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Modern Britain: Multicultural Haven Or Racist Sewer?

by Richard Lewis
2 December 2011 26 Comments

The #mytramexperience video has caused an outrage since going viral, but it’s just the tip of the iceberg…

You have to laugh at the naivety of some people. One Youtube video of a drug addled chav mumbling incoherently about how foreigners have ruined “her Britain” and people are up in arms about how shocking it is. Have they left their house recently? Have they turned on their televisions? Evidently not because there was nothing in that depressing video that I haven’t seen countless times each time I leave my house.

For those of you who haven’t been exposed to this latest political-debate-by-Twitter baiting video I shall give you a more detailed summary. A seemingly intoxicated woman, with a small child on her lap, is riding the Croyden to Wimbledon tram. Unprovoked she starts slurring racial abuse at the passengers, telling them that they should “go home” and that they’re not British. She seems barely capable of speaking English herself. She’s confronted by several passengers, including people who fit into her own demographic. She remains oblivious.

The video, filmed by one of the people on the receiving end of her moronic tirade, went viral and before you knew it celebrities were all chipping in with their views on how shocking the video was. Rent-A-Twat Piers Morgan even declared that “Britain is so much better than that vile bigoted creature.” But is it really?

While one video of someone hurling racist abuse and bewildered commuters was spreading round the internet like wildfire, there were some who were asking why far more shocking ones had been ignored. For example in June this year Brian Whelan posted a video of EDL members indiscriminately attacking Asian passengers on the tube in a super violent “happy-slapping”. The video itself still widely remains available on the internet yet doesn’t seem to have caused anywhere near the same stir. Is it perhaps a matter of some truths being too uncomfortable to face?

Rent-A-Twat Piers Morgan even declared that “Britain is so much better than that vile bigoted creature.” But is it really?

The rise of far-right sentiment in recent times is something that can’t be denied as much as people might prefer to ignore it. It is not three years since the BNP secured seats in the European parliament and in 2008 the party representative finished fifth in London’s mayoral elections, less than 8,000 votes behind that of the Green Party. The chairman of the BNP, Nick Griffin – seemingly a relation to Peter if his appearance on Question Time was anything to go by – achieved 14.6% of the vote in his Barking constituency to put him third. It was a record number for any of the seats the BNP had contested.

From my own personal experiences from living in Birmingham, a city that perhaps embodies the multicultural spirit more than any other in Britain, I have witnessed EDL marches and mini race-riots. I found it inconceivable to think that they would march here, that they would be allowed to try and invoke their hatred, but they turned up in force. The last time, just this October gone, I stood in the rain watching them try and provoke passers-by. Anyone who wasn’t white would be subject to racist abuse. Anyone with the tappings of Islam would be called a terrorist. Glasses and fireworks were hurled into the streets and at the police.

Despite these crimes being openly committed the local police made just four arrests. One of those was for possession of cannabis and the other was for an outstanding warrant. The other two related to weapons offences. None of the charges related to the crime of inciting racial hatred, which seems especially odd given the news that the woman who has sparked this whole debate has been arrested on the grounds of a racially aggravated offence. No doubt congratulatory backslapping shall ensue, as if with that gesture the spectre of racism has been banished from British shores. The reality is while it was vogue to rally against this one ignorant woman, daily far worse examples of racism are allowed to flourish in the dark corners of the British experiment.

The nay-sayers amongst you might say it is one thing to compare a spontaneous outburst in public to an organised and mobilised group of extremists. Yet what the video of our friend from Croyden demonstrates is what happens when the dehumanising mantra of racist language becomes subconscious thought, when racism is made to seem so socially acceptable that it goes mostly unchallenged and is dismissed as mere stupidity.

I would like to tell you I was shocked by the video in question but I wasn’t. Repulsed and disgusted but not shocked for a second.

I would like to tell you I was shocked by the video in question but I wasn’t. Repulsed and disgusted but not shocked for a second. I’ve seen that woman out riding my local buses, I’ve seen her doing her shopping on my high street, I’ve seen her having a drink down my regular boozer and I’ve heard her countless times. The depressing reality is that she is everywhere.

Like a permanent feedback loop of bullshit the racism described as free-speech bleatings of the EDL and the BNP go out into the public domain and are repeated back parrot fashion by people who are looking for easy answers and targets to blame. Racist sentiment goes up in times of recession… Cost of living is expensive, jobs are scarce and the media is all too happy to present images of wealthy asylum seekers on yachts or keen immigrants willing to undercut minimum wage for unscrupulous companies in order to take your labour away from you. Do any of these things actually exist? Hardly, but it’s a convenient scapegoat and one that is so emotive it allows those with their own sinister agendas to take advantage amidst the ill feeling.

As sure as the government is to blame for the collective failings that impact on the lives of its citizens, they are also partly to blame for these issues too. They won’t talk about the elephant in the room, avoid the issues that the extremists openly campaign on. This gives them a credence and authenticity they should not be afforded. These are, for the most part, thugs donning suits and playing at politics. They don’t have the answers. They barely have ideas.

That video is sadly an example of what passes for political discourse amongst a significant and growing number of British people. There’s no getting away from that. For many people exposure to that sort of hate is an almost daily occurrence. Racism doesn’t need an umbrella organisation to proliferate, all it needs for that to happen is to go uncontested by those with the means to expose it for what it is. Is the reaction to this video something more concerned with Twitter trends, or is it the start of a genuine stance against the casual racism that has become part of the day to day? Either way, let’s not use it as an excuse to pretend that Britain is an example of tolerance to anybody.

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Seán Flynn 10:47 am, 2-Dec-2011

Well said Richard. I would also suggest however that race/ethnicity doesn't just become a hot-button issue during times of economic hardship; it is actively encouraged to be so as a way of ensuring that the real issue gets confused. I've got far more in common with my struggling neighbour, whether he's from Togo or Tajikistan, than I do with the soft pink Tarquins who've run this country from a position of privilege since God was a boy. (A blind test of the current cabinet in terms of schools and Universities attended would not look hugely dissimilar to that of the cabinet of 1870...Social Mobility my arse...)Race-relations will remain a thorny issue because we do live in a multicultural society but the real elephant in the room remains class. As long as we keep wondering about race as the major social issue facing us, our 'betters' will continue to get fat while we struggle to pay the gas bill....

The fish 12:39 pm, 2-Dec-2011

Agree with this but I would make this observation: it is more dangerous to shut down an alternative view (no matter how repugnant) than debate it. The left is sometimes guilty of the same head-in-the-sand bullyboy tactics as the right when confronted with opinions it finds way outside desirable. If your idea is more powerful, more convincing, then it should win the day. The woman in question has the right to her opinion; you should be prepared to defend that to your death, no matter how incorrect she may be. Otherwise we're not really committed to democracy, just a pale version that agrees with our politics and beliefs.

Craig L 12:45 pm, 2-Dec-2011

Couldn't have said it better myself Seán.

Melanie 12:50 pm, 2-Dec-2011

I believe integration rather than immigration is the core problem. I read the British test that people wanting British citizenship have to do, and I was both astonished and concerned about the type of rather obscure and trivial questions. I couldnt see any point to it and I'm sure most EDL/BNP would fail miserably. Good article though and always interested in Sean's input. Divide and rule...

Danny 12:53 pm, 2-Dec-2011

Good article Richard. Looking forward to you writing an article on the rampant anti Semitism, homophobia and misogyny within the muslim community. Ignorant racists are not only beer swilling white men.

Beatrice 2:35 pm, 2-Dec-2011

Enjoyed the article. My heart goes out to those who are continuously subjected to these racist ignorant tirade. I have a solution thought :D You are welcome to send ALL the immigrants who would like to come, too Canada - I live in Toronto. The only condition I will attach is that you take the current Prime Minister and all the 'right wing nutters' that supported him. The 'righties are going to ruin the countries they are active in, in my opinion they are cut from the same cloth as the aryans and kkk - spreading hate and disharmony wherever they go!

John 2:35 pm, 2-Dec-2011

Anyone who believes racism can and will be eradicated is deluded. The Labour government's attempt (now taken up by the coalition) to force multiculturalism on the British has failed miserably. People from different cultures are naturally suspicious of one another - it's human nature - so for politicians to demand we all get on is completely unrealistic. Those same politicians have no sense of reality, with most enjoying lavish lifestyles in the countryside or white, middle-class communities where there is little to no multiculturalism. It's also worth bearing in mind that racism is not confined to the white, British ranks. Black and Asian people are just as guilty, but the government doesn't see fit to punish them as severely. Little was done about the hordes of Muslims barracking families of fallen British soldiers, which simply provides racist elements like the EDL and BNP the ammunition needed to peddle their respective 'agendas'.

Dave PIttman 3:16 pm, 2-Dec-2011

Are we sure that the clip isn't just another Benetton ad...?? I must admit I chuckled when I saw it - aside from the tragedy that the moron was in charge of a toddler I thought it a fine expression of multi-culturual Britain funcioning well. The other Tram-users, the targets of the abuse, dealt with her with dignity, realizing as surely we all should, that she was a drunk fuckwit not to be taken seriously... Plus it really made me want to go and buy a jumper...

Bernard Bresslaw 5:35 pm, 2-Dec-2011

This girl was in a pschitric ward for 2 months and had only been out for 2 days before this happened, I suggest people leave her alone, especially all the cunts on twitter calling for her execution. Peoples lives cannot be judged via 2 minute youtube clips.

Gareth Evans 6:23 pm, 2-Dec-2011

Nice piece of writing, Richard Lewis has hit the nail on the head again.

oscar 1:11 pm, 3-Dec-2011

When you say Croydon, don't you mean Groidon?

Jimbobs 7:26 pm, 4-Dec-2011

No mention of the London race riots, where a native pensioner was murdered by Black foreigners in a racial attack? As for the title, its a trick question; muticultural sewer, for now.

Dave Pittman 8:22 pm, 4-Dec-2011

Jimbobs, That's angry, inflamatory talk isn't it. I'm genuinely interested in your solution to what what you describe as this multi-racial sewer. Are you of the 'send them home' clan or do you actually have something considered and inteligent to contribute?

Dan H 2:10 pm, 6-Dec-2011

If this country were actually a democracy then surely multiculturalism should have been debated, however lots, particuarly those from poorer background feel the issue is totally ignored and they aren't listended to. Until there is an actual debate about it, stuff like this will just be the tip of the ice berg, and the far right will continue to grow. Sad times.

Alex 6:43 am, 17-Dec-2011

Dave Pittman had a go at Jimbobs about whether he had anything 'intelligent' to contribute and Davey spells the word as'inteligent' and he does not use a question mark after a negative question tag! Emma West was not being racist. To refer to someone as Black when they obviously are Black is not 'racism.' If using expletives in public, or in front of a child, was a 'public offence,' why wasn't the other woman on the same tram arrested. She said: 'Now, you've gone and woken up my own' baby.' (paraphrase). Why was she not hunted down through informers, arrested, incarcerated and denied access to her child? It would come as no surprise to me if Emma West had been in a psychiatric unit previously, as has been suggested. It would drive many to drink or into an agitated state having your concerns kicked to the kerb by arrogant British politicians and sickly, gutless, White liberals who will not listen to the fear and suffering of the White WORKing Class. Emma's Croydon village is now very violent and was recently looted and parts burnt to the ground. It was very frightening. Look up the names of the majority of those apprehended. "They ain't English." A White person residing permanently in Japan would never be considered as Japanese by the Japanese and would never try to. Why then do those bleating over and over the "Britain- is a - multicultural- country' mantra insist that an African or a Polish person must be thought of as English or British? We are not all the same. How many Japanese living in London were involved in those riots! How many extremely wealthy White youths were kicking in doors with boots? The Cockney/ WORKing class are struggling to survive. The fact that their compatriots spit on them is enough to turn any one a bit mental especially when politicians keep hauling 'immigrants' in and attempting to brainwash the public that it brings 'enrichment and diversity.' Clearly it does NOT. Ignore their suffering at your peril! At the very least---LISTEN to their concerns with respect! Asia for the Asians, Africa for the Africans, White countries for EVERYONE! That does NOT sound right to me or to Emma West.

Dave PIttman 1:23 pm, 17-Dec-2011

Alex, first of all apologies for the bad grammar/spelling… not entirely relevant to the point however I do share your irritation… Inciting race hatred is slightly different to simply swearing in public, the use of which in itself can be highly entertaining… “Fucking come the fuck in you fucking useless fuck or fucking fuck the fuck off” being one of my personal favourites… I sympathise to an extent with the idea that large sections of the indigenous English working classes feel disenfranchised and this has been made worse or even encouraged by successive governments. I imagine it must feel almost like being an immigrant in your own home… Hmmm, bit like being born black here and told you’re a ‘fucking foreigner!’ However, the idea that crime, violent or otherwise, is a black problem is childishly simplistic – crime stems from poverty (not white collar crime of course that is for the middle/upper classes and goes largely unpunished). Poverty is to crime what Richard is to Judy.. they walk hand in hand and never shall be separated. See where the poverty stricken areas are; see where the crime stems from. You speak of the ‘cockney/working class’. My family are from Bow & Stepney in the East End of London, a place which has played host to wave after wave of immigrants – we’ve seen them all from the Hugenots, the Jews, the Bengalis, West Indians, Africans…you name it, we’ve got a restaurant for it. And believe it or not there’s always generally been a warmth and acceptance between most of the residents there – a realization that they’re all in the same shitty boat. Because of its poverty the East End has been a centre for crime on an industrial scale for as long as anyone can remember – most of it run and organized by the indigenous white Londoners. Poor people never had access to an education (still don’t!) so they lived by their wits…or fists…or hammers…knives…guns… you get the idea. Now I’m no hippy but… The more time and mental energy we waste on the idea that this is a race or colour issue, the less awareness we have that we are all in the same fucking boat. And the boat has a hole in it and we’re being bashed around the head with the oars! I respect your right to your views and your voice as I hope you do me to mine… but your stance is destined to keep you and all who preach the same blindfolded and running on a depressing self-defeating hamster wheel for ever. The glory days of post war wealth, education for all and full employment are over – its going to be increasingly hard for working class people of all colours to push their heads above the parapet and we’ve already seen the way wealth distribution has taken a turn for the medieval. We have a choice to unite and create a better place for all of us or just turn to our neighbour who’s in the same situation and kick the shit out of him. We aren’t all the same… what is it the Greeks say..? ‘Vive le Difference’…! Celebrate our differences; unite in our dedication to making this a better place for all those who live here.

Alex 1:00 pm, 18-Dec-2011

Dave, I am an academic that observes a lot of the 'shut up're not intelligent/educated/qualified enough to have an opinion' kind of bullying that is often used to silence the WORKing Class AKA "the Poor.' I tend to jump to their defence because I studied criminal law and the "causes of poverty." You stated that it is 'childishly simplisitic' to say that crime..violent or otherwise is a Black problem. Well I never said that in fact. I expressed a view that Emma West had a valid and justifiable reason to feel animosity and antipathy towards Blacks and to the unfettered immigration into areas like 'her' Croydon.I researched some facts because they can be useful: ENGLAND CALLING: THE 2011 RIOTS AND THE WHITE LIBERALS' GREAT LIE and THE BLACK INSTIGATED AND DOMINATED 2011 RIOTS AND THE GREAT ELITE LIE and THE RACIAL AND ETHNIC MAKE-UP OF THE AUGUST 2011 RIOTERS. I am not against immigration as long as politicians have a mandate about who, and how many, can come, from which countries, from which social and economic 'class' and from which ethnic, cultural or religious background. Immigrants, I believe, should be ineligible to buy free-hold property or to have access to the Public Purse or given citizen status until they have lived in the country, crime-free for 14 years. Preferential education, housing and training must be offered to British Citizens and affirmative action, in particular, extended to the Cockney/Working Class, who can prove Double Descent (at least) whose ancestors were in the Crown Service (Armed Forces) at some point. Dave, I hope you will Google search: THE SCHILLER INSTITUTE THE NEW DARK AGE as well as THE FRANKFURT SCHOOL OF CULTURAL MARXISM AND POLITICAL CORRECTNESS. There really is a sinister agenda to get rid of the Working Class and then the Middle Class and the unfettered immigration, the perverted sexual promiscuity/depraved images, music, movies, drug peddling and PC dictates, plus the corrupt media, courts, police and politicians are all being manipulated and controlled so the Marxist Globalists can introduce a Communist style One World Government. There will be NO British or even European culture or lifestyle any more if they succeed. The intense immigration is intended to break down our national identity and sovereignty...hence the EU and UN. Some of those vicious immigrant swine are on their payroll. Yet, you are right. Many immigrants are okay. Look up Black Pastor Manning who also knows that some Blacks are 'losers and haters with a Gotta Get Whitey mentality ATLAHMINISTRIES.COM BLACKS ARE DESPICABLE. Are they all like that? You know they aren't! Yet there is no point being a naive fool and keep bleating out the operant conditioning: Repeat ..White man bad..Black man good...Christianity bad...Islam good..monoculturalism bad...multiculturalism good ...That really is 'childishly simplistic' and so is the 'racist..racist...racist...racist' chants whenever any one wants to debate immigration!

Dave Pittman 2:41 pm, 18-Dec-2011

Fuck me took me a few minutes to wipe the tears of laughter from my eyes before i could reply to this... You are truly funny...priceless! An academic who observes no less. Clearly I must bow to this superior intelect, as must we academic who observes and is a defender of the (white) poor.. and has studied, yes that's right studied criminal law! Yes, criminal law..! Amazing. Your mummy must be so proud. Blow me down with a copy Voice of Freedom Alexander, you're really starting to convince me now. Don't forget to wrap up warm...

Alex 1:48 am, 19-Dec-2011

Settle down there Davey. I live Downunder so can hardly be considered the same as the Pommie Ponce Pricks who metaphorically and literally sucked arse to get a job as a Liar..(Lawyer). Politicians and 'lawyers' are rated even lower in the trust-respect- stakes in the underbelly than a grubby, thieving car salesman in a trench-coat. Don't insult me or yourself...I have not got 'superior' anything over you and you know it. I often use the pronoun 'you' as a collective form..sorry if you viewed it as personal. Speaking of which, ( being personal)I need you to know that I came from a 'poor' background so poverty, and the frustration, rage and fear and sense of powerlessness attached to it, is something I know. By the way, you wouldn't want to wrap a blanket around you here'd melt. In my life, I never met so many corrupt bastards as those Lawless (lawyers) and 'judges' who were being paid big bucks to defend the scum of the planet and who kick the devastated victims to the kerb. I'm not even proud (let alone my Mum) at having associated with paedophiles and sexual perverts...the ones administering the 'justice', I mean! Have you read PAEDOPHILIA IN THE WHITE HOUSE or THE KIDNAPPING OF PAUL BONACCI? Have you looked at BOHEMIAN GROVE EXPOSED BY ALEX JONES? What about: OBAMA AND LARRY SINCLAIR DO COCAINE AND SEX IN A LIMOUSINE? How about: DONALD YOUNG AND OTHER DEAD GAYS KNEW OBAMA. Have you studied BINDOON just out of Perth where about 130,000 unaccompanied working class kids (boys as young as 6 years), with the complicity of both Governments Brit/Aus, were incarcerated in the remote Western Australian wilderness? Those terrified boys became unpaid work slaves who were sodomised consistently between 1950s and 1970s by homosexual rapist "Jesuit Fathers?" The film SUNSHINE AND ORANGES has recently been could easily read about those crimes that never even reached a court room! Those children were perceived as nothing..just working class trash..many from unmarried mothers (who were told their baby had died). So, please don't imply that I don't know about pain and suffering and the SHAFTING and buggerising (in all ways) of the Working class Dave. When I heard about this and about the transportation of the "poor" to Australia, in chains, raped and whipped in historian John Pilger's book 'A SECRET COUNTRY'...I left my 'profession' in disgust. By the way have you ever studied how many were slaughtered and how pitifully patriotic the descendants of those abused kids were (The ANZACs) towards their Motherland, ENGLAND? Why are many of their White (or even Maori) grandchildren denied British citizenship but Turks and Arabs and Africans obtain it? Any way even if you aren't interested in any of these links...someone else might look into them a bit. Also Dave, if you (meaning all of us) have to bow our heads...let it be to a lofty mountain..not in humiliation and shame. I want British culture and its people to survive the eugenics policy of the Marxist Government and want people to know the reason for the madness, who is behind it, what their goal is and and who they are. I never meant to act 'superior.' I don't care a rat's arse about spelling and grammar in this forum..raw honesty will do. I just thought you were trying to put down Jimbobs' spelling so decided to biff something back you sarcastic twat!

Alex 12:44 pm, 20-Dec-2011

Oh, and Dave it is a cliche to say "poverty is to 'Richard' (Punch??)is to Judy." That is not correct." The poor people I knew would only buy a 'nicked item' rarely and almost all the women would never condone theft or violence. Mind you, they were all married and White! I noticed further up this blog that you called Emma West 'a charge of a toddler...and a drunk fuckwit.' As I say, I jump to defend the Working Class because I find people are very quick to abuse them (verbally in your case) without establishing FACTS>>and, as I also told you, I find FACTS can be very useful for defence litigation and judgement....receiving fairness and 'justice', of course, is absolutely another thing. Here is a fact to ponder. White British have been brainwashed into thinking Blacks are big and powerful so they WIMP out on them. Whites ought to CHIMP out on these feral, illiterate, cowards instead. Look at their shocked reaction when Emma West had the BALLS to call a SPADE a SPADE..(pun definitely intended). If that little quick-tempered, angry-looking Black man behind Emma had even TRIED to thump her or her Angelic toddler, I would have used a taekwondo movement in defence. UK law will not protect Whites like Emma West so it makes Britain a jungle and you know what 'law' operates there, don't you? Even if no Whites read the links posted by me, could one or two of you tear yourself away from watching doing the martial art Taekwondo? Great Blog, by the way..Thanks for it.

MrDarke 1:46 pm, 9-Jan-2012

Alex, I will put this in the simplest terms - Fuck off. Your pathetic attempts to intellectualize your bigotry do not wash with ANYONE. You go back to your happy whiteland where all white people are virtuous and all these 'foreigners' are destroying our country. One question though, where ar e your great, great, great grandparents from? England? Probably not.

Alex 10:45 am, 11-Jan-2012

MrDarke, is that the best you can do..'Fuck Off?' Pitiful, unoriginal and boring. If you really are a' Mr Darkie' you are doing nothing to dispel the belief that many Whites have that Black and Muslim immigrants are poorly educated, ugly, vicious and incapable of rational argument and should be deported. European countries have, on many occasions, expelled undesirable immigrants but I have a suspicion that you have studied little of Our History to know that. I expect you have never heard of THE BELL CURVE either which was based on Government data. This research study provided conclusive evidence that Blacks have an average IQ of about 80..which Europeans categorise as "retardation." I can not even believe that you would suggest that a White person from Australia or New Zealand would NOT have Grandparents, Great grandparents, and Great Great Grandparents who came from England. Where else would they come from, Mr Darkey, except from England and other parts of Britain? Many English people live in other White countries on occasions. ALL of my family come from England and Britain and we are ALL White Thank God! BLACK PASTOR MANNING ATLAHMINISTRIES.ORG describes Blacks and Muslims as being "THE SEED OF SATAN.' Is he also a 'bigot'? A ridiculous word for 'preference.' I do not associate with Blacks or Muslims (Koreans, yes, for business) so I can not say if Pastor Manning is correct, although he has worked in Harlem NY with Blacks over many decades. If he calls Blacks "Haters and Losers" and 'despicable'..who am I to argue? He knows them better. Blacks and Muslims came to the UK because it provided them with superior opportunities. All immigrants do that. Only the Marxist liberal communists in Government and a few greedy exploitative corporate capitalists wanted immigrants here. Very few citizens did and now we see they consider immigrants as a type of spreading, sinister plague. See if you had more in your brain other than jealousy and racism towards the superior White man, You might have reflected on how cretinous it is to suggest that I 'intellectualise' my bigotry. To be a bigot you have to use your intellect to decide if you are going to be intolerant of another race or religion....which is what being a bigot means. It is MY choice if I decide not to 'tolerate' raping, murdering Blacks who would slit open the throats of members of MY White tribe. It is my choice to be very suspicious of Governments that extended, and still extend, those Demonic, hate-filled filth with hospitality, housing , education, healthcare and welfare money that the sucker White man pays for. Yes, I do believe that Blacks and Muslim immigrants, in particular, have done shocking damage to the beauty, peace and serenity of the UK, however, there are others. Far too many are psychotic and they are bludgers who drain the economy. Yet their destruction is small in comparison to the damage that the UK Government has done with Wars and with the planned communist government strategies,now, and in the future. 'Instead of 'talkin' shit,' as the Aussie say, why don't you at least LISTEN to the Youtube video FRANKFURT SCHOOL OF CULTURAL MARXISM AND POLITICAL CORRECTNESS. If you don't can watch this video free because you, Mr Darkey, and your family, are also in great danger. You are in the UK for two reasons.1) Cheap labour. 2) To cause racial conflict and violence. You are playing the puppet role well. This plays into what many academic describe as The 'Luciferian' Government's hands because they can then bring in martial law, a communist EU-run dictatorship and enforced enslavement in prison camps (FEMA camps) Mass genocide (extermination) will then occur for ALL humans..WHITE (including Polish), BLACK, BROWN. Communists always do mass exterminations as any History book will prove. What a shame you are too stupid to unite with us to repel this evil which will be prevalent all over Europe, the USA and the WORLD! It just so happens I have a lot of respect for "Darkies" like Pastor Manning. You MAY also be a decent bloke deep down too. Just watch the video for the sake of the Little Ones in your family. I am probably just 'casting pearl before swine' and you won't bother!

Billy 3:08 pm, 5-Dec-2012

Alex, are you by any chance drunk? I tried to follow your argument there, but what with the incoherent rambling you make it pretty hard.

hillbilly 2:27 am, 15-Feb-2013

Alex, do you know what a parody is? If you don't then you should continue watching bizarre conspiracy shit on YouTube and stop wasting my time being one. If you do then congrats, you just made mad, delusional eejit of the year

Courtney 8:58 pm, 11-Mar-2013

Alex, you say Africa is for the Africans but this has not always been the case and indeed Africa has been highly lucrative and allowed us in the UK to sit here giving our opinions using the most cutting edge technology. Meanwhile many Africans kill and slaughter each other even though they have so many resources. This is perhaps another story for another time. As for the UK and immigration most of the modern world is built on immigration. Trace your roots and don't be suprised to find somewhere along the line one of your ancestors came from another country. What about native Americans, Australians etc? I wonder what thier view on immigration is? Oh thats right it's irrelevant history. What is done is done. I can only hope one day we will all just fucking getting along and accept our differences. Call me a dreamer

Oi 1:13 am, 10-Nov-2014

A racist sewer? What, like formula one down the karzee?

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