughtless murder of African elephants is a travesty, and one that we should all be paying more attention to before it's too late...

African elephants are poached for their ivory tusks to fuel Asian culture, endangering this intelligent species of wildlife. Their tusks are being brutally hacked off leaving heaps of animal carcasses strewn around the Savannahs.

Park rangers, ex-military, and volunteers have been desperately trying to help the endangered elephants, but the poachers still successfully hop the barbwire fences surrounding the preserves. These poachers ruthlessly tear apart elephant families and rip away young from their mothers. In one night a whole pod of elephants can be slaughtered with nothing left but their lifeless skins. This is what remains of these beautiful, stately animals after poachers seek them out.

Thrown into controversy, the people of Africa, Asia, and world-wide supporters have been debating the risk of killing elephants for their ivory. Should we take what is in front of us to add to our culture? Or should we leave these huge beasts to their own lives and go about living our own without poaching for their tusks?

The most obvious, least harmful answer is to stop poaching elephants and find another way to decorate our cities without ivory. I understand people like, and some even must, respect their cultures, but I also understand that we, as the more-evolved beings, must help those below us.

Nobody likes to see human corpses and if you do, I think you should visit your nearest therapist, so why do these poachers enjoy the hunt of killing helpless elephants? Yes, their profit is sizeable, but the harm they are inflicting upon these creatures is tremendous, not to mention the fact that this ongoing slaughter must mess with their heads.

So let’s look at the facts: they are endangering one of the most intelligent breeds of mammals on earth just for monetary gain, and are ruining their own lives by constantly battling volunteers to cross the borders of the preserves. Who in their right mind would enjoy this?

Poaching is a large, ever evolving problem. Rhinoceroses, dolphins, elephants, seals, wolves, tigers, whales and many more animals are being killed every day for their precious selves. Take a look at the major topic of whaling; the Japanese, among others, are murdering these large, underwater mammals for so-called scientific research.


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The Sea Shepard Conservation Society (SSCS), a conservation group for marine life started in 1977 with the help of Paul Watson for 35 years, has been putting their best foot forward into saving the whales, as well as seals and dolphins.

The SSCS’s TV show, Whale Wars, has helped spread the horrifying news of the killing of innocent mammals. They’ve shown footage of the Japanese slaughtering copious amounts of whales. The SSCS have been able to take action and fight back, saving the lives of many grateful whales in the process.

The problem of whaling has certainly not been stopped or dealt with completely by any means, but the issue has received plenty of donations and coverage to help the cause, so why has elephant poaching been so under the radar?

Nick Brandt and Richard Bonham have tried to promote The Big Life Foundation, which aims to stop the poaching of African wildlife. They raise money by selling extraordinarily beautiful photographs of the animals in Africa. You can purchase the hefty books they sell or buy posters of single photographs. The money goes directly to their case, so donators, with help of Bonham and Brandt, are gradually saving the elephant species.

The pair’s contributions include confiscating at least 1,630 weapons for poaching and 627 arrests of the poachers. They have built a community of people who enjoy protecting wildlife consisting of 280 rangers on 24 outposts protecting 2 million acres of East Africa with 15 automobiles. These astounding numbers are what is helping these amazing elephants gradually come up out of endangerment, but poachers are still getting through the barriers and killing families of elephants.

On Thursday, 14th March, 89 total elephants were poached for their tusks in Chad. These poor elephants included 15 calves, or babies, and 33 pregnant females. The poachers’ merciless killing was a shock for the whole community. This is one of the highest numbers of slaughtered elephants in decades.

Asians travel to Africa for elephants because they have already killed off most of their own elephant populations. In 1977, Thailand’s elephants were listed as endangered in IUCN Red List and put into the CITES appendix. Asia is so hungry for ivory, even after decimating the Asian Elephants, that they hire Africans to poach their own mammals. Killing off their own indigenous elephants apparently wasn’t enough.

In other words, humans are stooping to such low levels that they convince themselves it is okay to slaughter immense amounts of living, breathing mammals and sell their dead bodies in the markets and streets. How would you like it if your loved ones were being hacked into pieces and being traded in far off countries? These acts of violence against elephants and other large animals needs to stop now before we completely kill off all the spectacular mammals on earth. Soon, there will be no elephants, whales, or rhinos left. The poaching of elephants is morally wrong on so many levels and we need to do everything we can to stop it.

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lord basil 10:50 am, 29-Mar-2013

Truly shocking photo in this article that will probably upset more people than just me. However these types of photos need to be shown to reflect the barbarity that takes place.

Andrew S 4:38 pm, 29-Mar-2013

I'm not sure what intelligence has got to do with it; afterall, if it was just about eating those with less intelligence than ourselves, there'd be quite a few nervous human beings around. No, it's about economics - plan and simple. My feeling is that is that it can be hard to be critical of what poor people are prepared to do in order to help make ends meet. If more local people in Africa had an economic stake in their wildlife's future and it was seen as a sustainable resource - through tourism, responsible hunting etc, then poaching would be greatly reduced. Conversely if animals are morth more dead than alive, then they will be killed. Treacly Western sentiments and a Disney like attachment to the human values of elephants and other species won't get us anywhere.

myleftboot 11:28 pm, 29-Mar-2013

You have noticed Mr Watson is a bit of a cunt? OR did you not watch the show? Tsk. South Park pisses on the news. Never wrong, Ike. Or Kanye.

joann 11:57 pm, 31-Mar-2013

It just breaks my heart to see these beautiful animals killed like that .

Ruth 12:28 am, 26-Sep-2013

Why? Extinction is only round the corner for so many Different Animals. Some have even got there already :(

kelvancro 1:27 am, 26-Sep-2013

lets for an army of people willing to fight the "killers" is us against them..they will kill us next as the last prey in their way to a kill or be killed planet

kelvancro 1:28 am, 26-Sep-2013

lets form an army of people willing to fight the "killers" is us against them..they will kill us next as the last prey in their way to a kill or be killed planet....

myra egan 12:16 pm, 26-Sep-2013

How can people be so cruel, these magnificent animals should have their right to a life. For IVORY THAT WE DON'T NEED? How would you feel if someone ripped your face off to get your teeth to sell. SHAMEFUL

Gelly Kastania 3:48 pm, 26-Sep-2013

Disgusting. You would think that it being 2013 the human race would have compassion and love on their top priorities and not money. Totally disappointing.

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